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    How to change Namecheap’s Nameserver to Bluehost

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    If you’ve ever bought the domain at Namecheap and buy web hosting at Bluehost and you want to change Namecheap’s nameserver to Bluehost’s nameserver. In middle of the year 2015, Namecheap has been changed Cpanel user’s interface, so decided to write this tutorial to help you understand about this. Now, I will show you how to change the Nameserver on your new Namecheap’s Cpanel interface:
    Do like the guide in this image
    Add the Bluehost’s Nameserver below to Namecheap and save:
    [box type=”info”] NS1.BLUEHOST.COM

    Change Namecheap’s Nameserver to Bluehost

    After the change is complete, then about 3 minutes and the entire domain will be switched to Bluehost. The processing on Namecheap works quickly and smoothly than some other providers. Now login to Bluehost and began to assign your domain. Click to domains tab and select assign:
    Now, All done! Your website will live right away.

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    How to change DNS Nameserver at Bigrock

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    Bigrock is known as a domain name and hosting providers extremely cheap price come from the Indian Nations. In the recent period, Bigrock has launched several promotions discount packages that downright amazing for the domain name.Com, Net, Info, Org. I also just purchased a few domain discounts from Bigrock. The process of buying the domain here extremely safe and convenient, I bought the domain by Visa card and they pay through portal, then I get the confirm OTP from the Bank to confirm the payment from Bigrock. This helps my visa shows the absolute safety and security. I’ve never seen like this in the other providers. After buying success, I would like instructions on how to change DNS Nameserver on Bigrock. Here I will guide you to add Free DNS Nameserver of Namecheap to Bigrock.
    1.Login to Bigrock manage page.
    2. Click Order Information.
    3. Click to Name Servers and change to your nameserver. In this case, I’ve added nameserver of Namecheap replacement for nameserver of Bigrock.
    Replace all DNS of Bigrock
    [box type=”info”]
    [/box] with Namecheap DNS

    [box type=”info”]
    [/box] Bluehost DNS Nameserver

    [box type=”info”]
    [/box] With Hostgator Similar like this

    [box type=”info”]
    [/box] You just click update and wait as all work is complete. Just take a little time from 1 hour to 2 hours the whole of your website will run stability and a rapid process of non-resistant as the DNS service in other places can take up to a 24-hour for a new website running successfully.

    The following will be the guide how to install Free DNS Name server with Namecheap. Login to Namecheap or create a new free account Go here and add a new CNAME Record record for your domain. I only use 2 lines for my website totally work. See demo image.