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    2017’s March, Coupon $1/mo WordPress Hosting for Affiliate Marketers

    2017’s March, Coupon $1/mo WordPress Hosting for Affiliate Marketers
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    March 2017 Have you ever used Managed WordPress Hosting? Do you ever know out there on the internet have a lot of cheap Managed WordPress Hosting? Do you sure all of those cheap things will help you get traffic? I am not sure about that, but here I will show you how to win Managed WordPress Hosting on As you known, Godaddy is a big guy on the internet have a lot of customers and visitors from all over the world. And Nothing to worry about that big boy.

    If there was a thing in your might told you, bought a cheap Managed WordPress Hosting. Sure! This is a big occasion for you to do your own business. Of course, this small WordPress hosting very cool because you just paid totally $12 for a whole year. And your website can get fully 25,000 visitors for a month. Besides, Godaddy also gives you one more free COM domain for the first year. And here are all coupons for you:
    godaddy wordpress $1
    A FREE Domain + $1 a month WordPress Hosting package
    Check the deal, $1 WordPress Hosting

    Hit this button to reveal the coupon code inside then paste it into a field called “promotional code” to make a discount when billing your WordPress hosting on This offers works for all new customers in the first 12 months.

    How to access to Godaddy WordPress Hosting By SSH/SFTP
    Review of Speed Godaddy WordPress Hosting
    How to get Fast index for Godaddy Hosting WordPress Sites – Tips SEO

    In this tutorial, I will do a step-by-step guide to help you win a best Managed WordPress Hosting $1 on Firstly, you just click on the button to claim your coupon code in order to set your WordPress hosting package cost down to $12/year. Without the code and my secret promotional link, the price still $3.99/month and look not cool at all.

    After at Godaddy’s website click on the Configure button at the first price tab.


    Then you will see the field search a new domain name. This mean you can find your free domain and add it to your cart. If you not sure about what the name you will be used, all you need to do right now just go to google and type in these words “Domain Name suggestion tool or Domain Name generator” and keep going on at this step.

    search domain Godaddy


    You see the price now go off and only $12 for a whole year with a free domain COM, NET, ORG, CO.


    And this is the place to type in the coupon code at So, if the coupon not works, you just type in another coupon and everything going to be OK.


    If you already have an existing account before, remember don’t use it again here. Don’t do the crazy thing! Because, Godaddy will change the price up if they know you were the old customer bought on their site. Right now, you must use another email address and click on the New Customer button. Off course, you can use again your PayPal account or Visa card. They don’t mention about that.


    All coupon codes can help you
    Coupon Name Godaddy Coupon Code
    $1 Managed WordPress Hosting GoDaddy Coupon

    $1 Linux Web Hosting GoDaddy Coupon

    Typing all your information to all of the fields. There is one thing you need to remember, the billing information in your PayPal account or Visa card (Bank) must be matched with billing information you was typing in the fields.

    Add new information for new customer

    A FREE Domain + $1 a month WordPress Hosting package

    After finished the payment process, you can go to your dashboard inside. Click on your username tab at corner and later click on Manage Your Hosting.

    Manged Godaddy Hosting
    Manged Godaddy Hosting

    Here is the control dashboard on Godaddy. At here, you can back up all your files, database and you can also get FTP/SSH information to remote your host from the computer. There are some tools to do this job: Filezilla FTP login, WinSCP tool, Dreamweaver CS5, CyberDuck, Publisher 2007, NVU,… I highly recommend you use WinSCP tool. This tool works very fast and safety at all the time. I do not like Filezilla tool much because it always lost connection to the host. WinSCP tool has two ways of accessing to the host: FTP access port 21 and SFTP and SSH port 22. In this case, you must log in at port 22 SFTP login.

    FTP or SSH access Godaddy
    FTP or SSH access Godaddy

    On the other day, you are trying to change something in function.php file and oh! My god! The page now gets an error with the white page and some junky text. This is the bad day than ever! What do I do now? OK! This is a very easy problem. You do not need to contact with Godaddy to get help. You can solve this problem on your own. Now, login to and get your SSH and SFTP information to log in with WinSCP tool or another SFTP tool.
    And here you just type in like in the image and after login successful, you just go to folder WP content>Themes>function.php. Open file function.php up and remove exactly the code you was put in that before and click save. Ok!The problem will go away!


