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    30% Off Namecheap Ultimate Hosting Coupon For March 2017 Only

    30% Off Namecheap Ultimate Hosting Coupon For March 2017 Only
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    March 2017 NameCheap now offers a $5 discount off its Ultimate hosting plan if you applying coupon code TULIP5. This plan is for a limited time only so do not let this offer goes away. NameCheap incorporated in the year 2000, has been offering hosting packages to customers globally. It was registered in the year 2000 as a domain name registrar accredited by ICANN. This company is serving us since 16 plus years has more than three million customers and manages seven million plus domain names. Now that’s pretty cool! Grab the promo coupon in the section below to get a excellent discount:

    Namechea is also offers a discount 20% off on Professional Hosting Plan. This promo code only available for Pro Hosting Plan. Grab this code below to make a great shopping day:


    namecheap coupon

    NameCheap also offers email, SSLs, website builder, Free Whois Guard, Free + Premium DNS and other services. All services are backed by a 24-hour support and come with a guarantee of 30 days money back. NameCheap offers hosting services at very inexpensive prices. In fact, they have a coupon code which is used can give an additional cool discount.

    NameCheap believes that client must get a quick hosting service at reasonable pricing. They use the finest hardware along with SSD technology to grant superior hosting performance within budget. A number of times, the hosting speed exceeds competitors by more than 50%.

    NameCheap offers four different services as under:




    Business Pro

    NameCheap is inexpensive compared to competitor hosting companies, not matter what the plan. NameCheaps’ pricing is its distinct advantage.

    NameCheap is a smaller independent company and its ethics are better in an industry known for its notoriety and far from transparent dealings. In fact, it is openly showing its rates in black and white displaying their transparent attitude. No wonder, a large number of people have given rave reviews for this amazing company. Plus this discount offer of 30% on one of its superb plan. Is it not a windfall? I am a NameCheap fan. Are you?

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    60% Off HostGator New Hosting, $4.99 Domain – Flash sale March 2017

    60% Off HostGator New Hosting, $4.99 Domain – Flash sale March 2017
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    You want to locate a HostGator coupon to help save funds on your web hosting, appropriate? But what if you could get far more than the true discount. The very best HostGator discount coupons offer you so much far more, specially for a new on the web company. The most difficult issue you will experience when you begin your new on the web company would be the advertising and marketing element. Its undoubtedly not effortless to push traffic to a web site if you have no expertise.

    HostGatr Hosting has launched a new Flash sale on March 2017 which is all new customers will get a flat discount 60% on new hosting plans and a $4.99 select domain. This deal only for this month!
    ***This Coupon, Promo Code only valid for new hosting plans not for hosting renewal.
    ***$4.99 on select domain

    These are a single of the most popular discount coupons and will help save you ample funds to purchase Hostgator web hosting in March 2017.


    Coupons March 2017

    Exclusive Coupon Codes For This Month


    60% Off all new plans and Select domain for $4.99

    Flash sale for March 2017

    HostGator Coupon for Dedicated Servers
    60% Off Dedicated Servers
    65% Off Dedicated Servers Linux or Window
    55% Off Dedicated Servers packages
    50% Off Dedicated Server plans
    HostGator Coupon for VPS hosting
    75% Off VPS hosting plans
    60% Off VPS hosting plans
    50% Off VPS hosting plans
    HostGator Coupon for Cloud Hosting
    44% Off Cloud hosting plans
    55% Off Cloud hosting plans
    60% Off Cloud hosting plans

    If in some cases, the coupon code on this article had expired don’t worry jump to this link – HostGator Coupon – to grab others coupon codes to save your order day. In that article, I already listed up dozens of types of HostGator coupon codes like shared hosting, WordPress Hosting, Dedicated Server, Cloud Hosting, and more.

    I’ve been made an order up to three years billing plans at HostGator. For what I see, the price for baby plan 36 months before I applied the coupon code total is $295, and after that, the price has changed to $140 as what you saw in this screenshot image.

    At this specific step, you must paste the coupon code copied from this post and paste it into the field like in the picture to get the biggest discount when ordering any web hosting plans.

