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    2017’s – Jan, Hawhost Hosting Has New Server in Hong Kong + 30% Off Coupon

    2017’s – Jan, Hawhost Hosting Has New Server in Hong Kong + 30% Off Coupon
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    Coming along with an event, Hawkhost had opened a new data-center in Hong Kong, is an offer 30% Off Recurring discount on new shared hosting plans. A couples of months ago, Hawkhost had launched a Semi dedicated server in Singapore as requests from many customers in this areas. Now, They’re continuing open new location in Hong Kong.

    Hawkhost coupon

    This is a good news for people living in this areas have more options to choose. All people are living oversea won’t never facing with any problems to distances.

    Shared Hosting Coupons

    One time discount

    Lifetime discount(Recurring )

    Onetime Discount – First Invoice

    Onetime Discount – First Invoice

    Above is coupon codes work based on shared hosting packages. There are two types of coupons: Lifetime discount and Onetime discount. Lifetime is applied only one time then the next one renewal price still getting a discount. it works for whole life. Onetime discount is that it just applied for the first purchases.

    VPS Hosting Coupons

    Lifetime discount(Recurring )

    Reseller Hosting Coupons

    Lifetime discount(Recurring )

    Semi-Dedicated Servers Coupons

    Onetime discount(first purchase)

    Lifetime discount(Recurring )

    Did you ever get a news Hawkhost was opened a VPS hosting packages in Los Angeles? Ok! As several requests from Customers, Hawkhost hosting also opened a new VPS hosting plan for Los Angeles server which is from now you can order a new VPS hosting in this location.

    Announcing this event, the provide is also offers 35% Recurring discount when you opening a new VPS in Los Angeles. This is a flash sale program, so it might over soon! Grab coupon here to apply on VPS Los Angeles.

    Read the Hawkhost Buyer’s Guides here. All information needed for you land inside this post. This guide based for new customers don’t know how to place an order at Hawkhost.

    Would you like to place a comment on this article? I would be great if you break down my comment box. Thanks.

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    75% Off HostGator promo Codes all hosting – January 2017

    75% Off HostGator promo Codes all hosting – January 2017
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    Hooray! I’m got a breaking news for you today! HostGator offers a new promo code 75% off on all web hosting – Hatching, Baby, Business Plans.
    I got these secret codes from my friends, he also a blogger & a customer at HostGator.
    So, I decided to share back this code for anyone who was planning to launch websites or applications at HostGator.


    For now, this code does not show up on HostGator website. So, just people visit this site can see it now.

    – 36 months Hatching Plan only $107.49 ($136 Off)
    – 36 months Hatching Plan only $134.49($188 Off)
    – 36 months Business Plan only $179.49 ($224 Off )

    You can get discount by this code for 1-year plan to 3 years plan

    Valid til 23:59″ 30-January-2017 PST time.

    Coupon Name HostGator Promo Code
    $136 OFF HostGator Hatching 36 months Plan HostGator Promo codes

    $188 OFF HostGator Baby Plan 36 months plan HostGator

    $224.97 Off HostGator Business 36 months Plan HostGator

    • Sale Begins: January 1st at 12:00am CST
    • Sale Ends: January 30th at 11:59pm CST

    Wow! I can’t beleive it! The price very soft for me!

    Jump to HostGator Website & Take a look
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    Why DreamHost WordPress Hosting?

    Why DreamHost WordPress Hosting?
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    Searching for a perfect WordPress hosting can be a difficult process as one needs a solution that will enhance reliability, cheaper, and increase content exposure. There are many companies providing hosting services in the market, but a competitive one is a sure way of increasing content reach.

    dreamhost logo

    Searching for a good WordPress hosting company requires examining the performance and price. The challenge is wading through the packages offered and their features can be tricky.

    This blog offers insights on Dreamhost, which is among the best hosting companies in the market. Dreamhost offers a competitive and unmatched prices for hosting and managing sites.

