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    70% Off Skillwise Online Training Courses Coupon, Top Deals May 2017

    70% Off Skillwise Online Training Courses Coupon, Top Deals May 2017
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    Are you looking for Stacksocial online courses? You are coming to the right place! Before I am sharing with you a Stacksocial offer for online courses, I want to talk a lit bit about Skillwise online courses. So, What’s Skillwise? Skillwise is a website training courses hosted by StackSocial. They open this particular site to stay focusing on only online training courses.

    Do Skillwise courses popularly? I saw Skillwise has hundreds of training courses that might right for you. Such as these courses : WordPress for Beginners, WordPress Security Course, WordPress Theme Design course, WordPress E-Commerce with WooCommerce, Become a WordPress & WordPress Nirvana Expert, Make an App for Your WordPress Website, Bootstrap to WordPress: Build Custom Responsive themes, Essential JavaScript Coding Bundle, Mastering Python, Mastering Git, and many mores. They have all kind of courses from lowest to the highest level, and there is always some classes that fit for all of you.

    SkillWise Coupon Code May 2017

    In this month, StackSocial offers a discount flat 10% off on all of Killwise online training courses which are works for all of the new customers buying any courses at Skillwise.


    10% oFF all new products
    You can apply this coupon code in one of these website StackSocia.coml or And you don’t need to open a newaccount if you’re already have an account in one of those sites.  It also supports Social media login like Gooogle or Facebook. It offers a lot of way to help users placing an order in fastest way. So enjoy the exciting deals and get your courses today!

    How to apply the coupon code?

    The simple question is how to do that. You can apply any coupon code by log into your account if you’ve already opened it. After you had finished the log in step you will see a place to apply the promo code.look like in this screenshot.


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    50% Off Godaddy WordPress Deluxe, Ultimate and Developer Hosting, Coupon May 2017

    50% Off Godaddy WordPress Deluxe, Ultimate and Developer Hosting, Coupon May 2017
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    May 2017. Godaddy has offered a new deal 50% Off for Managed WordPress Hosting. There are three types of WordPress Hosting will be reduced 50% when making a new purchase that is: Deluxe, Ultimate, and Developer packages. This offer is applied for all of the customers when to create a new WordPress Hosting site at

    Wordpress deluxe, ultimate hosting
    Godaddy WordPress Hosting coupon

    FREE gifts included to the package:

    • 1 FREE Standard SSL Certificate(Ultimate and Developer plans only!) – 1st year
    • 1 FREE Office 365 Starter Email(all plans) – 1st year
    • 1 FREE any COM/NET/ORG/CA/CO domain name(all plans and you must billing annual(12,24,36 months)).
    • FREE daily backups & 1-click restore(all plans)
    Coupon May 2017
    Discount Provider Coupon
    50% Off
    Godaddy logo
    WordPress Deluxe,Ultimate & Developer Plans
    *** Billing 12,24,36 months only!


    50% Off
    Godaddy logo
    Linux Deluxe,Ultimate Plans
    *** Billing 12,24,36 months only!



    Godaddy logo
    Linux Economy hosting Plan
    ***Billing 12+ months


    Godaddy logo
    WordPress Hosting Basic Plan
    ***Billing 12+ months


    Free Trial
    Godaddy logo
    Website Builder

    ***Free Trial for the first month.

    Get Deal


    • The deal $12 WordPress Hosting only available for the first 12 months. To get this deal you must apply the coupon code above.
    • The discount works for 12+ months billing plans.
    • You can add custom domain name to your WordPress Hosting in case you do not want to use the free one has offered with the WordPress hosting.

    How to order a WordPress Hosting Package

    Below are the guides making by screenshot images. You need to follow to these images to making an order for Godaddy Managed WordPress Hosting.


    step 1


    Select a WordPress hosting plan. Click Configure to start




    step 2


    step 3

    Choose a domain name for your website business. The domain name must be easy to recognize. This domain name is offered for FREE when billing an annual plan. You can select these extensions: COM/NET/ORG/CA/CO.

    step 4



    step 5

    At this step, you can apply a coupon(promo) code to make a discount. You can pass this step if you don’t care.Hit on proceed to checkout button!


    step 6

    You must login to Godaddy account right here if you’ve already opened it before! if you don’t open any account yet so create a new one by hitting on the line called “Create an account”. Godaddy also allows new customers log in to Godaddy’s account via the Facebook account. Login by Facebook account must be fast and easy than some other ways.

    Godaddy allows all customers pay for their products by PayPal, Visa/Master Cards, American Express( They also accepts prepaid cards)



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    May 2017, The All-In-One WordPress Business Bundle Cost only $69 Check it out!

    May 2017, The All-In-One WordPress Business Bundle Cost only $69 Check it out!
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    A limited time offer has been set for The All-In-One WordPress Business Bundle which is available on the Stacksocial market to the end of this month. Looking forward to building a smart, capable, beautiful and efficient WordPress site, then this All-in-one WordPress business bundle is the perfect deal to buy that will help you create and optimize the WordPress website without any hassle. This new e-learning package is sponsored and presented by Andrew Eddy, a graphic designer, entrepreneur, and lead instructor at the Academy X design school that offers valuable components to creating and maintaining effective professional websites with all the right set of tools along with concise technical know-how. This business bundle provides a 1-year of website hosting and also contains courses, dynamic and gorgeous themes, social media plug-ins and an easy frontend builder. One can easily get this business bundle including eight valuable and essential components at just $69 with a significant discount rate of 98%.

    What’s Included in the Bundle?

    Below is the list all that you will get the All-In-One WordPress Business Bundle with a lot of deals, features that the designers stacked it inside. Reveal it to see what it helpful for your business.

    Learn WordPress by Building 2 Responsive websites.

    This course will teach you to make and create an impressive yet very professional website even if you don’t have the required technical know-how. With the help of this fantastic course, you will be able to build your website with several themes available online.

    wordpress bundle- stacksocial

    Check the price

    Key Features

    1. 51 lectures to access and 4 hours of content available 24/7.

    2. Setting up a hosting account.

    3. Learn how to buy a powerful and efficient domain name.

    4. Unlock easy ways to install WordPress.

    5. Utilize plug-ins and widgets.

    6. Add social media aspects to your account.

    7. Live chat availability.

    Premium WordPress themes: Lifetime Membership

    Designing many websites from scratch is a very time-consuming job for most of the web designers. Wherein WordPress offers a rich and interactive platform to create and build websites. This WordPress business bundle offers more than 130 modern and active WordPress themes that ensure high-quality web pages in just a matter of time.

    wordpress business

    Check the price

    Key Features

    1. Over 130 WordPress themes were available to access.

    2. Access more theme templates as the library gets updated over the time.

    3. Easy to setup and browse library WordPress themes.

    4. Lifetime Membership.

    WPTriumph WordPress Themes: Lifetime Access

    WordPress offers Beautiful and Responsive cross-platform themes that would make your website look very professional. If you want to attract more audience to your web pages, then with the help WPTriumph’s extensive library theme collection you can easily customize your website according to your comfort level. So from next time, you don’t have to run through complex codes to customize your site.

    wordpress WPTriumph

    Check the price

    Key Features

    1. Access to a library including 24 WordPress themes and several other WordPress themes added shortly.

    2. A simple implementation using ‘plug & play’ based designs.

    3. Build professional websites with advanced and cross-platform themes.

    4. Lifetime Access.

    WordPress Easy Frontend Builder: Single License

    Today WordPress is not just about a blog posting platform but has also evolved as a powerful and efficient platform to start and manage your websites. With the help of this Frontend builder, you will have total control over your WordPress no matter what kind of WordPress you want to launch, as you don’t have to waste your valuable time writing lines of codes. This Frontend builder will help you design and build WordPress that suits your needs with extensive features just like drag & drop implementation.

    wordpress frontend

    Check the price

    Key Features

    1. Create pages and preview

    2. You can easily apply elements to any themes whether it’s from blog and magazines to social and e-commerce.

    3. Features to insert media sliders, WordPress widgets and HTML to posts.

    4. Options to translate between English, Spanish, German, French and Portuguese from a single platform.

    5. Over 51 content elements like membership plan boxes, animated tabs, Twitter and Facebook live streams containing unlimited skins and layouts.

