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    30% Off Liquid Web Dedicated Servers Fast SSD Drives, Coupon Codes in May 2017

    30% Off Liquid Web Dedicated Servers Fast SSD Drives, Coupon Codes in May 2017
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    I got a deal from Liquid Web hosting company – 30% Off all dedicated servers for the first 3 months with fast SSD drives and you have fully managed your dedicated servers.

    liquid web dedicated servers coupon, promo

    Dedicated Servers Features

    • Start at $49
    • Fully Managed Dedicated Severs
    • Processor Intel Xeon E3-1271 v3, 4-core
    • CPU cores: 4 Cores @ 3.6 GHz / 4.0 GHz Turbo minimum
    • 250GB SSD drives storage
    • 16GB memory RAM minimum (DDR3)
    • 5TB bandwidth per month
    • Operation system Linux or Window
    • SSD RAID 1 Primary Drives
    • Server Hardening via ServerSecure

    This information for the single processor comes up with Intel Xeon E3-1271 v3 4 CPU cores @ 3.6 GHz or 4.0 GHz Turbo. The SSD drive for this package is 250 GB Primary Drive & RAID 1. The memory(RAM) is 16GB DDR3. The outbound bandwidth is 5TB per month. You can order more extra bandwidth anytime you want. The dedicated have three types of managed: fully managed; Core managed, and self-managed.

    Data Centers Locations

    • US Central Servers (Michigan)
    • US West Servers (Arizona)
    • EU Netherlands (Amsterdam)

    For each of data center, the dedicated server packages might have some changes in pricing, operation system, CPU cores, RAM, just select what data center nearby your business place or where your target clients and which Package that fit for your business.

    More custom orders

    • HIPAA Compliance hosting
    • Hybrid Hosting
    • PCI Compliance
    • High Availability
    • Enterprise Class
    • Colocation

    To add more these features come along with your orders just jump to the bottom of the order page and leave for Liquid Web the message which features you want to add to your orders. They’ll get in touch with you soon!

    Liquid Web Coupon For Dedicated Servers

    20% OFF for first 6 months dedicated servers.(*** to 30-May-2016 )

    – 40% OFF Dedicated Servers! for the first 3 months. (*** to 30-May-2016 )

    – 15% OFF Fully Managed! Heroic Support for the first 3 months dedicated servers. (*** to 30-May-2016 )

    – $80 OFF All Packages Liquid Web Storm® Dedicated Servers! for the first 1 months dedicated servers or $50 Off on single processor package! Dedicated Hardware with Powerful Cloud Features and Fast SSD Drives! Best in Class Support. (*** to 30-May-2016 )

    – 20% Off 6 Month VPS Plan. (*** to 30-May-2016 )

    – $49 Off VPS Hosting. Powered by SSD and Free SSL! Free Domain! Fully Managed(*** to 30-May-2016 )

    – 33% Off Any VPS Hosting lans. Powered by SSD and Free SSL! Free Domain! Fully Managed(*** to 30-May-2016 )

    – 33% Off Any VPS Hosting lans. Powered by SSD and Free SSL! Free Domain! Fully Managed(*** to 30-May-2016 )

    – $20 all Managed WordPress Hosting Plans Fully Managed! Best-in-Class Performance bundled with 24/7 Heroic Support (*** to 30-May-2016 )

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    75% Off Hostmantis Web Hosting Coupon May 2017

    75% Off Hostmantis Web Hosting Coupon May 2017
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    May 2017 Hostmantis has presented us 75% Off all web hosting, reseller hosting, VPS Hosting packages when billing yearly plan. I got this coupon code a few days ago form some of my coupon resources. This discount program is biggest until now becuase all the old code was not anymore. These promotional codes work well for yearly plan and you can apply it on Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting.

    hostmantis Coupon

    I’ve collected a special coupon code for HostMantis hosting : 80% Off Web Hosting Plans – Los Angeles Server. That means this coupon code only works when you selecting your server in Los Angeles.

    You’ll get a 80% Flat discount with the coupon code above. Grab it now before it’s gone!

