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    A Small Orange VPS Hosting Reviews 2017 & 35% Off New Servers

    A Small Orange VPS Hosting Reviews 2017 & 35% Off New Servers
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    Those who are looking for a reliable, reputed, proven and cost effective hosting service provider have reasons to get a lot of information from this article. There are literally thousands of web hosting companies in the country and across the world. Hence choosing the right one without any doubt is a tough and challenging task. In this article, we will be having a look at A Small Orange VPS Hosting and find out the reasons whether it is worth buying it. We will look at the features and functionalities of this VPS web hosting service.

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    FREE Cpanel & WHM 

    You don’t need to pay an additional cost for Cpanel WHM like the elsewhere was charging for $15 per month. A Small Orage offers it for Free along with you VPS HOSTING PLANS.  Not stop there, you’re going to get  2 + months Free usage of your VPS hosting and a free domain when billing annually. Otherwise, you can install another Operating system and control Panel then you need to pay for the license.

    It would be pertinent to mention that this service provider offers shared hosting, business hosting, reseller hosting, and business VPS hosting services. Hence according to many reviews from customers, they offer what is termed as complete and holistic services to their customers. The shared hosting services come in different price ranges ranging from $5 to $35. They are referred to as Tiny Plan, Small Plan, Medium Plan and Large Plan. Prices range from $35 per year to $240 per year. It also would be pertinent to mention that they offer 40% off as flat discounts on their specific VPS hosting plans.

    It also would be pertinent to mention here that they also offer two months free offer when people choose to bill annually apart from offering a free domain. They also offer what is known as a Black Friday offer, where they give up almost 85% of the total cost as a discount for certain VPS hosting plans. Therefore at the end of the day, there are many customers who believe that they have a well thought out, customer friendly and across the board VPS hosting plan which takes into account the needs and requirements of all sections of customers.

    The complete A Small Orange web hosting coupons

    A Small Orange Coupons December 2016

    aso reviews

    85% Off all Hosting first order 23rd to 30th
    25% Off VPS hosting Plans + FREE domain all time
    30% Off VPS hosting Plans + FREE domain all time
    20% Off VPS hosting Plans + FREE domain all time


    Advantages Of This Hosting Service Provider

    Cost effectiveness, affordability and a wide variety of plans are perhaps the three biggest advantages as far as this service provider is concerned. Further, their control panel is also simple and user-friendly. They also have proven that they can provide quality up time both in testing as well as real-time environments.

    Data Centers

    For the purpose of providing best of services, ASO – A Small Orange has two servers based in Dearborn, Michigan and Dallas, Texas. The servers according to many customers are known for their high performance and carrier neutral networks. They also have tested, proved and audited security features. They also offer 24/7/365 support with the help of on-site support technicians. They also have the best of biometric, keycard and other forms of access. Additionally, they also offer quality CCTV surveillance backed by the digital recording of the events. Both their data centers come with multi-homed and carrier neutral performance. Hence when all the above points are taken into account when it comes to company’s credentials, technology, security and other aspects, they have put the best quality in place.


    However, there are some downsides which have been talked about by a few customers. These include lack of Windows-based servers. They also may not have the best of managed WordPress Hosting. Though they have the best of support services, lack of telephonic options is something which needs to be considered. These are small problems which can easily be overcome and additionally there are some high-end specifications which need to be in line with the competition.

    At the end of the day, there is no denying the fact that it is an affordable and easy to use web hosting service. For those who have small to modest web hosting needs, they offer the best possible services. Some bit of new features, especially in the high end, would go a big way in making it one of the best in the business.

    What Do Customers Have To Say

    At the end of the day, there is no denying the fact that the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Customers, in general, have found their services extremely reliable. It would be pertinent to mention that the test site comes out with flying colors and has a score of 99.99% uptime as far as the first month is concerned. The hosting can also be done quite fast. It also has decent SSD storage capacity with provisions and rooms to expand. Customers have never faced a situation where the web hosting services have been stymied because of the growth of requirements over a period.

    Warranty & Guarantee

    They also offer customers 90 days full money back trial period. Therefore the money is safe and this trial period is perhaps one of the longest which you can get in this business. It compares very favorably with some of the best brands in the country today. If there is any problem within the 90 days, no questions will be asked, and the customers can walk out of the contract and get their money back. You can be sure that you will get the best value for money at all points of time.

    Valued Added Services

    It also would be pertinent to mention here that they also offer the best of value-added services which are not exactly under the domain of web hosting. These include server management, web design, SEO services and quite a few other services. Hence, you can be sure that you will, as a customer be able to access some allied services making them a one-stop solution. There are some issues about account activation after suspension which perhaps needs to be looked at.

    However, in fine, there is no doubt that opting for A SMALL Orange VPS Hosting is certainly a good decision offering customers trouble free hosting for a long period.