    6. Reuse your saved designs as templates.

    7Theme: !0 Premium WordPress Themes

    These ten premium WordPress themes can certainly make any client happy. These premium themes can make your straightforward and standard websites look more professional than every time. These WordPress themes are designed and developed in ‘Debug mode’ making it more functional and highly reliable, as they can be used again and again with multiple clients.

    wordpress business theme premium

    Check the price

    Key Features

    1. All themes are in W3C web conformance standards offering you the strength to use with confidence.

    2. Thanks to white labeling, you can use the same WordPress theme for multiple projects.

    3. Use these WordPress themes commercially to attract more clients.

    WordPress Essentials For Business

    This course is for one who wants to grow customer base and also intends to make an online presence. Hiring a web designer can be costly to create a website for you. WordPress is the most recommended platform to build and create your website. No matter what kind of business you are running or of what size, you can create an interactive and rich website for any purpose.

    WordPress Essentials for Business

    Check the price

    Key Features

    1. Understand all the basics of WordPress.

    2. Build your website with WordPress dashboard.

    3. Install themes and customize them according to your needs.

    4. Explore the plug-ins and widget area.

    5. Use hyperlinks, images to make your website look more elegant than every time.

    6. Use permalinks to fine-tune your websites.

    20 WordPress Social Media Marketing Plug-ins

    WordPress offers you the power to optimize your site with theses social media plug-ins. These WordPress plug-ins will help you attract more and more clients and visitors to your site making you become a professional business. These 20 social media plug-ins will make your website turn into the profession from a hobby.

    20 WordPress Social Media Marketing Plug-ins

    Check the price

    Key Features

    1. 20 social media plug-ins to enhance web marketing.

    2. Achieve better leads with WP EZ lead, FB lead capture and much more.

    3. Attract consumers with 3d page builder, WSO graphic editor and much more.

    4. Monitor your web traffic with SEO Stone.

    SSD Page Website Hosting: 1 Year

    A quality WordPress website cannot stand long without a quality web hosting. This WordPress Business Bundle offers you a complete 1-year of fast and powerful SSD hosting making your users happy and also ensures that your website will work continuously at peak capacity without any interruptions.

    SSD Page Website Hosting: 1-Year

    Check the price

    Key Features

    1. Sites will load up to 300% more faster than sites hosted on HDD with unlimited bandwidth.

    2. Great network availability for high-speed data access to you and your users.

    3. SSD storage space of 10 GB for greater flexibility.

    4. Superb free backups allow you to build and host sites with confidence.

    Creating a business site doesn’t easy at the first steps and the WordPress Themes, the WordPress hosting is one of the most crucial keys that you can not let it pass. So, Take care of your site by putting your website to the right web hosting provider. Some of my suggestions may useful for you:

    1. Godaddy WordPress Hosting or Godaddy Web builder tool.
    2. StableHosst Hosting
    3. Cloudways VPS hosting
    4. Flywheel WordPress Hosting 
    5. DreamHost WordPress Hosting
    6. Liquidweb WordPress Hosting


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    March 2017 $34.99 Themify Master Club Membership 1-Year Subscription

    March 2017 $34.99 Themify Master Club Membership 1-Year Subscription
    4.5 (90%) 4 votes

    When it comes down to web designing, most people pay too much attention to the content and forget that they have to come up with an attractive theme for the website. In the end, a site that would have achieved a lot in both traffic and awareness creation utterly fails because end users don’t find it attractive or it’s too gambled up to follow.

    themify master club membership
    It is where THEMIFY team comes in; this is a company that provides professional website theming and coding. They are based in Venice, California and has a full in-house team that dedicated to providing you with the richest design tools and plugins for your sites. The company uses a user interface called Themify Builder that helps you come up with the best theme and SEO optimization that is right for your line of business.
    With the Themify Master Club subscription that runs for one year you will get to enjoy all this plus a lot more for only $34.99 and if the content does not fit you or you feel like you want to cancel the subscription you can go right ahead and ask for a refund within the first thirty days. Here are some of its services:

    Deal Ends: March 9th, 2017 CST Time. 

    What  does Themify Master-Club Offer?

    •  Unlimited sites. Once you purchase this subscription, all the themes, add-ons and plugins that come with it will be yours to use on any number of websites as you wish. It is a huge benefit considering a large number of WordPress themes available to quickly design a not only beautiful but also interactive web page without any limit on the number of sites you can use them on.
    •  Unlimited access to theme updates and support. With each new update, you will have instant access to the latest access to new materials and optimizations to ensure smooth running for your sites.
    • 53 themes, plus 4 to 5 added over the year. With already existing collection you can be sure to find just the right one for your website and personalize it to fit your needs and line of work. Also, new themes created within the year will be available for your unlimited use can’t get better than this.
    •  Five plugins, plus 2-3 added over the year. Upgrade the capabilities of your website by making use of a wide variety of flow optimization plugins such as countdown and progress bar to keep track of user related activities, timeline and maps pro for the best social media integration with your websites.
    •  5 PTB and 22 builder add-ons, plus 6-8 added over the year. With the Post type builder and extra field add-ons, you will be able to easily create custom posts and keep track of their different fields without having to code as it has done automatically.

    With the rise of internet marketing and sales, there has been a need to create websites that are not only interactive but also end-user friendly. With the Themify Master Club subscription you are assured that your website will not only achieve all this but also generate more traffic through the integrated search engine optimization, so go ahead and order your subscription and feel the difference.

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    $24.99 Theme Junkie WordPress Themes Lifetime Subscription, May 2017

    $24.99 Theme Junkie WordPress Themes Lifetime Subscription, May 2017
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    May 2017 Choosing your Word Press theme is one among the most important decisions you will make on your website or blog. When a new reader first meets your blog, you should strive to make a pleasant impression, while professional, and make it easy for you to find the content that interests you. ThemeJukie WordPress Theme Provider is going to offer you a deal $24.99 a WordPress Theme Package of 50 Premium Themes going with lifetime subscription. That means you have access all the themes for life and it also supports the update for life!

    theme junkie lifetime coupon

    • 50 Premium WP Themes fully responsive.
    • Lifetime access member
    • Lifetime Themes Update
    • Priority support
    • SEO-optimized code


    In ThemeJunkie the provider offers the best Word Press themes with very elegant and dynamic designs that you can customize them to your liking. Here we offer you a premium package “Lifetime Subscription” where you will find 50 responsive Word Press themes tailored to you that provide all the features you need in the promotion and management of your website. If you want to create a flashy and attractive website, take a look at any of these themes. We have functional designs that are loaded with amazing features and can help your site stand out.

