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    $11.99 .CO Domain Godaddy Coupon Registration on May 2017

    $11.99 .CO Domain Godaddy Coupon Registration on May 2017
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    May 2017. Godaddy offers .CO domain only $2.99 for the fist year and the renewal price for other year is $29.99. This deal only comes when you are making an order on CO domain for over two years. Otherwise, it prices $7.99 for ordering one year only. It still is cheap when you do purchase only first year.

    Co domain registration Coupon

    It has never been cheaper than that with the other providers. So many times People ask, where can I find a deal for CO domain? Or Cheapest Place to Register.CO Or Similar questions like these. Yes, You do. You can find many great deals here on this page. Yes! It right here in the section below:

    Godaddy .CO Domain Coupon

    $11.99 .CO Domain Coupon
    $11.99 .CO domain orders 2-Year Godaddy Coupon

    $0.99 .Club domain for the first year. Godaddy Coupon

    $14.99 .CLUB domain for two years registration.

    Godaddy Coupon

    $8.99 ORG for the first year only Godaddy Coupon

    $1 WordPress Hosting + FREE Domain Included
    $1 WordPress * FREE domain included
    (for the 1st year).

    Godaddy Coupon

    $1 Economy Hosting FREE domain included
    ( for the 1st year).

    Godaddy Coupon

    C$.99 .COM Canada & French orders

    $.99 .COM New Purchases

    C$.99 .COM New Purchases

    C$.99 .COM New Purchases

    C$.99 .COM New Purchases

    $0.99 COM GODADDY Australia
    $0.99 .COM first year, Godaddy Au Godaddy Coupon

    25% OFF SSL Certificate Godaddy Australia. Godaddy Coupon

    $1 Economy Hosting Godaddy Au + A FREE domain.

    Godaddy Coupon

    30% OFF New purchases Godaddy Au. Godaddy Coupon

    Domain Privacy Coupon
    80% Off Godaddy Domain Privacy coupon GoDaddy Coupon

    What is .CO meaning

    .CO domain is ccTLD(the Internet country code top-level domain) administered by.CO Internet S.A.S. You can register.CO domain anytime, anywhere around the world. There are no countries registration restrictions. You’re completely free to buy it.Co more become popularity on the internet and mostly used by many established brands for social media, online e-commerce marketplace, such as Twitter (, Google Inc. (, (, American Express ( and Starbucks ( They use it to shorten their internal links or external links(like of Twitter).


    You can buy.CO to use as a shorten links alternative for your websites or even your business sites. That will make people more loving your sites because the convenient of shortening link that easy to remember or share.

    Otherwise, people use it for their main websites or even business sites. Some places in the people where people were loving.CO domain. They bought it a lot for business. Why won’t you just take one and starting your job today? It’s great! I love to see your tweet. Leave your message for this post to help it grow! Thanks.

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    75% Off Singapore server StableHost hosting May 2017

    75% Off Singapore server StableHost hosting May 2017
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    StableHost had launched a new server location in Singapore and a discount 75% off recurring lifetime. Now, besides the existing location as Phoenix, Chicago, Amsterdam, you can choose to add a new location in Singapore. And What could be better than the discount that the provider offers to the clients? Take the chance they’ve given and start to build a website right away! Coupon is applicable to all locations, both new and old accounts.


    NEW COUPON / MAY 2017

    40% Off all Shared Hosting first invoice.(US/EU)
    This coupon code just available for some users
    40% Off all Shared Hosting first order(US/EU)
    This coupon code has a limitation of order
    50% Off all Shared Hosting lifetime
    This coupon code for new customers only
    30% Off Reseller Hosting first invoice
    30% Off Reseller Hosting first invoice
    15% Off VPS Hosting
    This coupon code for new customers only
    75% Off Singapore server, all shared hosting plans
    This coupon code for all customers


    StableHost is among the hosting providers of good quality, good support.  With the new location in Singapore, ensuring speed to people living in these areas will load quickly.

    stable host Singapore 75% off coupon

    I’ve checked the coupon code then take a screenshot like above. That’s a lot of discounts.

    1. If you are using the server at other location you can write a support ticket to request for transferring to Singapore server.
    2. You can bill your order with PayPal account or Visa / MasterCard. Select PayPal for fast verification of order.



    Advantages of StableHost:

    1. Sign up easily, without having to verify. Active accounts and send information immediately to the email.
    2. Very good speed when accessing for people living in these areas.
    3. The support via ticket is going so fast even they out of the work time
    4. Easy configuration, you’re unrestricted bandwidth or domain with Pro & Platinum plans.
    5. The shared hosting package is 1GB of RAM, limited to 25% of one CPU core.
    6. Daily Backup / easy to recovery the website.
    7. Free SSL certificate for the website.
    8. Web-mail account is available.
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    $2 a year Godaddy Domain Whois Privacy Coupon – May 2017

    $2 a year Godaddy Domain Whois Privacy Coupon – May 2017
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    I have discovered some Godaddy coupon codes working really well for domain whois privacy protection. The first coupon code is 50% discount for domain privacy, the 2nd code is only $1 domain privacy, the 3rd code is $2 a year for domain privacy.

    One of these codes will help you guys a lot. Anytime, you order a new domain name comes along with domain privacy protection just apply the code to set the price goes down.

    A lot of people might don’t know the existing of GoDaddy coupon codes for domain privacy protection because the codes just showed up in few months recently. Just figure out the codes and save your order day!

    Take one of these coupon codes to make a discount for Domain privacy at

    $2 a year Godaddy Domain Name Privacy coupon.

    – $1 a year Domain Name Privacy coupon.

    – 50% Off Godaddy Domain Name Privacy Protection

    – 30% Off Godaddy Domain Privacy Protection

    – $2.42 New domain name. It’s might work.

    – 35% Off New domain register + Privacy domain – toatl: $15.12 a year

    – Some coupon codes may not work with PayPal
    – Some codes don’t available for some countries.
    – Godaddy accepts PayPal, Visa, Master Card, PayPal Master Card, Payoneer Master Card, Prepaid credit cards. Feel free to buy the services.


    • Protects you from stalkers and harassers
    • Prevents related domains spam
    • Masks your personal information in the Whois lookup, and None know who you are, where are you come from
    • Deters domain hijackers
    • Set up private emails that can be forward to your account, filtered, blocked
    • Protect you from robots machine or hacker use your personal info for own purpose

    All the features above can tell us a lot, so we can see what is different between domain privacy info protected and didn’t. Of course, If you won’t to see any spam in your email box or hack attack, privacy protection always is a solution to save us away from an unwanted situation.