    The advantages of Dreamhost features include easy installation, automated backups, and updates, friendly support, no limitations on bandwidth.

    Importantly, the services offered as unmatched and prices are affordable for new users and established businesses.

    The shared hosting is suitable for users with low traffic in their sites, those that are new and have a limited budget. It is an easy one-click installation of WordPress with the ability to support multiple domains and sites. The package offers a guarantee of cash back to users for up to three months.


    DreamPress 2

    Another package is the DreamPress, which is fully managed to give users a chance to concentrate on creating content. The package is faster and prefigured to operate, as well as, able to handle traffic spikes with no limitation to bandwidth caps.

    The Dreamhost provide users with security features and disallows plugins that increase security threats. For starters, one can select the cheapest plan, which is shared hosting and upgrade when needed.

    When looking for WordPress hosting company, on needs to underscore features such as support, security, speed, full feature set, and friendly hosting for WordPress, as well as, value for money and pricing strategy.

    It can be noted that WordPress is an application is resource-heavy; thus, one needs to approach Dreamhost who have the top-notch hardware.

    In addition, Dreamhost WordPress hosting provides users with an excellent and friendly support. They have knowledgeable, understanding, and accessible support at any time of the day or night. They have security systems that guarantee secure information storage to deter attacks.

    The Dreamhost have an affordable pricing model that offer users with value for their money. Having a super-fast, awesome site, and super-secure server can be good, but spending more than what you get is irrational.

    In addition, Dreamhost hosting service provides email forwarding and accounts, server access, and tools for admin.

    They also provide effective and friendly WordPress hosting. They provide high speed since the company understands that users can be impatient and when left not optimized can be disastrous. Dreamhost WordPress hosting is an established company that understands challenges faced by WordPress website users; thus, developed strategies in enhancing user satisfaction and experience.

    In summary, Dreamhost offers best hosting solutions for users since it is affordable, have friendly support, high speed, and understands security needs of its clients. Also, the company has easy upgrades and updates of data, as well as, low server maintenance need as they have resources to meet needs of clients.

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    33% Off » Media Temple VPS Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Shared Hosting – January 2017

    33% Off » Media Temple VPS Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Shared Hosting – January 2017
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    January 2017 – 33% off on VPS Hosting, Managed WordPress Hosting, shared Hosting for this month. Especially, If you set up a Grid Pro Packages with a price $20/mo = $360/yr. Now with my coupon codes applied you would save $60 on your order for this package. The totally pricing now is $257, so I can say you get to save a lot.


    Media Temple Grid Hosting Coupon

    Coupon Name Media Temple Coupon Code
    33% Off Managed Shared Hosting media-temple-logo-small

    33% Off Managed VPS Hosting media-temple-logo-small

    33% Off Managed WordPress Hosting media-temple-logo-small

    Valid till January 30th, 2017

    Hit any green button here and then it will lead you to the sale page. You don’t need to apply any coupon code. Because the promotional links itself will set the discount for you while you’re ordering.

    After applied coupon codes for shared Hosting

    Grid Pro Shared Hosting: Yearly plan $20/mo x 12= $240.00/first yr, $360.00/yr thereafter.
    After applied the coupon code: DISCOUNT: 33% on your package.
    The final price total:$257.00.
    You saved: $60.

    Billing Media Temple

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    2017’s Coupon $89.99 Webhostface Face Extra Package 5-Yr Subscription,

    2017’s Coupon $89.99 Webhostface Face Extra Package 5-Yr Subscription,
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    Webhostface offers a 5-Year subscriptions Face-extra hosting package costs only $79.99 up to 3 websites. That is an advantage for all of the people do affiliate marketing like Amazon, JVZOO, Clickbank have a chance to own a Face hosting package with a minimum price.