    For just $ 24.99 you will find easy-to-customize themes, have their panel of options that allows you to change the color, upload a logo, change the background, use different structures, etc. Without having to write a single line of code. Using WordPress is a significant advantage over other, much more complicated systems. And if you get bored with the aspect of your website, you can change it without any problem.


    Only $24.99 FOR 50 Premium WordPress Themes Fully Responsive

    ThemeJunkie offers this deal on StackSocial Market where all the digital products, online courses, web services gather in on the place. It offers a simple and easiest way to shopping online. You can purchase this package on Stacksocial by PayPal,  Visa, Master cards or other credit cards; The process works so fast!

    How to get the offer?

    You must log into StackSocial by Facebook account, Google plus or create a new account with an email address then place an order for Theme Junkie WordPress Themes Lifetime Subscription.

    Theme Junkie provider will provide a promo code after you had finished the order at StackSocial. Copy this code and apply to ThemeJunkie coupon, promo code field. Note: You must open a new account at ThemeJunkie to apply the coupon.

    theme junkie coupon theme junkie

    The themes allow you to use personalized entries to present any specific information that you would-like-to highlight. Every page of your website can be unique and unforgettable. All-you-need to do is choose an appropriate item from the list of available items.

    In Theme Junkie the provider offers the best price in the market for a premium package that will help you to optimize your website or blog and provide you free updates of old themes and new WP themes published on a regular basis.

    Do not hesitate and purchase the “Lifetime Subscription” package. You will enjoy all the benefits of start using our WordPress themes to change the look of your website.

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    $12.9/mo Media Temple WordPress and Grid Hosting Plan first 3 Months

    $12.9/mo Media Temple WordPress and Grid Hosting Plan first 3 Months
    5 (100%) 1 vote

    May 2017 Media Temple offers all of new customers a deal: 33% Off all WordPress and Grid Hosting Plans in the first 3 months. That means a Media Temple hosting right now just start at $13/mo.

    Media Temple Coupon
    • $12.9/mo Managed WordPress Hosting and Shared Hosting Personal Plan in the first 3 months(before $20).

    • $20/mo Shared Hosting PRO Plan in the first 3 months( before $30)

    • $40/mo Managed WordPress Hosting Studio Plan in the first 3 months(before $60).

    Moving forward with the promotional link above to grab the deal 33% off WordPress hosting and Shared hosting plans in 3 months.

    Media Temple hosting has some of the great tools that people would like to stick with such as WP-CLI tool, Git tool, etc for coding expert. Wp-CLI tool helps to control all WordPress cores by command-line.

    What can you do with WP-CLI? Firstly, you can migrate your WordPress from old hosting to Media Temple by a single command-line(import database). Secondly, you control your WP-cron events and schedules by WP-CLI tool. Thirdly, you can control all media attachments on your site. There are still dozens of things you can do with WP-CLI tool even you’re not a coding expert. Find out more WP-CLI here.

    Git tool is one of the essentially tool, the greatest weapon that the developers will never say no to it. Because it controls everything from small to large projects in efficiency way. If you’re already known it, this is a good place for you! Both of Grid hosting plans and Managed WordPress hosting plans are already engaged this from the inside.

    SSH/sFTP access
    is available for all hosting plans so you can get the credential credit on the dashboard.

    Media Temple hosting is a solid-ground for expert people like bloggers, designers, developers, agencies build their online businesses.

    As always, you would like to listen from all of you! Leave a comment below to let me know your points.

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    $207 OFF The7 WordPress Theme on May 2017

    $207 OFF The7 WordPress Theme on May 2017
    5 (100%) 1 vote

    $207 off TheSeven Theme Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme on The theme is crucial as this is what draws in people and maintains their attention. A boring theme will not attract people, and they certainly won’t stick around to find out the offers and opportunities. That is the reason what to invest in the7 theme WordPress is so important.

    the seven theme

    The7 Theme creator is offering a discount $207 Off on their WordPress Theme on ThemeForest. It is a limited time offer which is only available for new or existing buyers. Follow the promotional link above to get your deal.

    What to Invest for The 7 WordPress Theme


    Worth Money
    The Theme could be a little expensive which is a major factor influencing what to invest in the7 theme WordPress, however, not investing in the template could have a lasting effect on your company. The theme can mostly bring money in for a company as it attracts people who are turning, encourages them to spend their money. If the the7 theme is weak, people will not be interested in the company and will not spend their money. Over 49+ thousand buyers have picked up this template to put on their business sites.

    visual composer the seven theme
    Excellent design

    It brings up to people a good look and a friendly interface for users once working with it. It also supports Visual Composer Framework which is the platform that helps people building a professional website without any code or designing skills. The only thing here is drag and drop to make a page. The users can work with it from the back-end or even front-end.



    the seven theme

    While it is possible to design your company theme using the many templates that are available, this is not always the best option.

    When using a WordPress Theme, it means it is a general theme in which many other companies can use also. That means that your business will not stand out as it has the same theme as many other companies available.

    Top 10 Amazing Premium WordPress Theme on ThemeForest.Net

    Also, using a simple theme may make a person think that there is a lack of effort gone into designing the theme and believe the company is a joke. It is not a good start for a company. Hiring a professional to create the theme can have a much better impact on business.

    A professional can not only make the theme eye-catching and ensure it stands out, but they can also personalize it. Having a theme that is unique to a company can encourage a person to develop an interest in the business and remember it.

    Professionals can be very expensive, though. It is a worthwhile researching What to Invest in the7 WordPress Theme to get the best theme possible.

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    2017’s Top 10 Amazing Premium WordPress Theme on ThemeForest.Net

    2017’s Top 10 Amazing Premium WordPress Theme on ThemeForest.Net
    5 (100%) 1 vote

    The most amazing thing make your website look great, attracting visitors and affect to the SEO On page scores that is the Themes which you are putting on your site.  The Themes are like your T-shirt you put it on your body to say with people about your style, your fashion and how all you are about.  So, the premium WordPress Themes is what you need, here are the collections of ten WordPress Themes Premium on

    Be Theme Themeforest

    BeTheme – 56+ thousands of buyers
    BeTheme has hundreds of pre-built sites, which will allow you to become more productive than ever. The product also features an incredible drag and drop builder with advanced panel options. That will allow you to open up unlimited possibilities in no time. Importing a demo website is very easy, and you will manage to do it in no time. You can create a good looking site for almost any type of business.

    newspaper 7 themes
    Newspaper 7 Theme – 36+ thousands of buyers

    The newspaper 7 is a fantastic WordPress Theme that you will love right away. This WordPress Theme will allow you to publish a blog quickly. There is also friendly help and awesome customer support behind this product. If you already have a review site or a newspaper, this WordPress theme is for you. The theme also has a rating system including incredible support for videos that come from YouTube.


    fusion avada

    Avada – Fusion Builder – 200+ thousands of buyers

    The excellent thing about Avada Theme that is the Fusion Builder that offers you a visual drag and drop  It offers for FREE fusion plugin builder included with the WordPress theme package. It is the responsive yet gorgeous WordPress theme that you might have been seeking for a long time. If you want to take your website as to a whole new level, you have to use Avada right away. You will also get tons of functionally via some excellent add-ons. This fantastic theme might also change your mind about what a great idea can do for your website in no time as well. Over 200+ thousand customers sales this theme on



    enfold themeforest
    Enfold – 114+ thousands of buyers
    Enfold is very user-friendly, and you will love it right away. Building websites in minutes are easy with this awesome WordPress theme. You will have tons of fun with this site, as it has a lot of features and variations that you will love right away. Enfold also has an outstanding customer support behind. That will allow you to get what you need in no time as well. The theme is also heavily customized.


