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    50% Off StableHost Enterprise Recurring Coupon » February 2017

    50% Off StableHost Enterprise Recurring Coupon » February 2017
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    February 2017. Stable Host Coupon 2016 uP to 50% OFF lifetime discount / StableHost offers 50% off Recurring(lifetime) discount all web hosting plans: Starter, PRO, Enterprise(Platinum) and other coupon codes to help us cool off the order day. It means the renewal price always 50% off same discount term as the first time you bought it. After You had finished applying the coupon code – 50% discount – the hosting now only $1.75/mo. The unlimited Pro Plan only $3.95/mo and the unlimited Platinum only $13.75/mo. StableHost hosting is the best place to run all the heavy scripts works smoothly for all necessary functions such as Xenforo, vBulletin v5, Joomla, WordPress, Drupal and much more.


    StableHost’s discount terms made lots of users happy with their services. Their hosting always ROCKS at all the time. If you’re planning to find a reliable, stable and affordable web hosting to do your business StableHost is a web hosting service to come along with your journey.

    Stable Host Coupons February’s 2017

    Stable Host Shared Hosting Coupons

    40% Off all Shared Hosting first order StableHost Coupon
    40% Off all Shared Hosting first order StableHost Coupon
    50% Off discount lifetime shared Hosting StableHost Coupon
    50% Off discount onetime shared Hosting StableHost Coupon
    75% Off discount onetime shared Hosting StableHost Coupon
    Stable Host Reseller Hosting Coupons
    30% Off – Reseller Hosting one time StableHost Coupon
    30% Off all Reseller Hosting First order StableHost Coupon
    Stable Host VPS Hosting Coupons
    15% Off – StableHost Virtual Private Servers(VPS) Coupon StableHost Coupon

    The StableHost Enterprise package can handle up to 2000 – 3000 unique visitor per day with websites have a lot of traffic. If you’re considering to find a VPS Hosting with high RAM resources to host your websites why not try a StableHost Enterprise plan instead of VPS hosting. A lot of developers have been using this package to host their websites. I think it a good solution for your business.

    My Review about EnterPrise Packages
    100% Real system resources.
    100 Users per system instead of 500 users with the normal share hosting plans.
    2xFull CPUs and double memory RAM instead of the normal shared hosting plans operating with single memory (RAM)
    Auto-remove malware, virus, auto-fix website problems instead of the normal shared hosting plans you must do it yourself.
    The SSD drive must better than the others normal shared hosting plans.
    The MySQL databases connection is 50 instead of 10 at normal shared hosting plans.
    Handle 2000 to 3500 Unique visitors per day.
    SSH access lifetime only $3.
    R1Soft software is operating on StableHost Enterprise for daily backup

    Stable Host Data Centers

    Phoenix, Arizona usflag (***Highly recommend)
    Chicago, Illinois usflag
    Amsterdam, Netherlands flag_nl

    Which Servers are Stable and ROCK?
    The StableHost’s data center located in Phoenix, Arizona is stable, faster load time speed to the world. This server has been tested speed by many users around the world. At the billing step, don’t forget to select this server if you’re living outside the US. Another server located in Netherlands(Amsterdam), you can also switch to this server if your business launched nearby this location.

    What could we do with hosting StableHost?
    Build an amazon niche site by WordPress platform
    Build a blog to earn Google adsense
    Build a landing page by StableHost’s web builder tools

    There are a lot of other things you can do with StableHost hosting to make the passive income to your blog or niche sites. And it’s still waiting for you figure it out by your own way.

    StableHost Web Hosting features

    Recurring lifetime discount
    RAM(Memory): 1GB
    CPU-Core: 1 Full CPU Core
    Varnish Caching
    Litespeed PHP Caching
    Operating System: CentOS
    cPanel free available
    IO : 3Mbit/s per second transmit and Receive data
    Site.Pro Web Builder
    SSD Disk storages

    Each one web hosting plan included all of best features above. One of the great things I like about StableHost is Varnish Caching made my websites load faster than before. This feature only saw at some of best web hosting providers on the internet.

    40% Off HawkHost Recurring coupon code

    StableHost web hosting Plans

    • Suitable for Beginners/Newbies
    • $1.75/mo billed at 1 Month / 3 Month / 6 Months / 12 Months / 24 Months / 36 Month
    • Unlimited Disk Space storages
    • Unlimited Bandwith
    • 1 Domain
    • SSD Powered Disk Space
    • Suitable for 250,000 Monthly visitors
    • PRO
    • Multiple websites hosted.
    • $3.25/mo billed at 1 Month / 3 Month / 6 Months / 12 Months / 24 Months / 36 Month
    • Unlimited Disk Space storages
    • Unlimited Bandwith
    • Unlimited Domain
    • SSD Powered Disk Space
    • Online Web Builder
    • Suitable for 250,000 Monthly visitors
    • Go Geeks – Large Business
    • $13.75/mo billed at 1 Month / 3 Month / 6 Months / 12 Months / 24 Months / 36 Month
    • Unlimited Disk Space storages
    • INODES/Files: 500k
    • User Per Server:100
    • Hacked / Compromised Repair available
    • Suitable for 400,000 Monthly visitors
    • Unlimited Bandwith
    • Unlimited Domain
    • SSD Powered Disk Space
    • Online Web Builder
    • VIP Support
    • 2GB/S DDOS Protection
    • 99.99% SLA

    The Enterprise Plan is double CPU Resources with 2 full CPU Cores,50 MySQL connections, only 100 users per server(the shared plan 500 users per servers), much more. Everything in this plan is double than other shared hosting plans, you can get monthly visitors over 400,000. And after you applied the coupon code 50% off Recurring discount lifetime the price just playing around $14.95 per month, the yearly plan around $199 per year. Don’t worry they have a lot of billing type 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, 24 months, 36 months for us to deal with.

