Vultr offers $30 for Affiliate Marketers and $20 for new customers

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Vultr offers $30 for Affiliate Marketers and $20 for new customers
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A couple of days ago, Vultr VPS cloud hosting has announced their new affiliate program. Whenever you refer a friend or customer to Vultr website deploys a VPS server, you will get $30 commission and that new customer you referred also get $20 FREE credit to deploy new VPS hosting. Notice that $30 is real commission available for withdrawing every time if the sales you made that is approved. It’s a good sign for both of new, old Vultr customers or even affiliate marketers.

Before this offer had released, the old commission is $10 per referral you referred.

At that moment, Some bodies may don’t care about it, but now it has been doubled in 3 times which is $30 instead of $10.

They didn’t say this promo how far it will going, but it’s promising as a good land to take your hands on it.

vultr gift cards

As always, every month Vultr releases a lot of deals for new and old customers, plus their VPS hosting is one of top-notch VPS providers in the same field.

So, people will stick around their services days-by-days increased much more +. That’s a good sign for affiliate marketers take over this playground before it too late.

You can become customers to experience their VPS hosting, by the way using their affiliate program to make more passive income by monetizing their banners, links or blog posts on your blog, social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or Forums.

Vultr Gift Cards – Coupon Codes

Coming along with the article, I wants to share with you some of Vultr coupon codes been working very well. You can use it to deloy your new VPS server.

In the last months, Vultr had offered a deal “double credit funding to your account up to $100″. This offer is still available until now so grab it soone before it’s gone!

This coupon code works in 60 days from the day you’ve added it

You will get flat 50% discount whenever you deploys any new VPS server.

Hit any above button to claim a coupon code inside then add it to Vultr gift cards section to get more credits.

I’ve been using Vultr VPS in a couple of months; I see it great! The Uptime works nearly 99.9% that means I haven’t seen it down since I’ve been deployed Vultr VPS until now.

So Feel free to grab the coupon codes in this post a let me know how you think about it!

As always, all comments and questions highly welcomed! I love to see your signal about this post. Thank you’s.


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    • Hi Robert! Yes, Vultr will payout via PayPal once the sales have been approved and minimum reached $100.

    • Hello, Frank! I’m so sorry! I can not help you at this point. You must create your own ISO file then upload it to Vultr.

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