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    BigRock Xmas 2016 Deals – 55% off Hosting Plans

    BigRock Xmas 2016 Deals – 55% off Hosting Plans
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    On this holiday season of this year, Merry Christmas 16, BigRock sells off 55% on all hosting plans. This sale term applied on 15th and 16th of this month. Implement the coupon code BigXMAS16 to get 55% off hosting plans. It works for shared hosting, reseller hosting, cloud hosting and Dedicated servers.


    Do not let this deal goes over! Your coupon code here:

    Sales on: 15th,16th-Dec-2016

    ***Note: Bigrock only accepts payments by credit cards, Paypal doesn’t work.

    Other deals for Merry Christmas will come after this deal, so you just need to stay tuned for it. I think BigRock will give away many domain names, or do sell off domains at a good price.

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    ~$1.5 .COM Domain at Bigrock India Independence Day Sale

    ~$1.5 .COM Domain at Bigrock India Independence Day Sale
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    Tomorrow 12th is India independence day! You knew what! BigRock, a domain, web hosting provider will sale a NET domain main for only $1.5(RS 99 India currency). It’s very cheap just less than a buck!


    Bigrock is always releasing deals like this through out the year. If you’re a Bigrock’s customer, you might know this!

    In the normal day a NET domain at Bigrock costs RS. 299 ~ $4.5(US). They keep this deal all the time. If you’re interested in NET domain name BigRock is a good place to start.

    Sale ends 31-August-2016

    This’s just a Flash Sale program, so it will over soon! You must set up your alarm clock to let noticing you when the sale time on!

    You can grab others Bigrock coupon codes in this article: 40% Off Bigrock coupon codes

    Before this flash sale, a couples of days ago another domain & web hosting provider that is Goodaddy also releasing series of domain names discount. And the promotional still works until now! On India Independence day sale, too!

    And I think you might like to grab some .COM domain only costs $0.99 per domain for the 1st year! It works very well for all of India people, because Godaddy setting it up for your people. Grab $0.99 .COM domain at

    ***Bigrock only accepts Credit cards as a payment method, Paypal isn’t available. The billing process works very fast so you won’t take time to finish your orders.

    I don’t see Bigrock saying anything about how many domains you can grab but I think you might only grab one per customer. Stay tuned on Bigrock sale page tomorrow to grab this coolest deal from Bigrock!

    The renewal price next year for .NET domain is Rs. 549 ~ $8.2. Transfer .NET domain costs Rs.579 ~ $8.6.

    Do you have any questions? Leave you words here to let people help you! Regard!

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    Only $2.25 COM/$2.99 .NET Domain at Bigrock – December 2016

    Only $2.25 COM/$2.99 .NET Domain at Bigrock – December 2016
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    The .NET domain at Bigrock in December only $2.99 and the.COM only $2.25. Every new account can reg up to 2 domain names. The renewal price here also cheaper than the other places, I will say this later in the middle of this post.
    The first time I purchase NET domain at Bigrock, I was impressed and surprised because the checkout for billing process very quickly. I have used Visa cards to buy a domain and has been paid via Bigrock security system two step Mobile phone confirm payment from the bank. Due to the safety and security of this, the next time I will buy more at Bigrock.

    bigrock coupon

    The second thing that I felt happy about Bigrock is the process of adding active Nameserver DNS success immediately or at the latest is 1 hour-2 hours. The installation process for web works pretty fast cause I didn’t have to wait long. Here I will share with you some discount coupon of BigRock.
    Some featured from BigRock Domain:
    + Absolutely Free ICANN Fee
    + Domain Theft Protection.
    + Domain Forwarding.
    + Multiple Email Accounts
    + Easy Options Nameserver and work Fast.
    + Easy to custom authorization key(EPP code) anytime.

    Copy the coupon codes and use it when billing at Bigrock

    Rs.299 NET domain up to 2 domains per new accounts. Renewal cost: $8.79(Rs.579).

    $4.45 .ME domain name.

    Rs 99 .COM domain . Renewal cost: $10(Rs.699)

    10% OFF any new domain names.

    – 35% OFF new share hosting cPanel or Plesk.

    ***Bigrock accepts all credit cards ( not PayPal)

    *To Grab all the rest Bigrock coupon, promo codes jump over that post. You will see all the deals that you’re looking for.

    The BigRock’s dashboard is setting in English so you don’t need to worry anything about this point. And domain names at much cheaper than for international customers. You can switch between both of these sites to use their services.