    A lot of customers from India, Europe, United Kingdom very love HostGator hosting. In some other cases, I didn’t. So, Taking up your hosting with useful features, you’ll never doubt what you paid.

    If you didn’t see the coupon code working just take a walk to this post – A collection of HostGator Coupon Codes. Many of coupon, promo codes are waiting for you here.

    Would you like to follow my blog? Paste your email address into the section below, and you’ll notify you all the best coupon I got sending to your mailbox. Thanks!

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    FlashSale Continue: 75% Off Stable Host Coupon – Hosting only $0.99

    FlashSale Continue: 75% Off Stable Host Coupon – Hosting only $0.99
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    Stable Host has been released a new coupon code in this August. They offers a 75% discount on all web hosting plans:Unlimited Starter, Unlimited Pro & Unlimited Platinum. The discount term just works for first invoice (order/purchase) that means this is not recurring discount. In another post, I have been shared stable Host recurring discount coupon codes up to 50% off(discount lifetime. Jump over to this article to grab series of coupon codes released by Stable Host.
    A Backup coupon:

    Flash Sale Deals below:


    Stable Host Coupons March 2017

    Stable Host Shared Hosting Coupons
    40% Off all Shared Hosting first order StableHost Coupon
    40% Off all Shared Hosting first order StableHost Coupon
    50% Off discount lifetime shared Hosting StableHost Coupon
    50% Off discount onetime shared Hosting StableHost Coupon
    Stable Host Reseller Hosting Coupons
    30% Off – Reseller Hosting one time StableHost Coupon
    30% Off all Reseller Hosting First order StableHost Coupon
    Stable Host VPS Hosting Coupons
    15% Off – StableHost Virtual Private Servers(VPS) Coupon StableHost Coupon

    You must choose the billing cycle 12 months or more to apply this coupon code.

    The coupon code is hidden inside, hit on this button to see it. Don’t forget to apply it while you making an order for any web hosting package at Stable Host.

    stable host coupon

    I’ve already had some websites hosted on Stable Host, the speed is so cool and the uptime also very fantastic. Some couple days ago, I have migrated my website from old hosting to Stable Host and it just took me less than 5 hours to finish. I’m do not buy a new domain at Stable Host so I point my old domain to stable host hosting. I don’t surprise about the advantages that they’ve offered because I heard a lot of best things from my friends about them.

    The starter Packages: you can host unlimited website for only one domain. It means you have a domain that you have been created a website on main domain and many other websites on sub-domains. So, you can buy the first package in this case.
    The Pro Packages: You can create unlimited websites and unlimited add-on domains. It mens you can create many websites sticking with domains.

    The EnterPrise of Platinum Package: Unlimited everything like PRO package but the system resources will work in double which mean CPU core is 2xCPU core instead of 1xCPU core, MySQL connection 50 instead of 10 like other packages. And the end users very low only 100 per server.

    You choose a server located in Phoenix, Arizona to host your sites for website load time speed and very stabilise. That’s my own suggestion. I also so launches my sites in this location.

    This is a backup in case the coupon 75% discount above have been gone. Hit on it to see a coupon code is hidden inside and then use it anytime you order a web hosting plan at Stable Host.

    I would like to see your signals! Leave you comment in the section below to response to this post.

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    50% Off StableHost Enterprise Recurring Coupon » March 2017

    50% Off StableHost Enterprise Recurring Coupon » March 2017
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    March 2017. Stable Host Coupon 2016 uP to 50% OFF lifetime discount / StableHost offers 50% off Recurring(lifetime) discount all web hosting plans: Starter, PRO, Enterprise(Platinum) and other coupon codes to help us cool off the order day. It means the renewal price always 50% off same discount term as the first time you bought it. After You had finished applying the coupon code – 50% discount – the hosting now only $1.75/mo. The unlimited Pro Plan only $3.95/mo and the unlimited Platinum only $13.75/mo. StableHost hosting is the best place to run all the heavy scripts works smoothly for all necessary functions such as Xenforo, vBulletin v5, Joomla, WordPress, Drupal and much more.


    stablet host

    StableHost’s discount terms made lots of users happy with their services. Their hosting always ROCKS at all the time. If you’re planning to find a reliable, stable and affordable web hosting to do your business StableHost is a web hosting service to come along with your journey.

