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    30% Off Coupon new Registrations, Transfer and Renewal

    30% Off Coupon new Registrations, Transfer and Renewal
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    Are you looking forward to building an online website? Look no further and head to for excellent deals on diverse domain names. An attractive domain name garners the much-needed attention, thereby increasing the website traffic. The latest enticing deal brought to you by the E-tailer is grabbing all eyeballs. The domain registrar provides a flat 30% off on all new registrations at

    It’s the best time for all you website developers to seize the enthralling discount and progress your business. Fresh entrants can apply the coupon codes below to avail the seller’s promotional offer.


    January 2017 – Coupon for New Purchases
    20% Off New Products NEW
    15% Off new purchases
    35% Off web hosting plans – New Purchases
    20% Off New Purchases
    25% Off New Purchases all products
    15% Off New Purchases 
    January 2017 – Transfer Coupon Codes
    15% off new transfer NEW
    15% off new transfer
    15% off transfer
    15% off for new transfer
    January 2017 – Renewal Coupon Codes
    15% off renewal coupon NEW
    15% off renewal domain
    15% off renewal domain
    15% off all domain renew


    Reliable domain tools are inclusive when you buy from the site:

    • URL forwarding allows users to redirect traffic between two different domain names.
    • E-mail forwarding is a must-have on personal blogs looking to reach out to a maximum number of audience. It enables automatic forwarding of engaging emails to clients’ or readers’ addresses.
    • The website owner has the option to manage their DNS records from the past completely.
    • Unauthorized domain transfers are a headache to emerging entrepreneurs. Fret not with a particular feature called transfer lock that looks after all your security requisites. This state of the art software keeps all your data safe and secure.

    Top level domains on display are .com,.net,.org, Among many others. Some of the domain mentioned above names restricted to a particular realm, for instance.ORG for the organization and. .NET for the network operators, the advertising sector.  Net domain iso also treated as an alternative to.COM

    All things considered, applying coupon is a great start to establishing your site without burning a hole in your pocket.

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    January 2017 – [A-Z] VULTR New FREE Credit to Deploy a VPS Server

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    VULTR offers a lot of gift codes for both new and existing customers when deploying a new VPS server. What if you’re a new customer, you do not ever register any Vultr account?. If so, you’re going to get an incredible lot discount for new customers only. That is $50 FREE credit for use in 2 months when opening a new account or Double first payment credit added to your account(Vultr offers up to $100 Free + This deal only available for new customers) and $20 FREE when applying a coupon code SSDVPS. With the old account or existing customers, you can get a reduce 20% on all new VPS which means any time you deploying a new VPS server you get discount 20% off for all server locations.

    vultr coupon, gift code

    VULTR VPS is a fast and dependable VPS hosting service that is gaining popularity among website creators and owners who are new. Those looking for a more economical VPS hosting option from shared hosting are also preferring this company. Vultr VPS claims to be faster than its nearest competition! With a wide reach of about 15 locations worldwide, deployment of servers is quick.

    January 2017 – VULTR Coupon for New Customers


    $20 free  VULTR server
    $50 FREE  VULTR New sever.
    $50 free trial New customers only!
    Double First PAYMENT New Purchases
    FREE Block STORAGE  New York and New Jersey
    January 2017 – VULTR Coupon for Existing Customers
    $20 free  VULTR server


    • They are fully equipped with Intel Core processors for reliable performance. Vultr VPS offers a range of operating system combinations that can be deployed. Their powerful API allows easy interaction with and manipulation of resources.
    • VULTR provides a complete root administrator access and IP address. They also offer the flexibility of short-term payment options. The full-service level agreement is assured by them. The company is furnished with full SSD (solid storage drive) capabilities that offer a large storage space of 10 TB!
    • All users can upload their own ISO file to install their Window server on VULTR VPS.
    • VULTR offers a significant cloud block storage always available for clients to mount.

    VULTR VPS is setting new benchmarks in the industry of VPS hosting and cloud computing. Finally, they are also letting new customers try out their service for free.

