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    40% Off LifeTime HawkHost Hosting coupon [Flash Sale – February 2017]

    40% Off LifeTime HawkHost Hosting coupon [Flash Sale – February 2017]
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    After launching a new server in Hong Kong, open a new dedicated server in Singapore,and now HawkHost makes a discount 40% OFF lifetime shared hosting plans(basic and professional), reseller hosting plans and semi-dedicated servers.


    This flash sale program would go over very soon. Many months ago until now we could only apply a coupon code 40% off all shared hosting, and this discount is biggest but for this February HawkHost has released the new offer 55% off for shared hosting, semi-dedicated servers, and reseller hosting.

    I will set up the time for this sale offer for you to see when it will end. In another post, I also set up some coupon codes 30% off HawkHost semi-dedicated servers to help you guys make a discount on dedicated servers($15/mo). So, I will list up the coupon code descending below for you guys use it, and here they are.

    For Sale – February 2017

    Coupon Name Hawkhost Coupon Codes
    40% OFF HawkHost Shared Hosting
    40% off all HawkHost share hosting
    Discount one time
    HawkHost Coupon
    35% off all HawkHost share hosting
    Discount one time
    HawkHost Coupon
    25% off all HawkHost share hosting
    Discount Life time
    HawkHost Coupon
    30% OFF HawkHost Reseller
    30% Off Recurring Hawk Host Coupon
    30% Off Recurring Hawk Host Coupon
    30% Off Recurring Hawk Host Coupon
    30% OFF HawkHost VPS
    30% Off For VPS Hawk Host Coupon
    30% OFF HawkHost Semi-Dedicated Servers
    30% Off For Semi Dedicated Hawk Host Coupon
    25% OFF Recurring lifetime – Semi Dedicated Hawk Host Coupon

    If those coupon codes are not working after the flash sale discount gone over read this post to get discount 40% off HawkHost recurring discount lifetime because these coupon codes work well throughout the year

    I was made a test with a coupon code 55% off on HawkHost professional hosting, and I can’t believe the price goes down more than a half. I was ordered a profession hosting plan for two years which the original price is $202.71 USD and after applied the coupon is was turned to $97.24 USD. It’s two years plans boys but You might know this coupon code only for first order, and it’s not a recurring discount lifetime. So, how to get a recurring discount lifetime read this post 40% off Hawkhost hosting plans and copy the code inside it to make a recurring discount.

    what is exactly the place to apply coupon codes at HawkHost?
    At the final billing step, you guys will see the place to use your coupon codes; it’s at the end of the page.
    Which servers are ROCK all the time?
    Server Los Angeles recommended.At the billing step don’t forget switch it to Los Angeles.
    Most people would like to deal with two HawkHost’s servers located one in Los Angeles the United States and the other one located in Singapore. The one in Los-Angeles is the only one ROCK for all users around the world which is the uptime works 99.98%. The one in Singapore just only work well for all clients live on the other side of the world, I mean Asia area because the ping loss time for server Singapore has told us it’s not available for worldwide. I had done a Ping test for HawkHost server located in Los Angeles and the results told me the one most important thing this server spread out over the world and ROCK at all the time. Feel free to use your coupon code and If you would like to follow my blog put your email address to the section below.

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    2017’s February, HawkHost Toronto Ca 30% Recurring Discount

    2017’s February, HawkHost Toronto Ca 30% Recurring Discount
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    Coupon February 2017 HawkHost web hosting provider offers 30% Recurring Discount to all new customers when registering a new shared hosting package in Toronto Canada. The HawkHost Open New data center in Toronto Canada in 2017 to spread out the global clients and also helps people have more choices for their customers. The data center located in the heart of vibrant downtown Toronto, the largest population center in Canada with over 2.6 Million residents. Far enough away from the lake to be safe. It has been designed from the ground up to provide up to the minute facilities ensuring a high quality of service and unparalleled resilience.