    the seven theme
    The7 – 49+ thousands of buyers
    The7 is easy to customize. With hundreds of options and outstanding performance, The7 is here to stay for a long time. You will manage to craft any design that your mind can imagine thanks to this theme. There is also a design wizard that will allow you to create a good looking site is just minutes. This theme also has an incredible rating, and this speaks for itself about the things this theme can do for you. The Visual Composer WordPress Platform is also supported for this theme which means you can create anything you want via a visual interface without facing to any code. It inspires you to the world of web-design with a back-end and front-end options. The seven is one of the Theme right for you.


    bridge theme builder
    Bridge – 64+ thousands of buyers
    The bridge has hundreds of demos, and you can build your websites quickly and easily. The product has also built on a flexible framework that will allow you to get what you want in no time. Importing a demo website is very easy, and you’ll manage to do it in no time. You will get your site up and run in just a couple of minutes, and you will love it right away.


    jupiter theme
    Jupiter – 55+ thousands of buyers
    Jupiter is the WordPress theme that will allow you to create amazing websites in no time. That is the fast and light theme that you should get right away. So, getting the unlimited templates is very easy with Jupiter today as well. You can always create the beautiful and clean website that you have been looking for a long time. Creating a unique-looking site has never been easier as well. The theme is also SEO optimized.


    flatsome theme
    Flatsome – 39+ thousands of buyers
    Flatsome has outstanding customer support and is very easy to use. The theme also has a fantastic page builder along with excellent documentation. There is also demo content included, and the site is also SEO optimized for you. There is also a lifetime update along with proper documentation. You will also enjoy its one-click installation features and great online community.



    uncode theme
    Uncode – 17+ thousands of buyers

    Uncode has tons of adaptive images that will allow you to get a beautiful site at all times. This the modern, clean, and innovative WordPress theme that you have to get today. It is also very easy to build a layout when you use this theme today. The theme will allow you to create anything you can think of too.


    X – The Theme – 139+ thousands of buyers
    X – The Theme is an incredible WordPress theme at a fantastic price. You will love this theme right away as it has tons of extensions and awesome support. It also has all the free updates that you might want these days. This theme also has an excellent forum, and the documentation is just awesome. Customizing this theme is also very easy, and the load time is also actually fast.

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    Tops Best Discount Hosting for Amazon affiliate marketers only 2017

    Tops Best Discount Hosting for Amazon affiliate marketers only 2017
    4.63 (92.5%) 8 votes

    May 2017 I know all you guys want to start your first business with Amazon affiliate marketing but you are still curious about which web hosting services would be best could handle a lot of visitors, affordable, optimize for load time speed, faster server response time, more and more.

    I have some of my close friend currently doing Amazon affiliate or other affiliate programs.So, I just stay focusing on what people like or what trusted to put your money on. it

    I’m here to help you guys as a consultant take you through a lot of curious questions to pick up exactly what web hosting services should be best for you to launch your affiliate websites.

    I have two Providers mostly voted by a lot of customers and also Amazon affiliate marketers. And two of these web hosting services come with the cheap prices, recurring discount lifetime, a lot of kind of billing plans to select and lot of data-centers to target your websites.


    StableHost is the first one I recommend you to start your affiliate sites because their hosting very stable and rock. The up-time works over 99%, trusted by customers, promoted by a lot of famous blogs and bloggers. They said a lot about their services.
    stablet host1.Cheap Prices and Plans

    $1.75/month lifetime if it had applied coupon code

    StableHost coupon
    $3.25/month lifetime if it had applied coupon code

    StableHost coupon
    Varnish cache available Varnish cache available
    1 click to install the WordPress/td>

    1 click to install the WordPress/td>

    Unlimited DiskSpace Storages Unlimited DiskSpace Storages
    1 domain Unlimited Domains
    Unlimited Bandwidth Unlimited Bandwith
    Free Online Site builder Free Online Site builder
    Can handle 250,000 visitors per month Can handle 250,000 visitors per month
    See Sale Page See Sale Page
    2. Server System High Resources
    All Stable Host shared Hosting plans already have these resources and anytime you can order more resources like you want. Here are all the system Resources features:

    • 1 GB RAM memory
    • 1 Full CPU Core
    • 1 Free cPanel with a click to install apps
    • Operation system: CentOS
    • Could handle 250,000 visitors per month
    • ***Varnish caching and Litespeed PHP Caching for website load faster and faster
    • Apache 2.4.x
    • MariaDB
    • IO: 3Mbit
    • Max PHP Processes: 15
    • Total Processes: 30
    • MySQL Connections: 15

    3. Multiple Data Centers Locations
    For Now, Stable Host have 3 data centers located in Phoenix(Arizona) The United Staes, Chicago(Illinois) The United States and Amsterdam(Netherland) Europe.

    So, which servers do you guys think it rock? I would choose the server located in ***Phoenix Arizona. It’s not only my hobby, but a lot of other users also pick up this server because the best StableHost’s hosting resources stay focused here.

    If you really curious about this server, you can check it out on your own StableHost Network

    4. Stable Host Discount & Coupon Codes
    To get a highest discount when placing an order at StableHost you can read the post – ***50% Off StableHost Recurring Lifetime Discount – This discount terms works for whole life, you just pay a half price every year or even renewal your hosting.


    HawkHost web Hosting is the second one come with the low price, stable and rock I want to recommend you guys starting with it. They also have multiple data centers spread out around the globe(Singapore hosting available). They also support Memcached, free SSL certificate, and much more.
    hawk host-coupons-pro
    I will show up here all the features from HawkHost and tell you why people like to do the affiliate sites with HawkHost.

    1. Hosting High Resources

    • ***Memcached Supported
    • Free SSL certificate for all users
    • Unlimited MySQL Databases
    • Support for PHP 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6 and 7.0
    • Perl, Python, Ruby on Rails
    • SSH access available and cron jobs
    • Manage your Sites, Files, and Databases

    2. Cheap Prices and Plans

    Primary Professional
    $2.99/month40% OFF Hawkhost coupon $7.99/month40% OFF Hawkhost coupon
    Free Memcached Server supported Free Memcached Server supported
    Free SSL certificate Free SSL certificate
    Unlimited Websites Hosted Unlimited Websites Hosted
    Unlimited Databases Unlimited Databases
    10GB disk space storage Unlimited Disk Space storage
    Unlimited Email accounts Unlimited Email accounts
    Unlimited Parked domain or addon domains Unlimited Parked domain or addon domains
    See Sale Page See Sale Page

    3. Multiple Data Centers Locations
    HawkHost have a larger data centers than StableHost, they have total 5 data-centers in Dallas(US), Los Angeles(US), Washington DC(US), Amsterdam(Europe), Singapore.

    And on this list I would like to pick up the server located in Los Angeles to build my affiliate sites. Because The Los Angeles server has focused all the best resources with High Ram, low latency, server fast responsive.

    I also do a test by a CDN network and the results show me the HawkHost’s Los Angeles server for fastest responsive. You can do it on your own buy this information HawkHost network

    4. HawkHost Discount & Coupon Codes
    For now, Hawkhost has a discount program 40% off all share hosting plans with one time discount and 30% off recurring lifetime discount. You can get that discount whenplacing an order by HawkHost Coupon code.