    Where is the place to insert coupon codes?
    . You can insert your code here and get a discount.

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    35% Off Bigrock coupon codes December 2016

    35% Off Bigrock coupon codes December 2016
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    bigrock coupon
    Have you ever bought any domain name or web hosting at Bigrock? I have been bought some domain names at Bigrock and I saw it very fantastic. So I decided to write this article and share it with you guy! This month, Bigrock has been launched a lot of great stuff to cool off the order day. Especially, all domain name will be off up to 10% and all web hosting plans will be off up to 35%. The COM domain name only $1.5 a year, Me domain only $4.45 and NET domain only $3. WordPress Hosting at Bigrock for now sale off 35% with coupon code. So, Don’t get miss anything on your hands! is using INR India currency tough to know how much is it but buy domains, hosting at must be cheaper than because of the website for international customers and for India customers. But, in India you also can buy at, they don’t limit anything for international clients. So, take your time to convert India(INR) currency to USD by googling this keyword “Rs 299 to USD“(Rs + number to USD) and Google will return your results. Take your time to try and you’ll see all the coolest things!

    ***$1.5 COM domain only for new account, new customers

    Domain Coupon

    Released December 2016
    Coupon Name Coupon Code
    10% Off domain Names

    .ME domain Name $4.45(Rs.299)

    .COM domain only Rs.159(Rs.99)

    .COM domain only (Rs.99)

    .NET domain Rs.299 + 6 months free DIY

    Hosting Coupon

    Coupon Name Coupon Code
    35% OFF Shared Hosting – valid to 30-aug-2016

    35% Off Reseller hosting

    30% Off Reseller Hosting

    Dedicated Servers

    VPS Hosting

    35% OFF WordPress Hosting

    10% OFF SSL Certificate

    20% OFF Web Builder

    Free Website when buy a .COM/.NET domain

    Just a few days ago, I was successful when to buy another domain NET at It’s just taken me only $1.35 and no more left. And I have good experiment about payment process, Custom DNS, security payment for Visa card. The time left out for payment process less than 5 minutes at all and the time to point your domain to hosting less than 15 minutes. It’s work immediately. It is greater than ever. The same thing is going in Namecheap same with Bigrock! I mean the time for all website work very fast. Even though, The processing at Godaddy not fast like this. I appreciate their services! In another article, I have been shared with you the way to change Bigrock’s Nameserver to your hosting nameserver. You can read that article right here! How to change DNS Nameserver at Bigrock
    Besides that, At or has some web hosting plans go with the prices very cool! Just less than $1. Of course, the prices and the plan in one of these sites were different, but you can choose exact which plan well for your business.
    And here is the featured from for lowest price web hosting plan:
    + Unlimited Bandwith
    + Unlimited Transfer.
    + Location US.
    + Linux Hosting.
    + 99.9% uptime with dedicated 24/7 technical support.
    + 10 GB Email(s).
    + Unlimited disk space.
    + Free COM domain.
    With this Web hosting cheap like this, I can do some projects very fresh and great. And they also very quickly response to reply your answer. I like this so much!

    You can also buy how many websites if you want. Buying at or was also very different. for India people and for international customers. They have servers in both locations India and US. You can try buying first at if it was successful and you don’t need to buy at And the Cpanel control on both of two sites just is the same.The different here is just the price.

    ***Bigrock only accepts Visa or Master card and they don’t support Paypal. But don’t mention about this, The security system very safe to pay here. I didn’t see any place else has some special things like this. At Bluehost or Hostgator, you must wait some time to verify your order, PayPal account or Visa card by sending the PayPal invoice or scan two sides of your visa card or cell phone activation or scan your national identity card (Passport). At Bigrock they use the payment portal very safe for all customers and I don’t need to wait a lot of time. I can begin all my business right away. So! That ‘s all for the day! And here is the quote of the day: Don’t miss anything on your hands!
    Where is the place to insert coupon codes?
    . You can insert your code here and get a discount.

    Would you like to follow my articles? Take it easy, put your email address into the field below and all coolest stuff will arrive at your mailbox. Thanks for reading my blog!