    Hawkhost has opened a new data center in Toronto to meet a resurgent demand from Canadian users, and as a welcome back gift, they are offering a 30% recurring discount on hosting fees.

    hawkhost canada coupon

    February 2017 – HawkHost Toronto, Ca Coupon Shared Hosting
    40% Off New orders – Onetime discount NEW COUPON,
    30% Off – Recurring Discount / Limited offer
    35% Off Onetime Discount
    35% Off Onetime Discount
    25% Off Recurring Discount
    February 2017 –  HawkHost Toronto, Ca Coupon Reseller Hosting
    30% Off Recurring Discount NEW COUPON,
    30% Off Recurring Discount
    30% Off Lifetime Discount
    February 2017 –  HawkHost Toronto, Ca Coupon Semi-Dedicated Servers
    25% Off Recurring Discount NEW COUPON,
    30% Off Recurring Discount
    February 2017 –  HawkHost Toronto, Ca Coupon VPS Hosting
    30% Off Recurring Discount


    hawkhost toronto Canada coupon

    The data center is designed specifically for Internet and business users needing hosting facilities with brand new state of the art operations room and top-notch connectivity. Joining us is easy. Use the coupon code “in the section above” and ask for Toronto on the online order form to take advantage of this limited time offer. If you hurry, you can be one of the first of our soon to be many Canadian users.

    The provider has worked hard to make sure that they provide at least the same level of service and performance quality as our existing users enjoy from our three centers in the US, two data center in Asia and one in Canada. They are providing a dual transit capability provided by four 10Gbps Level3 and four 10Gbps TeliaSonera connections. As to Internet Exchange capability, that is met by 2 TorIX 10Gbs peer to peer connections. As you can see, resilience and redundancy are a given.

    The excellent connectivity options provide unparalleled connectivity to North American and overseas, mainly Asia, USA and European visitors.



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    2017’s February – 75% Off HostGator Coupon New Hosting Plan

    2017’s February – 75% Off HostGator Coupon New Hosting Plan
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    February 2017 Today, I received a new coupon code offered by HostGator – 75% off for all new web hosting plans. This is a flash sale program, and this coupon code might work well throughout this month. I have a lot of coupon site resources to update all the new stuff upcoming. So you can visit my website anytime to copy the codes or to follow my website by signing up a newsletter form on this site, and you’ll be the first one got the new coupon, promo codes.

    • Sale Ends: 30-February-2017 at 11:59pm CST

    A Collection of HostGator Coupon & Promo Codes

    Coupon Name HostGator Promo Code
    75% OFF HostGator New Hosting Plans – 36 months HostGator Promo codes

    • The offer is only valid on new hosting packages, not applicable on renewals or existing hosting plans
      • Sale Begins: February 5th at 12:00am CST
      • Sale Ends: February 30th at 11:59pm CST
    Coupon Name HostGator Promo Code
    30% OFF HostGator Hatching Plan, Baby Plan, Business Plan HostGator Promo codes

    • Sale Begins: February 1st at 12:00am CST
    • Sale Ends: February 30th at 11:59pm CST


    • 36 months Hatching Plan only $107.49 ($136 Off)
    • 36 months Hatching Plan only $134.49($188 Off)
    • 36 months Business Plan only $179.49 ($224.97 Off )

    Don’t forget to let me know how much was saved at HostGator by commenting on this post. I would like to listen all your though!

    hostgator-collection-coupons promo codes

    Jump to HostGator Website to check it out
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    75% Off Hostmantis Web Hosting Coupon February 2017

    75% Off Hostmantis Web Hosting Coupon February 2017
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    February 2017 Hostmantis has presented us 75% Off all web hosting, reseller hosting, VPS Hosting packages when billing yearly plan. I got this coupon code a few days ago form some of my coupon resources. This discount program is biggest until now becuase all the old code was not anymore. These promotional codes work well for yearly plan and you can apply it on Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting.

    hostmantis Coupon

    I’ve collected a special coupon code for HostMantis hosting : 80% Off Web Hosting Plans – Los Angeles Server. That means this coupon code only works when you selecting your server in Los Angeles.

    You’ll get a 80% Flat discount with the coupon code above. Grab it now before it’s gone!

    All Hostmantis coupons, promo codes February 2017
    Coupon Name Hostmantis Coupon Code
    70% Off Yearly plan Hostmantis hosting Hawk Host Coupon

    80% Off onetime Discount NEW YEAR 2017 all web hosting plans Hawk Host Coupon

    70% Off Lifetime discount plan Hostmantis hosting Hawk Host Coupon

    80% Off Lifetime discount Germany server Linux shared hosting Shared and Reseller Hosting Hawk Host Coupon

    70% Off VPS Hosting Recurring Discount – lifetime discount Hawk Host Coupon


    HostMantis Shared Hosting

    • $1.29/mo
    • 2 GB Disk Space Storages
    • 20 GB Premium Bandwidth
    • 2 MySQL Databases
    • 5 Email Accounts
    • CloudFlare and CloudLinux
    • Dedicated IP Address available – optional
    • Parked Domains: 3
    • Subdomain: 5
    • CPanel available
    • Webmail available
    • email account: 5
    • Take a Look