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    $19 EasilyDo Virtual Assistant App Lifetime Subscription

    $19 EasilyDo Virtual Assistant App Lifetime Subscription
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    EasilyDo  is offering a deal $19 Lifetime Subscription on their application. You can use this app on both of android and  iOS(iPhone). Are you looking for a virtual assistant application can streamline, organize and manage your work? EasilyDo is an application that can solve all the difficulties that you’re wondering. You almost do not have free time to do other things because it takes time to read dozens of e-mails, make a report to the boss, receiving the phone calls, scheduling appointments, etc. It makes you feel like trapped in the messy stuff. Stop! That is the time you need to stop it! Put away all the things is standing on your way. A virtual assistant application is a solution to help you save your life, saving your time do the things you love, remind you whenever the dating upcoming.

    What is EasyDo does?

    EasilyDo streamlines your tasks by connecting to apps & services that you’re taking care about. You don’t need to jump over many tasks on the browser to finish your works. It does connect and manage all you email accounts, calender from Gmail, Yahoo, IMAP and Exchnage, LinkedIn, Evernote and Facebook and the others online services to one place.

    It also supports almost all restaurants, hotels and rental car companies, airlines and other suppliers

    • Stay Connected
      • Schedule personalized birthday greetings with a personal photo via email or Facebook
      • RSVP to invitations from Facebook, GCal, and Evite
      • Catch important and trending updates from Facebook friends
      • Congratulate a LinkedIn connection on a new job
      • View top photos of the day and pics you’re tagged in from Instagram and Facebook, plus trending photos.
      • Add Facebook profile pics to your contacts
    • Get Organized
      • Find contact info from an email to update Contacts, Salesforce, and/or Evernote & connect on LinkedIn
      • Remove outdated emails from Contacts
      • Merge duplicate contacts
      • Create calendar events automatically for meetings you’ve agreed to over email
      • File receipts
      • Backup emails & attachments to Dropbox, Evernote or Box
      • Clean out deals & old calendar reminders
      • Sync your Facebook profile pic to Twitter
      • Preview email attachments
    • Navigate Your Day
      • Auto-dial in to conference calls and view attendees’ LinkedIn profiles
      • Weather forecast for home or travel
      • Alerts when it’s time to go with drive time and parking
      • Driving & public transit times for daily commute
      • Directions and drive time to home & work
      • Enter to-dos
    • Get Notified
      • Track packages
      • Set reminders for bills
      • Get bad weather alerts
      • Be notified of important emails
      • Respond to actionable emails on the go.

    LifeTime Access

    EasilyDo offers both of Free and paid version. You can find the app on Google Play or Apple Store to install it. The paid version has a lot of more advantage than free version either. You only need to buy once and use it for lifetime without having to purchase it again.

    ***License redemption deadline: redeem within 30 days of purchase

    When the purchase on stacksocial is completed, you should use immediately this promotion offer within 30 days. After 30 days, it won’t work.

    Other Hot Deals from StackSocial
    $99 PureVPN Lifetime Subscription
    $69 The Complete iOS 10 Developer Course
    $39 Adguard Premium Key Lifetime Subscription
    $89.99 Webhostface Face Extra Package 5-Yr Subscription
    $59 Tesla Themes WordPress Lifetime Coupon, Nov 2016

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    50% Off Namecheap Coupon Domains, Hosting, VPS – $1 Hosting, January 2017

    50% Off Namecheap Coupon Domains, Hosting, VPS – $1 Hosting, January 2017
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    January 2017. A Biggest discount of this month is falling on Namecheap shared hosting Professional package that is uP to 30% OFF Ultimate hosting package when placing an order for a year +. Now Namecheap is selling shared hosting package for less than $1 a month with a FREE DNS service, a year free whois Guard for domain names. Not stop there, You’re going to get more 20% OFF when placing a purchase on shared hosting with the coupon code showing below. You just need to pay $7.9 for a hosting package in the first year. Besides discounts for shared hosting packages, Namecheap is also discounts for VPS hosting, Dedicated server, Re-seller hosting, premium DNS, Whois Guard.

    Namecheap Hosting coupon

    Hi Buddy!

    Transfer a domain name to Namecheap only $8.49 with the coupon code. A special thing is the Namecheap shared hosting only $0.82 per month applied for the first 12 months.