    WordPress Hosting For newbie

    If you do not know anything about shared hosting and parked domains, add-on domains. Okay! Just easy. You can build your affiliate site by a WordPress Hosting. The setup processing for WordPress Hosting more simpler than shared hosting.
    WordPress-hosting-affiliate-Amazon-GoDaddyVery hard to try at the beginning of time if you do not know what the shared hosting it is and how to build a website with shared hosting in fastest way.

    Here is the place you can launch the Amazon affiliate site to start your business and just a click you have the website absolutely like you want it is. $12 WordPress Hosting for first 12 months. And here is the full guidelines for entire buying process or even install WordPress sites.

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    3 Reasons Why People be Happy to Bimber – Viral & Buzz WordPress Themes

    3 Reasons Why People be Happy to Bimber – Viral & Buzz WordPress Themes
    5 (100%) 1 vote

    Looking for the viral & buzz WordPress Theme isn’t easy at the first steps to building a blog or website. It is taking a lot of time to find what exactly is the theme of putting it on your site. It’s your face that determines how your business would be like! And a place for visitors to get learning, grab all the cool stuff that right for them. So the WordPress Theme should be converging all the keys that people would love to keep going on & decide to buy something from your page.


    Bimber is the most fabulous WordPress Themes that offers a lot of features for blogging purposes and creating affiliate marketing websites. BlueTailCoupon is using Bimber WordPress Theme to build a coupon blog.

    Related Posts WordPress without plugin

    Website related posts is the most important thing that every website needed to sharing similar articles, reducing bounce rate and creating more internal links. It helps in serving better users experiences and improving your SEO ranking in Google. Bimber has been creating these features inside its theme without any plugin.

    Look at the bottom of any article on this page you will see a lot of posts to lining up in serving readers.

    Check out Bimber – Viral & Buzz WordPress Themes on Themeforest

    Feature Articles Underneath Navigation Bar

    The second thing I love this theme is the feature articles underneath the navigation in every single post. As you could see, my website also turn on this feature to show more posts was releasing. You can select any category to show it on doesn’t necessarily displaying new article only.

    Awesome Social Share buttons
    At the top or bottom of any article would be the place to located big social sharing buttons. Guess what! Bimber is using MashShare WordPress Plugin to do this business.

    It’s very cool, isn’t it?

    All of the clients would be love to clicking on it. And that is the advantages to creating more share to Social Media Networks and engaging the posts with readers.

    I know there are still a lot of more feature that Bimber theme offers to users, but I just set up here some of. Those features above which is why most of the people love Bimber WP theme so much! My website is covering by Bimber WP theme too! So You can figure out it on your own on this site.

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    Trending Hot Popular

    2017’s May- $52+$20 Vultr credit 365 Days Free Coupon Code

    2017’s May- $52+$20 Vultr credit 365 Days Free Coupon Code
    2.67 (53.33%) 57 votes

    May 2017 Vultr has offered us $25 free credit for free one year with a unique coupon code. It means the expiration time is one year, unlimited time to use the coupon code in 365 days and this coupon the only one have a long life. Bessie, if you want more and more credit with a free trial account, you can try another offer to get $50 free credit but this free trial term only available for two months. You must consider which discount terms would work well for your business.

    vultr-deloy vps

    Beside a server located in JaPan, now Vultr opened a new server to deploy is launched in Singapore which means people living in Asia areas have more satisfied to use Vultr VPS hosting.

    *** Accept Paypal,Prepaid cards, Visa, Master cards

    Coupon May 2017

    In this month, I have a new coupon code that is $50 FREE credit for six months usage. That is a good deal for beginners wants to try VPS hosting to deploy a new server. Looking into the coupon box below to claim the coupon code.

    50% Off Deploy new server –$2.5/mo – 512mb RAM
    Vultr FREE credits and Gift Cards May 2017
    $25 Credit For New Accounts
    $50 FREE Credit for 6 months use
    Doubled Credit funding to your account up to $100
    $50 FREE Credit New accounts
    50GB FREE Block Storage in New York/New Jersey Server
    Others Vultr credits and Gift Cards
    $20 FREE Credit For Old Accounts
    $25 FREE Credit For New Accounts
    $15 Credit For New Accounts
    $10 Credit For New Accounts


    50GB FREE Block Storage just applied for New York/New Jersey Server which means you can only get it FREE when deploying a new server in New-York or New Jersey.

    50% OFF will work when you following the promotional link and deploy a new server instantly.

    Doubled your credit funding means all your credit funding would be added in double. $25 turned into $50, $50 turned into $100 so on up to $100.


    Notes: This coupon code works well in 60 days
    Billing at least $5 by PayPal or Visa/Master card to deploy your server. So, Now you have total $25 free credit in your account works in 60 days.

    vultr-credit affiliate

    • $50 free trial in 30 days Check out

    Vultr VPS Features

    • 1-click to install WordPess, Drupal, Docker, Webmin(Free Cpanel), cPanel WHM(Paid),LEMP, OWncloud, Minecraft
    • Powered by SSD
    • 1-click to deloy a server CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Windows, FreeBSD, much more
    • 100% intel Cores
    • VPS High RAM value for cheap prices
    • 15 server locations around the world
    • Sever up-time very ROCK and trusted by a lot of users
    • Easy to install VPS by uploading ISO file. Now you can install Window on Vultr by custom ISO file.
    • Snapshots feature allows you to restore your VPS in ease

    Which Vultr servers should I choose for my projects?

    Vultr has total 15 servers around the world so many people curious about their servers, which servers are the best about uptime work, load time performance, ping time server. After a lot of tested, I will list up here three servers mostly used by users and rock up-time works.

    1. Los Angeles, California server – highly recommend
    2. Seattle, Washington DC
    3. Silicon Valley, California

    Vultr currently has deployed new servers in Singapore and Tokyo (Japan).Therefore, you can be assured entirely for creating new servers in Singapore or Tokyo. It’s an ideal environment for the developers are in demand to use the server in Singapore or Tokyo. The new application will be reaching users quickly than before, which increases the page loading speed, as well as bringing practical benefits for customers are using the service

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    Top Most Popular Theme Junkie WordPress Themes Simple & Clean of 2017

    Top Most Popular Theme Junkie WordPress Themes Simple & Clean of 2017
    5 (100%) 1 vote

    Are you guys looking for simple, clean and fast WordPress Themes? So are you every heard about Theme Junkie? They’re not so popular like mythemeshop, Elegant Themes or Themeforest but all of their WordPress themes basically designed for simple, clean and fast. They’ve launched their business in 2009 until now they totally got 68 WordPress themes and 6 plugins. These 6 plugins are 100% free without any fees required. You can download it at any time.

    theme junkie

    The most important things for their themes are clean, simple & fast. Once you try Theme Junkie WordPress Theme, you’ll know what I’m saying right now. The themes are very worth value that you pay for it. You only buy it for one time to own the lifetime license and of course the theme updates also works for lifetime. The simple WordPress Templates ready in use for business. Are you ready to grab it?

    +Deals: Theme Junkie Coupon

    The World Magazine Theme, the simple and fresh magazine WordPress theme which is well-organized, designed in simple style. It’s a perfect magazine theme comes up with a lot of best features such as multiple theme styles in differences colors, layout templates, WP shortcode, markup supported, Optimize for SEO. It’s also a responsive WordPress Template fit to all devices screen size like mobile(Android/IOS), laptop, desktop and other devices. I’ve been saw a lot of other websites coupon codes using the World theme on their websites.