    HostMantis Reseller Hosting

    • $4.95/mo
    • 25 GB Disk Space
    • 100 GB Premium Bandwidth
    • FREE PRIVATE Nameservers
    • FREE Domain Reseller Account
    • CloudFlare and CloudLinux
    • CPanel available
    • Take a Look

    Host Mantis VPS Hosting

    • $14.95/mo
    • 40 GB Disk Space
    • 1TB Premium Bandwidth
    • 1 Dedicated IP Address
    • Virtualizor Control Panel
    • CentOS 6 and optional cPanel
    • Take a Look

    HostMantis Data centers

    • usflag Detroit, MI – USA
    • usflag Los Angeles, CA – USA
    • flag_nl Amsterdam, NL – EUR

    Why Should You choose Host-Mantis

    HostMantis is a cheap hosting company on the market which provides small web hosting plans for the people who want to do a tiny business on their hosting. What can you do with this hosting packages? I heard somebody ran some small websites on some cheap hosting to promote theirs official websites(SEO technique) get high ranking on Search Engine. And They would like to pay less for some small project to rank theirs mainly websites. So, HostMantis web hosting is a way to save your money on yourSEO packages.
    Another thing people like about HostMantis is Reseller web hosting package. They buy this web hosting packages and split it out to sell for other people domain some other SEO staffs. I’m not sure about what business will they do but Reseller Hosting at HostMantis alway the best to set up some websites for SEO purposes.

    Hostmantis payment method

    There are so many ways to make an invoice at Hostmantis, Paypal is the fastest way to pay but still more the other ways:
    – Bitpay.
    – Payza.
    – Visa/Master card
    – 2 Checkout
    – PayPal
    You can choose one of those services to bill your order with HostMantis.

    How to set up coupon code at HostMantis

    Look at the screenshot, at this step don’t forget to apply your coupon code to get a discount on your orders

    hostmantis-set up coupon, promo codes

    Start My Business at HostMantis
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    30% Off Namecheap Ultimate Hosting Coupon For February 2017 Only

    30% Off Namecheap Ultimate Hosting Coupon For February 2017 Only
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    February 2017 NameCheap now offers a $5 discount off its Ultimate hosting plan if you applying coupon code 5LEDGE. This plan is for a limited time only so do not let this offer goes away. NameCheap incorporated in the year 2000, has been offering hosting packages to customers globally. It was registered in the year 2000 as a domain name registrar accredited by ICANN. This company is serving us since 16 plus years has more than three million customers and manages seven million plus domain names. Now that’s pretty cool! Grab the promo coupon in the section below to get a excellent discount:

    Namechea is also offers a discount 20% off on Professional Hosting Plan. This promo code only available for Pro Hosting Plan. Grab this code below to make a great shopping day:


    namecheap coupon

    NameCheap also offers email, SSLs, website builder, Free Whois Guard, Free + Premium DNS and other services. All services are backed by a 24-hour support and come with a guarantee of 30 days money back. NameCheap offers hosting services at very inexpensive prices. In fact, they have a coupon code which is used can give an additional cool discount.

    NameCheap believes that client must get a quick hosting service at reasonable pricing. They use the finest hardware along with SSD technology to grant superior hosting performance within budget. A number of times, the hosting speed exceeds competitors by more than 50%.

    NameCheap offers four different services as under:




    Business Pro

    NameCheap is inexpensive compared to competitor hosting companies, not matter what the plan. NameCheaps’ pricing is its distinct advantage.

    NameCheap is a smaller independent company and its ethics are better in an industry known for its notoriety and far from transparent dealings. In fact, it is openly showing its rates in black and white displaying their transparent attitude. No wonder, a large number of people have given rave reviews for this amazing company. Plus this discount offer of 30% on one of its superb plan. Is it not a windfall? I am a NameCheap fan. Are you?

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    Stable Host Black Friday 2016 Coupons – Up to 75% Discount Hosting

    Stable Host Black Friday 2016 Coupons – Up to 75% Discount Hosting
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    Stable Host Black Friday Discount, Deals of 2016. On the Black Friday season of this year 2016, Stable Host has offered couples of coupons for customers to purchase new web hosting. Everyone, new customers are going to get a flat discount up to 75% on any web hosting plans include the Platinum plan. That’s a good sign for all people loving the services of Stable Host. Their servers good enough for you to launch your websites, blog or even applications.