    Godaddy has a lot of other coupon code you may want to see:

    Buy domain names at always cheap if we apply the coupon, promo codes at the time we decide to make an order. A lot of people don’t use any coupon codes because they didn’t want or didn’t care about any discount program but some people always would like to buy the products included with the coupon codes. Because apply the coupon codes or didn’t, it always the same. Take it easy and save your order day!

    ***If you like the blog and all the value I have given to you, put your email address in the section below and all the deal will arrive in your mailbox anytime you need it.

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    70% Off Skillwise Online Training Courses Coupon, Top Deals May 2017

    70% Off Skillwise Online Training Courses Coupon, Top Deals May 2017
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    Are you looking for Stacksocial online courses? You are coming to the right place! Before I am sharing with you a Stacksocial offer for online courses, I want to talk a lit bit about Skillwise online courses. So, What’s Skillwise? Skillwise is a website training courses hosted by StackSocial. They open this particular site to stay focusing on only online training courses.

    Do Skillwise courses popularly? I saw Skillwise has hundreds of training courses that might right for you. Such as these courses : WordPress for Beginners, WordPress Security Course, WordPress Theme Design course, WordPress E-Commerce with WooCommerce, Become a WordPress & WordPress Nirvana Expert, Make an App for Your WordPress Website, Bootstrap to WordPress: Build Custom Responsive themes, Essential JavaScript Coding Bundle, Mastering Python, Mastering Git, and many mores. They have all kind of courses from lowest to the highest level, and there is always some classes that fit for all of you.

    SkillWise Coupon Code May 2017

    In this month, StackSocial offers a discount flat 10% off on all of Killwise online training courses which are works for all of the new customers buying any courses at Skillwise.


    10% oFF all new products
    You can apply this coupon code in one of these website StackSocia.coml or And you don’t need to open a newaccount if you’re already have an account in one of those sites.  It also supports Social media login like Gooogle or Facebook. It offers a lot of way to help users placing an order in fastest way. So enjoy the exciting deals and get your courses today!

    How to apply the coupon code?

    The simple question is how to do that. You can apply any coupon code by log into your account if you’ve already opened it. After you had finished the log in step you will see a place to apply the promo code.look like in this screenshot.


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    2017’s GoDaddy Economy Hosting Reviews and Coupon Codes

    2017’s GoDaddy Economy Hosting Reviews and Coupon Codes
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    May 2017 When it is about choosing the right web hosting service provider, there are many reasons to believe that GoDaddy is considered to be the trendsetter and the market leader. Over the past few years and perhaps even a few decades they have well and truly set new benchmarks and have broken new grounds when it comes to making domains available for hosting at some of the most competitive rates. They have dozens of options available to cater to various needs and requirements of customers. In this article, we will try and learn more about the much talked about and highly popular GoDaddy economy hosting plan. It certainly is a superb plan according to many customers, and there are also many critics who have spoken quite positively about this hosting plan. Hence it would be a good idea to have a closer look at the plan and see why it is receiving so much attention and acceptance from millions of customers across the country and also from other parts of the world.

    Godaddy Econnomy hosting reviews

    godaddy-bulk domain

    May 2017 – Web Hosting Coupon Codes
    50% Off Godaddy shared hosting when ordering more than 36 months NEW
    $1 Godaddy WordPress hosting + a Free domain
    (This deal is only available for the first year)
    $1 Godaddy Linux hosting + a Free domain
    (This deal is applied for the first year) + Free cPanel
    40% Off Godaddy Dedicated IP Address or VPS hosting Packages
    $7.9 Transfer COM & $8.99 NET to Godaddy – Up to 46% Off
    May 2017 – Godaddy Coupon for New Purchases
    35% Off Godaddy New Purchases NEW
    25% Off Godaddy SSL Certificate
    30% Off Godaddy New Products – New Purchases
    30% Off New Purchases
    30% Off New Purchases
    30% Off New Purchases

    gd hosting offer

    • What This Product Offers


    Since there is so much of talk and perhaps even hype surrounding this product we need to have a closer look at the various features and facilities that are being offered to customers. It comes with a hosting offer which includes a free domain name. Further, it will also come with a $1 Linux hosting facility. The best thing is that it will be done with CPanel and that too for one year. The renewal price will be $3.99 per month which when compared with other service providers is extremely competitive. This fee of $1 is per month and is available for the first 12 months after which the above charge of $3.99 per month will become eligible.

    The free domain name will come either .com, .net or .org extension and therefore it will cover a vast section of private and public customers. It also would pertinent to mention here that though the core competence is of GoDaddy is not hosting; they have been able to come out with some of the best offers simply because of their strong presence. It would be pertinent to mention here that they started only as a domain registrar and their financial muscle is certainly helping them to push priced down quite aggressively.


    • Why They Are So Special?


    There could be others too who also could be offering the same price range when it comes to hosting, free domain names and other such facilities. However, there are some things and attributes which certainly separate GoDaddy from others in the marketplace. Here are a few such takeaways which make this service provider stand out from the crowd.


    Unlimited Bandwidth: One of the main reasons why thousands of customers choose GoDaddy

    Is because of the simple fact that it offers unlimited bandwidth facility to its customers. Even if there is a huge surge in traffic, you can be sure that you will never find the website crashing of hanging for the inordinate period. This is not the case with many other web hosting service providers. This is possible because of the cutting edge technology which is used by GoDaddy


    • WordPress Auto Install


    Another big reason why so many customers choose GoDaddy and especially the GoDaddy economy hosting package is that they offer WordPress auto install. This certainly is a big value addition to customers. It certainly is a big relief for those who are on the lookout for the right FTP protocol. There could be few others who also might be offering this facility, but there is a big difference. In many cases, the free WordPress does not get properly installed, and therefore the entire purpose for which it has been offered gets fully defeated. However, this is not the case as far as WordPress is concerned. In almost ten out ten instances the auto installation of WordPress is quite perfect, and this is certainly a great value addition which customers find quite amazing and of value.


    • It Integrates Other Products And Services Quite Well


    It also has been found that whether it is the integration of email services and another gamut of services when one opts for the above offer they do get it as a part of the entire package. Yes, the size of the storage space, number of emails which can be sent and other such features could differ depending on the package which the customers choose. But at the end of the day when compared to other service providers there are reasons to believe that the value-adds which are available are much more in number and quality also. Therefore customers can expect to get much more value for money when they look up other service providers and then take a decision for GoDaddy.


    • The Best Of Support Services


    It also would be pertinent to mention here that they offer quality support services to their customers. They have various forms of support services available. These include email, chat, telephonic and other forms of support.


    • A Few Downsides


    However, there are a few downsides too which must be taken into account, and they are as follows:
    They always use a custom hosting panel and if you want something unique you have to pay for it which could push the price up.