    Stable Host Coupons March’s 2017

    Stable Host Shared Hosting Coupons

    40% Off all Shared Hosting first order StableHost Coupon
    40% Off all Shared Hosting first order StableHost Coupon
    50% Off discount lifetime shared Hosting StableHost Coupon
    50% Off discount onetime shared Hosting StableHost Coupon
    75% Off discount onetime shared Hosting StableHost Coupon
    Stable Host Reseller Hosting Coupons
    30% Off – Reseller Hosting one time StableHost Coupon
    30% Off all Reseller Hosting First order StableHost Coupon
    Stable Host VPS Hosting Coupons
    15% Off – StableHost Virtual Private Servers(VPS) Coupon StableHost Coupon

    The StableHost Enterprise package can handle up to 2000 – 3000 unique visitor per day with websites have a lot of traffic. If you’re considering to find a VPS Hosting with high RAM resources to host your websites why not try a StableHost Enterprise plan instead of VPS hosting. A lot of developers have been using this package to host their websites. I think it a good solution for your business.

    My Review about EnterPrise Packages
    100% Real system resources.
    100 Users per system instead of 500 users with the normal share hosting plans.
    2xFull CPUs and double memory RAM instead of the normal shared hosting plans operating with single memory (RAM)
    Auto-remove malware, virus, auto-fix website problems instead of the normal shared hosting plans you must do it yourself.
    The SSD drive must better than the others normal shared hosting plans.
    The MySQL databases connection is 50 instead of 10 at normal shared hosting plans.
    Handle 2000 to 3500 Unique visitors per day.
    SSH access lifetime only $3.
    R1Soft software is operating on StableHost Enterprise for daily backup

    Stable Host Data Centers

    Phoenix, Arizona usflag (***Highly recommend)
    Chicago, Illinois usflag
    Amsterdam, Netherlands flag_nl

    Which Servers are Stable and ROCK?
    The StableHost’s data center located in Phoenix, Arizona is stable, faster load time speed to the world. This server has been tested speed by many users around the world. At the billing step, don’t forget to select this server if you’re living outside the US. Another server located in Netherlands(Amsterdam), you can also switch to this server if your business launched nearby this location.

    What could we do with hosting StableHost?
    Build an amazon niche site by WordPress platform
    Build a blog to earn Google adsense
    Build a landing page by StableHost’s web builder tools

    There are a lot of other things you can do with StableHost hosting to make the passive income to your blog or niche sites. And it’s still waiting for you figure it out by your own way.

    StableHost Web Hosting features

    Recurring lifetime discount
    RAM(Memory): 1GB
    CPU-Core: 1 Full CPU Core
    Varnish Caching
    Litespeed PHP Caching
    Operating System: CentOS
    cPanel free available
    IO : 3Mbit/s per second transmit and Receive data
    Site.Pro Web Builder
    SSD Disk storages

    Each one web hosting plan included all of best features above. One of the great things I like about StableHost is Varnish Caching made my websites load faster than before. This feature only saw at some of best web hosting providers on the internet.

    40% Off HawkHost Recurring coupon code

    StableHost web hosting Plans

    • Suitable for Beginners/Newbies
    • $1.75/mo billed at 1 Month / 3 Month / 6 Months / 12 Months / 24 Months / 36 Month
    • Unlimited Disk Space storages
    • Unlimited Bandwith
    • 1 Domain
    • SSD Powered Disk Space
    • Suitable for 250,000 Monthly visitors
    • PRO
    • Multiple websites hosted.
    • $3.25/mo billed at 1 Month / 3 Month / 6 Months / 12 Months / 24 Months / 36 Month
    • Unlimited Disk Space storages
    • Unlimited Bandwith
    • Unlimited Domain
    • SSD Powered Disk Space
    • Online Web Builder
    • Suitable for 250,000 Monthly visitors
    • Go Geeks – Large Business
    • $13.75/mo billed at 1 Month / 3 Month / 6 Months / 12 Months / 24 Months / 36 Month
    • Unlimited Disk Space storages
    • INODES/Files: 500k
    • User Per Server:100
    • Hacked / Compromised Repair available
    • Suitable for 400,000 Monthly visitors
    • Unlimited Bandwith
    • Unlimited Domain
    • SSD Powered Disk Space
    • Online Web Builder
    • VIP Support
    • 2GB/S DDOS Protection
    • 99.99% SLA

