Review of Speed Godaddy WordPress Hosting – April 2017

Review of Speed Godaddy WordPress Hosting – April 2017
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test-speed-goodaddyIn this article, I will make the comparison of Godaddy Managed WordPress Hosting and a normal WordPress Hosting. And I will do a testing of speed between my website Bluetailcoupon.Net and another website built with managed WordPress Hosting Powered by Godaddy.com. As you know, my website here is hosting at BlueHost with shared hosting package. I was used 2 plugins to speed up my website from over 3 seconds time load down to ~ 2s-2.5s. It’s WP-Optimize by X traffic and WP Fastest Cache. There are many other plugins to speed your WordPress site: WP Rocker, W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache, WordFence. With these plugins, your websites will load very speed and the page load time will slow down to ~ 2s – 2.5s.
Now, I will make my comparison between Bluetailcoupon.net and another website powered by Godaddy WordPress Hosting:
+ magicbulletjuicerreviews.com

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Bluetailcoupon.Net built with BlueHost Shared Hosting unlimited.
magicbulletjuicerreviews.com built with Godaddy Managed WordPress Hosting
[/box] How to Win Managed WordPress Hosting $1 at Godaddy.com
How to access to Godaddy WordPress Hosting By SSH/SFTP
Coupon Transfer And Renewal Godaddy
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I was run the test of website magicbulletjuicerreviews.com at GTMetrix and I get this result at the first and second times as the same. This website does not use any cache plugin and it only use the system cache built by Godaddy.
You can see the Pagespeed showed up A score is 92% and the Yslow score is 76%. The import thing is the load time speed just 1.6s. I have tested it in 2 times.


Here is the screenshot of my website speed test at GTMetrix tested from server region: Vancouver, Canada:
. So, my website has Pagespeed score is 93% and the Yslow score is 78%. The load page speed here is 2.1 seconds and slow than the other website only 1.6 seconds.



This is a screenshot of website magicbulletjuicerreviews.com at Pingdom tested from Dallas, Texas, USA


This is a screenshot my website at Pingdom tested from Dallas, Texas, USA

pindom bluetail coupon


This is a screenshot of website magicbulletjuicerreviews.com at Dotcom-monitor from many locations


This is a screenshot of my website Bluetailcoupon.net at Dotcom-monitor from many locations


After the comparison at 3 websites about performance optimization and speed: GTMetrix, Pingdom, Dotcom-Monitor, you can see all the page speed load of Godaddy Managed WordPress hosting very grateful. It may be better than shared hosting at many points.

How does it look inside Godaddy WordPress Managed Dashboard?

Flush Cache WordPress
Flush Cache WordPress
The arrow point to Flush Cache, that place will clear all cache of your website.

Godaddy Live Chat Support
Godaddy Live Chat Support
That place will help you make a live chat with Godaddy’s support team.


That place is all about FAQ and support to help you solve your problem.

Ok! That’s all for today! Do you have any question? Please! Comment and I will help you!


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