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    June 2017, 50% off WebhostfaceFace Hosting Extra Plan 5-Year Plan New Coupon

    June 2017, 50% off WebhostfaceFace Hosting Extra Plan 5-Year Plan New Coupon
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    June 2017. 5 Year subscription for only $79. This month Webhostface offer such a great, wonderful deal than ever that is a standard web hosting package for sale only $6.9 for the first year subscription. Looking for a reliable web hosting isn’t so easy like we thought and the value they offer to customers is another story.

    So, today you have a chance to get a great deal with such a soft price from the web hosting provider. The quality of this web hosting provider is similarly to the other hosting providers that we trusted such as HawkHost, StableHost. So WebhostFace is a HawkHost, StableHost alternative in case you want to figure out some new hosting providers.

    WebHostFace Coupons

    Looking for the Webhostface coupon, here is the good place for you to take it out!

    Coupon work for June 2017

    What does it offer?

    Servers located in:
    Disk space: 20GB
    Bandwidth: unmetered
    Uptime: 99.9%
    Number of free website transfers: 3 (tech support transfer website from old host to Webhostface up to 3 sites)
    The number of hosted websites: unlimited.

    web host face

    WebHostFace Features

    What do you get with $6.9 hosting? They offer something like these.

    20GB SSD storage

    You can get a web space storage up to 20GB. That is a big storage space for such a price like this compared to the other providers. And the disk storage is SSD not HDD.

    5 Year Subscription

    They offer the deal for 12 months of subscription plan. That is a long time to start-up your small business such as amazon affiliate marketing, or other affiliate marketing types.

    You can buy a hosting plan up to 5-YR subscriptions for only $89.99 – Read this post to grab that deal.

    Easy backup and restore by R1Soft tool daily backup

    Did you ever bought hosting at Stablehost? If so, you will know how the R1soft look like and how it works. It is a powered tool most used by web hosting providers. Your data never losing when is sticking on your hosting.

    Free SSL – Let’s Encrypt

    Are you looking for a hosting already has Free SSL(Let Encrypt) integrated in hosting for only one-click to install. Now, Let’s Encrypt is a basically thing that ever web hosting must-have to provide for customers. With this package offered you can also enable Let’s Encrypt on your site

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    70% OFF Webhostface SSD Hosting Coupon, May 2017

    70% OFF Webhostface SSD Hosting Coupon, May 2017
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    Webhostface hosting offers 70% off all shared hosting plans. I knew webhostface for a long time ago, but I didn’t have a chance to share it with you because I want to watch and see how this hosting is working, how people think about it. After a while so I decided to create this post to share it with you guys.


    Web Host Face coupon

    Webhostface always offers coupon codes or deals every single month. A couple of months ago I saw them released the deal “12 months free all shared hosting plans” but until now this deal is over. Or the other deal “$39 for two years web hosting plans” and a lot of other deals I’ll sharing with you guys later if you would like to follow my blog.


    WebHostFace Hosting Offers and Deals May 2016
    70% Off WebHostFace
    25% Off WebHost Face Dedicated Servers
    25% Off WebHostFace hosting plans
    25% Off WebHostFace Reseller Hosting

    Note: Coupons doest not apply for Lifetime subscription

    • Web Hosting Lifetime
      Now webhostface is providing web hosting plans lifetime orders. That means you only pay it for one time then not pay more. If you would not like to do that so, you are just sticking to the normal plans with annually billing recycle. It’s always been okay for both of plans. This feature only has at Webhostface because nowhere else wants to do this. It will limit their income.

    • Hourly Backup with R1soft tool / 1 click recovery entire website

    Webhostface has installed R1Soft software backup tool on their web hosting. This is the most powerful tool for backup and recovery websites. It will frequently create several copies of your website and store in it on the drives. Your websites backup automatically in 24/7. Anytime you need to recover the site just select a copy version already listed on the list then, it will extract all the files, the database to the host with 100% match.

    • SSD Drives Hosting
      All the hosting plans are using real SSD drives for storage plans. And the different is SSD always hosting faster than HDD hosting so hosted a website on SSD hosting must be better than ever. All the data read/ write to the disks faster in double times than HDD drives. At this point, you don’t need to worry about how your sites will going on SSD hosting.