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    75% OFF – A collection of HostGator Coupon, promo codes, February 2017

    75% OFF – A collection of HostGator Coupon, promo codes, February 2017
    5 (100%) 3 votes

    hostgator-collection-coupons promo codes
    I’m creating a collection of Hostgator coupon, promo codes selected from dozens of coupon website resources to sharing it back to you in this post. All types of HostGator web hosting packages all gather right here with the coupon codes came along, so anytime you visiting this post you’ll see all the new coupon codes updating by myself. Take the time to find out which is fit to you!

    Valid to 30-February 2017

    ***Type in this section to find exactly what kind of coupon codes that fit for you.

    Coupon & Promo Codes Name
    60% Off HostGator all kind of Hosting Packages ***Sale ends: 30-February 2017
    60% Off HostGator all web hosting ***Sale ends: 30-February 2017
    HostGator Coupon for Shared Hosting
    55% Off Hostagator Shared Hosting Plans
    50% Off HostGator web hosting Plans
    60% discount HostGator Hatching, Baby, Business Plans
    $28 for 12 months HostGator Hatching Plans for beginners
    20% Off HostGatorall hosting Packages for beginners
    $15 for 6 months HostGator Baby Hosting Plan
    HostGator Coupon for WordPress Hosting
    60% Off HostGator all WordPress Hosting Packages ***Sale ends: 30-February 2017
    56% Off Hostagator WordPress Hosting new purchases
    55% Off Hostagator WordPress Hosting new purchases
    40% Off to 50% Off Hostagator WordPress Hosting starter, Standard, Business and Pro
    20% Off to 30% Off Hostagator WordPress Hosting full plans
    HostGator Coupon for VPS (virtual private server)
    60% Off HostGator all VPS packages ***Sale ends: 30-February 2017
    75% Off HostGator all VPS Hosting plans
    50% Off HostGator all VPS plans
    75% Off HostGator all VPS plans
    50% Off HostGator all VPS Hosting Plans
    40% Off HostGator all VPS plans
    25% Off HostGator VPS plans
    HostGator Coupon for Dedicated Server
    60% Off HostGator Dedicated Server Linux, Window ***Sale ends: 30-February 2017
    65% Off HostGator Dedicated Server Linux, Window ***Sale ends: 30-February 2017
    50% Off HostGator all Dedicated Server packages
    upto 55% Off HostGator Dedicated Server Plans
    upto 40% Off HostGator Dedicated Servers ***first invoice
    HostGator Coupon for Reseller Hosting
    60% Off HostGator Reseller Hosting Plans ***Sale ends: 30-February 2017
    68% Off HostGator Reseller Hosting Plans ***Sale ends: 30-February 2017
    55% Off HostGator Reseller Hosting Plans
    50% Off HostGator Reseller Hosting Plans Aluminum, Copper, Silver, Gold and Diamond
    35% Off HostGator Reseller Hosting Packages
    25% Off HostGator Reseller Hosting
    30% Off HostGator Reseller Hosting
    HostGator Coupon for Cloud Hosting
    60% Off HostGator Cloud Hosting Plans ***Sale ends: 30-February 2017
    50% Off HostGator cloud hosting Plans cloud hatching, cloud baby, cloud business
    44% Off HostGator cloud hosting Plans
    42% Off HostGator cloud hosting Plans
    50% Off HostGator cloud hosting Plans 12 Months 40% off, 24 months 50% off, 36 months 50% off
    HostGator Domain Coupon
    $2.05 discount HostGatordomain names
    20% OFF HostGatordomain names

    If you would like to follow this blog to read more about new coupon, promo codes just putting your email address in this box and I’ll let you know anytime new coupon codes coming!

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    Exclusive 50% Off – StableHost Coupon Codes Lifetime Discount

    Exclusive 50% Off – StableHost Coupon Codes Lifetime Discount
    4.67 (93.33%) 6 votes

    Stable Host Coupon February 2016 – I have a lot of StableHost coupon codes with the powerful discount really want to share with you guys to save your orders on web hosting packages.

    50% Off Recurring Coupon

    The biggest discount deal until now is 50% off for recurring lifetime discount. It means the discount works for whole life. The next time you renewal the hosting package already had applied the recurring coupon code the price still is the same like the first time you bought it.

    Stable Host Coupons February 2017

    Names Coupon
    40% Off all StableHost hosting plans (***Include Platinum plan)
    40% Off discount onetime shared hosting packages
    50% Off Recurring discount lifetime all Shared Hosting plans
    – 50% Off onetime discount all shared hosting plans.
    – 75% Off onetime discount all shared hosting plans.
    Stable Host Reseller Hosting Coupons
    – 30% Off all Reseller Hosting Packages
    – 30% Off Reseller Hosting Plans at StableHost.
    Stable Host VPS Hosting Coupons
    – 15% Off StableHos VPS Hosting coupon.

    ***Note: All coupon codes checking weekly. Copy the coupon code inside one of these buttons to generate a big discount on your order packages.

    If you didn’t apply the recurring coupon or the coupon code discount for onetime and the next time the renewal price may go up a little bit.

    Just enjoy all the incredible discount they have offered to us. Take your hands on it build the first application from scratch to get the achievement.

    After You had applied the coupon code – 50% off lifetime discount – The deal for StableHost hosting would look like this:

    The Unlimited Starter Plan – start at $1.75/mo works for whole life.
    The unlimited Pro Plan – start at $3.25/mo works for whole life.
    The unlimited Platinum plan – start at $13.75/mo – works for whole life.

    Hit this button to claim a coupon code inside then apply it when you’re billing any hosting plan at Stable Host. It will set your hosting cost 50% off for the lifetime.

    What would you like to do with hosting StableHost?
    There’re a lot of purposes we can do with the hosting we bought but I’m honestly sure We could do it for some these purposes:

    • Build a Community forum with XenForo or vBulletin v5 platform

    StableHost has all the necessary things we need to run forum scripts. They can handle all the hard codes and function.

    • Build a Blog to earn cash with Google Adsense(PPC)

    You can build a blog and wrote all the best things you already know or learning to help other people on the internet to solve their problem or learn the other thing they didn’t know. By this job, You can sign up the Google Adsense program to earn cash. All readers and you Win-Win

    • Build a niche site such as Amazon Affiliate sites to get smart passive income from the internet

    Buy a Hosting Package at StableHost and start to build your affiliate website to earn huge money. StableHost hosting is faster responsive than the other hosting come along with the High System Resources hook your website up with the the best SEO score in the search Engines.