    The Enterprise Plan is double CPU Resources with 2 full CPU Cores,50 MySQL connections, only 100 users per server(the shared plan 500 users per servers), much more. Everything in this plan is double than other shared hosting plans, you can get monthly visitors over 400,000. And after you applied the coupon code 50% off Recurring discount lifetime the price just playing around $14.95 per month, the yearly plan around $199 per year. Don’t worry they have a lot of billing type 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, 24 months, 36 months for us to deal with.

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    Why DreamHost WordPress Hosting?

    Why DreamHost WordPress Hosting?
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    Searching for a perfect WordPress hosting can be a difficult process as one needs a solution that will enhance reliability, cheaper, and increase content exposure. There are many companies providing hosting services in the market, but a competitive one is a sure way of increasing content reach.

    dreamhost logo

    Searching for a good WordPress hosting company requires examining the performance and price. The challenge is wading through the packages offered and their features can be tricky.

    This blog offers insights on Dreamhost, which is among the best hosting companies in the market. Dreamhost offers a competitive and unmatched prices for hosting and managing sites.

    The advantages of Dreamhost features include easy installation, automated backups, and updates, friendly support, no limitations on bandwidth.

    Importantly, the services offered as unmatched and prices are affordable for new users and established businesses.

    The shared hosting is suitable for users with low traffic in their sites, those that are new and have a limited budget. It is an easy one-click installation of WordPress with the ability to support multiple domains and sites. The package offers a guarantee of cash back to users for up to three months.


    DreamPress 2

    Another package is the DreamPress, which is fully managed to give users a chance to concentrate on creating content. The package is faster and prefigured to operate, as well as, able to handle traffic spikes with no limitation to bandwidth caps.

    The Dreamhost provide users with security features and disallows plugins that increase security threats. For starters, one can select the cheapest plan, which is shared hosting and upgrade when needed.

    When looking for WordPress hosting company, on needs to underscore features such as support, security, speed, full feature set, and friendly hosting for WordPress, as well as, value for money and pricing strategy.

    It can be noted that WordPress is an application is resource-heavy; thus, one needs to approach Dreamhost who have the top-notch hardware.

    In addition, Dreamhost WordPress hosting provides users with an excellent and friendly support. They have knowledgeable, understanding, and accessible support at any time of the day or night. They have security systems that guarantee secure information storage to deter attacks.

    The Dreamhost have an affordable pricing model that offer users with value for their money. Having a super-fast, awesome site, and super-secure server can be good, but spending more than what you get is irrational.

    In addition, Dreamhost hosting service provides email forwarding and accounts, server access, and tools for admin.

    They also provide effective and friendly WordPress hosting. They provide high speed since the company understands that users can be impatient and when left not optimized can be disastrous. Dreamhost WordPress hosting is an established company that understands challenges faced by WordPress website users; thus, developed strategies in enhancing user satisfaction and experience.

    In summary, Dreamhost offers best hosting solutions for users since it is affordable, have friendly support, high speed, and understands security needs of its clients. Also, the company has easy upgrades and updates of data, as well as, low server maintenance need as they have resources to meet needs of clients.

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    Tops Black Friday Hosting Offers 2016 Discounts for New & Existing Customers

    Tops Black Friday Hosting Offers 2016 Discounts for New & Existing Customers
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    This is a tops list of web hosting companies offer discounts for both new and existing customers on Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2016. You may be aware of the fact that Black Friday is the best time to get great deals on the items on your Christmas list. But now many web hosting companies have also starting to offer various type of discounts to their clients on this season. It is hard for web designers, bloggers, and SEO experts to avoid the benefits of these Black Friday hosting deals as they offer a broad range of discounts. They offer good deals on the prices of domain registration and hosting along with various add-on services like web design, plug-ins and SSL certification, etc. So you should not avoid these rare offers while shopping for Black Friday this year during festival holidays.

