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    Install HHVM Stack by Easy Engine script on Ubuntu

    Install HHVM Stack by Easy Engine script on Ubuntu
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    Easy Engine is a script to install HHVM(Hip Hop Virtual Machine) stack on VPS hosting. It’s an effective way to try out HHVM works environment in just a few steps of the installation process. I’ve tried it for the first time so I can say it’s incredibly great! It’s faster than I thought.

    My site BluetailCoupon is running on PHP-FPM environment! And another site is working on HHVM. I see that the other website with HHVM works faster than my site you’re visiting here. It just in the testing time! If it shows the best results, I will apply it for the rest of my projects left.


    Easy Engine Key Features:
    – Auto installs Nginx newest version.
    – Install HHVM in a few easy steps.
    – Supports Memcached, Opcache
    – Supports WP-CLI tool
    – Auto config Nginx for WordPress Multisite.
    – Install WordPress by single command line.
    – Auto Config PHP-FPM for Nginx.
    – Install NGINX, PHP, MySQL, Postfix
    – W3Total Cache, WP Super Cache & Nginx’s FastCGI Cache.

    To get started, make sure you prepared these things:
    – Putty or other SFTP tools.
    – VPS cloud hosting at least 1GB RAM(memory) Using Ubuntu 12,14 or 16/ Debian 7 +. Operation 64 Bits recommended.
    – Nginx doesn’t support .htaccess.
    – Pointing your domain name to your IP address.
    Let’s get started.

    Install Python Properties

    sudo apt-get install python-software-properties

    Install easyengine

     wget -qO ee && sudo bash ee

    Install HHVM stack

    ee stack install

    Or You can custom any part of installation stack by the other following code. But I truly recommend you only use: ee stack install to make things simple

    ee stack install --nginx --php --mysql --postfix --wpcli --phpmyadmin --utils --admin 

    Add domain & Install WordPress

    ee site create --wp


    ee site create --w3tc


    ee site create --wpfc


    ee site create --wpsc


    ee site create --wpredis

    What are those stuff?
    –wp : Install a single WordPress.
    –w3tc; Install WordPress + W3 total Cache.
    –wpfc: Install WordPress with Nginx + FastCGI Cache.
    –wpsc: Install WordPress + WP super cache.
    –wpredis: Install WordPress + Redis Cache.

    Define WordPress administrator password and email

    ee site create --pass=yourpassword

    If you forget setting your WordPress account at this step, easy engine will auto generate it for you. You can change it later inside WP dashboard.

    Install WordPress with a single command line
    Picking up which options that right for you and mixing to a combo like this:

    ee site create --wpfc --w3tc --pass=yourpassword

    If you do wrong nothing gonna happen. Just try to mix it to another way.

    Install WordPress Multisites

    – (subdirectory)

    ee site create --wpsubdir

    – (subdomain)

    ee site create --wpsubdom


    ee site create --wpsubdom --w3tc


    ee site create --wpsubdom --wpsc 

    Delete a Website
    If you’re boring with your website and You want to delete it. Okay! You can do it by following code:

    ee site delete

    Enable SSL using Let’s Encrypt

    ee site update --letsencrypt

    This SSL certificate is totally free. you can run this command line after finishing install WordPress.
    As the default after 90 days Let’s Encrypt license will be expired but easy engine will auto renew it by Linux cron job. Auto-renew 30 days before it getting expired or simply manual renew by this command line to renew it:

    ee site update --letsencrypt=renew

    Turn OFF let’s Encrypt on Easy Engine by this code:

    ee site update --letsencrypt=off

    Update EasyEngine
    Everytime a new version been released, you can update it by this simple code:

    ee update

    You can update something that you forget to install before, you can update it later. Here some examples for you:

    ee site update --pass=yourpassword

    # This code will help you to update your new password to WordPress site.

     ee site update --wp --w3tc 

    #This code will install a new plugin W3 Total cache to WordPress site tht you forgotten to install before.

    How to Slove Error Establishing a Database Connection
    To solve this problem you have to restart Nginx Stack. Otherwise, you You can restart only MysQl server.

     ee stack restart 

    Just it. Now your site back online. It really easy isn’t it?
    How to access phpMyAdmin

    As default easyEngine will auto setup port 22222 to your admin area.

    https://IP:22222//db/pma/. This is the link for phpMyadmin.

    How to get password and username to get in phpMyAdmin?
    Open WordPress wp-config.php in this part /var/www/ and copy database username and database password. It’s the key to get in.

    Now you can login to your phpMyAdmin area easily.

    Where is my WordPress folder installed?

    You can find entirely your WordPress files in this path:

    Uninstall easyengine

    Remove all packages:

     ee stack remove --all

    ## Purge Web Packages:

     ee stack purge


     ee stack purge --web

    To get more command to remove a specific package read more: EasyEngine Remove Commands

    Okay! I just helps you guys to right here! All the others you can read more in this document: EasyEngine Commands

    Liquid Web offers a Managed WordPress Hosting with HHVM(Hip Hop Virtual Machine). You don’t need to do any code because you just install it by a simple click on Liquid Web dash-board. Check out Liquid Web WordPress Hosting.