    Valid to January 30th , 2017

    Domains Coupon Codes

    – 10% OFF All Namecheap Domain Names

    – $8.49 Transfer domain Names to Namecheap

    – $0.99/year Namecheap WhoisGuard coupon (Full)

    – $9.79 Namecheap domains .COM/.NET/.ORG/.BIZ/.INFO
    New or Transfer

    – 10% OFF Namecheap .IO Coupon

    Shared Hosting , VPS Hosting, Reseller Hosting:

    valid thru 30-January-2017

    – 50% OFF Namecheap Reseller Hosting

    – 40% OFF Namecheap VPS Hosting

    – 30% OFF Namecheap Shared Hosting Ultimate only(it is not applied for Value package)

    – 20% OFF Namecheap Shared Hosting Pro only(it is not applied for Value package)

    – 25% OFF Namecheap Dedicated Hosting January 2017.

    $1 Hosting SSD Drive

    – $0.6 Namecheap Hosting with SSD Drives

    The original cost for Namecheap shared hosting is $9.88 for the first 12 months but after you had finished applied the coupon code above, the cost willing setting down to $7.99 a year/ for the first 12 months.

    How is my idea about Namecheap services?

    I am a customer at Namecheap and I feel very great with them. The payment process when buying services at Namecheap very fast.

    I bought my domain on and just totally 2 minutes later, I’ve been finished payment process. Before that, I have been bought domains, so all the billing information still there and I don’t need to type in billing information again. And the payment process just goes through very easily.

    After finishing, I decided changes Namecheap’s Nameserver to Bluehost’s Nameserver to assign my domain to Bluehost web hosting. This is the first times I do this, I really so surprised about changing time very speed. It’s work Immediately and I don’t need to wait.

    Because of this, I have been decided to buy a lot of domain at Namecheap. And of course, all promotional coupons of Namecheap always works very well and anyone can also buy successfully.

    After all, I write another article. The article will show you how to change Namecheap’s Nameserver to Bluehost’s nameserver.

    And that’s all, I want to share this with you!
    Following here is all promotional links to make a discount on COM and a lot of other domains type. Attention, You don’t need to type any other coupon codes in promotional field at Namecheap. This is not necessarily.

    So what is the best when billing on

    -> Free WhoisGuard like a gift for customers.
    -> Coupon success 100% and very easy to buy.
    -> Payment process simple.
    -> Do not need to verify payment like the others providers.
    -> A lot of people like to buy a domain at Namecheap.

    How many times can I apply new coupon codes on a new user account?

    Namecheap is completely different with Godaddy, at Namecheap each new account will be allowed to apply coupon codes up to 30 times. And These things will help all customer save their’s time a lot when buying.

    Recommended How to change Namecheap’s Nameserver to Bluehost
    Recommended $0.99 COM Domain at Godaddy

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    2017’s Jan – $1.99 UNLIMITED domains Ok for Transfer, & Dotster coupon

    2017’s Jan – $1.99 UNLIMITED domains Ok for Transfer, & Dotster coupon
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    January 2017

    The couples of & Dotster are continuing to releases new coupon codes in this January. As of now, you can reg unlimited amount of .COM/.NET domain names for 1 year registration ONLY $1..99 per year.

    This offer only available for one year & does not support for transfer!
    Doster,, Netfirms coupons January’s 2017

    ***The offer might end soon without prior notice from Mydomain or Dotster. Take it soon before it’s gone!

    In the case of coupon does not work, please use coupons: SALE20 to reduce from 20% to 30%.

    If you already have an account at or, so you can order it right away with creating a new account. If you did not, only just create a new account and then contact the live chat support team to let them activate your account. And the next times, you order your domain names much easier.

    Transfer in/out at Mydomain and Dotster so easy. So you don’t need to worry about at this point.

    The Renewal Price at My is $11.99 and Dotster $17.49

    In order to get a 25% discount use a coupon code below

    Hit this button to see the coupon code inside, copy it and then paste into the coupon field at or

    After you had finished applying this coupon code, .COM/.NET domain now ONLY $1.59/year up to 2 years registration.


    Did you see? Ordering two years ONLY $3.18 per domain name and UNLIMITED amount.
    In this screen shot, I’ve been ordered three domain names, two years subscription for each of them and totally just took me $9.54. It’s very cool, isn’t it?

    Mydomain and Dotster are the same domain provider so that you can register a domain in one of these websites and the coupon codes also work for both. And the interface to manage your domain names also is the same.

    Note: If something is going wrong while you’re ordering your domain names, Leave a message to live chat support team right away to let them activate your orders.

    Looking for coupons please check this:
    domain-com-coupons promo

    I have a lot of other offers you might like to grab it, visitingall daily coupons are here. Don’t fovisit my website daily. There is always the things that right to you!