    Various companies offer different types of Black Friday hosting deals, discounts and coupons on domains, SEO tools, and hosting services along with other services to make it more affordable for their clients. It is hard to miss these discounts and deals for the professionals including people involved in marketing, SEO, and blogging as it can help them in running their business more efficiently. Some of them also offer affiliate links to provide best discounts to their clients through such offers also help them to earn the commission.

    List of some of the Black Friday hosting deals provided by popular companies

    • Liquid Web offers 33% off on the use of its dedicated servers for the first three months. This offer is offered by Liquid Web for big brands and high-class companies along with the people having high traffic blogs and the client agencies. Check out Liquid Web Black Friday sale here.

    liquid web dedicated hsoting



    • GoDaddy offers ultimate 50% discount on the use of deluxe & ultimate web hosting services. A FREE top-level domain COM/NET/ORG is included with the web hosting package. The hosting offers a Free cPanel for Linux hosting or Odin Plesk  for Window hosting which you don’t need to buy an additional license like the places else. Godaddy has been added a new application for Linux hosting that is CloudLinux which helps your sites always online. It keeps balancing CPU, RAM and Disk IO works in limits which is you should take a move on Linux hosting. Check out 50% Off Godaddy Linux Hosting on Black Friday.


    • HostGator offers 75% off on the use of its hosting services on Cyber Monday, Cyber Tuesday, Black Friday and Cyber Weekend. The HostGator deals on Black Friday & the others only valid in between 25th to 29th CST time. You’re not only going to get an excellent hosting discount but also the discount on domain names when purchasing it along with the packages. You might only pay less than  $6 for the domain name. Check out HostGator Black Friday & Cyber Modnay Deals

    HostGator Black Friday deals

    • HawkHost offered massive discount up to 70% off on the use of its hosting services on Black Friday 2016. These deals are valid for both existing as well as new account holders. And it just only works from 25th. Check out HawkHost Black Friday Sales.

    hawkhost-balckfriday coupon
    • GoDaddy offers economy WordPress hosting service for $1 only on Black Friday. For the first year, they also offer free domain along with the package of web hosting. Their hosting service is available at the monthly rate of $1 for first 12 months. They also allow affiliate marketer doing Amazon affiliate to get the suitable package to work out and other purposes such as blogging, portfolio sites, Adsense sites, e-commerce online store, more. This price is the least for the community of WordPress users and newbie. Get 40% Off on New Purchases on

    $1 wordpress hosting amazon
    • Namecheap is offering its shared hosting service at 30% off on Black Friday along with annual hosting for only $9.88 only. The offer of 30% off is available for both business and Ultimate plans. On all other hosting plans excluding Value plans, they offer 20% off. Check Out Namecheap coupons on Black Friday.


    Namecheap Hosting coupon

    *Note that this coupon only works on Ultimate package .

    • Media Temple offers 33% off for its grid hosting on Black Friday. They offer this discount for entrepreneurs, professional people, high traffic blogs, and businesses. It supports various tools including WP-CLI and cPanel etc. You can visit to get more information about the Black Friday hosting deals and discount coupons. Their hosting service with great support starts from $20 per month.

    Media Temple Coupon


    • Stable Host offers 75% off for using its hosting for one time on Black Friday. Besides that the provider also offers a new deal that is you’re going to get  a 30% bonus to any prepaid funds added to your account between today through 11/30/16.  Which means when you ask for adding a prepaid fund to your account they will give you a change 30% of the credit that you added. Check out full list Stable Host Black Friday discounts 2016.

    Stable Host falsh sale

    *Note both of existing and new customers are allowed!

    • Vultr offers the free credit of $50 for using its VPS hosting for the first six months. For new customers, Vultr offers a lot of credits including 20% off on deploying new VPS, $50 free credits and funding of Doubled Credit to your account through their network spread in 14 cities. The VPS hosting offered by Vultr is great to start with for the bloggers.. Check Out Vultr Black Friday coupons.

    vultr-deloy vps
    • Cloudways was released a new deal on Black Friday “25% Off new hosting on Black Friday“. Note: Signing up before 30th-November to get the massive discount 25% for the next 3 months on VPS hosting.