    And here is the place to make the backup for your WordPress hosting website. Choose one of these options and click Restore

    Godaddy Back up File and database
    Godaddy Back up File and database
    Godaddy Back up File and database 2
    Godaddy Back up File and database


    All coupon codes can help you
    Coupon Name Godaddy Coupon Code
    $1 Managed WordPress Hosting GoDaddy Coupon

    $1 Linux Web Hosting GoDaddy Coupon

    This is a screenshot inside your website WordPress look like. Do you see on the top bar the text FLUSH CACHE.Do flush cache will help you clear all the cache of your website. The function already exists by Godaddy. You cannot deactivate it, but it will help your website speed. In some cases, you are designing a new theme or you are changing CSS for your theme. You must flush cache before your own style design can show up on site.

    Flush Cache WordPress
    Flush Cache WordPress

    If you get some troubles, you must click right Godaddy tab at the left. This board designed by Godaddy and you can get your answers in here.


    If you want to be in touched with the real person, you can make a live chat right inside your website like in the image.

    Godaddy Live Chat Support
    Godaddy Live Chat Support

    Some of the best function of Godaddy Managed WordPress Hosting is limit login access. In Limit Login attempts tab, you will see all of IPs was tried to log in your website. They are want to hack your site or put some malware, malicious in. Take it easy, you don’t need to be scared because Godaddy has been locked those IPs for you. Your website saves in 24/7. If you want more security, maybe you can install some plugin WordPress like iThemes, WP spam shield, VaultPress,…


    OK! That’s all. What do you think, right now? Make some comments below to let me know your idea. Thank you!

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    2017’s March, Godaddy Coupon Transfer And Renewal

    2017’s March, Godaddy Coupon Transfer And Renewal
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    March 2016. As you see, my website is all about the coupon and promotional codes. And especially, I have a lot of friends doing the job just like mine and they share me a lot of best quality coupon codes, promotional links, offers. So, today I will share back all the quality filtered coupons, promo codes for you to cool off!

    These days, Godaddy shows up a lot of cool pieces of stuff: $0.99 COM domain, $1 Managed WordPress Hosting, 30% off all product, $1 Linux web hosting economy. In this article, I only share with you all coupons for renewal and transfer domains.

    transfer and renewal coupon

    You will get all the quality from this article more than you think. There are a lot of tips and tricks to get the big discount at may be you do not know and use yet! So! Take your seat belt and go on your adventure at Bluetailcoupon.Net now!.


    Coupon March 2016

    GoDaddy Coupon 80% OFF Godaddy Domain Privacy Protection

    GoDaddy Coupon $0.99 .COM domain New order

    GoDaddy Coupon $8.99 domain COM unlimited amount- NEW PURCHASES

    Godaddy Coupons new purchases

    GoDaddy Coupon 40% OFF All New ProductsValid thru March 2016

    GoDaddy Coupon 30% OFF All New Products

    GoDaddy Coupon 35% OFF All New Products

    GoDaddy Coupon 33% OFF All New Products

    GoDaddy Coupon 30% OFF All New Products

    Godaddy Hosting For Only a Dollar

    GoDaddy Coupon $1 Linux hosting Success

    GoDaddy Coupon $1 WordPress hosting Success

    GoDaddy Coupon 50% OFF on web hosting – Available for DELUXE & ULTIMATE packages
    List services working with New products coupon codes
    • Dedicated IP Hosting
    • SSL Certificated
    • Domains
    • Web Hosting
    • Website builder
    • WordPress Hositng

    How to access to Godaddy WordPress Hosting By SSH/SFTP

    Here is the place to apply coupon codes
    And You can also change your coupon code right here by clicking on remove button and insert another coupon if coupon code not working. Do some tricks right there and you will save a lot!

    If you want to see all the plan for transfer domains just visit:

    And that’s all for you today! Don’t be hesitate to knock on my door if coupons died or need a little help here!