    All Hostmantis coupons, promo codes May 2017
    Coupon Name Hostmantis Coupon Code
    70% Off Yearly plan Hostmantis hosting Hawk Host Coupon

    80% Off onetime Discount NEW YEAR 2017 all web hosting plans Hawk Host Coupon

    70% Off Lifetime discount plan Hostmantis hosting Hawk Host Coupon

    80% Off Lifetime discount Germany server Linux shared hosting Shared and Reseller Hosting Hawk Host Coupon

    70% Off VPS Hosting Recurring Discount – lifetime discount Hawk Host Coupon


    HostMantis Shared Hosting

    • $1.29/mo
    • 2 GB Disk Space Storages
    • 20 GB Premium Bandwidth
    • 2 MySQL Databases
    • 5 Email Accounts
    • CloudFlare and CloudLinux
    • Dedicated IP Address available – optional
    • Parked Domains: 3
    • Subdomain: 5
    • CPanel available
    • Webmail available
    • email account: 5
    • Take a Look

    HostMantis Reseller Hosting

    • $4.95/mo
    • 25 GB Disk Space
    • 100 GB Premium Bandwidth
    • FREE PRIVATE Nameservers
    • FREE Domain Reseller Account
    • CloudFlare and CloudLinux
    • CPanel available
    • Take a Look

    Host Mantis VPS Hosting

    • $14.95/mo
    • 40 GB Disk Space
    • 1TB Premium Bandwidth
    • 1 Dedicated IP Address
    • Virtualizor Control Panel
    • CentOS 6 and optional cPanel
    • Take a Look

    HostMantis Data centers

    • usflag Detroit, MI – USA
    • usflag Los Angeles, CA – USA
    • flag_nl Amsterdam, NL – EUR

    Why Should You choose Host-Mantis

    HostMantis is a cheap hosting company on the market which provides small web hosting plans for the people who want to do a tiny business on their hosting. What can you do with this hosting packages? I heard somebody ran some small websites on some cheap hosting to promote theirs official websites(SEO technique) get high ranking on Search Engine. And They would like to pay less for some small project to rank theirs mainly websites. So, HostMantis web hosting is a way to save your money on yourSEO packages.
    Another thing people like about HostMantis is Reseller web hosting package. They buy this web hosting packages and split it out to sell for other people domain some other SEO staffs. I’m not sure about what business will they do but Reseller Hosting at HostMantis alway the best to set up some websites for SEO purposes.

    Hostmantis payment method

    There are so many ways to make an invoice at Hostmantis, Paypal is the fastest way to pay but still more the other ways:
    – Bitpay.
    – Payza.
    – Visa/Master card
    – 2 Checkout
    – PayPal
    You can choose one of those services to bill your order with HostMantis.

    How to set up coupon code at HostMantis

    Look at the screenshot, at this step don’t forget to apply your coupon code to get a discount on your orders

    hostmantis-set up coupon, promo codes

    Start My Business at HostMantis
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    $150 Off Liquidweb Storm® Dedicated Servers Coupon – May 2017

    $150 Off Liquidweb Storm® Dedicated Servers Coupon – May 2017
    5 (100%) 3 votes

    Hello, May! We have a deal from Liquidweb – $150 Off Storm® Dedicated Servers with coupon code(or $80 Off). This coupon discount only works for this month. So, Reveal it soon before it was gone away. The storm dedicated server can handle all of your data, requesting from tons of users accessing at the same time. Liquidweb is a good fit for all big agencies with large clients.

    (***Valid to 30-May-2017)

    The coupon code $150 OFF on Dedicated Servers had expired, but now you can use a coupon code 40% OFF for your order. You’re going to get a 40% discount for the first three months from the time you are placing the order.

    If you are not looking for Storm dedicated servers, I also have another types coupon codes may right for you:

    – 20% Off Dedicated Servers for the first 6 months.(*** Valid til 30-May-2017 )

    – $80 Off Storm Dedicated Servers. Powered by SSD (***Valid to 30-May-2017 )

    – 20% Off VPS Hosting in 6 months (***Valid to 30-May-2017 )

    – $45 Off VPS Hosting. Powered by SSD and Free SSL! Free Domain! Fully Managed (***Valid to 30-May-2017 )

    – 33% OffAny VPS Hosting Packges. Powered by SSD and Free SSL! Free Domain! Fully Managed (***Valid to 30-May-2017 )

    – $20 Off Managed WordPress Hosting – Fully Managed! Best-in-Class Performance bundled – 24/7 Heroic Support (***Valid to 30-May-2017 )