    The web space storage of Economy package has a limit of its, 100GB is the maximum space you reached to store your data while the other plans offer an unlimited disk storage.


    However, at the end of the day there is no doubt that when one looks at the various pros and cons, features and functionalities, this specific offer from GoDaddy is worth every dollar because of the benefits and advantages associated with it. There could be some shortfall, but they are few and far between.

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    30% Off Godaddy Private WHOIS Registration Coupon May 2017

    30% Off Godaddy Private WHOIS Registration Coupon May 2017
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    Looking for a discount on Whois Privacy protection to turn on its feature for your domain names, this post is what you need! Godaddy has released a new coupon code 30% off for this product to reduce your order.

    So what is Whois Privacy?

    Domain privacy is an information that you have registered for your domain names when you purchase any domain name. And It has a lot of information comes along with it.  The private information like home address, phone number, and email will be exposed if you don’t turn on the Whois protection feature. So Whois Guard is a shield that can keep you out of things you don’t might like.

    Private WHOIS Registration
    Private WHOIS Registration


    Who offers free WHOIS feature or discount on WHOIS Privacy?

    Namecheap offer free WHOISguard for the first year

    namecheap coupon vps

    Namecheap just offers Free WhoisGuard for the first year. So the provider will charge you in the next year.

    Godaddy offers 30% off on WHOIS Privacy

    Godaddy logo

    This coupon code works for all new purchases Domain Privacy and it’ll reduce 30% for this product.

    Expire in 30th-May-2017


    Why WHOIS privacy so important?

    There are some reasons that why WHOIS privacy is important and why you should go for WHOIS privacy.


    Protect your identity

    our parents always told us never to talk to a Stranger, and never tell them the personal information’s like home address, your full name etc. With unmasked WHOIS your private information publically. An internet connection can access to anyone’s personal information. Do not let your personal information in wrong hands.

    Defend Your Email Address

    when we use private domain recording your registrar typically creates a code-named or unique email address that is used in place of your own within the WHOIS database. This email address does not remain endless and will be updated justly often. This is done to keep away unwanted email from spam.

    Avoid Annoying Offers

    Having your info accessible online can make it easy for everyone to communicate you to make offers to buy your website. This can obviously be a pro or a con. Having a Contact’ section on your website guarantees you can direct inquiries to where you want them to go.


    Block Junk

    Having your email address or phone number presented publicly makes you an easy target for junk, junk mail, telemarketers and like this. Having a WHOIS protected domain can save your inbox from an arrival of annoying mail that’s full to bursting.


    Protect Domain Takeover

    Hiding your private info adds more obstacles to the method, making it very difficult for someone to harvest the data and effort to gain access to your account.

    Hide the private information

    Domain ID Protect is a feature that makes the contact information linked with your domain name private. In other words, you would be able to hide your name and address, email address, phone, organization, etc., which will be then accessible through public Domain WHOIS services.



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    $4.99 .ORG Domain at, Coupon Code May 2017

    $4.99 .ORG Domain at, Coupon Code May 2017
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    May 2017. Godaddy, domain name registrar, is offering a coupon for ORG domain cost only $6.99 for the first year registration. The deal $4.99 offered in last year has gone so far now it replaced with this deal. Fortunately, you can get another discount when ordering domain privacy goes along with the domain name just cost $1 for the first year. Which mean you’re going to get a flat discount on domain privacy protection up to 80% Off. There are still more deals working out there such as $1 WordPress Hosting or $1 Economy Linux Hosting might right to you.


    New Deals| May 2017

    Promotional Codes Godaddy Promo Name

    GoDaddy Coupon $6.99 .ORG Domain Promo code

    GoDaddy Coupon Domain Privacy for only $1

    GoDaddy Coupon $1 WordPress hosting

    GoDaddy Coupon $1 Economy hosting

    GoDaddy Coupon 35% Off New Purchases

    GoDaddy Coupon $9.99 COM Unlimited domain names

    GoDaddy Coupon 50% Off Linux hosting Deluxe and Ultimate

    If these coupon codes do not what you’re looking for, read this : 40% Off Godaddy Promo Codes. Dozens of Godaddy Coupon Codes are gathering in this post so take your time to see it to get the offers. Don’t forget to leave a comment at the bottom of this page if you see something didn’t right. I really want to hear from you.

    So many times people wondering about the Cheapest Place to Register.ORG, or What is cheapest.ORG registrar or Cheapest.ORG transfer domain. This post helps you guys solve those questions.

    These are screenshots I was checked this promo code:



    After getting the promotional code you just paste it to the section filed like the image above and you only pay totally $5.17 on this order.
    – The promotional code only works for new Purchases.
    – Not working with transfer or renewal.
    – Godaddy Accept PayPal, Visa, Master Card, Instore Credit, Payoneer Master Card, PayPal Master Card, Prepaid Credit Cards.

    – To get the promo code of Godaddy Transfer or renewal read this post – Coupon Transfer And Renewal Godaddy
    – And here is the post $0.99 domain .COM at Godaddy for the first year and this promo code works for two years plan only $10
    – Still more here –$1/month Godaddy WordPress Hosting suitable for 25,000 visitors a month with unlimited bandwith + 1 click to install. Even if you would not like to work with Godaddy WordPress Hosting.
    – If you want to buy a dedicated IP on Godaddy – here is the promo codes for you – discount from 30% to 40% on new purchases dedicated IP address.
    – Searching for cheap web hosting stable, reliable with memcached already read this post – Only $2.99 Shared hosting with Memcached already.
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    Free .CLUB Domain For The 2st Year Godaddy coupon – May 2017

    Free .CLUB Domain For The 2st Year Godaddy coupon – May 2017
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    Godaddy has offered a new coupon code for the domain.CLUB only $9.99 for 1 year registration and totally $14.99 for 2 years registration. And I think this offer very cool and can not find from anywhere else with that price for two years plan.
    And on you can get a lot of hot coupons, promo codes Godaddy‘s released. In this article I will show you coupon codes for domain .CLUB, domain .COM only $0.99, domain .ORG only $4.99 for 1 year registration and some other coupon codes for domains.

    Do you have any club in your workplace? If you already have and want to show all the activities of your club to the internet just find a domain name and make a website stick with that domain. Now Godaddy has some types of cheap hosting only $1/month: Linux web Hosting – just suitable for web designers, wordpress hossting $1/month for everyone and you don’t need to touch any codes – 1 click to install – all done and website builder also $1/month – drag and drop – no touch any codes.