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    2 Years Registration domains – Only $4.5.NET/$9.6.COM on – Exp 31 December 2015

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    Today 29th December 2015, I have visited at, the web hosting and domain names provider and I saw this special offer. And You still have 2 days left to buy a domain on I know this offer too late because the program starting from 23rd until now. So, there is no more time to wait for another deal. Half month ago, Bigrock has been released a lot of coupon codes very cool like – Only $1.35 domain.NET, give free domain.NET on Black Friday. I know Bigrock’s services for a long time but I don’t see any cool thing like this before. If you are interesting with Bigrock and you will see they offer a lot of coupon codes monthly to help you save on your order.


    How much will I pay for 2 year registration a domain on

    Here I will convert India currency to USD:
    299 Rs(INR) ~ $4.5(USD) for domain .NET –

    639 Rs(INR) ~ $9.623(USD) for domain .COM –

    How can I get a discount from Bigrock

    To get a discount on, you must use the coupon codes. From, you can find a lot of coupon codes released by Bigrock for all of users. If you interesting their’s services and want to get discount on your order just go to my website a get coupon codes -> Bigrock coupon codes.

    Here are some other coupon codes from Bigrock
    Will expires on 31th December 2015
    Coupon Name Coupon Code
    40% OFF Shared Hosting – end 31 Dec 2015

    11% OFF All Domains – end 31 Dec 2015

    $1.35 .Net Domain

    10% OFF all domain Names

    25% OFF all web hosting

    50% Off Web hosting

    Less than $1 Web hosting

    Where can I insert coupon codes on

    Here is the place for you to do that! Look at the image and you will see the price only $9.45(USD) for 2 years registration. They give you free for the first year and you just only pay for the second year. Now total all your cart only pay out a price $4.45 for domain.Net and $9.45 for domain.COM up to 2 years time. So, What do you think about this? I have no word to say about that! Don’t like another place else, Buying domains at Bigrock very easy and fast. You just take a few minutes and everything will work Immediately!

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    Bigrock Give Free domain Net – Black Friday 2015

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    On Black Friday 27 Nov 2015, Bigrock, domain name and Hosting provider, has provided thousands of free NET domain for people living in India. Bigrock, the provider of domain name services, hosting, VPS, is very famous in India. BigRock we launched many packages coupon discounts: $1.35 domain NET coupon, 50% Off Web Hosting Plan for all countries. NET domain name is a free gift just for the people of India and this program called Flash Sale in BlackFriday. Due to this special offer many users from India has registered free domain NET from Bigrock.
    big rock-flash-sale-coupon

    I have been registered success domain NET just $ 1.35 at Bigrock. The payment process is very safe and fast.

    All coupon codes from Bigrock
    Last Updated December 2,2015
    Coupon Name Coupon Code
    $1.35 .Net Domain

    10% OFF all domain Names

    25% OFF all web hosting

    50% Off Web hosting

    Less than $1 Web hosting

    50% OFF Privacy Protection when buy domain

    Rs.109 .NET + 2 Gmail + DIY Tool + Web Hosting

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    How to change DNS Nameserver at Bigrock

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    Bigrock is known as a domain name and hosting providers extremely cheap price come from the Indian Nations. In the recent period, Bigrock has launched several promotions discount packages that downright amazing for the domain name.Com, Net, Info, Org. I also just purchased a few domain discounts from Bigrock. The process of buying the domain here extremely safe and convenient, I bought the domain by Visa card and they pay through portal, then I get the confirm OTP from the Bank to confirm the payment from Bigrock. This helps my visa shows the absolute safety and security. I’ve never seen like this in the other providers. After buying success, I would like instructions on how to change DNS Nameserver on Bigrock. Here I will guide you to add Free DNS Nameserver of Namecheap to Bigrock.
    1.Login to Bigrock manage page.
    2. Click Order Information.
    3. Click to Name Servers and change to your nameserver. In this case, I’ve added nameserver of Namecheap replacement for nameserver of Bigrock.
    Replace all DNS of Bigrock
    [box type=”info”]
    [/box] with Namecheap DNS

    [box type=”info”]
    [/box] Bluehost DNS Nameserver

    [box type=”info”]
    [/box] With Hostgator Similar like this

    [box type=”info”]
    [/box] You just click update and wait as all work is complete. Just take a little time from 1 hour to 2 hours the whole of your website will run stability and a rapid process of non-resistant as the DNS service in other places can take up to a 24-hour for a new website running successfully.

    The following will be the guide how to install Free DNS Name server with Namecheap. Login to Namecheap or create a new free account Go here and add a new CNAME Record record for your domain. I only use 2 lines for my website totally work. See demo image.