    StableHost System Resources information

    Basic Plans Platium Plans
    1 Full CPU Core 2 Full CPU Cores
    1GB memory RAM 24GB of RAM
    MySQL Connections:10 MySQL Connections:50
    Users per server :500 Users per server :100
    SSD Drives Enterprise SSD Drives
    R1Soft storage R1Soft storage
    Varnish Caching Varnish Caching
    cPanel available cPanel available

    We see all the best server resources above with high RAM and CPU cores. Every hosting plan already has a minimum resource like listed above for basic hosting plans: 1GB RAM, 1 CPU core, Varnish Cache, etc. Another best feature at StableHost is R1Soft software backup. StableHost is using R1Soft software backup for their servers.

    You can see the R1Soft backup at some websites selling VPS backup plans. So, all StableHost’s users can restore the backup of their website anytime they want. The data always safe and secured on hosting.

    Buyer’s Guides.
    The first thing when buying a hosting is select the domain name which is the name matched with the niche blog, company name, your name,etc. And The COM domain always is the first choice for international customers. After you had finished selecting the domain name hit on the CONTINUE button to go to next step.
    StableHost Coupon

    StableHost recurring

    Stablehost coupon and promo
    At this step, you must choose the billing cycle how to fit your money already have. Anytime, I bought a new hosting I alway pay for the rest whole year to get the big discount from hosting company. Of course, you can select any billing plan; it based on your planning.

    The important part is select the server data centers location. This point very import when I buying a hosting. At StableHost, I would like to select the Phoenix- Arizona server for high system resources.


    Stable Host coupon

    Stable Hosting

    Here is the most beautiful place we should focus. This place the hosting providers set it up for you applies coupon codes for a discount. If you passed you, can not get the percentages of discount. Copy the coupon codes I already showed up in this post at the top head of this page and paste it into the section like in the image.
    StableHost lifetime

    StableHost discount
    That you see! The pricing told us a lot. It were so different between does and didn’t apply the coupon codes. This quality of this always the same like each other ways.

    Would you like to listen from me? Hope you would like to follow my blog every day! More and more deals are waiting for you today! By putting your email address in the section below, you will get all the best stuff goes arrive in your mailbox. Good luck for your business!

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    35% Off Godaddy Bulk Domain registration Coupon February 2017

    35% Off Godaddy Bulk Domain registration Coupon February 2017
    5 (100%) 1 vote

    I have over 6 coupon codes is working absolutely well on Bulk domain names new registration at Godaddy.com. I’ve also taken time to check out these coupon codes one by one. And I see these codes very helpful for buyers needed. As a follower of forums domain, web hosting, I seen a lot of guys looking for godaddy bulk domain names coupons codes. So, That[/su_button] the reason why I’ve been created this article.
    You see! Order a lot of domains at one time will took a lot of money for the order. The way apply the coupon codes will help us made discount for what we’re ordering.

    godaddy-bulk domain

    Coupon Codes

    35% OFF Feb 2017
    33% OFF
    Feb 2017
    30% OFF
    Feb 2017
    Feb 2017

    if this article isn[/su_button] the kind of you’re looking for read this – 40% Off Godaddy Promo Codes Feb 2017 – $1 WordPress Hosting. This post have dozens of coupon, promo codes could be fit to you.

    How to order hundreds of domain names one time only at Godaddy.com
    Godaddy has a powerful tool designed to helps all the customers who really want to order a large domains amount at onetime ordering. With this tool you can order how many domain names as you want just a click.

    As the new customer at the first time, I didn[/su_button] know this tool. I works so hard to hit one by one domain name but it didn[/su_button] bring me to the right place.
    Finally, I’ve found out this tool from a forum. Now, I can order dozens of domains at onetime and anytime I want to buy it.
    Here is the guidelines to help all of you who are newbies, new customers didn[/su_button] know this tool yet.

    Paste all the domain names into this field like in this image and click to the GO button. You see! Only a simple click you could order a lot of domain names for onetime.
    When You ordering your domain names you’ll see this section. Look at the corner right of the page with the text “Have a promotional code“, hit on it and paste the coupon code into there. You’ll get a percentage of discount applied to your billing.

    Would you like to follow my blog? Just put your email to the input field below. I’ll notify you when the new coupon, promo codes launched. Thank you!

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    $2.95 Fastcomet Hosting Extra Plus Free Domain For Lifetime

    $2.95 Fastcomet Hosting Extra Plus Free Domain For Lifetime
    4.63 (92.5%) 8 votes

    Today I would like to share you a new web hosting comes up with SSD drives, real system resources and super fast. They also offers a free domain name for lifetime subscription with all shared hosting plans. The basic hosting plan is starting at $2.95 per month. The CloudFlare CDN is always there available in use anytime. With this hosting you have unlimited everything like Bandwidth, databases but the SSD disk spaces are limited for each of plan. The price is very good like this friendly with all affiliate marketers building amazon niche sites or blogging purposes.

    fastcomet ssd cloud hosting

    Fastcomet is a web hosting company has headquartered in the United Sates. They have lots of products like Web Hosting, Shared Hosting Packages, Cloud VPS Hosting, SSD-Based Cloud Servers, Dedicated Servers, WordPress Hosting, Joomla Hosting, SocialEngine Hosting, Ghost Hosting, much more.

    Web Hosting Features

    I will describe each of one feature from Fastcomet hosting. What will we get? What are the advantages this web hosting service offering us?


    A Free domain name for life-time
    We will receive a completely free domain when ordering any of cloud SSD shared hosting packages. Something offers the lifetime; it will live forever, and we will not pay for it again. This the first advantage the giving us.

    Memcached Supported
    Now, Memcached is supported for all Fastcomet’s hosting plans even the cheapest shared hosting plan. I always like which web hosting providers can offer Memcached supports or Varnish cache. so, What are the advantages of Memcached ?