    Here are all sreenshots I was checked on


    19 Web Hosing Services Cheap and Reliable of 2017
    Only $4.48 Net Domain at Bigrock
    Coupon Transfer And Renewal Godaddy
    $0.99 COM Godaddy promotional codes
    Godaddy cheap WordPress Hosting $12/year
    $2.99 Web Hosting with memcached already for the best value

    Godaddy Domain Names Coupons, Promo Codes – May 2017

    Promotional Codes Godaddy Promo Name

    GoDaddy Coupon only $6.99 .ORG Domain Promo code

    GoDaddy Coupon $14.99 .CLUB 2 years registration

    GoDaddy Coupon 30% OFF all domain names for new purchases

    GoDaddy Coupon 35% OFF all domain names for new purchases

    GoDaddy Coupon $0.99 .COM domain names + 2 year registration
    – All coupons, promo codes just working with new invoices, new orers, new purchases.
    – You can use Visa/Master card, Paypal to buy at
    – Do not transfer domains bought less than 2 months
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    60% Off HostGator New Hosting, $4.99 Domain – Flash sale May 2017

    60% Off HostGator New Hosting, $4.99 Domain – Flash sale May 2017
    3.67 (73.33%) 3 votes

    You want to locate a HostGator coupon to help save funds on your web hosting, appropriate? But what if you could get far more than the true discount. The very best HostGator discount coupons offer you so much far more, specially for a new on the web company. The most difficult issue you will experience when you begin your new on the web company would be the advertising and marketing element. Its undoubtedly not effortless to push traffic to a web site if you have no expertise.

    HostGatr Hosting has launched a new Flash sale on May 2017 which is all new customers will get a flat discount 60% on new hosting plans and a $4.99 select domain. This deal only for this month!
    ***This Coupon, Promo Code only valid for new hosting plans not for hosting renewal.
    ***$4.99 on select domain

    These are a single of the most popular discount coupons and will help save you ample funds to purchase Hostgator web hosting in May 2017.


    Coupons May 2017

    Exclusive Coupon Codes For This Month


    60% Off all new plans and Select domain for $4.99

    Flash sale for May 2017

    HostGator Coupon for Dedicated Servers
    60% Off Dedicated Servers
    65% Off Dedicated Servers Linux or Window
    55% Off Dedicated Servers packages
    50% Off Dedicated Server plans
    HostGator Coupon for VPS hosting
    75% Off VPS hosting plans
    60% Off VPS hosting plans
    50% Off VPS hosting plans
    HostGator Coupon for Cloud Hosting
    44% Off Cloud hosting plans
    55% Off Cloud hosting plans
    60% Off Cloud hosting plans

    If in some cases, the coupon code on this article had expired don’t worry jump to this link – HostGator Coupon – to grab others coupon codes to save your order day. In that article, I already listed up dozens of types of HostGator coupon codes like shared hosting, WordPress Hosting, Dedicated Server, Cloud Hosting, and more.

    I’ve been made an order up to three years billing plans at HostGator. For what I see, the price for baby plan 36 months before I applied the coupon code total is $295, and after that, the price has changed to $140 as what you saw in this screenshot image.

    At this specific step, you must paste the coupon code copied from this post and paste it into the field like in the picture to get the biggest discount when ordering any web hosting plans.

    A lot of customers from India, Europe, United Kingdom very love HostGator hosting. In some other cases, I didn’t. So, Taking up your hosting with useful features, you’ll never doubt what you paid.

    If you didn’t see the coupon code working just take a walk to this post – A collection of HostGator Coupon Codes. Many of coupon, promo codes are waiting for you here.

    Would you like to follow my blog? Paste your email address into the section below, and you’ll notify you all the best coupon I got sending to your mailbox. Thanks!

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    $19.95 iCareFone for Mac: Lifetime License

    $19.95 iCareFone for Mac: Lifetime License
    5 (100%) 1 vote

    May 2017 iCareFone Mac is a product for Mac available for Mac Version ranging from the 10.6 up to the 10.11. The options work to optimize your device through making some organization of the files and documents present. In addition to this, it offers a lifetime license for only $19.95, which comes with many benefits to the user.




    The iCareFone for Mac is compatible with iPhones, iPad and iPods from Mac OS x 10.6 all the way to 10.11. Also, one has an option of activating one computer using the product features.

    License Terms

    After getting this product, you enjoy a 30-day period within which you can redeem the license. This is one of the factors, which promote user convenience and priorities. Secondly, the licenses offer a lifetime period of access. Lifetime license has the following benefits:

    • Upcoming updates Involve both the major and minor updates of features and tools
    • Economical and affordable when compared to standard licenses
    • Keeps your phone at its peak of performance thanks to the features


    One-Click User Interface

    This iCareFone Mac has an easy-to-use interface, where users can engage deleting, repairing, protecting or even organizing the device contents. A click on any of the available options launches the subject project, instantaneously.

    How to Use it

    After redeeming your licenses, you can do the following with this product:

    1. Export and import This suit all document formats including PDF and JPG files, to and from the device

    2. organized Organizing the contents on your IOS devices reduces the tendency of congestions of the various function. It helps you manage notes, music, videos, photos, apps, contacts, calendars, and bookmarks.

    3. Merging contacts to reduce the space taken by similar contacts on the phone

    The iCareFone Mac is a reliable optimization product for all IOS devices. It speeds up the phone by reducing the contents that slow down the iOS devices. Given that users can enjoy all the updates as they come in, it is a recommendable product for Apple users.

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    2017’s May» 20% Off Namecheap Shared Hosting SSD Drives

    2017’s May» 20% Off Namecheap Shared Hosting SSD Drives
    5 (100%) 2 votes

    May 2017 NameCheap-hosting-shared coupon
    Are you guys looking for a cheap web hosting to launch your projects? Okay! I have a deal for you here! Namecheap hosting provider offers a cheap hosting just less than $1 a month, and for a whole year, you only pay less than $10. That is a good sign for who is beginners want to learn about WordPress, hosting, build a small website, sub-websites with a little of visitors, etc. So The provider only sales at this price for the first year.
    So, You’re more than welcome to try this hosting plan.

    20% OFF Namecheap Shared hosting Professional Plan Only

    This coupon code is valid for Professional Plan only when ordering 12 months +.

    $5 OFF Namecheap Shared hosting Ultimate Plan Only

    This coupon code is valid for Ultimate Plan only when ordering 12 months +.

    What are the advantages of this packages provide to customers? 1 Free domain.WEBSITE will be offered for everyone PLUS free WHOIS Guard for a domain name if you’re going to by a domain name or even a free .website domain. You’ll have free email accounts(mailbox), free Namecheap DNS and 20GB SSD storage. Besides, this packages can also host up to 3 websites.

    The coupon works well through out this month, and I always update every single page every month. Anytime, you copy the coupon codes in this page, it always works to save your orders.