    Demo Order Theme

    GoMedia , a premium WordPress theme magazine designed for simple magazine sites, blogging or personal websites. It’s fully responsive with all devices like mobile, laptop, desktop, other devices. The layout shows up with a lot of advantages for blogging or even absence website. The top of page will have a slider left to right and the bottom at the page also still be the same style but you can set up it to another types of contents as you want. And the homepage will separated in many pages comes up in Pagination. There are a lot of more custom widgets you can set up for this theme. I can’t tell you all of the features of this templates but many bloggers around have been sticking with this theme for a long time.


    Demo Order Theme

    SuperNews , A flexible and multipurpose WordPress themes works for WooCommerce, page builder, categories layouts, multiple page layouts, Mega Menu and responsive template. It could working as an E-commercial store or even magazine websites, blogging, personal blog, website and much more. They’ve integrated the page builder tool to have you guys building your websites in easy way. The categories can customize in 4 styles look very cool. And they’ve already built the custom template for the static page with a lot of styles: Full Width layout ; Left Sidebar layout ; Right Sidebar layout ; Sidebar 1 / Content / Sidebar 2 layout ; Content / Sidebar 1 / Sidebar 2 layout ; Content / Sidebar 2 / Sidebar 1 layout. That you see how cool it is. Only One theme but we can use it in different ways.


    Demo Order Theme

    StorePro , A simple and beautiful eCommerce/WooCommerce WordPress template. It’s completely simple, clean and clear shows up with the thin beauty style. WooCommerce sites are mostly welcome! If you’re a fan of WordPress thin style it should be right for you. You can list all your products in easy way by the StorePro WP theme. The layout is designed very perfectly with the feature slider right below the header, the main container 2 columns with sidebar and products listed and the widget positioning at the bottom of page. Thin, simple, and clear are the main features of the StorePro WordPress Template.
    StorePro theme

    Demo Order Theme

    Some of Others Popular Theme Junkie WordPress Templates
    Above I just listing some of the popular Theme Junkie WordPress Templates mostly loved by buyers around the world but there are still more flexible, simple and reponsive WordPress theme still waiting there for you to figure it out. Because they have totally 68 WordPress themes that is the good sight for who really interesting in Theme Junkie.







    Roku – WooCommerce Theme

    + more 68 themes

    Theme Junkie has up to 6 free WordPress Template still waiting for you to download it. It’s 100% free with these 6 themes so you just create a free account to download it. The free account will working for lifetime to access all the free resources like free themes or domains. To access the premium resources, you must to upgrade your account to their premium plans. You only pay for onetime but the things will working for lifetime. That’s it what all about I want to share with you guys for today in this article.
    Would you like to hear more from me? By putting your email address in the section below that will help you guys got a slot to access my new offers after it had realised. Thanks!

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    Why DreamHost WordPress Hosting?

    Why DreamHost WordPress Hosting?
    5 (100%) 1 vote

    Searching for a perfect WordPress hosting can be a difficult process as one needs a solution that will enhance reliability, cheaper, and increase content exposure. There are many companies providing hosting services in the market, but a competitive one is a sure way of increasing content reach.

    dreamhost logo

    Searching for a good WordPress hosting company requires examining the performance and price. The challenge is wading through the packages offered and their features can be tricky.

    This blog offers insights on Dreamhost, which is among the best hosting companies in the market. Dreamhost offers a competitive and unmatched prices for hosting and managing sites.

    The advantages of Dreamhost features include easy installation, automated backups, and updates, friendly support, no limitations on bandwidth.

    Importantly, the services offered as unmatched and prices are affordable for new users and established businesses.

    The shared hosting is suitable for users with low traffic in their sites, those that are new and have a limited budget. It is an easy one-click installation of WordPress with the ability to support multiple domains and sites. The package offers a guarantee of cash back to users for up to three months.


    DreamPress 2

    Another package is the DreamPress, which is fully managed to give users a chance to concentrate on creating content. The package is faster and prefigured to operate, as well as, able to handle traffic spikes with no limitation to bandwidth caps.

    The Dreamhost provide users with security features and disallows plugins that increase security threats. For starters, one can select the cheapest plan, which is shared hosting and upgrade when needed.

    When looking for WordPress hosting company, on needs to underscore features such as support, security, speed, full feature set, and friendly hosting for WordPress, as well as, value for money and pricing strategy.

    It can be noted that WordPress is an application is resource-heavy; thus, one needs to approach Dreamhost who have the top-notch hardware.

    In addition, Dreamhost WordPress hosting provides users with an excellent and friendly support. They have knowledgeable, understanding, and accessible support at any time of the day or night. They have security systems that guarantee secure information storage to deter attacks.

    The Dreamhost have an affordable pricing model that offer users with value for their money. Having a super-fast, awesome site, and super-secure server can be good, but spending more than what you get is irrational.

    In addition, Dreamhost hosting service provides email forwarding and accounts, server access, and tools for admin.

    They also provide effective and friendly WordPress hosting. They provide high speed since the company understands that users can be impatient and when left not optimized can be disastrous. Dreamhost WordPress hosting is an established company that understands challenges faced by WordPress website users; thus, developed strategies in enhancing user satisfaction and experience.

    In summary, Dreamhost offers best hosting solutions for users since it is affordable, have friendly support, high speed, and understands security needs of its clients. Also, the company has easy upgrades and updates of data, as well as, low server maintenance need as they have resources to meet needs of clients.

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    DreamPress 2 a Solution For High performance Traffic Web Sites

    DreamPress 2 a Solution For High performance Traffic Web Sites
    5 (100%) 1 vote

    DreamHost offers a Managed WordPress Hosting with a combo Varnish, Memcached, and OPcache comes along with every WordPress Hosting Plan. It’s called DreamPress2, the evolution of managed WordPress hosting that brings customers the fantastic experience once you’ve been working on it.

    The provider had launched the DreamPress 2 project for over a year. Now, it’s available for sale to all of the customers over the countries.

    In the last year DreamPress 2 costs up to $20 a month, but for now, DreamHost offers it only $16.95/mo if you would like to bill it for the rest of a year! Besides, you can bill month-by-month, it just costs $19.95/mo

    DreamHost WordPress Features

    The most valuable the provider added for DreamPress 2 that is Varnish, Memcached, and OPcache cache engine. Those are one of the best things which are the developers would like to work on it. It will make any website running on it operates in smoothly.

    My website here also has Varnish, Memcached, and OPcache caches are running inside, but it doesn’t have HHVM feature. I’m hosting my site on Cloudways, one of third-party Managed VPS Hosting which is using Vultr, DigitalOcean, Amazon Cloud to deploy the websites.

    The second valuable thing is DreamPress 2 operating on Dual VPS Servers + HiP-HOP-VIRTUAL-MACHINE integrated with the latest version.( In this article, I won’t talk about what is HHVM but in another article Liquid Web Managed WordPress Hosting, I’ve been talking a little about it.)

    DreamPress 2 is entirely differentiated afar with DreamHost shared hosting regular plans. It provides a reliable environment for High-Traffic Websites solidly standing on it

    Private IP address for every Managed WordPress hosting plan. The IP address is unique to identify your site on the internet. Coming along with this that is an SSL-Certification – Let’s Encrypt works for Free if you would like to enable it on your site.

    Auto-scaling RAM also offered as a feature of DreamPress 2. It will dynamically auto-scales its resources to keep your sites never facing with overload situation.

    WP-CLI tool, an essential tool for all WordPress Expert that nobody says no once knowing it. It’s also inside DreamPress 2. This tool will save us a lot of time to dealing with the WP core or anything else in WordPress.