    A Look At The Organization

    To begin with ASO – A Small Orange is a company which was founded in the year 2003 in Atlanta. As of today, the company is headquartered in Austin, Texas. It is manned by a team of 80 employees. They have around 13 years of experience and have thousands of customers who are seemingly satisfied with the kind of web hosting service provided by them. The company is built on four values and objectives, and they are passion, integrity, dependability, and relationships. They believe in offering long term satisfaction to their customers with the best of services.

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    85% Off A Small Orange Double RAM VPS Hosting Black Friday 2016

    85% Off A Small Orange Double RAM VPS Hosting Black Friday 2016
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    85% Off A Small Orange hosting & Double Ram VPS hosting on Black Friday – Cyber Monday 2016. I mean the discount is going to work for shared hosting, cloud VPS hosting, Reseller hosting and WordPress hosting. All A Small Orange VPS Cloud Hosting Plans will double RAM. It is the biggest promotion of the year, so you will never find any other deals higher than this throughout the year.

    All VPS Hosting Plans offers a double RAM in these days while you are placing an order on any VPS hosting package. The Cloud VPS hosting at A Small Orange is extremely excellent, not inferior to other VPS providers.

    • When you are billing a VPS hosting plan annually, you’re going to get two months FREE in use VPS hosting & a FREE domain name along to the plan.
    • FREE VPS Cpanel for all plans excludes the first plan

    A Small Orange Coupons December 2016

    ASO black friday

    25% Off all Hosting plansall time
    30% Off all Hosting plansall time
    20% Off all Hosting plansall time

    *ASO accepts all payment method via PayPal, credit cards, prepaid credit cards.

    Check out   Tops Black Friday Hosting Offers 2016 Discounts for New & Existing Customers

    It is a quite good condition to deploy a new VPS hosting at ASO. All plans will double RAM, FREE 2 months use when billing annually, a FREE domain name along with any package and a FREE Cpanel for all plans excludes the first plan. 2GB RAM at Vultr or Digital Ocean also $20 a month but they don’t offer a FREE domain or other FREE 2 month of use or FREE Cpanel.

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    NEW PROMO – A Small Orange Hosting Coupon 60% Discount

    NEW PROMO – A Small Orange Hosting Coupon 60% Discount
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    ASO Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals 2016 – up to 85% Off. ASO was offered a new promo code : 60% discount all hosting plans. The offer is going to work in 4 days and then it go away. Besides a discount 60% OFF on hosting plans, you can also get a FREE domain name for all plans except tiny plan.

    Now a hosting just starting at $1 a month. It’s a good deal, isn’t it? Take the advantage and start your business today!

    ASO Coupons December’s 2016 – Hosting $0.9.

    Schedule Coupon Name A Small Orange
    December-2016 25% Off Shared Hosting

    December-2016 30% Off Shared Hosting

    December-2016 20% Off Shared Hosting

    ASO VPS Hosting Coupon
    December-2016 20% Off ASO VPS hosting

    December-2016 30% Off ASO VPS Cloud Hosting

    December-2016 25% Off ASO VPS Cloud Hosting

    ASO Reseller Hosting Coupon
    December-2016 30% Off ASO Reseller Hosting

    December-2016 20% Off ASO Reseller hosting

    December-2016 25% Off ASO Reseller Hosting

    ASO Clementine Managed Hosting Coupon
    December-2016 30% Off ASO Clementine Managed

    December-2016 20% Off ASO Clementine Managed

    December-2016 25% Off ASO Clementine Managed Hosting

    ***Every coupon code just works in a particular time.
    ***A Small Orange accepts PayPal, Visa, Master Card as payment method.
    ***This is not recurring coupon(onetime discount ) but it still works if you’re ordering over 2-3 years

    a small orage-coupon hosting

    After you’ve been applied the coupon code, the first web hosting plans only $0.99/mo.Small $1.49, Medium $2.84, Large $5.67.

    Sticking with any hosting plan is a FREE Top-Level COM domain (exclude tiny plan)and free two months if you’re billing for your package annually. Note: A free.COM domain doesn’t apply for monthly billing plan; it just works for a yearly plan.

    Any time if coupon codes from this articles over you can get the others from this article – A small Orange promo codes.

    Don’t forget to mark this page and mark down the discount days upcoming to reserve your spot. It will be so much time if waiting for other changes coming. Grab it before it’s gone!

    As always, I would like to get all response from you! Leave a comment here to discuss on this post.

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    50% Off A Small Orange Hosting in SysAdmin Day, July 29th

    50% Off A Small Orange Hosting in SysAdmin Day, July 29th
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    Friday, July 29, 2016, is the 17th annual System Administrator Appreciation Day(only 24 hours). To welcome this day, A Small Orange has released a new promotional discount 50% OFF all web hosting plans including VPS hosting services. To get that discount you must to grab a coupon code from this post and then apply it while you ordering at A Small Orange.