    1. Memcached uses RAM as a place to store the data to reduce the number of times an external data source (database or API) must be read
    2. Memcached helps your sites load balanced and faster

    High CPU & RAM Resources

    • The 1st plan 1GB RAM + 2 CPU Cores
    • The 2sd plan 1.5GB RAM + 3 CPU Cores
    • The 3rd plan 2 GB RAM + 4 CPU Cores

    Large SSD Disk Space storages

    • The 1st plan 35GB
    • The 2sd plan 55 GB
    • The 3rd plan Unlimited SSD Storages

    Many data centers – Singapore, Tokyo

    • Singapore (SNG-SG) Asia – IP Address:
    • Tokyo (TOK-JP) Asia – IP Address:
    • Chicago (CHI-US) USA – IP Address:
    • Dallas (DAL-US) USA – IP Address:
    • Frankfurt (FRA-DE) Europe – IP Address:
    • London (LDN-GB) Europe – IP Address:
    • Amsterdam (AMS-NL) Europe – IP Address:
    fastcomet hosting

    40% Off HawkHost web hosting coupon- Singapore Server

    Uptime Monitoring review

    I can say the quality of fastcomet hosting absolutely great. I’ve been running an uptime monitoring on uptimerobot.com. After several months(over 6 months) I just see I down only one time. That is the good sight to take a start at Fastcomet hosting.

    Buy Fastcomet hosting get coupon discount 20% on WP-Rocket cache Plugin

    WP-Rocket.me cache plugin WordPress is offering us 20% discount when we are ordering any web hosting plans from Fastcomet. Wp-Rocket and Fastcomet are partners. They are working together like a PRO.


    wp-rocket-wordpress cache discount coupon

    I every uses WP-Rocket WordPress plugin for over six months, and I can say it is one of the fastest cache plugins for WordPress I ever see. It helps my website load faster than before and all the scores from GTMetrix, Google Page Speed Insight goes over 85 points. And that site integrated with Wp-Rocket generates for me a lot of sales for affiliate physical products without SEO a lot. Google or other search engines will give A+ for which sites create good users experience. I mean the more website load faster, the more income grows bigger.
    In this article, I just stay focusing on WP-Rocket and Fastcomet cloud hosting. So, I won’t dig deeper to other objects like SEO strategies or something else.

    How to Get the discount
    First of all, you must jump to the Fastcomet website orders any cloud hosting plans then after had finished your order login to CPanel to copy WP-Rocket coupon inside.

    What is going to happen when WP-Rocket Sticking with Fastcomet?

    The WordPress plugin WP-Rocket will make your sites skyrocket when it sticked along with Fastcomet Cloud hosting. Everything would be work double as well. The users come visit your new website will get more good experience and you will get more conversion.

    Google Page speed insights score

    Here is I will make a test at GT- Metrix, Google page speed insights. Let see what’s going to happen?



    A lot of affiliate marketers have chosen one of the most fastest web hosting to build their affiliate websites for amazon affiliate program, Linkshare, Clickbank, more. The fast hosting will create the good experience for customers, users or even search engine. This is most important thing should not be passed. A lot of ideas said the website load time does not affect to the SEO scores, I agree with this point but how do you feel if your website load faster than before or generates more sales. I also have some sites built on fast web hosting included with my own experience optimize my site for load faster and I got the good results the sales starting grow up even I didn’t do any kind of tricks to get sales. The traffic auto comes from the search engine for the best website optimization.


    This web hosting very reliable and cheap to launch website apps, forum, e-commerce sites, niche sites or much more. Come along with that you can get discount 20% on WP-Rocket WordPress plugin cache. Fastcomet + WP-Rocket = Skyrocket Conversions!

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    50% Off Namecheap Reseller Hosting February 2017

    50% Off Namecheap Reseller Hosting February 2017
    5 (100%) 1 vote

    This month Namecheap has released a bigger discount for Reseller hosting than other months – 50% off for all reseller hosting plans with monthly billing cycle while the other months only 40% off for these packages as maximum discount. The coupon just work for monthly plan without yearly plans for this month.

    The reseller hosting is available for 25 resold account, up to 1000GB bandwidth per month, 25GB disk space. Of course, these features for the first reseller package. To get more system resources, you can buy other bigger Plans with unlimited resold accounts.

    Besides, show up the reseller hosting coupon code, I’d like to share another types of discount coupon codes:
    – The XYZ domain name just $0.15 for this month- 2nd birthday of XYZ domain.
    – The domain .ME only $6.88 cheaper than other places.
    – Domain .TOP $0.88.
    – Domain .TECH,.PRESS,.PW, WEBCAM, PRESS, SPACE, WEBSITE also $0.88 a year for the first year of pricing.
    ***Namecheap accept PayPal, Prepaid credit card not needed to verify orders

    Coupon codes

    50% OFF Namecheap Reseller Hosting monthly billing cycle.

    40% Off VPS Hosting Plans.

    10% Off all domain Names new purchases, transfer.

    – $8.49 Transfer domain Names to Namecheap

    – 20% OFF Namecheap Shared Hosting Plans + Start at $7.9 a year very fast + SSD power.

    $5 OFF Namecheap Ultimate hosting package

    This coupon code is valid for both of Ultimate Plan when ordering 12 months +.

    20% OFF Namecheap Professional hosting Plan

    This coupon code is valid for both of Professional Plan when ordering 12 months +.

    $0.99/year Namecheap WhoisGuard coupon with fully WhoisGuard protection instead free version.

    $6.88 .ME domain name + free WhoisGuard for the first year.

    – $0.88 .TOP domain name + free WhoisGuard for the 1st year.

    – $0.15 .XYZ domain name + free WhoisGuard.

    The fastcomet hosting only $2.95/month with high system resources for good performance + free domain name for lifetime. It also has a server location in Singgapore, Asia – Check it out.

    That’s the whole things I want to share with you for today with Namecheap. If you would like to follow my blog just placing your email address below and you’ll let you know anytime when the new coupon codes have released.