  • , , Hosting Promotion Jan 2017 – 35% Off Shared Hosting Plans Hosting Promotion Jan 2017 – 35% Off Shared Hosting Plans
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    January 2017 is known as one of tops cheap domain providers around the world-wide-web but they also offers web hosting service that you can try to build your projects. Both of domain name and web hosting services are cheap very good for personal purposes. If you every slicked around with you might know this point. promotion

    • Coupons January 2017

    The basic web hosting plan at only costs $3.95/mo. If you bill this hosting plans to 12 months, it just costs $45 included a domain name. offers a 25% off discount for both of old or new customers.

    Hit this button to grab the coupon code hidden inside and then using it at

    What are the advantages when I order a web hosting package at The answer is you will get $100 Google Ad Words Bonus, $100 Bing Ad Credit, and Free YELLOWPAGES.COM Listing. You can create over 100 hundred email accounts sticking with your domain name which is 100% FREE. No cost for web-mail service.

    Others Web Hosting Coupons Recommended

    Above is not the only one coupon code that had provided, there are still more. If you would like to grab more and more deals so I will share it up here for you to grab it.



  Coupons New Purchases
    20% OFF new purchases Coupon
    25% OFF new purchases Coupon
    20% OFF new purchases Coupon Coupons For Transfer
    15% Off transfer domains to Coupon
    15% OFF transfer to Coupon
    10% OFF Coupon Transfer to Coupon Coupons For Renewal
    15% Off Renewal coupon – $9.77 Coupon
    10% Off Renewal Coupon Code Coupon
    10% Off Renewal coupon Coupon



    In order to make a discount every time you place an order at, the thing must-have that is a coupon code. Paste any coupon code you’ve been grabbed from this blog into the field like in this screen shot to create a big discount discount

    In another post where I’m gathering all domain, hosting coupon codes which you can grab more deals.

    Following after are and, they offers .COM/.NET domains UNLIMITED registration only $1.99 up to 2 years subscriptions. Both old and new customer are welcomed to place an order.

    In the case you’re so confusing about’ web hosting, I also have another web hosting package that you might like. Do you ever bought domain or web hosting at This is one of the great places to host your websites. For now, I have a breaking news for you, offers a WordPress Hosting only costs $1 per month up to 12 months subscriptions. If you would like to bill your WordPress hosting more than a year okay, it will cost you only $18 per year.

    Looking for full coupon codes, please check out this page:
    domain-com-coupons promo

    I’m waiting for your signals so leave a message to show your points. Thanks!

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    30% OFF Coupon Godaddy Code Signing Certificate for January 2017

    30% OFF Coupon Godaddy Code Signing Certificate for January 2017
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    January 2017 Godaddy offers all users a coupon 30% Off on Code Signing Certificate when placing an order on this product. GoDaddy Coupon code helps you to get a Code Signing, Standard SSL Certificates with a good deal. Code signing offers you numerous helpful features.
    The significant common feature of Code Signing is that it offers you, the desired security during deploying. The namespace conflicts can be easily solved by the help of Digital Code Signing, in a programming language. With the help of GoDaddy Code Signing Certificate, you can check whether the software or any object altered or not and also verify the actual identity of publisher and author, through the digital signature mechanism. GoDaddy Code Signs will never change or corrupt the software, as it is just an added layer of security that gives your end users, a trust assurance while purchasing your software. It helps you to improve the software safety, and it also offers, the significant level of confidence to your end users, if they prefer to purchase your software from a store.

    Grab a coupon 30% off on Code Signing Certificate with Code:

    godaddy-bulk domain

    January 2017 – Godaddy Coupon for Code Signing Certificate
    35% Off Godaddy New Purchases Code Signing Certificate
    25% Off Godaddy SSL Certificate
    30% Off Godaddy New Products – Code Signing Certificate
    30% Off Code Signing Certificate
    30% Off Code Signing Certificate New Purchases
    30% Off Code Signing Certificate New Purchases
    Common Coupon Codes
    50% Off Godaddy shared hosting when ordering more than 36 months
    $1 Godaddy WordPress hosting + a Free domain
    (This deal is only available for the first year)
    $1 Godaddy Linux hosting + a Free domain
    (This deal is applied for the first year) + Free cPanel
    40% Off Godaddy Dedicated IP Address or VPS hosting Plans
    $7.9 Transfer COM & $8.99 NET to Godaddy – Up to 46% Off

    gd-csc coupon

    Why you need Code Signing Certificate?