    This is a perfect moment to buy something. The Tiny hosting plan just costs $1.49/mo. The discount term still 50% off for ordering over 2 years. That means you can order maximum to 3 years with the following coupon code and get 50% flat discount.

    Tiny Small Medium Large
    50% Off $1.46/mo $2.08/mo $4.16/mo $8.34/mo
    not Free 1 Free .COM 1 Free .COM 1 Free .COM

    The coupon code for SysAdmin Day is no longer! The provider run this promo code only in a day. But there’s still another deal upcoming . 65% Off entire web hosting in Rio Olympics 2016 – Check it out

    In case, you’re visiting this page and you grab a coupon code above but it’s over! Whatever, It made you so confused, so I’ll display another backup coupon code right here in the following button to save your day.

    A Small Orange offers a Free Top-Level .COM domain came along with all of web hosting packages (exclude Tiny Plan). So you don’t need to pay more for a domain name sticking with the package.


    I also posting another article on this blog while Rio 2016 Olympics is Upcoming. In this August, A Small Orange will turn on one of the biggest discount of the year to celebrate this special time. The discount will begin on 5th til 22nd and then it over! They offers a 65% discount on all web hosting plans between 5th – 11th(6 days), 60% discount between 12th – 14th(2 days), 55% discount between 15th – 18th(3 days), 50% discount between 19th – 22nd (3 days). Grab coupon codes here.

    Here are series of A Small Orange coupon codes, Jump over that page to grab more and more coupons to apply on your orders.

    Do you have any questions for me? I would like to hear back from you all. Leave a comment here to let me know your points! Thank for reading my blog!

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    66% Off Promo Code A Small Orange,Hosting $0.99/mo

    66% Off Promo Code A Small Orange,Hosting $0.99/mo
    3.12 (62.33%) 43 votes

    A small orange-promo-codes

    Hello June! A Small Orange hosting company offers all the readers of this blog 66% off for all web hosting plans.The hosting is starting at $0.99 a month. The promotional program 66% off is a biggest discount from A Small Orange but sometimes you cannot see it because it goes away very fast in a few days.

    The specific time of month to get a big discount from A Small Orange is about ***10th to 16th each of month because they just release it at the middle of the month. So, If you want to get it just mark down your schedule to the middle month. Some small discount program may be work through out the month and you don’t need to worry about the time

    I will update the codes every few days. So you just go to this page and copy your codes anytime as you want. If something went wrong, just leave me a message in the comment box and I’ll reply you right away!

    ***A Small Orange accept a lot of payment method such as PayPal, credit cards

    There are the list all A Small Orange promo codes may help you:

    ASO Coupons March 2017 – Hosting $0.9.

    Coupons Value
    30% Off web hosting packages at A Small Orange.
    25% Off All Hosting Packages at A Small Orange.
    20% Off All Hosting Plans at A Small Orange.
    20% Off web hosting plans at A Small Orange.
    30% Off Cloud VPS hosting packages at A Small Orange.
    30% Off Reseller hosting packages at A Small Orange.
    30% Off Clementine-Managed packages at A Small Orange.

    ***This promo code is ended

    A Small Orange Shared Hosting Plans

    • Tiny Plan
    • $1.75 PER MONTH
    • 500 MB of Storage
    • 5 GB of Bandwidth
    • 1 Website
    • 24/7 Email + Live Chat Support
    • Order Here
    • Small Plan
    • $2.50 PER MONTH
    • 5 GB of Storage
    • 50 GB of Bandwidth
    • Free .com Domain Included**
    • Unlimited Websites
    • 24/7 Email + Live Chat Support
    • Order Here
    • Medium Plan
    • $5 PER MONTH
    • 15 GB of Storage
    • 150 GB of Bandwidth
    • Free .com Domain Included**
    • Unlimited Websites
    • 24/7 Email + Live Chat Support
    • Order Here

    Large plan

      • $10 PER MONTH
      • 30 GB of Storage
      • 500 GB of Bandwidth

    Free .com Domain Included**

    • Unlimited Websites
    • 24/7 Email + Live Chat Support
    • Order Here

    A Small Orange hosting disk space storage based on SSD(solid state drive) for fast 15x Performance. So, you websites hosted at A Small Orange will load more faster with the SSD hosting and WordPress Optimized servers.

    Besides, A Small Orange hosting have a lot of other features may be you would like such as cPanel control easy to do everything, unlimited email address and email accounts, website builder is available on and much more.

    Okay! That’s all I want to share you in this post. Would you like to follow us? Get more deal to save your pocket. Putting your email in the section below and the deal will be arrived at your mailbox every single new post is released! Thank you!