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    2017’s February » 40% Off HawkHost Shared Hosting Coupon – Unlimited Transfer – Web Hosting Singapore – Memcached supported

    2017’s February » 40% Off HawkHost Shared Hosting Coupon – Unlimited Transfer – Web Hosting Singapore – Memcached supported
    5 (100%) 5 votes

    February 2017 Today, I would like to share with you a coupon code – 40% Off on HawkHost shared hosting. Until now, this coupon is the biggest deal in this February. This coupon code is applied for all of Hawkhost shared hosting plans with one time discount.
    All the other coupon codes for the discount from 50% to 75% had expired for a long time ago. If you seeing anywhere else these codes may be it didn’t work and they just updated the schedule without changing anything. All coupon codes I showing up here have been checked & 100% working. Don’t forget to engage Memcached for you hosting – New Features from Hawkhost hosting.
    February 6th, 2017

    40% OFF HawkHost Shared Hosting
    40% Off For First Purcharse on Shared Hosting Hawk Host Coupon

    25% OFF For Your Entire Life on Shared Hosting – Forever Hawk Host Coupon

    35% OFF For New First Purchase on Shared Hosting Hawk Host Coupon

    35% OFF For New First Purchase on Shared Hosting Hawk Host Coupon

    30% OFF HawkHost Semi-Dedicated Servers
    30% Off For Semi Dedicated Hawk Host Coupon
    25% OFF Recurring lifetime – Semi Dedicated Hawk Host Coupon
    30% OFF HawkHost VPS
    30% Off For VPS Hawk Host Coupon
    30% OFF HawkHost Reseller
    30% Off Recurring Hawk Host Coupon
    30% Off Recurring Hawk Host Coupon
    30% Off Recurring Hawk Host Coupon

    Buyer’s Guides

    At the first time, you might do not know how to buying a shared hosting package at Hawkhost. Here is my series of screenshots guide how to do exactly step by step for the new guy. If you are an existing customer, you can pass this guide. The first thing to do, select the hosting and choose your domain name and click the check button. If you already had the domain name, paste it into the input field switch to option 2 I will use my existing domain and update my nameservers

    How many years do you want the domain name live? Here I will set 1 year and renewal when it’s expired. You can set it to 2 years or more than that, and it belongs to your business. After that click on Continue button.
    Hawkhost had 5 Server Locations and spreading around the world. At this step, you can switch to any locations for the fastest load of web site nearby your place where you wish to launch your business.



    Don’t forget apply your discount code right here look like in the sreenshot. If you passed this step, you can not get any discount. Copy the coupon code from this page,bluetailcoupon.net,and paste into the input feild and click Validate Code.
    Look at the right side, now you can see the price go off. Click on Continue to finish your order.


    + Some coupon codes only work on New orders, New Purchases, New invoice
    + Select exactly Server Locations to get website fastest speed load.
    + Memcached Now ready on HawkHost
    + You can buy at HawkHost by Visa/Master Card, PayPal account and more.
    + Apply the coupon code to get a discount

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    Tops Cheap Dedicated Servers Hosting fit for your Businesses 2017

    Tops Cheap Dedicated Servers Hosting fit for your Businesses 2017
    5 (100%) 2 votes

    Hello! Expert people! I’m a Publisher of this website. Today I would like to list some Dedicated Server services I knew around the internet. I know there are a ton of services out there, but I just pick up a few of them to show up here on my site for you to compare which one would be the good fit for your businesses. Some of the faces show up here; Their’s services trusted by many big companies; they are Liquidweb, Interserver, Vultr, So! If you prefer working with the premium services that triple would be right for you!

    Some of the providers at the fist list came up with the good deals suitable for small business or personal. For the good services with the low price for the dedicated servers, I highly recommend Hawkhost as a chosen in this section.


    • HawkHost Semi-Dedicated Nestling 2GB RAM start at $15.99
      • 20GB Space
      • Unlimited Bandwidth
      • FREE Memcached Server
      • SSD Powered
      • 2 Full CPUs
      • 2GB Of Memory
      • $15.99 Per Month –
        Take a Look


    • 1and1.com Dedicated Server start at $34.99
      • Processor AMD Quad Core
      • Speed 4 Cores x 2.1 GHz
      • RAM 4 GB DDR2
      • Hard-disk space 750 GB (2 x 750 GB SATA)
      • RAID Software RAID 1 SSD
      • Bandwidth transfer Unlimited transfer
      • Operating System Linux, Windows, 1&1 Managed
      • IP address Own static IP adress
      • Management software Parallels® Plesk 12 (resellable, unlimited domains)
      • Access Full root/administrator access
      • Port speed 100 Mbit/s
      • Domains 1 included
      • $34.99 Per Month –
        Take a Look


    • HawkHost Semi-Dedicated Talon 2GB RAM start at $39.99
      • Unlimited Space
      • Unlimited Bandwidth
      • FREE Memcached Server
      • SSD Powered
      • 2 Full CPUs
      • 2GB Of Memory
      • $39.99 Per Month –
        Take a Look


    • Interserver Dedicated CPU Intel Dual-Core Atom 1GB RAM start at $59
      • Memory: 1GB RAM.
      • HARD DRIVE: 250 GB.
      • CPANEL available
      • WHMPLESK available
      • DIRECT ADMIN available
      • $59 Per Month –
        Take a Look


    • Vultr Dedicated Cloud server 8GB RAM start at $60
      • Memory: 8GB RAM Memory.
      • 120 GB SSD storages
      • 10 TB Transfer(Bandwith)
      • 2 CPU Cores
      • 14 Sever Locations
        • 8 Servers Located in USA
        • 1 Amsterdam NETHERLANDS
        • 1 Tokyo
        • 1 London UK
        • 1 Paris
        • 1 Sydney AUSTRALIA
        • 1 Frankfurt GERMANY
      • $60 Per Month –
        Take a Look


    • HostGator Dedicated server Intel Xeon Dual Core 2.3GHz 4GB RAM start at $76/mo
      • Intel Xeon Dual Core 2.3GHz (4 threads)
      • 100 Mbps Uplink
      • 4 GB RAM
      • 500 GB RAID-1 Drives
      • 10 TB Bandwidth
      • 2 Dedicated IPs
      • CPanel Included
      • $76 Per Month –