    • DreamHost is offering its hosting for 40% Off on Black Friday. This hosting company is in hosting business since 1997 and till date served more than 1.5 million customers through its SSD servers. The provider offer 40% Off on Black Friday Season and a FREE domain included when buying its hosting package. The uptime work at DreamHost is extremely well. DreamHost has stranded on the market for a long time ago so it very great to work out!



    Thus you can find some Black Friday hosting deals and discounts on the hosting products offered by some hosting companies all over the world.


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    Stable Host Black Friday 2016 Coupons – Up to 75% Discount Hosting

    Stable Host Black Friday 2016 Coupons – Up to 75% Discount Hosting
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    Stable Host Black Friday Discount, Deals of 2016. On the Black Friday season of this year 2016, Stable Host has offered couples of coupons for customers to purchase new web hosting. Everyone, new customers are going to get a flat discount up to 75% on any web hosting plans include the Platinum plan. That’s a good sign for all people loving the services of Stable Host. Their servers good enough for you to launch your websites, blog or even applications.

    An additional deal has been offered for this day, you’re going to get a 30% bonus to any prepaid funds added to your account between today through 30th-December-2016. You know what! The fantastic thing here both of existing and new customers are welcomed to this deal.

    Add $100 you will get $30 credit then works in total you have $130 in your stable host account for future use on new products or renewal your hosting. They don’t limit the amount added. So do it before 30th of this month!


    Stable Host Coupons December’s 2016

    stablet host

    Stable Host Shared Hosting Coupons

    40% Off all Shared Hosting first order
    40% Off all Shared Hosting first order
    50% Off discount lifetime shared Hosting
    75% Off only one time discount
    *No discount when renewal next years
    75% Off when billing for 3 years + Black friday
    *No discount when renewal next years
    75% Off onetime + Black friday
    *No discount when renewal next years

    Stable Host Reseller Hosting Coupons
    30% Off – Reseller Hosting one time
    30% Off all Reseller Hosting First order

    Stable Host VPS Hosting Coupons
    15% Off – StableHost Virtual Private Servers(VPS) Coupon

    Stable Host offers countless websites for all of the web hosting plans, but with the starter plan, one site with one domain is enough to don’t add more than one. To run many websites with unlimited add-on domains, please consider purchasing the Platinum package. That’s a good move for you if you want to run many websites on it.

    The platinum has enough room to keep your sites running smoothly without any downtime or any other situations. You will get a great support while sticking with this plan.

    They do offer not only excellent uptime works but also a great, robust backup plans. With a powerful software, your entire website will put in the safe circumstance. It makes many copies of your sites and stores it in their servers to make sure you can restore it anytime you would like to recovery. That’s it. Time to work on it!

    To get more information about Stable Host shared hosting, following the link to read it! I have detailed all that you need to know which included network information.

    A neighbor to Stable Host hosting that is Hawkhost also offering some excellent deals on Black Friday Season which discount up to 70% on shared hosting applied for both of new and old customers. Check out HawkHost Black Friday deals.

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    25% Off Hosting Voucher, coupon Codes – March 2017

    25% Off Hosting Voucher, coupon Codes – March 2017
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    123 REG CO UK Voucher March 2017, I was found some wonderful voucher codes released by 123-Reg-Co-Uk that helps you guys make a big discount while ordering any package. This month a lot of new deals have been selected offering to both of new and existing customers. That is a good sign to make a start at 123 Reg.
    – 25% off on hosting with a voucher code
    – 15% off on domain names with voucher code
    – 10% off on domain .COM with voucher code,
    – 20% off on Email Packages at with voucher code.


    Web Hosting Plans at starting at £2.49 per month included with a free domain name .UK; £4.16/month 123reg WordPress Hosting included a free domain name and free email account; the domain names starting at £6.99 comes along with a deal Buy one get one for .CO.UK & .UK domain names

    I will show you all the rest’s coupon, voucher codes to help you save your orders’s coupons March 2017

    123 Reg Voucher Codes
    25% OFF Hosting Plans for the first year(***)
    10% OFF .COM domain
    20% OFF .CO.UK domain
    10% OFF .CO.UK domain
    20% Email Package for old & new customers
    25% Web Hosting Plans for old & new customers
    20% .ORG domainfor old & new customers
    20% .BIZ domainfor old & new customers

    *** The voucher code “15% off hosting plans” is applied for both old and new customers would like to order any hosting plan at 123-reg-co-uk.