    Due to the increasing level of altered and corrupted downloadable contents available on the web, many users prefer not to download any content until unless they proved that it is legitimate. GoDaddy Code Signing Certificate inspires the desired level of confidence in your end users to download the content and offers you the proof to validate your security code.
    40% off Godaddy SSL Certificate Coupon The GoDaddy Code Signing Certificates are very helpful for Software Developers as they can provide the required level of assurance to their clients by showing them who is the rightful author of the content and has not tampered in any possible way.

    It also useful in restricting the unknown third parties from altering or corrupting the code before distribution. It is crucial for the Content Publishers to digitally sign their contents so that their end users can easily trust these contents before downloading the one as they always think that there will be some potential threats while downloading the contents over the internet.

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    39% OFF NameCheap EV SSL Certificate Coupon January 2016

    39% OFF NameCheap EV SSL Certificate Coupon January 2016
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    January 2017 All new customers are going to get a 39% off on Namecheap Comodo EV SSL Certificate for one domain name in the first year. The EV SSL secures both types www or non-www of your website, sub-domain not included in this case. It is a good fit for E-commerce, corporate, NGO, or governmental website. The SSL certificate refers to Secure Sockets Layer which is a security measure that ensures that all links to your web server are secure by encrypting all data during transmission from the server to the end user and vice versa. It provides an Encryption up to 256-bit to do its work that promised to keep your business in the safe zone.


    When it comes to building a site, user trust is the ultimate tool which can be either the death or the growth of your site traffic. People tend to trust more if they can picture the real assurance of their safety and that of the data they have shared with you. This creates a need to get a tool that can ultimately do just that: the EV SSL Certificate.

    Comodo EV SSL certificate is ranked among the world’s top SSL security providers, and The provider is offering you an even better deal of this year: get the EV SSL certificate for 39% off at NameCheap. Especially when you ordering for two years you’re going to get a 50% discount. It’s even better than when registering only one year.

    So, what does one need to get this green bar? A few things actually:
    • Business registration: to ensure that only legal business is being conducted, Comodo will authenticate your firm registration before
    issuing SSL protection.

    • Company representative: to ensure that there is a defined line of command you are required to provide the names and details of those holding executive positions.

    • Contact information: provide Whois Contact Info that will be useful in identifying your domain.

    More Coupons from NameCheap:


    namecheap coupon vps

    Namecheap Coupon January 2017
    40% Off VPS Hosting & Reseller hosting plans
    39% Off EV SSL
    30% Off Ultimate Hosting plan
    20% Off Professional Hosting plan
    10% Off Transfers and new registrations domain
    25% Off Dedicated hosting


    Features of the EV SSL Certificate

    •  Extended Validation: To ensure customer security and trust at large, Comodo crosschecks the domain ownership with the company property and registration so as to make sure that only legit sites granted this certificate.
    • Single Domain Validation Provides the ultimate verification for a domain name to avoid ambiguities.
    • $1,750,000 Warranty: Comodo offers over one million dollars’ worth of insurance against any online transaction losses on any website that is secured by Comodo SSL certificate.
    • Dynamic Site Seal: The NameCheap Comodo EV SSL Certificate comes with a Dynamic Site Seal that you can place on your site to display the level of protection and guarantee that you have in place. This will ensure that all your customers feel safe when transacting on your website.
    • Green Bar Assurance: With a few extra paperwork, you can get this ultimate secure guarantee, the additional levels of validation ensures that your customers see the popular green address bar which is considered as a mark of top notch security.
    • 15-Day Refund Policy: Not satisfied with your SSL certificate? Worry not, Comodo offers an up to 15 days cash refund for all purchases made.

    40% off Godaddy SSL Certificate Coupon
    In this age of technology where nearly everything revolves around the internet, it is of ultimate importance to ensure top level protection for both your customers as well as your domain. A small breach could cost your whole business regarding finances and reputation. Getting the NameCheap Comodo EV SSL Certificate will ensure that you don’t fall into this deep pit of condemnation. Go ahead and get your package at 39% off.