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    How to change Namecheap’s Nameserver to Bluehost

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    If you’ve ever bought the domain at Namecheap and buy web hosting at Bluehost and you want to change Namecheap’s nameserver to Bluehost’s nameserver. In middle of the year 2015, Namecheap has been changed Cpanel user’s interface, so decided to write this tutorial to help you understand about this. Now, I will show you how to change the Nameserver on your new Namecheap’s Cpanel interface:
    Do like the guide in this image
    Add the Bluehost’s Nameserver below to Namecheap and save:
    [box type=”info”] NS1.BLUEHOST.COM

    Change Namecheap’s Nameserver to Bluehost

    After the change is complete, then about 3 minutes and the entire domain will be switched to Bluehost. The processing on Namecheap works quickly and smoothly than some other providers. Now login to Bluehost and began to assign your domain. Click to domains tab and select assign:
    Now, All done! Your website will live right away.

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    How to use Your Smart Phone to log in to WordPress Dashboard!

    How to use Your Smart Phone to log in to WordPress Dashboard!
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    Do you ever use a smart phone like a key to get in your house? Or use it to turn on some electronic devices like eletric light, fan, window, etc. You can do everything with your phone. But in this article, I don’t guide you how to use your smart phone to do some physical things like I said above. I’ll show you how to use it like a KEY to log in to your WordPress dashboard without using user name and password!

    You know what! There is a FREE WordPress plugin called Clef Two-Factor Authentication can help you to do that. Now, You don’t take time to login to your WordPress dashboard.



    This plugin will provide you a shortcut to accessing your WordPress site from any computer you’re working on without apply username and password.

    Anytime you would like to use your WordPress site just open your Clef app on your smartphone and put your phone in front of the computer screen. It will give you an authority to access your site.

    clef-wordpress-screen-pc login two steps

    How Does it Work?

    STEP 1: Install Clef WordPress Plugin to your WordPress sites.

    STEP 2: Install Clef App to your smart phone devices. Now the provider supports in both of iOS and Android platform. So just install it from Apple store or Google Play then rolling in to your WordPress an ease.

    – Clef iOS app: Download
    – Clef Google Play app: Download

    STEP 3: Set Up password 4 number to log in clef on your smart phone. It just protect clef app on your phone from people around.

    STEP 4: Configuring Clef inside WordPress dashboard!

    set up clef wordpress

    Now it all done! When log in you will see your wplogin page look like this:


    Put your phone over your screen works then it will automatically log you in to WordPress.

    Clef plugin has totally over 800.000+ people installed it. That is simple & safety solution to access your site. It will log out when your working session is expired. You can set the time to expire the log in session on your phone. Clef app will ask you for set up the time when you open it on your phone.

    This plugin absolutely FREE for everyone! Besides, they also offers a paid version for big agencies, high traffic sites, big companies. to know more just visit

    That’s it. I really love this app at the first time I’ve been installed it. I’m still using it on some of my blogs. I’m not see any issues for a long time.

    I would like to see your feedback about this post! Leave a comment here.

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    Review of Speed Godaddy WordPress Hosting – March 2017

    Review of Speed Godaddy WordPress Hosting – March 2017
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    test-speed-goodaddyIn this article, I will make the comparison of Godaddy Managed WordPress Hosting and a normal WordPress Hosting. And I will do a testing of speed between my website Bluetailcoupon.Net and another website built with managed WordPress Hosting Powered by As you know, my website here is hosting at BlueHost with shared hosting package. I was used 2 plugins to speed up my website from over 3 seconds time load down to ~ 2s-2.5s. It’s WP-Optimize by X traffic and WP Fastest Cache. There are many other plugins to speed your WordPress site: WP Rocker, W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache, WordFence. With these plugins, your websites will load very speed and the page load time will slow down to ~ 2s – 2.5s.
    Now, I will make my comparison between and another website powered by Godaddy WordPress Hosting:

    [box type=”info”]

    Bluetailcoupon.Net built with BlueHost Shared Hosting unlimited.
    VS built with Godaddy Managed WordPress Hosting
    [/box] How to Win Managed WordPress Hosting $1 at
    How to access to Godaddy WordPress Hosting By SSH/SFTP
    Coupon Transfer And Renewal Godaddy
    $0.99 COM Godaddy coupon

    I was run the test of website at GTMetrix and I get this result at the first and second times as the same. This website does not use any cache plugin and it only use the system cache built by Godaddy.
    You can see the Pagespeed showed up A score is 92% and the Yslow score is 76%. The import thing is the load time speed just 1.6s. I have tested it in 2 times.


    Here is the screenshot of my website speed test at GTMetrix tested from server region: Vancouver, Canada:
    . So, my website has Pagespeed score is 93% and the Yslow score is 78%. The load page speed here is 2.1 seconds and slow than the other website only 1.6 seconds.