        Take a Look



    • Squidix Dedicated Fully Managed 8GB RAM 4CPU Cores Intel Xeon X3440 starting at $105/mo
      • INTEL XEON X3440
      • 2x 120GB SSD (RAID-1) OR 2x 1TB SATA
      • 8GB RAM Memory
      • Unlimited Data Transfer
      • 4 Core Intel Xeon X3440
      • 10TB Premium Bandwidth
      • cPanel & WHM Included
      • $105 Per Month –
        Take a Look


    • Arvixe Dedicated Class 4GB RAM 8CPU Cores start at $108/mo
      • Fully Managed
      • Windows 2012 R2 | WebSitePanel
      • 150 GB Dedicated Disk Space
      • 4 GB Dedicated Memory
      • Unlimited Data Transfer
      • 8 CPU Cores
      • LinuxWindows
      • $108 Per Month –
        Take a Look


    • HostNine Dedicated Server 128 GB SSD 8 GB RAM 4 CPU CORES start at $109.99/mo
      • CPU 4 Cores
      • 1 TB HDD (RAID 1)- or -128 GB SSD
      • 8 GB RAM
      • 500 GB Bandwidth
      • 4 IPs
      • FREE cPanel/WHM
      • FREE Softaculous
      • CentOS 5 LAMP 64bit- CentOS 6 LAMP 64bit – Window 2008 64bit – Ubuntu ver 10 or ver 12 64 bit
      • $109.99 Per Month –
        Take a Look


    • IPOWER Dedicated Server 4GB RAM 2 CPU Cores start at $119.99/mo
      • Intel Xeon E3 – 1220LV2 3.5 GHZ
      • 4GB RAM
      • 500GB Storage
      • 5TB Bandwidth
      • 3 IP Addresses
      • Free Domain
      • CentOS 6.4
      • cPanel included
      • 20% off first term
      • $119.99 Per Month –
        Take a Look


    • Fastcomet Fully Managed Dedicated Server 4GB RAM 4 x 2.8GHz Cores start at $139.99/mo
      • Quad-Core Intel Xeon CPU E5-2680 v2 @ 2.80GHz
      • 4GB ECC RAM
      • 4 x 2.8GHz CPUs
      • 960GB SSD Storage
      • 4TB Bandwidth
      • 500 Mbit network out
      • Free Domain
      • Free Backup Restore
      • cPanel included
      • Brute-force Protection
      • $139.99 Per Month –
        Take a Look


    • Liquidweb – Premium 4 Cores @ 3.6 GHz / 4.0 GHz Turbo start at $199/mo
      • Single Processor Intel Xeon E3-1271 v3, 4-core
      • 4 Cores @ 3.6 GHz / 4.0 GHz Turbo
      • 16 GB RAM (DDR3)
      • 250 GB SSD MLC, RAID 1 (Primary Drive)
      • 1 TB 7200 RPM SATA (Backup Drive)
      • 5 TB Outbound & FREE Incoming Bandwidth
      • $159 Per Month –
        Take a Look

    $150 Off Liquidweb Storm Dedicated servers

    • Greengeeks Intel Atom 330 Dual Core start at $169/mo
      • Intel Atom 330 Dual Core
      • 2 GB DDR 3 Memory
      • 1x 500 GB SATA Drive
      • 5 IP Addresses
      • 10,000 GB Transfer
        Contact Sales
      • $169 Per Month –
        Take a Look


    • Dediserve HYBRID Dedicated server 96GB RAM memory 20CPU Cores start at $714.95
      • CPU Cores: 20
      • SSD Drives: 800GB
      • RAM 96GB
      • IP Address standard: 1
      • Server: HP BL460C G8 Blade Server
        CPU: Up to Dual Intel Xeon E5-2660v2 2.20Ghz Ten Core Processors
        RAM: 96-256GB 12800R ECC RAM
        Blade Storage: Dual 400GB SSD RAID1 (OS & Logs)
        Storage Array: D2220SB Storage Array, 12 Bays, RAID 1,5,6,10,50 supported
        Storage Type: 800GB Datacenter HP 6GB/s SSD
        Network: 2x10Gbps, 50Mbps at 95th percentile global transit included in Normal
      • Locations: 20 server locations spread out
      • $714.95 Per Month –
        Take a Look

    Hawkhost semi-dedicated server is cheapest in one of these services most loved by who are interesting with semi-dedicated servers. To get the maximum discount for semi dedicaed server at Hawkhost, you can read this article – 35% Off Hawkhost semi-dedicated servers recurring discount.

    For the premium dedicated servers, I truly recommend you stick to Liquidweb Storm dedicated servers. They have a lot of big agencies using their services such as TechSmith, Fedex, National Geographic, Zappos, American Airlines, Hitachi, much much more. Theirs services suitable for big agencies, medium business to large business.

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    $30 OFF Greengeeks WordPress Hostingto Jump-Start Online Business

    $30 OFF Greengeeks WordPress Hostingto Jump-Start Online Business
    5 (100%) 6 votes

    Do you really want to Jump-start your online businesses? And what is the point at the fist step? To startup your online businesses the first thing we should do that is finding a premium hosting comes up with high priority support and mostly secure. Because we take a look of time, cash and hard work or even we work through days or night to finish our job.

    green hosting

    So, what’s going to happens if in some cases the hosting providers not secure enough? We’re already know that! GreenGeeks web hosting is mostly chosen by a lot of customers in the US and around the world for high priority support and highly secure.
    So, Who are GreenGeeks’s customers? I’m following a lot of forums and fan pages, SPI communities on the internet. So, I can told you who’re exactly their customers.
    – Affiliate marketers.
    – Entrepreneur.
    * Writers.
    – Logo designers.
    – Vendors.
    – much more.

    Today I’m going to help you to make a discount – $30 Off on GreenGeeks wordPress hosting with some of my coupon codes showed up on the post page offered by Greengeeks web hosting. The pricing plan of WordPress hosting at Greengeeks also like the same price with all other shared hosting plans listed up on their sale page with the minimum price is $3.96 a month.