    CloudFlare Supportted

    The free CloudFlare option is already there on webhostface cPanel with 100% free in use. CloudFlare is a cloud content delivery network spreading out around the globe. Enable this feature for your hosting and your site will load more faster to all the visitors in the world.

    • Let’s Encrypt supportted
      The Let’s Encrypt project now already on webhostface. It’s 100% free for all clients so what Let’s Encrypt is? It’s a project providing free SSL certificates for all of the designers, developers around the globe with no condition, no fees. This project is sponsored by big organizations like Facebook, Mozilla, Cisco, etc.

    • Multiple data-centers
      IF you would like to open your website in Asia Pacific, Webhostface also has a sever already there for you. that server is located in Singapore ready for all of customers living in that territory. Besides, they have other servers in The United States and European. You can select your server target to improve the load time speed of your site to clients. FACESPECIAL

    If in the case the primary coupon code at the top of this post didn’t work, you can use a coupon code 50% off to make a discount for shared hosting plans. Continue is the list of web hosting providers may be you would like to stick with.

    • Others Web Hosting Recommended
    1. VeeroTech hosting comes up with 50% Off all shared hosting plans first invoice/ 30% off lifetime discount all web hosting packages.
    2. Hawkhost hosting now only $2.95/mo also offering 40% Off all hosting plans / 30% off lifetime discount all shared hosing plans.
    3. StableHost is showing up as a stable web hosting with 99% uptime works. They gave all new customers a deal 50% Off all of shared hosting plans included Enterprise plans.
    4. Godaddy WordPress hosting only $1/mo works for the first 12 months is sticking with a lot of new affiliate marketers doing Amazon affiliate program. This WordPress Hosting is right for all new niche sites promising with a best deal and the hosting so fast.
    5. If anyone prefer to deal with managed VPS hosting, Cloudways VPS hosting is the best solution for everyone. There doesn’t need a basic knowledge skills to use a VPS because it’s not necessary. The only thing is dashboard managing all the actions of VPS, just clicking interface. All data will hourly backup automatically / Recover with a single click.

    I will release other hosting offers soon! Would you like to hear from me? Simply! Putting your email address into the newsletter box below then I’ll notify you anytime the new deals upcoming.

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    2017’s Coupon $89.99 Webhostface Face Extra Package 5-Yr Subscription,

    2017’s Coupon $89.99 Webhostface Face Extra Package 5-Yr Subscription,
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    Webhostface offers a 5-Year subscriptions Face-extra hosting package costs only $79.99 up to 3 websites. That is an advantage for all of the people do affiliate marketing like Amazon, JVZOO, Clickbank have a chance to own a Face hosting package with a minimum price.

    You know! Webhostface is the only one offers some strange deals, unique & no one else does like this. Especially, They offer 2-Year subscription, 5-YR subscription, Lifetime subscriptions. Those, what is unique to their service, that is why people knew them like to stick around for long.

    The Advantages of $79.99:

    • 5 Years subscription.
    • 3 Add-on domains
    • ***M Unlimited sub websites or sub-directories for WordPress Multisite
    • 20GB SSD Storage
    • Free Bandwidth
    • Select server as you wish in Europe, USA, Asia
    ***M It means you can host how many sites as you want for WordPress Multisite & Up-to 3 Add-on domains.

    This package doesn’t support a FREE domain name included But it’s NOT a problem. You can set NAME-SERVER your own domain to Webhostface later NOT needed to order a new domain name here.

    It’s a rich place to launch your business sites, projects, and niche sites. So, Don’t let this advantage go over.

    Web Host Face coupon

    Besides the above deal, Webhostface also offers a Flat discount 70% Off all web hosting plans. The providers released that deal for a couple of months ago but still works until now.

    In case, the $79.99 Face-EXTRA package isn’t what you prefer to sticking around then you just need to apply the coupon 70% off to minimum your cost.

    Take the advantage of the deal and don’t let the web hosting fees taking place of your money meanwhile you can use it more useful in future.