    As I know, Namecheap has updated their’s hosting and SSD Disk supported for all web hosting packages – there was before just only for the business plan. All the SSD disk space storage for all plans so many great spacing to store.

    • 20GB SSD Disk Space Value Plan
    • 50GB SSD Disk Space Most Popular Professional Plan
    • Unlimited SSD Disk Space Ultimate Plan
    • 20GB Ultra SSD Disk Space Business SSD Plan

    After I had applied the coupon code – discount 20% for shared hosting the price now $7.9 for whole first year. The price is very cheap with SSD hosting & unlimited bandwidth + free email address + free cPanel + free DNS + free Whois guard for domain name first year + Free dot-website domain

    20% Off All Shared Hosing

    The coupons codes here released in Valid to 30-May-2016

    Shared Hosting Original prices Applied Coupon code Saved Codes
    Value $9.88/yr $7.9/yr $1.98
    Professional $19.88/yr $15.904/yr $3.97
    Ultimate $29.88/yr $23.904/yr $5.976
    Business SSD $19.88/mo $15.904/mo $3.97

    40% Off VPS Hosting Coupon Code

    Coupon Name Namecheap Coupon Code
    40% Off VPS Hosting – June 2016 Namecheap Coupon

    40% Off Re-Seller Hosting

    Coupon Name Namecheap Coupon Code
    40% Off Re-seller Hosting – May 2016 Namecheap Coupon

    10% Off All Namcheap Domain Names

    Coupon Name Namecheap Coupon Code
    10% Off New Domain register – May 2016 Namecheap Coupon

    10% Off New Domain register – May 2016 Namecheap Coupon

    $8.49 Transfer domain names to Namecheap

    Coupon Name Namecheap Coupon Code
    $8.49 Transfer domain to Namecheap- May 2016 Namecheap Coupon

    25% Off Namecheap Dedicated Hosting Coupon – May

    Coupon Name Namecheap Coupon Code
    25% Off Dedicated Hosting – May 2016 Namecheap Coupon

    *** Namecheap accept PayPal, Prepaid credit card, debit card, much more and you don’t need to verify your orders like other places else.

    If you would like to get more coupon codes at Namecheap here is the full article for all Namecheap coupon, promo codes. The post will show up VPS hosting coupon, domain name coupon, shared hosting coupon, re-seller hosting coupon and much more

    Every product at Namecheap is always cheap suitable for all kind of business. They friendly to everyone even you are a newbie or even you have a small pocket. So, Take your hands on anything you want to buy at Namecheap and don’t forget to copy the codes in this page apply to your order cart to make a discount. Good luck!

    Would you like to follow me, this website? Put your email address in the section below and you will see the benefit when following. I guarantee you one thing, all your orders always off if you read the posts on this page.

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    40% Off Godaddy Bulk Domain registration Coupon May 2017

    40% Off Godaddy Bulk Domain registration Coupon May 2017
    5 (100%) 2 votes

    Bulk domain Godaddy
    I have over six coupon codes is working well on Bulk domain names new registration at I’ve also taken the time to check out these coupon codes one by one. And I see these codes very helpful for buyers needed. As a follower of forums domain, web hosting, I saw a lot of guys looking for GoDaddy bulk domain names coupons codes. So, That[/su_button] the reason why I’ve been created this article.
    You see! Order a lot of domains at one time will take a lot of money for the order. The way applies the coupon codes will help us made a discount for what we’re ordering.

    Coupon May 2017


    40% OFF
    Godaddy logo
    New Purchases domains, SSL certicates,..

    33% OFF
    Godaddy logo
    New Purchases domains, SSL certicates,..

    30% OFF
    Godaddy logo
    New Purchases domains, SSL certicates,..

    Godaddy logo
    Bulk Domain Registration

    $9.99 Price
    Godaddy logo
    Unlimied COM domain for only $9.99 NEW COUPON
    $9.99 Price
    Godaddy logo
    Unlimied COM’s Names for only $9.99 NEW COUPON
    50% Off
    Godaddy logo
    Shared Hosting & WordPress NEW DEAL
    ***Deluxe, Ultimate and Developer Plans

    if this article isn[/su_button] the kind of you’re looking for read this – 40% Off Godaddy Promo Codes May 2017 – $1 WordPress Hosting. This post have dozens of coupon, promo codes could be fit to you.

    How to order hundreds of domain names one time only at
    Godaddy has a powerful tool designed to helps all the customers who really want to order a large domains amount at one time ordering. With this tool, you can order how many domain names as you want just a click.

    As the new customer at the first time, I didn[/su_button] know this tool. I work so hard to hit one by one domain name but it didn[/su_button] bring me to the right place.
    Finally, I’ve found out this tool from a forum. Now, I can order dozens of domains at one time and anytime I want to buy it.
    Here are the guidelines to help all of you who are newbies, new customers didn[/su_button] know this tool yet.

    Paste all the domain names into this field like in this image and click to the GO button. You see! Only a simple click you could order a lot of domain names for onetime.
    When You ordering your domain names you’ll see this section. Look at the corner right of the page with the text “Have a promotional code“, hit on it and paste the coupon code into there. You’ll get a percentage of discount applied to your billing.

    Would you like to follow my blog? Just put your email in the input field below. I’ll notify you when the new coupon, promo codes launched. Thank you!

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    $8.89 .COM Godaddy Unlimited Amount of Orders, May 2017

    $8.89 .COM Godaddy Unlimited Amount of Orders, May 2017
    5 (100%) 1 vote

    Starting an online business is always begins with a domain name. It’s a soul of our job, the main key to making it grow and get the achievement. This article isn’t focusing on starting an online business but it’s about saving the orders. And the point is how to save when ordering a domain.COM at Godaddy. The coupon code is the short way to do that. It’s always useful every time!

    This post is very shortly, I just show up some of Godaddy Promo codes not all. In the other post, you’ll see dozens of discount codes for all kind of products.

    Coupon May 2017

    $8.49 .COM unlimited amount of orders

    $8.89 .COM unlimited orders.

    – Unlimited COM Domains For Only $9.99.

    – Unlimited COM’s Names For Only $9.99.

    $8.89 .COM unlimited orders.

    Use one of these coupon codes above to reg series.COM domains with the same price $8.99 a year. To do this faster with unlimited domain orders, we must use the Godaddy Bulk domain action tool. This tool designed for the high volume of domain orders at the same time.

    $2.25 .COM only a domain

    $2.25 .COM unlimited orders.

    This coupon code still right for somebody but some didn’t so just try it to get a.COM domain only $2.25. Note: this coupon code only works for 1 domain per account. This code also works for Godaddy Privacy domain protection only $2/year.

    40% Off All new Products

    40% Off New Purchases.

    – 33% Off New Purchases.