    How to apply a Voucher Code
    The discount is always the thing that many people would to looking for and of course the place to apply the voucher code is the thing that people care. That is not new but hard to find if you a brand new to that provider.


    To applying the voucher code at 123 Reg the first thing you need to do that is create an account. The next step is making an order then following the steps you will see the place to apply the voucher code such as the image above. That’s it!

    Sometimes the voucher codes may not work because it out of time! When that comes don’t be hesitate to leave a comment below and I will update it right for you!

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    $2.95 Fastcomet Hosting Extra Plus Free Domain For Lifetime

    $2.95 Fastcomet Hosting Extra Plus Free Domain For Lifetime
    4.63 (92.5%) 8 votes

    Today I would like to share you a new web hosting comes up with SSD drives, real system resources and super fast. They also offers a free domain name for lifetime subscription with all shared hosting plans. The basic hosting plan is starting at $2.95 per month. The CloudFlare CDN is always there available in use anytime. With this hosting you have unlimited everything like Bandwidth, databases but the SSD disk spaces are limited for each of plan. The price is very good like this friendly with all affiliate marketers building amazon niche sites or blogging purposes.

    fastcomet ssd cloud hosting

    Fastcomet is a web hosting company has headquartered in the United Sates. They have lots of products like Web Hosting, Shared Hosting Packages, Cloud VPS Hosting, SSD-Based Cloud Servers, Dedicated Servers, WordPress Hosting, Joomla Hosting, SocialEngine Hosting, Ghost Hosting, much more.

    Web Hosting Features

    I will describe each of one feature from Fastcomet hosting. What will we get? What are the advantages this web hosting service offering us?


    A Free domain name for life-time
    We will receive a completely free domain when ordering any of cloud SSD shared hosting packages. Something offers the lifetime; it will live forever, and we will not pay for it again. This the first advantage the giving us.

    Memcached Supported
    Now, Memcached is supported for all Fastcomet’s hosting plans even the cheapest shared hosting plan. I always like which web hosting providers can offer Memcached supports or Varnish cache. so, What are the advantages of Memcached ?

    1. Memcached uses RAM as a place to store the data to reduce the number of times an external data source (database or API) must be read
    2. Memcached helps your sites load balanced and faster

    High CPU & RAM Resources

    • The 1st plan 1GB RAM + 2 CPU Cores
    • The 2sd plan 1.5GB RAM + 3 CPU Cores
    • The 3rd plan 2 GB RAM + 4 CPU Cores

    Large SSD Disk Space storages

    • The 1st plan 35GB
    • The 2sd plan 55 GB
    • The 3rd plan Unlimited SSD Storages

    Many data centers – Singapore, Tokyo

    • Singapore (SNG-SG) Asia – IP Address:
    • Tokyo (TOK-JP) Asia – IP Address:
    • Chicago (CHI-US) USA – IP Address:
    • Dallas (DAL-US) USA – IP Address:
    • Frankfurt (FRA-DE) Europe – IP Address:
    • London (LDN-GB) Europe – IP Address:
    • Amsterdam (AMS-NL) Europe – IP Address:
    fastcomet hosting

    40% Off HawkHost web hosting coupon- Singapore Server

    Uptime Monitoring review

    I can say the quality of fastcomet hosting absolutely great. I’ve been running an uptime monitoring on After several months(over 6 months) I just see I down only one time. That is the good sight to take a start at Fastcomet hosting.

    Buy Fastcomet hosting get coupon discount 20% on WP-Rocket cache Plugin cache plugin WordPress is offering us 20% discount when we are ordering any web hosting plans from Fastcomet. Wp-Rocket and Fastcomet are partners. They are working together like a PRO.


    wp-rocket-wordpress cache discount coupon

    I every uses WP-Rocket WordPress plugin for over six months, and I can say it is one of the fastest cache plugins for WordPress I ever see. It helps my website load faster than before and all the scores from GTMetrix, Google Page Speed Insight goes over 85 points. And that site integrated with Wp-Rocket generates for me a lot of sales for affiliate physical products without SEO a lot. Google or other search engines will give A+ for which sites create good users experience. I mean the more website load faster, the more income grows bigger.
    In this article, I just stay focusing on WP-Rocket and Fastcomet cloud hosting. So, I won’t dig deeper to other objects like SEO strategies or something else.