    30% OFF WordPress Hosting

    $20 OFF WordPress Hosting

    Here are some others coupon codes still working very well help you make a discount on your orders for WordPress Hosting or Shared Hosting.

    – 30% OFF Shared & WordPress Hosting Plan

    $30 OFF Shared & WordPress Hosting Plan

    What’s going to happens when we applying coupon code?
    EcoSite Starter 3 Years $4.95/mo EcoSite Starter 3 Years $4.12/mo
    EcoSite Starter 2 Years $6.95/mo EcoSite Starter 2 Years $5.70/mo
    EcoSite Starter Yearly $7.95/mo EcoSite Starter Yearly $5.45/mo
    EcoSite Starter Monthly $9.95/mo EcoSite Starter Monthly $9.95/mo

    Did you see the different now? The costs gonna change a lot after applying a coupon code $30 Off on WordPress Hosting. You know! Sometimes, I bought a hosting without apply any coupon codes because We’re already known what we’re looking for! I show up the coupon codes here to help you some people not enough the funding source to start their first business! May be sometimes The websites promo codes have some annoying but okay it’s not deal! Just focusing on what’s your’re finding and identity what is the best that fit for you!

    Ok! Here is the place to use your coupon code to make discount and don’t forget to choose the data centers to target your GEO audiences.

    WordPress Hosting Features

    • FREE Blazing Fast Enterpise SSD RAID-10 Storage.
    • Free tech support transfer website from old hosting to GreenGreeks
    • FREE 1-Click WordPress Install
    • Unlimited Web Space & Data Transfer
    • Free Daily Backups entire site.
    • CDN & Multiple Data Centers make your website load faster and faster

    If You had a website hosted from another hosting before and you though it doesn’t secure enough and you want to transfer your old website to Greengeeks but you don’t know how! Ok! That’s just fine! Anytime I really want to move my website from this host to another host, I’ll contact to the tech supports to require some helps. At GreenGeeks, It’s very easy! They’ll do all the rest for you without loss any file or data.

    GreenGeeks Data Centers

    Here a little information about Greengeeks’s data-centers I saw on their website, you can get some these IP address to make a ping test or traceroute about their server. I saw the server Chicago is the best to hosted websites. They have total 4 data-centers three are already works now and another one is coming in the future time.

    • Chicago, US – IP:
    • Phoenix, US – IP:
    • Toronto, CA:
    • Amsterdam, NL – coming soon

    Who are GreenGeeks inspire for?

    • Entrepreneurs
    • Coaches
    • Bloggers
    • Ebook Writers
    • Affiliate Maketers

    A lot of people love GreenGeeks, they are saying so much on communities group about this web hosting company. They really want to host their sites on this web hosting provider for good supports, secure hosting protect their business, cheap and reliable hosting, fast WordPress websites. Greengeeks is one of the best choices within one of the top best web hosting providers such as: SiteGround, Inmotion Hosting. These three services mostly like by US people and also lots of other customers around the world. They don’t have a lot of discount program like the other web hosting companies because they are focusing to give more valuable to customer more than just advertising or promotional without offers any true value.

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    My thoughts on Cloudways Managed VPS Hosting – WordPress Setup Guide

    My thoughts on Cloudways Managed VPS Hosting – WordPress Setup Guide
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    I’ve moved my website Bluetailcoupon.net to Cloudways for a couple of months before. I see a look of things about Cloudways VPS hosting wants to share with you guys, newbies, WP beginners who didn’t know anything about VPS hosting but want to use VPS hosting as an expert in this field.

    You know! I’m also a newbie for a couple of years ago. So, I can feel exactly how difficult to use a VPS hosting without basic knowledge if you’ve not learned at school, training academy or online courses. In this article I’ll make it clear how to do this – hosted a website with VPS hosting without any necessary skill.

    My website had hosted on BlueHost shared hosting for over five months before I moved to Cloudways! Before that, I heard a lot of things about VPS hosting with low-end users, good performance, fast responsive, handle a lot of traffic, pay as you go and a lot kind of things like that! My curious was pushing me to take a big challenge to using the VPS hosting without VPS basic knowledge. I’ve hosted my websites on self-managed VPS hosting like Vultr, DigitalOcean and fully managed VPS hosting on Cloudways to see what is going to happen. That’s the reason why I’ve moved a lot of my sites to VPS hosting to step on it, to learn more and more about it, to did what I didn’t know before!

    Cloudways is a third party VPS hosting services partner with a lot of VPS hosting companies trusted on the internet like DigitalOcean, Vultr, Amazon cloud drive storage and Google Cloud platform. Cloudways is a solution for all of the customers who is prefer to use the VPS hosting services from most famous VPS hosting Digital Ocean, Vultr, Amazon cloud drive and Google cloud platform with small knowledge in hands. They give us an interface very simple inside just a click, and everything will go to the right place.

    The billing plans at Cloudways is also Pay-as-you-Go as same as DigitalOcean or Vultr VPS. It means you don’t need to paying for a rest of year like VPS hosting. How far you VPS go and how much you’ll charge for it. You can look at pricing plans for each of VPS hosting to start your VPS. Cloudways will make an invoice at the last day of each month. They’ll send you an email to notify your invoice before they were billing for it. The billing process would go auto if you’re funding still has enough to pay or you can pay for it via PayPal/Credit Cards. Cloudways accept all types of credit cards. So, You don’t need to worry about if your credit card is a prepaid card.

    The Cloudways’ cPanel is very simple to put your hands on it. It just buttons already for click anytime. You don’t need to touch any codes to use the VPS.

    All-in-One: Nghinx+ Memcached +Varnish Cache + Apache + MySQL
    cloudways layers cache

    Nghinx – Memcached – Varnish Cache – Apache – MySQL will be auto-installed when you setting up the new VPS came along with the applications. The tools will skyrocket your website load time, keep balancing every time the visitors visiting your blog. The varnish cache doesn’t affect to your site when new posts are released. If you didn’t like varnish cache, ok! just turn it off. You can turn ON/OFF the varnish caching easily at any time on Cloudways’s dashboard. Cloudways also auto-install W3 total cache WordPress plugin for you when you installing your WordPress sites. To flush varnish cache, you have 2 ways: on the cloudways server dashboard and inside WordPress dashboard by W3 Total cache WP plugin.