    – 30% Off New Orders

    – 30% Off all new purchases.

    – 30% Off all new products.

    – 30% Off all new products.

    – 30% Off all new products.

    – 30% Off Godaddy auction renewal.

    Above are series coupon codes would be applied for all new products such as domain, SSL certificate, Dedicated IP address, Auctions Membership, much more. Those coupon codes might not be right for renewal domain names or host.

    $1 WordPress Hosting for the first 12 months

    • $12 WordPress hosting for the first year only.
    • 1 FREE any COM/NET/ORG/CA/CO domain name for business
    • 1 FREE Office 365 Business Email – 1st year

    50% off WordPress Hosting check out



    The Godaddy WordPress Hosting now only $1 per month works for the fist 12 months. Hit the coupon code above then select the basic plan at the fist tab and choose 12 months billing plan to set the price to $1/mo. This package is designed for all of the new marketers to help them launch their businesses with the small funding source. The WordPress hosting has 3 types: Normal blog, E-commercial site, and WordPress multi-sites so select exactly the WordPress option should be right for your business. Some of my friends using it for blogging, some others turn it into a niche site(amazon). Start your business with WordPress Hosting now!

    $2 Godaddy Privacy Protection

    – $2 Godaddy Privacy Protection.

    – $1 a year Whois Privacy coupon.

    – 50% Off Godaddy Whois Privacy Protection

    – $2.25 .COM domain / Whois Privacy

    These coupon codes should be useful once you order the domain privacy protection at Godaddy. You can apply the coupon code at the time you buy new domain name or orders it later. The domain privacy feature will help you locked out all of the people curious about your privacy information. They want to know who you are, what is your email address, etc. This thing basically will lock all your own staff safe.

    $0.99 .COM New Coupon

    – .COM only 99 cents

    – .COM only 99 cents

    – .COM only $0.81

    I just show up here some coupon codes for Godaddy 99cent coupon. In another post, I already listed dozens of Godaddy coupon codes about.COM domain only $0.99. Take your time to test it and you will get that thing right to you.

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    2017’s May, Hawhost Hosting Has New Server in Hong Kong + 30% Off Coupon

    2017’s May, Hawhost Hosting Has New Server in Hong Kong + 30% Off Coupon
    5 (100%) 1 vote

    Coming along with an event, Hawkhost had opened a new data-center in Hong Kong, is an offer 30% Off Recurring discount on new shared hosting plans. A couples of months ago, Hawkhost had launched a Semi dedicated server in Singapore as requests from many customers in this areas. Now, They’re continuing open new location in Hong Kong.

    Hawkhost coupon

    This is a good news for people living in this areas have more options to choose. All people are living oversea won’t never facing with any problems to distances.

    Shared Hosting Coupons

    One time discount

    Lifetime discount(Recurring )

    Onetime Discount – First Invoice

    Onetime Discount – First Invoice

    Above is coupon codes work based on shared hosting packages. There are two types of coupons: Lifetime discount and Onetime discount. Lifetime is applied only one time then the next one renewal price still getting a discount. it works for whole life. Onetime discount is that it just applied for the first purchases.

    VPS Hosting Coupons

    Lifetime discount(Recurring )

    Reseller Hosting Coupons

    Lifetime discount(Recurring )

    Semi-Dedicated Servers Coupons

    Onetime discount(first purchase)

    Lifetime discount(Recurring )

    Did you ever get a news Hawkhost was opened a VPS hosting packages in Los Angeles? Ok! As several requests from Customers, Hawkhost hosting also opened a new VPS hosting plan for Los Angeles server which is from now you can order a new VPS hosting in this location.

    Announcing this event, the provide is also offers 35% Recurring discount when you opening a new VPS in Los Angeles. This is a flash sale program, so it might over soon! Grab coupon here to apply on VPS Los Angeles.

    Read the Hawkhost Buyer’s Guides here. All information needed for you land inside this post. This guide based for new customers don’t know how to place an order at Hawkhost.

    Would you like to place a comment on this article? I would be great if you break down my comment box. Thanks.

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    2017’s May, 10% Off StackSocial Coupon, Promo and Deals

    2017’s May, 10% Off StackSocial Coupon, Promo and Deals
    5 (100%) 1 vote

    May 2017, There are so many new coupon codes released in this month by StackSocial that is alway works for you. Stacksocial is a popular online marketplace that offers the products like apps, tools, gadgets, and toys loaded with techie and geek gears. That is a marketplace for all the real geeks where they can browse and buy apps, gadgets and video games offering the coolest and unique items available at best price. One can find everything from Stacksocial starting from Hi-tech drones to Video games and other instructional programs in regards to popular software.

    Now you can save 10% more on any product at Stack Social while placing an order. Just go the official website of Stacksocial, and you can browse through the valid coupon codes for the month of May. You can find the latest promotional codes updated by the expert team of Stacksocial that gives you more chances to save 10% extra on any products.

    Coupon May 2017
    StackSocial Coupon, Promo Codes
    10% Off Stacksocial coupon

       Any Products to all customers

    StackSocial Coupon, Promo Codes
    $22.99 Price Stacksocial coupon

       Aeon Timeline 2 for Mac & Windows Lifetime Subscription

    Deal end in 21st-June-2017

    $29.99 Price Stacksocial coupon

       Zoolz  Dual Cloud 1TB Storage:

    Lifetime Subscription TODAY ONLY!

    15% Off Stacksocial coupon

        PureVPN LifeTime subscription – TODAY ONLY

    ***Deal end in 30th-May-2017

    15% Off Stacksocial coupon

        KeepSolid VPN Unlimited: Lifetime Subscription – NEW DEAL!

    15% Off Stacksocial coupon

        Private Internet Access VPN:: 2-Yr Subscription – NEW DEAL!

    ***Deal end in 18th-May-2017

    $39 Price Stacksocial coupon

        VPNSecure: Lifetime Subscription – NEW DEAL!

    ***Deal end in 30th-May-2017

    StackSocial Deals
    $69 Stacksocial coupon

        PureVPN LifeTime subscription – Today Only!

    $29.99 Stacksocial coupon

    Sticky Password Lifetime Subscription

    $59.99 Stacksocial coupon

    Degoo Premium: 2TB Backup Plan: Lifetime Subsciption

    $19.99 Stacksocial coupon IDrive Unlimited Mobile Backup: Lifetime subscription


    How to apply a  coupon code?

    Wow! When you’re searching for a coupon code, you might curious about where is the place to implement it. To do that you must log in to StackSocial website if you already have an account here. If not you just sign up for the new account to get access to their website.  Once you are in, you will see a place comes up with a text Promo Code? look like this. Hit on it then paste the coupon code into there. It;s was done.