    You know! Webhostface is the only one offers some strange deals, unique & no one else does like this. Especially, They offer 2-Year subscription, 5-YR subscription, Lifetime subscriptions. Those, what is unique to their service, that is why people knew them like to stick around for long.

    The Advantages of $79.99:

    • 5 Years subscription.
    • 3 Add-on domains
    • ***M Unlimited sub websites or sub-directories for WordPress Multisite
    • 20GB SSD Storage
    • Free Bandwidth
    • Select server as you wish in Europe, USA, Asia
    ***M It means you can host how many sites as you want for WordPress Multisite & Up-to 3 Add-on domains.

    This package doesn’t support a FREE domain name included But it’s NOT a problem. You can set NAME-SERVER your own domain to Webhostface later NOT needed to order a new domain name here.

    It’s a rich place to launch your business sites, projects, and niche sites. So, Don’t let this advantage go over.

    Web Host Face coupon

    Besides the above deal, Webhostface also offers a Flat discount 70% Off all web hosting plans. The providers released that deal for a couple of months ago but still works until now.

    In case, the $79.99 Face-EXTRA package isn’t what you prefer to sticking around then you just need to apply the coupon 70% off to minimum your cost.

    Take the advantage of the deal and don’t let the web hosting fees taking place of your money meanwhile you can use it more useful in future.

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    $125 Discount – BlueHost coupon, Promo Codes June 2016 – $3.95/month optimized WordPress Hosting

    $125 Discount – BlueHost coupon, Promo Codes June 2016 – $3.95/month optimized WordPress Hosting
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    Hello, June! I feel grateful to share with you all BlueHost Coupon, promotional codes to make the discount on this June.
    They’ve offered us a lot of discount program such as $125 off for premium Dedicated Hosting, $60 off for Ultimate VPS Hosting, $75 off for Standard Dedicated Hosting, 50% of Premium Dedicated Hosting, $100 OFF Enhanced Dedicated Hosting, still more…

    And. Especially!

    The optimize WordPress hosting at BlueHost only $3.95/month included with a free domain name for the first year, free website builder and the installing process for WordPress Hosting just less than two minutes.

    For Shared Hosting Packages
    Coupon Name BlueHost Coupon Code
    34% off All Bluehost Shared Hosting Packages bluehost coupon, promo

    30% OFF the Shared Hosting Plus Package bluehost coupon, promo

    $2 OFF the Shared Hosting Basic Package bluehost coupon, promo

    For VPS Hosting Packages
    Coupon Name BlueHost Coupon Code
    50% OFF Ultimate VPS Hosting Package bluehost coupon, promo

    $60 OFF Ultimate VPS Hosting Package bluehost coupon, promo

    50% OFF Standard VPS Hosting Package bluehost coupon, promo

    $45 OFF the Premium VPS Hosting Package bluehost coupon, promo

    $30 OFF the Enhanced VPS Hosting Package bluehost coupon, promo

    For Dedicated Hosting Packages
    Coupon Name BlueHost Coupon Code
    $125 OFF Premium Dedicated Hosting bluehost coupon, promo

    50% off ALL Bluehost Dedicated Hosting Packages bluehost coupon, promo

    $100 OFF Enhanced Dedicated Hosting bluehost coupon, promo

    BlueHost cPanel
    This screenshot is the BlueHost’s cPanel will look like . It’s very simple to use, just one click and everything will be auto install for you.

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    InterServer offers $25 Amazon Gift Card » May 2016

    InterServer offers $25 Amazon Gift Card » May 2016
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    interserver-gift cards-amazon-winner  interserver coupon promo code
    Hi! I have good news for you guys, InterServer has offered us $25 Amazon Gift Card by following InterServer’s Twitter account and Retweet this news to win a gift card. InterServer is a web hosting provider on the internet; they have a lot of services like shared hosting, Managed WordPress Hosting, VPS Server, Dedicated server, much more.


    I also was checked out their offer and fill out the email, follow and retweet to win this gift card.