    That’s it. That’s my points. Do you ever use DreamPress 2? Let’s people know your experiences when working on it! #Leave your comment here.

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    A2 Hosting Coupon: $1/mo Swift Hosting Plan 1st year + A Free Domain

    A2 Hosting Coupon: $1/mo Swift Hosting Plan 1st year + A Free Domain
    5 (100%) 1 vote

    A2 Hosting offers all of us a deal, $1.25/mo a Swift hosting plan for the first 12 months. No more, no less! That means you just only pay $14.99 for a whole first year with no hidden fees. Including with this Swift hosting is a free domain name (use towards any .COM/.NET/.ORG and TLDs) for all new customers. They’re not limit anything on this hosting plan. As I saw, everything is unlimited like the unlimited amount of databases, unlimited amount of websites, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space storage. And this deal is only available for a 1st-year term then its price will be back to annual costs.

    For a long time, I didn’t hear any cool thing like this from A2 Hosting since another deal(50% off all A2 Hosting Plans) had been released in a couple of months ago. This new deal, $1.25/mo Swift hosting plan just was realised two days ago (July 11th) on StackSocial. You have two months left on this deal over.

    a2hosting coupon

    The offers was end on 11-September-2016.
    You can view similar items:

    Hit on this button to jump over the sale page and get the offer that A2 Hosting gave to all of us.

    $79.9 Webhostface Face Extra Package 5-Yr Subscription, Up-to 3 websites

    How Can I got this offer?

    Did you ever join or heard about StackSocial? If you did, it so easy to you because people love this place, and they won’t let any good deal like this from StackSocial gone away. A lot of sellers or providers have chosen this place to share their offers to all of their customers or StackSocial members. And all of the new customers are welcomed to join StackSocial. Is this offer officially from A2 Hosting? Yes, of course, it is. A2 Hosting has released this offer only lives in 2 months then it will be turned off.
    To Gain access to A2 Hosting Firstly, you must finish your order on StackSocial then right away you would see the credential credit to access A2 Hosting cPanel. You jut only pay for one time on StackSocial then all other the things you don’t need to worry about. A2 Hosting is a top-notch hosting mostly loved by WP Beginners, Freelancers, and web developers.

    Other Top Deals for WP Beginners?

    As of now, Godaddy also offers a Managed WordPress hosting for only $1/mo available for the first 12 months. It’s a playground for all of new beginners. freelancers, amazon affiliate marketers or even bloggers. A free domain name (.COM/.NET/.ORG) is also included with the WordPress package. Does it have all kind of WordPress sets I wanted? Yes, it does! Godaddy has been set up 3 types of WordPress cores like Normal WordPress, WordPress multisites and WordPress E-commerce sites available in use every time. If you won’t like the free domain name, you can also point your own domain name to this WordPress hosting in some easy steps.


    1 FREE domain .COM/.NET/.ORG included with WordPress Hosting package.

    Hit this button to claim the coupon code inside then apply it when ordering WordPress hosting at

    Stable Host offers all of us a deal – 50% off all Stable Host hosting plas. As I caculated, you just only pay for less than $2/mo with Stable Host basic plan ~ $1.75/mo. It’s so reliable, isn’t it? This offer will live forever that means its renewal price keep going on the price $1.75/mo(basic plan) as it was. Their hosting highly secured, backuped in hourly, recovery just one click that is all the features Stable Host offered to all clients.

    Stablehost coupon

    ***no free domain name

    Okay! That’s all the stuff I’d to share with all of you! On this blog have a lot of other deals may be you would like to take a look! Everyday, I’m publishing a lot of new coupon codes, offers, deals from dozens of online stores. Take your time to visit my website and you’ll see many of new deals up here that fit to you! Are you guys want to help me? Following my blog is a way to donate it! Thanks for reading!

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    $30 OFF Greengeeks WordPress Hostingto Jump-Start Online Business

    $30 OFF Greengeeks WordPress Hostingto Jump-Start Online Business
    5 (100%) 6 votes

    Do you really want to Jump-start your online businesses? And what is the point at the fist step? To startup your online businesses the first thing we should do that is finding a premium hosting comes up with high priority support and mostly secure. Because we take a look of time, cash and hard work or even we work through days or night to finish our job.

    green hosting

    So, what’s going to happens if in some cases the hosting providers not secure enough? We’re already know that! GreenGeeks web hosting is mostly chosen by a lot of customers in the US and around the world for high priority support and highly secure.
    So, Who are GreenGeeks’s customers? I’m following a lot of forums and fan pages, SPI communities on the internet. So, I can told you who’re exactly their customers.
    – Affiliate marketers.
    – Entrepreneur.
    * Writers.
    – Logo designers.
    – Vendors.
    – much more.

    Today I’m going to help you to make a discount – $30 Off on GreenGeeks wordPress hosting with some of my coupon codes showed up on the post page offered by Greengeeks web hosting. The pricing plan of WordPress hosting at Greengeeks also like the same price with all other shared hosting plans listed up on their sale page with the minimum price is $3.96 a month.

    30% OFF WordPress Hosting

    $20 OFF WordPress Hosting

    Here are some others coupon codes still working very well help you make a discount on your orders for WordPress Hosting or Shared Hosting.

    – 30% OFF Shared & WordPress Hosting Plan

    $30 OFF Shared & WordPress Hosting Plan

    What’s going to happens when we applying coupon code?
    EcoSite Starter 3 Years $4.95/mo EcoSite Starter 3 Years $4.12/mo
    EcoSite Starter 2 Years $6.95/mo EcoSite Starter 2 Years $5.70/mo
    EcoSite Starter Yearly $7.95/mo EcoSite Starter Yearly $5.45/mo
    EcoSite Starter Monthly $9.95/mo EcoSite Starter Monthly $9.95/mo

    Did you see the different now? The costs gonna change a lot after applying a coupon code $30 Off on WordPress Hosting. You know! Sometimes, I bought a hosting without apply any coupon codes because We’re already known what we’re looking for! I show up the coupon codes here to help you some people not enough the funding source to start their first business! May be sometimes The websites promo codes have some annoying but okay it’s not deal! Just focusing on what’s your’re finding and identity what is the best that fit for you!

    Ok! Here is the place to use your coupon code to make discount and don’t forget to choose the data centers to target your GEO audiences.

    WordPress Hosting Features

    • FREE Blazing Fast Enterpise SSD RAID-10 Storage.
    • Free tech support transfer website from old hosting to GreenGreeks
    • FREE 1-Click WordPress Install
    • Unlimited Web Space & Data Transfer
    • Free Daily Backups entire site.
    • CDN & Multiple Data Centers make your website load faster and faster

    If You had a website hosted from another hosting before and you though it doesn’t secure enough and you want to transfer your old website to Greengeeks but you don’t know how! Ok! That’s just fine! Anytime I really want to move my website from this host to another host, I’ll contact to the tech supports to require some helps. At GreenGeeks, It’s very easy! They’ll do all the rest for you without loss any file or data.

    GreenGeeks Data Centers

    Here a little information about Greengeeks’s data-centers I saw on their website, you can get some these IP address to make a ping test or traceroute about their server. I saw the server Chicago is the best to hosted websites. They have total 4 data-centers three are already works now and another one is coming in the future time.

    • Chicago, US – IP:
    • Phoenix, US – IP:
    • Toronto, CA:
    • Amsterdam, NL – coming soon

    Who are GreenGeeks inspire for?