    • A Few words about StackSocial 

    Stacksocial has their Headquarter based in Venice Beach, California and they are selling the gears to their geeks since 2011. The team is working at Stacksocial hand-picks each and every items and product for their valuable customers working hard enough around the clock to meet the requirements of the geek. All the goods available at Stacksocial are frequently updated and organized in following particular categories:

    1. Apple/Mac

    2. Gamer

    3. Productivity

    4. Designer

    5. Gadgets/Gear

    6. Developer


    • StackSocial Products and Prices

    Stacksocial offers great deals available at fantastic prices. Each and every item and product listed with retail price and Stacksocial’s selling price. Sometimes, a retail price of the item are bit costly, and there is no doubt if you find a great deal at Stacksocial. For reference, World’s top most rated drone known as DJI Phantom FC40 is available for just $499 with a retail price of $649.

    Stacksocial claims that they sell these tech gears and gadgets at the low price because developers and manufacturers of these items receive huge benefit by reaching to the community of 50,000 geeks active on Stacksocial, so they reduce their prices to gain more and more customers and make their presence in the market.

    • Customer Support

    Products available at Stacksocial are regularly updated from time to time. If you buy an item from Stacksocial then you are buying it from the manufacturer, Stacksocial is just a moderator who promotes new and unique items. It is always recommended to purchase and buy only those items which are attractive and trustworthy developed by well-known companies. At Stacksocial, customer support team always do the hard work, making sure they promote quality products that you can trust They are always available to help their clients and if you find any problem with the manufacturer, they will certainly assist you with the best solution.

    • Buying VPN Products

    StackSocial Marketplace is one of the most popular places to buy VPN products. It offers an excellent deal that you can not find anywhere else. That is one of the unique things get people to here. You can check out some of the VPN deals at StackSocial:

    $29.99 VPN unlimited Lifetime Subscription Best VPN Proxy

    Getflix Lifetime Subscription Exclusive $39 VPN Unlimited NetFlix, Hulu, BBC Sports

    Skyrocket VPN – $69.9 PureVPN Lifetime Subscription

    In the end, No doubt, Stacksocial is the best site to buy some new cool gears and gadgets available at a very low price. Prices at Stacksocial much lower compared to the other retail websites. Also, it is a great place to find software related to web page creation, design, animation, and maintenance.

    At Stacksocial, you will discover new geek items which you might have never seen before. The most excellent feature Stacksocial offers is that they keep shuffling the items and products time to time.

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    75% OFF – A collection of HostGator Coupon, promo codes, May 2017

    75% OFF – A collection of HostGator Coupon, promo codes, May 2017
    5 (100%) 3 votes

    hostgator-collection-coupons promo codes
    I’m creating a collection of Hostgator coupon, promo codes selected from dozens of coupon website resources to sharing it back to you in this post. All types of HostGator web hosting packages all gather right here with the coupon codes came along, so anytime you visiting this post you’ll see all the new coupon codes updating by myself. Take the time to find out which is fit to you!

    Coupon Valid to 30-May 2017

    ***Type in this section to find exactly what kind of coupon codes that fit for you.

    Coupon & Promo Codes Name
    60% Off HostGator all kind of Hosting Packages ***Sale ends: 30-May 2017
    60% Off HostGator hosting plans ***Sale ends: 30-May 2017
    60% Off HostGator all web hosting ***Sale ends: 30-May 2017
    HostGator Coupon for Shared Hosting
    55% Off Hostagator Shared Hosting Plans
    50% Off HostGator web hosting Plans
    60% discount HostGator Hatching, Baby, Business Plans
    $28 for 12 months HostGator Hatching Plans for beginners
    20% Off HostGatorall hosting Packages for beginners
    $15 for 6 months HostGator Baby Hosting Plan
    HostGator Coupon for WordPress Hosting

    60% Off HostGator all WordPress Hosting Packages ***Sale ends: 30-May 2017
    56% Off Hostagator WordPress Hosting new purchases
    55% Off Hostagator WordPress Hosting new purchases
    40% Off to 50% Off Hostagator WordPress Hosting starter, Standard, Business and Pro
    20% Off to 30% Off Hostagator WordPress Hosting full plans
    HostGator Coupon for VPS (virtual private server)
    60% Off HostGator all VPS packages ***Sale ends: 30-May 2017
    75% Off HostGator all VPS Hosting plans
    50% Off HostGator all VPS plans
    75% Off HostGator all VPS plans
    50% Off HostGator all VPS Hosting Plans
    40% Off HostGator all VPS plans
    25% Off HostGator VPS plans
    HostGator Coupon for Dedicated Server
    60% Off HostGator Dedicated Server Linux, Window ***Sale ends: 30-May 2017
    65% Off HostGator Dedicated Server Linux, Window ***Sale ends: 30-May 2017
    50% Off HostGator all Dedicated Server packages
    upto 55% Off HostGator Dedicated Server Plans
    upto 40% Off HostGator Dedicated Servers ***first invoice
    HostGator Coupon for Reseller Hosting
    60% Off HostGator Reseller Hosting Plans ***Sale ends: 30-May 2017
    68% Off HostGator Reseller Hosting Plans ***Sale ends: 30-May 2017
    55% Off HostGator Reseller Hosting Plans
    50% Off HostGator Reseller Hosting Plans Aluminum, Copper, Silver, Gold and Diamond
    35% Off HostGator Reseller Hosting Packages
    25% Off HostGator Reseller Hosting
    30% Off HostGator Reseller Hosting
    HostGator Coupon for Cloud Hosting
    60% Off HostGator Cloud Hosting Plans ***Sale ends: 30-May 2017
    50% Off HostGator cloud hosting Plans cloud hatching, cloud baby, cloud business
    44% Off HostGator cloud hosting Plans
    42% Off HostGator cloud hosting Plans
    50% Off HostGator cloud hosting Plans 12 Months 40% off, 24 months 50% off, 36 months 50% off
    HostGator Domain Coupon
    $2.05 discount HostGatordomain names
    20% OFF HostGatordomain names

    If you would like to follow this blog to read more about the new coupon, promo codes just putting your email address in this box and I’ll let you know anytime new coupon codes coming!

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    Received a coupon 40% Off by Godaddy valid in May 2017

    Received a coupon 40% Off by Godaddy valid in May 2017
    4.5 (90%) 2 votes

    Godaddy has released a new promotional code discount 40% valid only in May 2017 Applying one of these promo codes on New products like domain, web hosting, Ip address, SSL Certificate, more,… when you place an order at It will help you cut down the price of your order cart.

    godaddy-domain coupon

    Godaddy also released a new promo code: 50% off Deluxe and Ultimate hosting Plans:L WordPress hosting and Linux shared hosting. All customers are going to get a FREE domain name + a free first year SSL certificate + a FREE first year Office 365 Starter Email.