    An additional deal has been offered for this day, you’re going to get a 30% bonus to any prepaid funds added to your account between today through 30th-December-2016. You know what! The fantastic thing here both of existing and new customers are welcomed to this deal.

    Add $100 you will get $30 credit then works in total you have $130 in your stable host account for future use on new products or renewal your hosting. They don’t limit the amount added. So do it before 30th of this month!


    Stable Host Coupons December’s 2016

    stablet host

    Stable Host Shared Hosting Coupons

    40% Off all Shared Hosting first order
    40% Off all Shared Hosting first order
    50% Off discount lifetime shared Hosting
    75% Off only one time discount
    *No discount when renewal next years
    75% Off when billing for 3 years + Black friday
    *No discount when renewal next years
    75% Off onetime + Black friday
    *No discount when renewal next years

    Stable Host Reseller Hosting Coupons
    30% Off – Reseller Hosting one time
    30% Off all Reseller Hosting First order

    Stable Host VPS Hosting Coupons
    15% Off – StableHost Virtual Private Servers(VPS) Coupon

    Stable Host offers countless websites for all of the web hosting plans, but with the starter plan, one site with one domain is enough to don’t add more than one. To run many websites with unlimited add-on domains, please consider purchasing the Platinum package. That’s a good move for you if you want to run many websites on it.

    The platinum has enough room to keep your sites running smoothly without any downtime or any other situations. You will get a great support while sticking with this plan.

    They do offer not only excellent uptime works but also a great, robust backup plans. With a powerful software, your entire website will put in the safe circumstance. It makes many copies of your sites and stores it in their servers to make sure you can restore it anytime you would like to recovery. That’s it. Time to work on it!

    To get more information about Stable Host shared hosting, following the link to read it! I have detailed all that you need to know which included network information.

    A neighbor to Stable Host hosting that is Hawkhost also offering some excellent deals on Black Friday Season which discount up to 70% on shared hosting applied for both of new and old customers. Check out HawkHost Black Friday deals.

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    50% Off Namecheap Reseller Hosting February 2017

    50% Off Namecheap Reseller Hosting February 2017
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    This month Namecheap has released a bigger discount for Reseller hosting than other months – 50% off for all reseller hosting plans with monthly billing cycle while the other months only 40% off for these packages as maximum discount. The coupon just work for monthly plan without yearly plans for this month.

    The reseller hosting is available for 25 resold account, up to 1000GB bandwidth per month, 25GB disk space. Of course, these features for the first reseller package. To get more system resources, you can buy other bigger Plans with unlimited resold accounts.

    Besides, show up the reseller hosting coupon code, I’d like to share another types of discount coupon codes:
    – The XYZ domain name just $0.15 for this month- 2nd birthday of XYZ domain.
    – The domain .ME only $6.88 cheaper than other places.
    – Domain .TOP $0.88.
    – Domain .TECH,.PRESS,.PW, WEBCAM, PRESS, SPACE, WEBSITE also $0.88 a year for the first year of pricing.
    ***Namecheap accept PayPal, Prepaid credit card not needed to verify orders

    Coupon codes

    50% OFF Namecheap Reseller Hosting monthly billing cycle.

    40% Off VPS Hosting Plans.

    10% Off all domain Names new purchases, transfer.

    – $8.49 Transfer domain Names to Namecheap

    – 20% OFF Namecheap Shared Hosting Plans + Start at $7.9 a year very fast + SSD power.

    $5 OFF Namecheap Ultimate hosting package

    This coupon code is valid for both of Ultimate Plan when ordering 12 months +.

    20% OFF Namecheap Professional hosting Plan

    This coupon code is valid for both of Professional Plan when ordering 12 months +.

    $0.99/year Namecheap WhoisGuard coupon with fully WhoisGuard protection instead free version.

    $6.88 .ME domain name + free WhoisGuard for the first year.

    – $0.88 .TOP domain name + free WhoisGuard for the 1st year.

    – $0.15 .XYZ domain name + free WhoisGuard.

    The fastcomet hosting only $2.95/month with high system resources for good performance + free domain name for lifetime. It also has a server location in Singgapore, Asia – Check it out.

    That’s the whole things I want to share with you for today with Namecheap. If you would like to follow my blog just placing your email address below and you’ll let you know anytime when the new coupon codes have released.