    • Entrepreneurs
    • Coaches
    • Bloggers
    • Ebook Writers
    • Affiliate Maketers

    A lot of people love GreenGeeks, they are saying so much on communities group about this web hosting company. They really want to host their sites on this web hosting provider for good supports, secure hosting protect their business, cheap and reliable hosting, fast WordPress websites. Greengeeks is one of the best choices within one of the top best web hosting providers such as: SiteGround, Inmotion Hosting. These three services mostly like by US people and also lots of other customers around the world. They don’t have a lot of discount program like the other web hosting companies because they are focusing to give more valuable to customer more than just advertising or promotional without offers any true value.

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    How to use Your Smart Phone to log in to WordPress Dashboard!

    How to use Your Smart Phone to log in to WordPress Dashboard!
    5 (100%) 1 vote

    Do you ever use a smart phone like a key to get in your house? Or use it to turn on some electronic devices like eletric light, fan, window, etc. You can do everything with your phone. But in this article, I don’t guide you how to use your smart phone to do some physical things like I said above. I’ll show you how to use it like a KEY to log in to your WordPress dashboard without using user name and password!

    You know what! There is a FREE WordPress plugin called Clef Two-Factor Authentication can help you to do that. Now, You don’t take time to login to your WordPress dashboard.



    This plugin will provide you a shortcut to accessing your WordPress site from any computer you’re working on without apply username and password.

    Anytime you would like to use your WordPress site just open your Clef app on your smartphone and put your phone in front of the computer screen. It will give you an authority to access your site.

    clef-wordpress-screen-pc login two steps

    How Does it Work?

    STEP 1: Install Clef WordPress Plugin to your WordPress sites.

    STEP 2: Install Clef App to your smart phone devices. Now the provider supports in both of iOS and Android platform. So just install it from Apple store or Google Play then rolling in to your WordPress an ease.

    – Clef iOS app: Download
    – Clef Google Play app: Download

    STEP 3: Set Up password 4 number to log in clef on your smart phone. It just protect clef app on your phone from people around.

    STEP 4: Configuring Clef inside WordPress dashboard!

    set up clef wordpress

    Now it all done! When log in you will see your wplogin page look like this:


    Put your phone over your screen works then it will automatically log you in to WordPress.

    Clef plugin has totally over 800.000+ people installed it. That is simple & safety solution to access your site. It will log out when your working session is expired. You can set the time to expire the log in session on your phone. Clef app will ask you for set up the time when you open it on your phone.

    This plugin absolutely FREE for everyone! Besides, they also offers a paid version for big agencies, high traffic sites, big companies. to know more just visit

    That’s it. I really love this app at the first time I’ve been installed it. I’m still using it on some of my blogs. I’m not see any issues for a long time.

    I would like to see your feedback about this post! Leave a comment here.

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    Webhostface WordPress Hosting for Freelancers – Flat 70% Discount May 2017

    Webhostface WordPress Hosting for Freelancers – Flat 70% Discount May 2017
    5 (100%) 2 votes

    Today I’ll bring to you a new web hosting provider to host your WordPress sites that are Webhostface . They offer flat 70% discount on their WordPress Hosting service. A lot of freelancer for now sticking with Webhostface to build their businesses. I knew finding a good web hosting to launch a business not easy because there are thousands of services out there like that. Not all of theme completely good so I’ve seen Webhostface is one of new good faces can put your trust in them.
    webhostface WordPress


    WebHostFace Hosting Offers and Deals May 2017
    70% Off WebHostFace plans
    25% Off WebHost Face Dedicated Servers
    25% Off WebHostFace hosting plans
    25% Off WebHostFace Reseller Hosting

    Note: Coupons doest not apply for Lifetime subscription

    Hit the button here then copy the coupon code inside for using later. Once you order the WordPress Hosting plan it might useful to set the cost down. It’s real discount for flat 70% off any WordPress Hosting Plans. This deal is biggest until now so take it to make your day easier.

    Web Hosting Backup and Restore

    Doing an online business is always need to mention everything especially the web hosting backup/restore plans. If someone has already faced with a bad situation on the web hosting like losing data by hacking that time We need to find a secure hosting comes along with strongly backup plans.
    R1soft software is the program installed by Webhostface to control entire your web hosting. It will create a lot of backup versions automatically for your host in hourly. The backup plan is completely free that you don’t need to pay for this option. But at other hosting providers this option may be cost up then you must to pay more for this. We glad here Webhostface doesn’t cost for the backup plans. R1soft backup tool is very popular using by many of web hosting providers such as Stable Host, Webhostface, A2Hosting, Namecheap(Business plans),etc. This feature may not be found in some common web hosting providers. I want you to markup this point whenever you buys a new hosting to host your sites.

    The restore option is so simple with 1 single CLICK to recover entire your website. Because the backup software created many of copies files in daily. That means your websites full time backup and restore with a click without losing any data.

    A Free domain name included

    As the beginner, We’ve already known launching the first business is not easy. Little funding resources in hands cannot do anything but at least you could find a reliable hosting to start it turn your plans come true. The provider also knows that so they offer a free domain name included with the WordPress hosting package. That means your billing won’t cost up for a domain name like another hosting provider did.

    Free SSL certificate/ Let’s Encrypt

    A year ago, the Let’s Encrypt project has been launched to help the Internet environment more secure and safe. All of the freelancers, affiliate marketers, personal can use it for their websites. This project is 100% FREE allows all of the people to use it. This project is sponsored by big companies like Facebook, Cisco, Vultr, Chrome, etc. If you didn’t know what is the SSL certificate or How does it work, you must google it to know more.
    For Now, WebHostFace has turned on the free SSL certificate on their hosting plans. You can turn on/off it easily inside web hosting dashboard.

    How about the technical support?

    WebHostFace technical supports is great for all of web hosting plans. When ordering the high priority support will auto added to your order cart, it only costs $2 per month. If you don’t like to order the high priority support you can remove it from your cart. This feature up that means you have a change to communicate with a technical expert makes them focusing on your problems.

    Other web hosting offers for freelancers?

    On my blog here already shared dozens of hosting offers for the beginner, freelancer or personal but I knew that you don’t have a lot of time to check out all my posts. So I will gather all the deal into one place here in a shortly way.

    1. Godaddy also offers a Managed WordPress Hosting for the first year only costs for $12 included a free domain name .COM/.NET/.ORG. The second year its cost might go a bit up but anyway it’s reliable for now. Many of freelancers, Amazon affiliate marketers still using it for their marking plans like building a niche site, product launch or blogging purposes. Would you like to know more about Godaddy WordPress Hosting?

    2. Stable Host hosting offers flat 50% discount on all their shared hosting packages for lifetime. That means the hosting discount would be working for the rest of your life whenever you’re still using their hosting service. Check out Stable Host hosting and get the offer.

    3. GreenGeeks web hosting is only $3.95/mo that is a green web hosting service highly recommended to host your websites. For now, GreenGeeks is offering $30 off for all their shared hosting plans and WordPress hosting plans. The technical supports at Greengeeks is very good. They also offer free migration entire your websites from old hosting to their web hosting without fees. Consider this hosting provider to sticking with your businesses. They didn’t offer a lot of deals like the other providers but replacing to that they offer the high priority support for all of the customers. Check out Greengeeks hosting and get some deals.

    Okay! That’s just all what I really want to share with all of you for today! Would you like to get more and more stuff like this? Putting your email to the below section I’ll notice you whenever it upcoming. thanks for reading my blog!