    – $150 OFF Storm Dedicated Server coupon (***Valid to 30-May-2017)

    $35 Storm on Demand 1GB RAM + SSD + 1 CPUs +50GB SSD

    $55 Storm on Demand 2GB RAM + 1 CPUs + 100GB SSD +

    <strong class=”topblue” font-size:28px”>Storm® Dedicated Servers Features

     <i class="fa fa-check" aria-hidden="true" style="color:#669900"></i> Solid State Drives(SSD) Power
    <i class="fa fa-check" aria-hidden="true" style="color:#669900"></i>  Dedicated Hardware    
     <i class="fa fa-check" aria-hidden="true" style="color:#669900"></i>  Instant Provisioning 
      <i class="fa fa-check" aria-hidden="true" style="color:#669900"></i> Cloud Flexibility    
     <i class="fa fa-check" aria-hidden="true" style="color:#669900"></i>  Bandwidth Included
     <i class="fa fa-check" aria-hidden="true" style="color:#669900"></i>  Automatic Migrations 
      <i class="fa fa-check" aria-hidden="true" style="color:#669900"></i> Window or Linux

    5TB bandwidth per month
    8GB RAM (DDR3) Minimum
    Operation system: CentOS 7, CentOS 6, Ubuntu 14, Ubuntu 12, Fedora 23, Fedora 22, Debian 7, Debian 8.(***all working at 64-bit Fully-managed/Core-managed/self-managed).
    Dedicated Hardware with the Scalability of the Cloud!



    <strong class=”topblue” font-size:28px”>Apply Promo codes
    At the corner right of the screen, you will see the section to apply the promo codes. It will look like in this image

    <strong class=”topblue” font-size:28px”>Suitable for Big Agencies
    Liquidweb is a large hosting company trusted by a lot of agencies in the United States of America such as National Geographic, ESPN, Toshiba, Fedex, Audi, Hitachi, Motorola, TechSmith, American Airlines, MegaCable, GM/Chevy Volt, much more. Liquidweb is always the best solution for all of the big clients want to extend their business.

    Thanks for reading!

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    2017’s May- $30 FREE credit Digital Ocean Promo Code

    2017’s May- $30 FREE credit Digital Ocean Promo Code
    4.33 (86.67%) 6 votes

    May 2017, Digital Ocean offers a new promo code $30 FREE credit for all of the users opens a new account on Digital Ocean. And also, in July Codeanywhere has been become a partnership with Digital Ocean. Codeanywhere is an application that allows all users can assess Digital Ocean or Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google Drive And edit code HTML, CSS, Javascript from any devices. Codeanywhere is already now on Google Play, Chrome extension store, App Store – iTunes. So, you can use Codeanywhere to control all your scripts on Digital Ocean from anywhere you go.

    Digital Ocean also gives FREE $25 credit for all Codeanywhere’s users creates a new Free account on both of sites.


    Working well May 1st, 2016

    How to get $30 FREE credit on Digital Ocean

    Open New account Codeanywhere & Get Promo Code

    1.You must sign up a free Codeanywhere account
    2. Click on Digital Ocean Tab at the bottom
    3. Connect Digital Ocean with Codeanywhere – connection Wizard.
    4. File -> New Connection -> Digital Ocean -> Connect Your DigitalOcean Account
    5. Get promotional code CODEANYWHERE-123456 inside the tab to get the promo code and receive $30 FREE on Digital Ocean.
    Start My Free Codeanywhere Account codeanywhere-digital-ocean

    Copy Promo code here and later paste to section promo on Digital Ocean

    Open new account on Digital Ocean

    To get this deal, you must open a new account and add at least $5 by Visa/Master card or Paypal. After completed payment process, now you can apply the promo code you copied from Codeanywhere.
    1. Open a new account
    2. Add at least $5 by Paypal or Visa Card.
    3. Paste promo code copied on Codeanywhere
    And here is the proof 100% satisfied with promo code:

    Start My First Droplet on Digitalocean


    Others Digital Ocean Coupon or Promo Codes

    $10 FREE credit DigitalOcean VPS
    $10 Credit For New Accounts
    $10 Credit For New Accounts
    $10 Credit For New Accounts
    $10 Credit For New Accounts
    $10 Credit For New Accounts
    $10 FREE credit DigitalOcean VPS
    $10 Credit For New Accounts
    $10 Credit For New Accounts
    $10 Credit For New Accounts
    • $10 FREE credit for new accounts only. It does NOT apply for old accounts.
    • If you want to use DigitalOcean VPS for FREE or at least costs it down. That’s fine! You can do it by sharing your Digital Ocean referral link on your sites. Every time, a new client click o your link & open a new account + Deploy a VPS, you can earn up to $25 credit applied to your account. It’s ready for use in the future.
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    2017’s May- 99% off Interserver WordPress Hosting Coupon Code

    2017’s May- 99% off Interserver WordPress Hosting Coupon Code
    4.63 (92.5%) 8 votes

    I would like to show you a Managed WordPress Hosting start at $8/mo with Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Storage, Unlimited Websites, Unlimited Email and a one-click to install features. And this price for every single month, but you can get discount more billing at 6 months for only $7.6, yearly for $7.2, 2 years for $6.8 = $163.20 totally, $6.4 for 3 years plan = $234.4. This is the best deal for the big planning.


    • Unlimited website transfer and there is no limitation of traffic from this plan
    • Unlimited website storage. You can store how many spacing as you like, it’s on your own.
    • Unlimited Email Address and spaces.
    • 1 click-to-install.
    • Weekly backups.
    • Unlimited FTP Accounts.
    • SSD Caching Servers for speed performance.
    • Raid-10 Storage.
    • Free CloudFlare CDN for the account.
    • 10GB Cisco Network.
    • Billing plans – $8 for a month, $7.6/mo for 6 months, $7.2/mo for the yearly plan, $6.8/mo for 2-years plan, $6.4/mo for 3-year plans.
    • Order Now

    Email Features

    • Available for iPhone, BlackBerry.
    • Unlimited email account & address.
    • webmail access
    • Support for Android, Mobile phone, window phones, more.
    • SSL Encryption
    • Outgoing SMTP

    $1.9 Domain Name hosted

    Included with the WordPress package is the domain name now for only $1.9/year. Which is the WordPress price for $8/mo you can host 1 domain or parked domain. To get more domain hosted just upgrade the plan.


    -File Managers is available.
    – Backup available.
    – Cron job ready.
    – Visitor Statistics.


    • PHP7 Launched.
    • Unlimited MYSQL database.
    • phpMyAdmin available.
    • Fast CGI.
    • Ruby/Python/Perl 5.1


    • Daily virus scanner and hacked auto clean up.
    • Atomic Mod Security.
    • Protect your files and website safe 24/7.

    Free Credit

    • $100 Free Google credit for the US.
    • 20% off Template Monster for everyone no exclusive.

    Paste Coupon

    Don’t forget paste the coupon code in here to get a discount.


    There are a lot of good reviews from all the customers for Interserver services:
    + Facebook 125 reviews 4.3 of five stars. Good.
    + Whoishostingthis 89 reviews 4.8 of five stars. Good.
    + 62 reviews 9.4 of 10 stars.
    InterServer has more than 16 years experiment as a web hosting provider.They launched their services from 1999 until now.

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    Hawk Host Give Free Coupon $8 Domains Holidays DEC 2015

    Hawk Host Give Free Coupon $8 Domains Holidays DEC 2015
    5 (100%) 1 vote

    Breaking news from Today 21th December 2015, Hawk Host offer a coupon only $8 for all domains .COM/.NET/.ORG when buying any hosting packages. In few days ago, I was selected a coupon “50% Off on web hosting from Hawk Host” and today a coupon discount $2.95 on all domains. You will see some more coupon codes is lining up to release by Hawk Host in these holidays. And in these days, you will see a lot of discount launching everywhere on the internet with a lot of gifts for customers.

    Here is The Coupon Codes $8 For Domains .COM/.NET/.ORG
    Coupon Name HawkHost Coupon Code
    Coupon Code $8 For all doamins .COM/.NET/.ORG Hawk Host Coupon

    Recommend: Hawk Host offers 50% off on The Holiday Season, 19 Dec 2015.
    Recommend: $5.95 Unlimited Hosting at DreamHost + Free domain + Unlimited addon domains.
    Recommend: Only $14.95 DreamPress 2 – Managed WordPress Hosting -> 2 Million visitors a month.
    Recommend: $12 Godaddy WordPress Hosting for the first Year.