    How to Get the discount
    First of all, you must jump to the Fastcomet website orders any cloud hosting plans then after had finished your order login to CPanel to copy WP-Rocket coupon inside.

    What is going to happen when WP-Rocket Sticking with Fastcomet?

    The WordPress plugin WP-Rocket will make your sites skyrocket when it sticked along with Fastcomet Cloud hosting. Everything would be work double as well. The users come visit your new website will get more good experience and you will get more conversion.

    Google Page speed insights score

    Here is I will make a test at GT- Metrix, Google page speed insights. Let see what’s going to happen?



    A lot of affiliate marketers have chosen one of the most fastest web hosting to build their affiliate websites for amazon affiliate program, Linkshare, Clickbank, more. The fast hosting will create the good experience for customers, users or even search engine. This is most important thing should not be passed. A lot of ideas said the website load time does not affect to the SEO scores, I agree with this point but how do you feel if your website load faster than before or generates more sales. I also have some sites built on fast web hosting included with my own experience optimize my site for load faster and I got the good results the sales starting grow up even I didn’t do any kind of tricks to get sales. The traffic auto comes from the search engine for the best website optimization.


    This web hosting very reliable and cheap to launch website apps, forum, e-commerce sites, niche sites or much more. Come along with that you can get discount 20% on WP-Rocket WordPress plugin cache. Fastcomet + WP-Rocket = Skyrocket Conversions!

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    DreamPress 2 a Solution For High performance Traffic Web Sites

    DreamPress 2 a Solution For High performance Traffic Web Sites
    5 (100%) 1 vote

    DreamHost offers a Managed WordPress Hosting with a combo Varnish, Memcached, and OPcache comes along with every WordPress Hosting Plan. It’s called DreamPress2, the evolution of managed WordPress hosting that brings customers the fantastic experience once you’ve been working on it.

    The provider had launched the DreamPress 2 project for over a year. Now, it’s available for sale to all of the customers over the countries.

    In the last year DreamPress 2 costs up to $20 a month, but for now, DreamHost offers it only $16.95/mo if you would like to bill it for the rest of a year! Besides, you can bill month-by-month, it just costs $19.95/mo

    DreamHost WordPress Features

    The most valuable the provider added for DreamPress 2 that is Varnish, Memcached, and OPcache cache engine. Those are one of the best things which are the developers would like to work on it. It will make any website running on it operates in smoothly.

    My website here also has Varnish, Memcached, and OPcache caches are running inside, but it doesn’t have HHVM feature. I’m hosting my site on Cloudways, one of third-party Managed VPS Hosting which is using Vultr, DigitalOcean, Amazon Cloud to deploy the websites.

    The second valuable thing is DreamPress 2 operating on Dual VPS Servers + HiP-HOP-VIRTUAL-MACHINE integrated with the latest version.( In this article, I won’t talk about what is HHVM but in another article Liquid Web Managed WordPress Hosting, I’ve been talking a little about it.)

    DreamPress 2 is entirely differentiated afar with DreamHost shared hosting regular plans. It provides a reliable environment for High-Traffic Websites solidly standing on it

    Private IP address for every Managed WordPress hosting plan. The IP address is unique to identify your site on the internet. Coming along with this that is an SSL-Certification – Let’s Encrypt works for Free if you would like to enable it on your site.

    Auto-scaling RAM also offered as a feature of DreamPress 2. It will dynamically auto-scales its resources to keep your sites never facing with overload situation.

    WP-CLI tool, an essential tool for all WordPress Expert that nobody says no once knowing it. It’s also inside DreamPress 2. This tool will save us a lot of time to dealing with the WP core or anything else in WordPress.

    That’s it. That’s my points. Do you ever use DreamPress 2? Let’s people know your experiences when working on it! #Leave your comment here.