20% OFF Lifetime Vultr Coupon Deploy New VPS Server, February 2017

Vultr Coupon 2016

20% OFF Lifetime Vultr Coupon Deploy New VPS Server, February 2017
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February 2017. Getting 20% lifetime discount when creating new virtual private server (VPS) on a Vultr cloud server. Now suppose you order a VPS hosting package 1GB of RAM, you just have to billing $8 a month. There has never been a precedent for such discounts not to mention previously that it will cost $ 10 a month with 1GB RAM VPS.

Vultr Vps cloud hosting

In addition to the above promotions, when you deposit money into the account will also be multiplied by that amount doubled. For example, you deposit $25 into your account you will get $50 and $50 so you get $100. It will go on like doubling up to a maximum $100 amount that you deposit into the account.


And the image below demonstrates the customer will be reduced to 20% lifetime.

Vultr discount lifetime

Two forms of promotional offer is valid for both new and old accounts. There’s one more thing if you are completely new customers will receive a free $52 credit to use in 2 months.

Vultr VPS coupons 2017

Name Coupon
20% OFF lifetime Deploy New VPS server
20% Off Deploy new server – Lifetime $8/mo – 1GB RAM
$25 Credit For New Accounts
$50 Credit for 6 months
$50 FREE Credit New accounts
Doubled Credit funding to your account up to $100
50GB FREE Block Storage in New York/New Jersey Server
Others Vultr credits and Gift Cards
$25 FREE Credit For New Accounts
$15 Credit For New Accounts
$10 Credit For New Accounts

The table shared the typical coupon is being used extensively. Select the coupons you need to use and use it immediately before it expires

***Vultr accept multiple forms of payment such as PayPal, Visa, Master Card, prepaid cards, credit cards Payoneer

Without wishing to use VPS anymore, then you go to remove that VPS to keep your credit card not being automatically deducted.

FREE $ 52 credit for new Vultr accounts

You are going to get free $52 credit for new Vultr account to use in the two first months. If you do not use this credit, it will expire. Note that the old account will not be getting a free $ 52 credit. This offer was launched last year, but until now there is no indication that it will expire. Therefore, if you are new customers take advantage of this offer before the promotion ends

vultr 50 credit

FREE 50GB Block Storage in New York/ New Jersey Server

You’re going to get a free 50GB Block Storage when creating new VPS server in New York/ Jersey. This promotion is not valid when creating new VPS servers in other locations.

Get extra $3 credit for free when sharing and following Vultr on twitter

To receive free $3 credit you just need to share and following Vultr on twitter. This offer is applicable to both old and new accounts.

Vultr Twitter credit Tweet

Following the link in the coupon box above to perform. Going to https://my.vultr.com/promo/ to do this step.

Vultr Tokyo / Vultr Singapore Data center

Currently Vultr has total to 15 servers spread across the globe. Which of them has two servers are located in Asia. One data center located in Tokyo while the other located in Singapore. You can create a new VPS server in either of the above are possible. Otherwise, you can choose the data center located in Los Angeles because it’s good for the supply of best quality

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