    What’s Next

    • Follow @Interserver in Twitter.
    • Retweet them to your twitter timeline.
    • Fill out your email and Twitter Handle in this form.

      Take a Look


    inter server gift card -Coupon

    Today! Interserver sends me an email for award winning Amazon gift card. It’s very cool! Here is a screenshot:

    interserver offers-amazon-gift card
    interserver offers-amazon-gift card

    They also offer us the first-month free trial their services for only 1 cent($0.01). It means you do not lose any buck for at the time. These coupon codes show up for you guys who prefer to follow my blog to get the new coupon, promo codes.

    Your coupon Codes
    Coupon Name InterSerVer Coupon Code
    99% Off First Month all VPS Hosting Packages InterServer Coupon
    $0.01 First Month all Managed Hosting Packages InterServer Coupon

    How can the coupons Work?
    When the first time goes to their website, I so confused because I can not find where is the place to apply the coupon, promo codes. After I had ordered a web hosting package goes through inside and the place to paste a new coupon code has been showing up before I complete my order.

    Launch My Website at InterServer
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    2016’s May – 40% Off Liquidweb Shared Hosting Coupon Codes

    2016’s May – 40% Off Liquidweb Shared Hosting Coupon Codes
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    I have two coupon codes Liquidweb Shared Hosting would like to share with you today!
    These codes will save 40% on your purchase shared hosting packages at Liquidweb.
    I will pick up a professional package to see what we got:
    Expert Web Hosting – Professional

    • 40% Off the 3 first months
    • Can order more 1 Dedicated IP & SSL for hosting
    • 40 GB SSD Disk Space
    • 40 GB SSD Disk Space
    • 640 GB Transfer per month
    • up to 5 domain names
    • FREE Standard SSL Certificate first year

    Valid til June 30th, 2016

    Coupon Name Liquidweb Promo Code
    $80 OFF Liquidweb Storm Dedicated Server first month Liquidweb coupon codes
    $10 Off Liquidweb VPS Hosting first month Liquidweb promo codes


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    Hostpapa Hosting coupon codes June 2016 – $25 Discount or 15% Off

    Hostpapa Hosting coupon codes June 2016 – $25 Discount or 15% Off
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    HostPapa Hosting just $1.95/month + a coupon code $25 off. In this month, We have a lot of new coupon codes from Hostpapa hosting. I have checked these codes 100% working.

    This hosting is suitable for wp beginers, newbies or event expert people.

    For Business

    • Free Domain for Lifetime
    • Free Setup account
    • Disk space unlimited
    • Unlimited email account
    • Free $119.88 Website Builder
    • Start at $2.95/mo = 36 months just $106.20 (save more $25 discount code)
    For Web Hosting
    Coupon Name HostPaPa Coupon Code
    $25 Off all Web Hosting Package at HostPapa HostPapa Coupon Code

    15% off all Web Hosting Package at HostPapa HostPapa Coupon Code

    ForDomain Name
    Coupon Name HostPaPa Coupon Code
    Free Domain Name at HostPapa HostPapa Coupon Code

    For VPS Hosting
    Coupon Name HostPaPa Coupon Code
    20% Off VPS Hosting at HostPapa HostPapa Coupon Code

    For VPS Hosting
    Coupon Name HostPaPa Coupon Code
    $4.95/mo Mobile Web Builder at HostPapa HostPapa Coupon Code

    HostPapa is a hosting provider from Canada, many customers have good experience about their web hosting services. The web hosting plan very reliable & cheap to launch website apps like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal. The Business Package now have a discount just $2.95 a month and billing once time only $106.20 for 36 months even not included the coupon code $25 discount. The discount program has a limit time may end anytime. Feel free to do with the code and let me know how much you save at Hostpapa by leaving a comment on the post. Thank you. Don’t forget to click a subscribe form to get more coupon value from Bluetailcoupon.net.