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    Webhostface WordPress Hosting for Freelancers – Flat 70% Discount May 2017

    Webhostface WordPress Hosting for Freelancers – Flat 70% Discount May 2017
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    Today I’ll bring to you a new web hosting provider to host your WordPress sites that are Webhostface . They offer flat 70% discount on their WordPress Hosting service. A lot of freelancer for now sticking with Webhostface to build their businesses. I knew finding a good web hosting to launch a business not easy because there are thousands of services out there like that. Not all of theme completely good so I’ve seen Webhostface is one of new good faces can put your trust in them.
    webhostface WordPress


    WebHostFace Hosting Offers and Deals May 2017
    70% Off WebHostFace plans
    25% Off WebHost Face Dedicated Servers
    25% Off WebHostFace hosting plans
    25% Off WebHostFace Reseller Hosting

    Note: Coupons doest not apply for Lifetime subscription

    Hit the button here then copy the coupon code inside for using later. Once you order the WordPress Hosting plan it might useful to set the cost down. It’s real discount for flat 70% off any WordPress Hosting Plans. This deal is biggest until now so take it to make your day easier.

    Web Hosting Backup and Restore

    Doing an online business is always need to mention everything especially the web hosting backup/restore plans. If someone has already faced with a bad situation on the web hosting like losing data by hacking that time We need to find a secure hosting comes along with strongly backup plans.
    R1soft software is the program installed by Webhostface to control entire your web hosting. It will create a lot of backup versions automatically for your host in hourly. The backup plan is completely free that you don’t need to pay for this option. But at other hosting providers this option may be cost up then you must to pay more for this. We glad here Webhostface doesn’t cost for the backup plans. R1soft backup tool is very popular using by many of web hosting providers such as Stable Host, Webhostface, A2Hosting, Namecheap(Business plans),etc. This feature may not be found in some common web hosting providers. I want you to markup this point whenever you buys a new hosting to host your sites.

    The restore option is so simple with 1 single CLICK to recover entire your website. Because the backup software created many of copies files in daily. That means your websites full time backup and restore with a click without losing any data.

    A Free domain name included

    As the beginner, We’ve already known launching the first business is not easy. Little funding resources in hands cannot do anything but at least you could find a reliable hosting to start it turn your plans come true. The provider also knows that so they offer a free domain name included with the WordPress hosting package. That means your billing won’t cost up for a domain name like another hosting provider did.

    Free SSL certificate/ Let’s Encrypt

    A year ago, the Let’s Encrypt project has been launched to help the Internet environment more secure and safe. All of the freelancers, affiliate marketers, personal can use it for their websites. This project is 100% FREE allows all of the people to use it. This project is sponsored by big companies like Facebook, Cisco, Vultr, Chrome, etc. If you didn’t know what is the SSL certificate or How does it work, you must google it to know more.
    For Now, WebHostFace has turned on the free SSL certificate on their hosting plans. You can turn on/off it easily inside web hosting dashboard.

    How about the technical support?

    WebHostFace technical supports is great for all of web hosting plans. When ordering the high priority support will auto added to your order cart, it only costs $2 per month. If you don’t like to order the high priority support you can remove it from your cart. This feature up that means you have a change to communicate with a technical expert makes them focusing on your problems.

    Other web hosting offers for freelancers?

    On my blog here already shared dozens of hosting offers for the beginner, freelancer or personal but I knew that you don’t have a lot of time to check out all my posts. So I will gather all the deal into one place here in a shortly way.

    1. Godaddy also offers a Managed WordPress Hosting for the first year only costs for $12 included a free domain name .COM/.NET/.ORG. The second year its cost might go a bit up but anyway it’s reliable for now. Many of freelancers, Amazon affiliate marketers still using it for their marking plans like building a niche site, product launch or blogging purposes. Would you like to know more about Godaddy WordPress Hosting?

    2. Stable Host hosting offers flat 50% discount on all their shared hosting packages for lifetime. That means the hosting discount would be working for the rest of your life whenever you’re still using their hosting service. Check out Stable Host hosting and get the offer.

    3. GreenGeeks web hosting is only $3.95/mo that is a green web hosting service highly recommended to host your websites. For now, GreenGeeks is offering $30 off for all their shared hosting plans and WordPress hosting plans. The technical supports at Greengeeks is very good. They also offer free migration entire your websites from old hosting to their web hosting without fees. Consider this hosting provider to sticking with your businesses. They didn’t offer a lot of deals like the other providers but replacing to that they offer the high priority support for all of the customers. Check out Greengeeks hosting and get some deals.

    Okay! That’s just all what I really want to share with all of you for today! Would you like to get more and more stuff like this? Putting your email to the below section I’ll notice you whenever it upcoming. thanks for reading my blog!