    Coupon May 2017

    Below I just share some coupon codes for new purchases to check all of it, find out here

    40% Off all new invoices

    – 33% Off all new purchases.
    – 50% Off Godaddy Hosting Deluxe & Ultimate
    – $1 WordPress Hosting for affiliate marketers 12 months.
    – $1 Godaddy Hosting for 12 months.
    – $8.89 .COM Unlimited domains registration.
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    2017’s Wow! $1 WordPress Hosting for WP Beginner Godaddy

    2017’s Wow! $1 WordPress Hosting for WP Beginner Godaddy
    4.45 (89%) 20 votes

    May 2017 As you can see if you start blogging the first thing you need to do is to own a website with your domain name and the web hosting where the information will be stored like photos, videos and all the information of your site. It will contain your entire website, affect the success and failure of your work.

    As a blogger, I’m always looking for a place that provided the best web hosting services, gives me a sense of satisfaction when using it. Here I would like to introduce to you a WordPress hosting package at Godaddy services can meet the needs of your actual usage

    free com godaddy

    Godaddy is now offering a “WordPress hosting packages” cost only $1 a month and this promotion package will work lasted throughout the first 12 months of use. It not only stop there but you will also receive a free domain name Enclosed with this promotion package

    $1 WordPress Hosting + FREE Domain Included
    $1 WordPress * FREE domain included
    (for the 1st year).

    Godaddy Coupon
    $1 Economy Hosting FREE domain included
    ( for the 1st year).

    Godaddy Coupon

    gdaddy maaged wordpress

    Uses for The Needs

    • Use it to build a Amazon Niche site.
    • Friendly with WP Beginners
    • Use it for Product Launch
    • Build an E-commerce site
    • Use it for Drop Shipping
    • Build a blog to deal with Google Adsense
    • A place for Freelancers to build a project.
    • Suitable for Bloggers do blogging
    Just a simple click you have a complete website without facing to something like pointing the domain to host as before! Now, no more. Even you are a male or female, old or young, there is no distance. You can do like a PRO at the first steps. The WordPress install packages will go all the rest for you until the install proceed completed.

    Besides the advantage of the installation step that it offers to us, there are other things great comes along with the WordPress hosting. That’s WordPress Themes, dozens of them now for FREE with the package you ordered. Many styles to pick up including E-commerce stores, blogging or other purposes.

    Hit on this button to see the coupon code then uses it to set the billing cost down to $1 a month. The WordPress Hosting $1 is available for basic plan in the first 12 months. That means you have totally 365 days to use the WordPress hosting optimized for only $12.

    WordPress Hosting Feautures

    Before ordering any web hosting service, all we need to do that is check out web hosting features to make the right decision. This thing I also do every time I want a new hosting for my business. I knew to find a WordPress hosting which is right to sticking along with didn’t easy. So here is the list of Godaddy WordPress hosting packages to help you see it clear.

    • $1/mo wordpress hosting
    • 10GB SSD Storges
    • Hosted 1 website/blog
    • Suitable for 25,000 monthly visitors
    • SFTP access available
    • Free domain included with annual plan
    • Check it out
    • $4.49/mo WordPress Hosting Deluxe
    • Hosted 1 website/blog
    • 15GB SSD Storges
    • suitable for 100,000 monthly visitors
    • SSH/SFTP access
      access available
    • One-click staging site
    • Search engine optimization plugin
    • Free domain included with annual plan
    • Check it out
    • $7.99/mo WordPress Hosting Ultimate
    • Hosted 2 website/blog
    • 30GB SSD Storges
    • suitable for 400,000 monthly visitors
    • SSH/SFTP access
      access available
    • One-click staging site
    • Search engine optimization for both two sites
    • Free domain included with annual plan
    • 1 year free ssl certificate
    • Free Malware scan and removal
    • Check it out
    • $13.99/mo WordPress Hosting Developer
    • Hosted 5 website/blog
    • 50GB SSD Storges
    • suitable for 800,000 monthly visitors
    • SSH/SFTP access
      access available
    • One-click staging site
    • Search engine optimization for both two sites
    • Free domain included with annual plan
    • 1 year free ssl certificate
    • Check it out


    A Free Domain Name for Buyer

    Godaddy offers a free domain name (.COM/.NET/.ORG) comes along with every WordPress Hosting package. You’ve been saved $11.92 for a domain name. You can set any name for your business on this free domain. You can also point another domain to the WordPress hosting inside Godaddy’s dashboard.

    Free live chat support

    For a long time ago, contacts with Godaddy’s live chat support team could have a little hard. As of now, Everything has been changed; Godaddy has turned on this function for all of the customers around the globe in business time. Anytime, you get in trouble get in touch with the Godaddy support team to get some help. As I saw Godaddy live chat button is also turning on inside your WordPress dashboard. So you can contact with them in many ways.

    Other Web Hosting Coupons

    Coupon, the buyer’s secret weapon, is always a cool stuff that the providers offers it in a secret way. So to getting a good deal, we must keep searching it around. I know it will waste your time so this zone displaying some relative Godaddy Coupon codes might right for you. Take your time to check it out! It will help you setting your billing cost down a bit.

    WordPress Hosting & Buyer’s Guides

    Here are the buyer’s guides for all newbies at the first time using Godaddy WordPress Hosting. All the screenshots made by me and I’ve added the step-by-step guide to get the deal.


    Now select your domain name:

    At right this step, you must apply the coupon codes to get a discount $12/year for WordPress Hosting.
    The cost won’t auto going down so you must to apply it in manual way. You’d see a place to paste the coupon code at the right corner side says “Have a promotional code?”


    process-payment godaddy


    + $12/yr for the first year registration.
    + Coupon codes only work for the new user or new purchases.
    + You can change the domain name for WordPress hosting.
    + You can delete & re-install your site anytime.
    + Need some help – click on Live chat button ready inside.
    + Godaddy accepts all payment methods Visa/Master Card, Paypal account & no need to verify
    + All information in billing order must be matched to information of Visa Card holder or Paypal information user account
    + Change Robots.txt default after finished install WordPress.
    + Don’t forget to Flush Cache after changing something on your site.
    + You can not install the other cache plugin – only Godaddy’ cache system.
    + The backup always Free and on User’s dashboard.

    To figure out how to start with a new WordPress hosting, just read this post – How to Win Managed WordPress Hosting $1 at I said all the things in that post so jump to it and see how.

    Hope you guys will suceed in your businesses! Would you like to follow my blog to get more and more deals like this? Simply! Putting your email address into the below section then I’ll notice you evrytime it upcoming. Thank you!