    This is a screenshot of website at Pingdom tested from Dallas, Texas, USA


    This is a screenshot my website at Pingdom tested from Dallas, Texas, USA

    pindom bluetail coupon


    This is a screenshot of website at Dotcom-monitor from many locations


    This is a screenshot of my website at Dotcom-monitor from many locations


    After the comparison at 3 websites about performance optimization and speed: GTMetrix, Pingdom, Dotcom-Monitor, you can see all the page speed load of Godaddy Managed WordPress hosting very grateful. It may be better than shared hosting at many points.

    How does it look inside Godaddy WordPress Managed Dashboard?

    Flush Cache WordPress
    Flush Cache WordPress
    The arrow point to Flush Cache, that place will clear all cache of your website.

    Godaddy Live Chat Support
    Godaddy Live Chat Support
    That place will help you make a live chat with Godaddy’s support team.


    That place is all about FAQ and support to help you solve your problem.

    Ok! That’s all for today! Do you have any question? Please! Comment and I will help you!

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    How to access to Godaddy WordPress Hosting By SSH/SFTP

    How to access to Godaddy WordPress Hosting By SSH/SFTP
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    Are you need to login to Godaddy Managed Hosting right now by tools? This article will help you to what you want and you have full control with WordPress Hosting at Sometimes, you want to change some codes in your website or upload some plugins and you can not do it at WP dashboard. Ok! Here is the solution to do everything quickly and easily! There are a lot of tools out there on the internet can help you to access to your hosting such as FileZilla, WinSCP. But here, I just select 1 tool to do my business. That’s WinSCP tool, the best tool that support access to hosting fastest and safe. WinSCP has many options to choice such as FPT login, SFTP login, SCP, WebDav, SSH-RSA secret file login. I like this tool than ever because it never lost connection to the host and it auto reconnect to host immediately! And here are all the steps:

    How to Win Managed WordPress Hosting $1 at

    1.Login to Godaddy and get your information to log in by WinSCP tool.

    Manged Godaddy Hosting
    Manged Godaddy Hosting


    2.Click on SSH & SFTP tab and copy all info here.

    FTP or SSH access Godaddy
    FTP or SSH access Godaddy
    3.Use all information above to log in with WinSCP tool like this!

    And after 1 second, you will go to right this place. Now! You can do your own business here!

    Ok! All stuff is done here! You just do exactly what I did and you have full permission access your web hosting or WordPress hosting.
    Where to get WinSCP tool?
    You can find this tool by searching on Google search and download the portable version to work quickly!
    That’s all for today! Any questions? Please! comment and I will help you right away!

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    How to change DNS Nameserver at Bigrock

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    Bigrock is known as a domain name and hosting providers extremely cheap price come from the Indian Nations. In the recent period, Bigrock has launched several promotions discount packages that downright amazing for the domain name.Com, Net, Info, Org. I also just purchased a few domain discounts from Bigrock. The process of buying the domain here extremely safe and convenient, I bought the domain by Visa card and they pay through portal, then I get the confirm OTP from the Bank to confirm the payment from Bigrock. This helps my visa shows the absolute safety and security. I’ve never seen like this in the other providers. After buying success, I would like instructions on how to change DNS Nameserver on Bigrock. Here I will guide you to add Free DNS Nameserver of Namecheap to Bigrock.
    1.Login to Bigrock manage page.
    2. Click Order Information.
    3. Click to Name Servers and change to your nameserver. In this case, I’ve added nameserver of Namecheap replacement for nameserver of Bigrock.
    Replace all DNS of Bigrock
    [box type=”info”]
    [/box] with Namecheap DNS

    [box type=”info”]
    [/box] Bluehost DNS Nameserver

    [box type=”info”]
    [/box] With Hostgator Similar like this

    [box type=”info”]
    [/box] You just click update and wait as all work is complete. Just take a little time from 1 hour to 2 hours the whole of your website will run stability and a rapid process of non-resistant as the DNS service in other places can take up to a 24-hour for a new website running successfully.

    The following will be the guide how to install Free DNS Name server with Namecheap. Login to Namecheap or create a new free account Go here and add a new CNAME Record record for your domain. I only use 2 lines for my website totally work. See demo image.