    In the other post, I was set up a lot of coupon codes for you to select and in this post, I will get it back for you to get coupon quickly and do not take a lot of time for read another post.

    All Hawk Host Coupon Codes For Shared Hosting
    Coupon Name Hawk Host Coupon Code
    50% Off Shared Hosting on Christmas and Holiday Season expires on 25th December 2015 Hawk Host Coupon
    30% OFF For Entire Life on Hosting Plan Hawk Host Coupon

    25% OFF For Entire Life on Shared Hosting Hawk Host Coupon

    40% Off For First Purcharse on Shared Hosting Hawk Host Coupon

    36% OFF For New First Purchase on Shared Hosting Hawk Host Coupon

    All Hawk Host Coupon Codes For Semi Dedicated
    Coupon Name HawkHost Coupon Code
    30% Off For Entire Life – Semi Dedicated Hawk Host Coupon
    20% OFF For Entire Life – Semi Dedicated Hawk Host Coupon

    How to use coupon or promo code on


    Choose your domain name here and insert the coupon later. You can only don’t buy domain here and later assign your own domain from ther place to Hawk Host


    Here is the proof I test successful the coupon codes $8 on domains at You can see the price of domain now only $8 and the manual price before was $14.95.

    Successful with coupon $8 for domain .COM/.NET/.ORG

    At this step, you can insert your coupon codes here to get a discount. You just only insert one coupon in time. So if you insert the coupon $8 and you can not insert the other coupon 50% off on shared hosting for entire life. Consider at this step to save your money on business.

    How many server locations already to use by Hawk Host?

    Hawk Host Have a lot of server locations for you to speed up your website in your location! Many people like Hawk Host’s services because they have many servers to select from many places. There are some locations to choice:
    + Dallas Texas
    + Washington DC
    + Los Angeles CA
    + Amsterdam
    + Singapore

    So, Which server location is stable and speed? I saw the server location at Los Angeles CA very good and stable for everyone on the world. You can try some other locations nearby your place. Here is the place to select location on registration processing:

    choose-location-hawk host

    Ok! That’s all about what I want to share with you today! How helpful to you?

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    SiteGround offers 60% Off Web Hosting for Biggest Holidays

    SiteGround offers 60% Off Web Hosting for Biggest Holidays
    5 (100%) 1 vote

    Today 18th December 2015, I saw Siteground offers a new discount up to 60% for all web hosting packages, to welcome the Merry ChristMas and Happy New Year 2016 holidays are coming. The prices now slower than few moths ago! The GoGeek plan just $11.95/mo, GrowBig plan is $5.95/mo and start up plan is $3.95/mo. This is wonderful than ever. If You know about SiteGround services and customer care, you will not let this big occasion go away. I think the discount 60% will be ending soon!




    With Go Geek plan you can get monthly visitors nearly 100,000 and they give you a free SSL for 1 year, free domain name included, Super cache to speed up your sites. With this premium features, you can host unlimited your sites and add-on domains.


    With Grow big plan, the monthly visitors are suitable for 25,000 persons and 20 GB web space. This plan has a lot of features: unlimited bandwidth, free domain included, 1 year free SSL certificate, free daily backup, free CloudFlare CDN and still a lot of more.


    With start up plan, the hosting will suitable for 10,000 monthly visitors. This is the cheapest plan from Siteground. You can use this plan if you are a beginner and later you can changing the plan to grow up your monthly visitors. All features from this plan: Unlimited traffic, unlimited Mysql Database, 1 domain free domain, free website transfer, free all email accounts, and still a lot of more.

    My friends and I like Siteground’s services so much. The customer care here is better than from the ọher providers. So, Do you ever hosting any websites on Siteground? If you do, You and me – We have the same idea. If you don’t, let try it and discover their hosting today! Here are some related articles for you!

    Recommend: Only $14.95 DreamPress 2 – Managed WordPress Hosting -> 2 Million visitors a month.
    Recommend:$5.95 Unlimited Hosting at DreamHost + Free domain + Unlimited addon domains.
    Recommend:$12 a year Godaddy Managed WordPress Hosting -> 25.000 visitors a month – Basic plan.