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    Big storming discount from Godaddy on Domain Names Starting at $0.99

    Big storming discount from Godaddy on Domain Names Starting at $0.99
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    In this February of 2016, I got shocked when saw the pricing list for domain names only $0.99 for .info .club .mobi .online .site .space .tech .ninja .website .xyz and $4.99 for .org .biz .click .host .link .wiki .press .red .rocks .ws – $9.99 for domains: .com .net .co .me .blue .one .live .design .work .black. The kind of deal like this you could never seen before at Godaddy. And This is 100% new and super cheap for everyone can get the own domain at Godaddy.com. There is no limitations for the amount of domain name could buy in this time, you can get up to 100 domains at the time. So, don’t miss this chance or wait for another times but so far so long. This chance for you and me.
    Here are the pricing list for domain names:
    I was bought some domain names for this chance and 100% successful. It’s really awesome and fantastic I ever saw.

    Coupon Codes

    Here I will show up another coupon codes to get more discount at Godaddy.com

    For New Purchases

    Promotional Codes Godaddy Promo Name

    GoDaddy Coupon 30% OFF all domain names for new purchases

    GoDaddy Coupon 35% OFF all domain names for new purchases

    GoDaddy Coupon 33% OFF all domain names for new purchases

    For Web Hosting

    Promotional Codes Godaddy Promo Name

    GoDaddy Coupon $1/mo Website buider at Godaddy

    GoDaddy Coupon $12 a year WordPress Hosting at Godaddy
    GoDaddy Coupon

    GoDaddy Coupon 50% OFF on web hosting excludes WordPress Hosting – Available for DELUXE & ULTIMATE packages

    + some coupon codes only work for new purchases & not for renewal. All coupon codes for new purchases working on web hosting, domains, IP address, WordPress Hosting, website builder and more. Look at the top of the page at Godaddy.com to see some exclusion.
    + The information when billing must be matched to the info of payment method.
    + No limitations of domain amount you can buy.
    + Just transfer a domain after 60 days registration.
    + Free domain when buying website builder or WordPress Hosting.

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    Hawk Host Give Free Coupon $8 Domains Holidays DEC 2015

    Hawk Host Give Free Coupon $8 Domains Holidays DEC 2015
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    Breaking news from Bluetailcoupon.net. Today 21th December 2015, Hawk Host offer a coupon only $8 for all domains .COM/.NET/.ORG when buying any hosting packages. In few days ago, I was selected a coupon “50% Off on web hosting from Hawk Host” and today a coupon discount $2.95 on all domains. You will see some more coupon codes is lining up to release by Hawk Host in these holidays. And in these days, you will see a lot of discount launching everywhere on the internet with a lot of gifts for customers.

    Here is The Coupon Codes $8 For Domains .COM/.NET/.ORG
    Coupon Name HawkHost Coupon Code
    Coupon Code $8 For all doamins .COM/.NET/.ORG Hawk Host Coupon

    Recommend: Hawk Host offers 50% off on The Holiday Season, 19 Dec 2015.
    Recommend: $5.95 Unlimited Hosting at DreamHost + Free domain + Unlimited addon domains.
    Recommend: Only $14.95 DreamPress 2 – Managed WordPress Hosting -> 2 Million visitors a month.
    Recommend: $12 Godaddy WordPress Hosting for the first Year.

    In the other post, I was set up a lot of coupon codes for you to select and in this post, I will get it back for you to get coupon quickly and do not take a lot of time for read another post.

    All Hawk Host Coupon Codes For Shared Hosting
    Coupon Name Hawk Host Coupon Code
    50% Off Shared Hosting on Christmas and Holiday Season expires on 25th December 2015 Hawk Host Coupon
    30% OFF For Entire Life on Hosting Plan Hawk Host Coupon

    25% OFF For Entire Life on Shared Hosting Hawk Host Coupon

    40% Off For First Purcharse on Shared Hosting Hawk Host Coupon

    36% OFF For New First Purchase on Shared Hosting Hawk Host Coupon

    All Hawk Host Coupon Codes For Semi Dedicated
    Coupon Name HawkHost Coupon Code
    30% Off For Entire Life – Semi Dedicated Hawk Host Coupon
    20% OFF For Entire Life – Semi Dedicated Hawk Host Coupon

    How to use coupon or promo code on Hawkhost.com?


    Choose your domain name here and insert the coupon later. You can only don’t buy domain here and later assign your own domain from ther place to Hawk Host


    Here is the proof I test successful the coupon codes $8 on domains at Hawkhost.com. You can see the price of domain now only $8 and the manual price before was $14.95.

    Successful with coupon $8 for domain .COM/.NET/.ORG

    At this step, you can insert your coupon codes here to get a discount. You just only insert one coupon in time. So if you insert the coupon $8 and you can not insert the other coupon 50% off on shared hosting for entire life. Consider at this step to save your money on business.

    How many server locations already to use by Hawk Host?

    Hawk Host Have a lot of server locations for you to speed up your website in your location! Many people like Hawk Host’s services because they have many servers to select from many places. There are some locations to choice:
    + Dallas Texas
    + Washington DC
    + Los Angeles CA
    + Amsterdam
    + Singapore

    So, Which server location is stable and speed? I saw the server location at Los Angeles CA very good and stable for everyone on the world. You can try some other locations nearby your place. Here is the place to select location on registration processing:

    choose-location-hawk host

    Ok! That’s all about what I want to share with you today! How helpful Bluetailcoupon.net to you?

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    Domain .INFO $0.88/year Namecheap Registrar

    Domain .INFO $0.88/year Namecheap Registrar
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    You can Registrar an INFO domain for only $0.88 at Namecheap for the first year. They accept PayPal, credit cards, and some other payment methods. The renewal price is $10.39/year, and today it’s going down to $0.88. And I thinks the price will back again soon. Namecheap is the best website services to buy domains because the price is very stability. I like Namecheap services as a customer, and they support right away anytime I need their’s help.
    So what is the best?
    -> Free WhoisGuard like a gift for customers.
    -> Coupon success 100% and very easy to buy.
    -> Payment process simple.
    -> Do not need to verify payment like the other providers.
    -> A lot of people like to buy a domain at Namecheap.

    Recommended Only 12$/year WordPress Hosting at Godaddy.com
    Recommended $0.99 COM Domain at Godaddy

    Recommended 50% Off Godaddy Hosting Coupon

    Recommended Check out 40% off Godaddy Domain Registrar

    Recommended 30% Off Namecheap shared hosting
    Can I use PayPal to buy at Namecheap?
    Yes! of course. You can. All the payment method here very easy and fast. You don’t need a lot of time to do it. Just some few minutes and you will saw the domain successful to show up.
    How much are Icann Fees I will pay?
    How just pay only $0.18 per domain sale for a year. I think Namecheap’s Icann fees is cheaper than the other providers.
    Ok! That’s all the things I want to share with you today! How much did you like this page? Let’s share it with me!