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    2017’s Jan, 35% Off Godaddy Email Marketing, Use Coupon Code…

    2017’s Jan, 35% Off Godaddy Email Marketing, Use Coupon Code…
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    Godaddy offers 35% Off on email marketing packages with a coupon code applying on new customers or new purchases. Especially, you can order up to 36 months still get a 35% discount! This coupon code isn’t applied for renewal next orders. So ordering far as far as you can, it will save you a lot.


    35% Off Email Marketing Packages

    Discount Coupon Name Coupon Code
    35% Off | Email Marketing Plans
    34% OFF | Email Marketing Plans

    33% Off | Email Marketing Plans

    33% Off | Email Marketing Plans

    30% Off | Email Marketing Plans

    30% Off | Email Marketing Plans

    30% Off | Email Marketing Plans

    30% Off | Email Marketing Plans

    ***Note: All coupon codes in the sectoin above are also work for other Godaddy products such as Dedicated IP address, Domain names, VPS hosting, etc.

    Here you go! The following section I would like to share some of other Godaddy coupon codes that might right for you!

    $1 Goaddy Hosting Get Going

    Discount Coupon Name Coupon Code
    $1 Hosting | Godaddy WordPress Hosting

    $1 Hosting | Godaddy Economy Hosting

    Notes: $1 Godaddy hosting only applied for the first 12 months and then the offer will over. A FREE top-level domains .COM/.NET/.ORG will be added with a $1 hosting package.


    You can use it to build a shop website or affiliate niche sites. It’s up to you but a lot of freelancers have been sticking with this package for a long time. I thought you might like it, so it show it here for you to have more options to select.

    This article isn’t focusing on Godaddy hosting coupon. So to grab the web hosting coupon you can check it out here!

    Email Marketing Features

    What do we got with Godaddy email marketing?

    First of all, we have a signup form for website and Facebook page.

    Second of all is a simple drag-and-drop email composer which works just by drag and drop around the email work space. It’s so easy to deal with.

    Third of all, the marvellous function that everyone always want to know that is user’s action like get opened email, read it, clicked on links or shared. There’re still more but I would like to listing it up below a few.

    – Simple integration with Facebook, Google Analytics, Etsy and more.
    – A signup form for your website or Facebook page.
    Reports events anytime that users get opened, clicked on and shared or from which email addresses.
    – A simple drag-and-drop email composer tool.
    – Create mailing lists segmentation.
    – Auto remove subscribers duplicated. Unique email address.

    Did you have any questions about this? Leave your comment in the section below to show your points

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    30% Off Namecheap Ultimate Hosting Coupon For January 2016 Only

    30% Off Namecheap Ultimate Hosting Coupon For January 2016 Only
    5 (100%) 1 vote

    January 2017 NameCheap now offers a 30% discount off its Ultimate hosting plan if you applying coupon code HOLIDAYS30. This plan is for a limited time only so do not let this offer goes away. NameCheap incorporated in the year 2000, has been offering hosting packages to customers globally. It was registered in the year 2000 as a domain name registrar accredited by ICANN. This company is serving us since 16 plus years has more than three million customers and manages seven million plus domain names. Now that’s pretty cool! Grab the promo coupon in the section below to get a excellent discount:

    Namechea is also offers a discount 20% off on Professional Hosting Plan. This promo code only available for Pro Hosting Plan. Grab this code below to make a great shopping day:


    namecheap coupon

    NameCheap also offers email, SSLs, website builder, Free Whois Guard, Free + Premium DNS and other services. All services are backed by a 24-hour support and come with a guarantee of 30 days money back. NameCheap offers hosting services at very inexpensive prices. In fact, they have a coupon code which is used can give an additional cool discount.

    NameCheap believes that client must get a quick hosting service at reasonable pricing. They use the finest hardware along with SSD technology to grant superior hosting performance within budget. A number of times, the hosting speed exceeds competitors by more than 50%.

    NameCheap offers four different services as under:




    Business Pro

    NameCheap is inexpensive compared to competitor hosting companies, not matter what the plan. NameCheaps’ pricing is its distinct advantage.

    NameCheap is a smaller independent company and its ethics are better in an industry known for its notoriety and far from transparent dealings. In fact, it is openly showing its rates in black and white displaying their transparent attitude. No wonder, a large number of people have given rave reviews for this amazing company. Plus this discount offer of 30% on one of its superb plan. Is it not a windfall? I am a NameCheap fan. Are you?