    How to start?
    To orders a VPS package at Cloudways, the first step you must do that is open your new account on Cloudways like this:
    Once! You’ve finished do the live chat with Cloudways supports team to activate your account. This step just took a few minutes to complete! When your account already done the sign up step. Now we colud start to install a VPS hosting.

    Deploy a VPS hosting:
    Did you know any one of these VPS hosting: DigitalOcean, Vultr, Amazon Cloud Drive or Google cloud platform? If so! Everything would be nice if you’ve been trusted one of these services. Now! Let’s do it!

    Login to your cloudways dashboard clicking on Application console to open a new VPS hosting. Select on of these VPS hosting providers which you prefer to host your websites on it.

    cloudways install

    Cloudways has 3 types of WordPress hosting already for installing such as WordPress Woo-commerce, WordPress Multi-site, WordPress normal. Choose what kind of WordPress that right to you!

    cloudways install

    *Point domain to Cloudways

    Your Cloudways applications have links look like this: https://wordpress-1119-4916-107308101-app.cloudways.com/. You just need to create a CNAME record a point it to your Cloudways links look like the link I was showed up. Just it! If you’re open more than one application on same VPS server, you must create the CNAME record like the first one you did.

    If in some cases, you didn’t know how to point your domain names to cloudways or you don’t know what it does! It’s simple! Do a live chat supports on the comer right-hand side of Cloudways’s website and asking for them to migrate your site from old hosting to Cloudways! The migration process is 100% free! There was a WordPress plugin tool to move your entire site to Cloudways! My website is also using this tool one time before to move my site from BlueHost to Cloudways. You can get the Cloudways WordPress Plugin here to move your website.

    Migration Process
    Login to your Cloudways account and copy your WordPress information you were installed paste it into the Cloudways plugin to start the migration process. It would look like this:

    cloudways wordpress install

    cloudways wordpress

    cloudways migrate

    Get all information to prepaid for migration process!
    – Email: your email address.
    – Destination Site URL look like this: https://wordpress-1119-4916-107308101-app.cloudways.com/
    – Application folder like this: yeuxtfgrshhjfgd.
    – SFTP Server Address (of the destination server): 123.456.789.001. This is IP address of your server.
    – SFTP pass: 123456. Copy in Master Credential password.
    The migration process just takes a couple of minutes, and you don’t need to take a long time to wait. Don’t forget to keep your browser doesn’t refresh during the time moving your website!

    Ok! Maybe it’s done right now! If something went wrong, do live chat with support team right away! They’re rolling all the days in 24/7. I’ve contacted them so many times before. So! You don’t need to worry at this point!

    Here is the chart monitoring my server inside application console.
    cloudways monitoring

    Here is the place to control whole server: Nghinx, Memcached, Varnish Cache, MySQL, Apache, New Relic, Redis
    Cloudways nghinx memcached apache varnish

    Auto Backup Hourly / Restore
    Cloudways will auto backup entirely your WordPress applications and available to restore at any time. The system will create a backup for your apps in hourly isn’t daily like shared hosting. If you lose your data for some of the reason you can do recovery it to get your website back on.

    backup cloudways

    I can set up your frequency of backups: 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours or more. My blog here has been backed up at every 3 hours. You don’t need to buy another VPS backup plans like self-managed VPS to backup your server. This thing at Cloudways will save you a lot of money and time or backup and recovery.

    cloudways restore recovery backup.

    cloudways backup restore

    Someday before I was made a mistake via SFPT login all entire Wp-admin folder had deleted. So, I log into Cloudways to recover my website to get it back on the rail. My site is going live again like nothing happened before. At this point, I like it! I don’t need to take a lot of time to backup my site like before! Everything just auto! Your site is safe at all the time!

    The cronjob is also available on Cloudays; You can add custom cronjob very easy with just a click! You don’t need to do hard like in self-managed VPS hosting!

    Cloudays addons / SMTP email
    To sending email, you must add an addon SMTP inside Cloudways dashboard. After that, you must open an account for SMTP email server to config email sending. My blog is using Sendgrid for SMTP mail server. They also support email marketing and transaction emails in both ways. If you don’t like SendGrid you can try these SMTP services: Mandrill, Gmail(free), Google mail business, Namecheap email business, Postmarkapp, Mailgun, SendinBlue, ElasticEmail, SparkPost, MailJet, Pepihost, SendPulse, Maildocker, Amazon SES.



    Config your server like in this image!

    Free SSL Certificate / Let’s Encrypt
    Now Let’s Encrypt on Cloudways is available in use for all of the customers. The Let’s Encrypt project will support all people around the globe has a chance to touch SSL certificate to make the internet safer for all clients. You know! The certificate will expire in 3 months and after that, you must do manual renew. But this is not going to happen at Cloudways. The server will do that thing for you: auto-renewed SSL certificate.

    That’s what I want to share with you guys who have small or middle knowledge on VPS hosting with command lines. If you do some of the small website projects, self-managed VPS hosting would be okay. But something went bigger, and you cannot handle it. So, we need to move to fully managed VPS hosting! That’s all my thoughts!

    PayMent Method
    Cloudways accept PayPal, Visa, Master Card, American Express, Prepaid credit cards, PayPal Master Card, Payoneer Master Card. As you know, Digital Ocean only accepts PayPal, credit cards but not available for prepaid credit card, virtual credit card or even Payoneer Master card. Payoneer is a kind of prepaid credit card, so DigitalOcean does not accept it. You know! Payoneer brings to all of the customers around the world have a chance to own a US Bank account to receive income by ACH direct deposit from US companies and SEPA direct deposit from Europe. At Cloudways, It’s 100% accepted as the normal credit card, and you can create a VPS on DigitalOcean easily at any time.

    Would you like to follow my blog to figure out the new things? Stay at your mailbox and I’ll send all the things to you by putting your email address into the section below. Thank you!