    Stay close to Liquid Web is DreamPress 2(Dreamhost WP hosting), a Managed WordPress Hosting with HHVM (reliable prices) for beginners. Check out DreamPress 2

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    How to use Your Smart Phone to log in to WordPress Dashboard!

    How to use Your Smart Phone to log in to WordPress Dashboard!
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    Do you ever use a smart phone like a key to get in your house? Or use it to turn on some electronic devices like eletric light, fan, window, etc. You can do everything with your phone. But in this article, I don’t guide you how to use your smart phone to do some physical things like I said above. I’ll show you how to use it like a KEY to log in to your WordPress dashboard without using user name and password!

    You know what! There is a FREE WordPress plugin called Clef Two-Factor Authentication can help you to do that. Now, You don’t take time to login to your WordPress dashboard.



    This plugin will provide you a shortcut to accessing your WordPress site from any computer you’re working on without apply username and password.

    Anytime you would like to use your WordPress site just open your Clef app on your smartphone and put your phone in front of the computer screen. It will give you an authority to access your site.

    clef-wordpress-screen-pc login two steps

    How Does it Work?

    STEP 1: Install Clef WordPress Plugin to your WordPress sites.

    STEP 2: Install Clef App to your smart phone devices. Now the provider supports in both of iOS and Android platform. So just install it from Apple store or Google Play then rolling in to your WordPress an ease.

    – Clef iOS app: Download
    – Clef Google Play app: Download

    STEP 3: Set Up password 4 number to log in clef on your smart phone. It just protect clef app on your phone from people around.

    STEP 4: Configuring Clef inside WordPress dashboard!

    set up clef wordpress

    Now it all done! When log in you will see your wplogin page look like this:


    Put your phone over your screen works then it will automatically log you in to WordPress.

    Clef plugin has totally over 800.000+ people installed it. That is simple & safety solution to access your site. It will log out when your working session is expired. You can set the time to expire the log in session on your phone. Clef app will ask you for set up the time when you open it on your phone.

    This plugin absolutely FREE for everyone! Besides, they also offers a paid version for big agencies, high traffic sites, big companies. to know more just visit

    That’s it. I really love this app at the first time I’ve been installed it. I’m still using it on some of my blogs. I’m not see any issues for a long time.

    I would like to see your feedback about this post! Leave a comment here.

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    60% Off Theme Junkie Coupon Lifetime License Dec 2016

    60% Off Theme Junkie Coupon Lifetime License Dec 2016
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    For a long time I knew about Theme Junkie but until today I had a chance to share with you guys Theme Junkie coupon codes. All of the Theme Junkies always have the time load superfast like the air. A lot of bloggers are using Theme Junkie to blogging, building affiliate websites, and other purposes. It brings up a lot good experience for users using it along the way.

    Theme Junkie

    All the themes is already setting up the SEO optimization supports for all users’ purposes. The simple design helps the blogs load faster and faster than ever suitable for lots of kind of sites: amazon affiliate sites, tips and trick sites, Adsense websites, etc. Some of my friends still using one of these themes on their blog. So Let try it then you’ll see the good results. Simple, light fast and SEO optimization are one of the most important keys to blogging succeed.

    Copy Coupon Codes Here to Create a Big Discount:

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    20% OFF lifetime Theme Junkie all plans

    These two coupon codes working very well until now for all of users. After you had finished applyng the coupon code the the costs would be changed a lot:

    1. The single Plan only $19.5
    2. The all themes package plan only $24.5
    3.The Lifetime package only $49.5 for whole life

    ***Theme Junkie accepts PayPal, credit Cards

    Popular Theme Junkies Demo:
    The World

    Subscription Plans

    All of the themes at Theme Junkie are selling for lifetime License. It means you just only buying it one time then the license still working for your whole life.

    The Theme Junkie was born in 2009 so until now they have totally 68 WordPress themes available for sale. And the costs are listing below just the original costs didn’t apply the coupon code yet.

    • $39 Single Theme
    • 1 WordPress Theme
    • 1 Year Theme Support
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    • $49 All Themes Package
    • 68 WordPress Themes
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    • $99 Lifetime Package
    • 68 WordPress Themes
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    Top Most Popular Theme Junkie WordPress Themes Simple & Fast of 2016

    Where Can I apply my coupon code?

    You can apply your coupon code before you had finished the subscription process. It just right after one first step then you will see it right away. It would look like this sreenshot:

    Theme Junkie Lifetime
    Theme Junkie Lifetime

    That’s all what you want to share with you for today. Hope you’ll find the theme that right to you and your businesses!

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    Top Most Popular Theme Junkie WordPress Themes Simple & Clean of 2016

    Top Most Popular Theme Junkie WordPress Themes Simple & Clean of 2016
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    Are you guys looking for simple, clean and fast WordPress Themes? So are you every heard about Theme Junkie? They’re not so popular like mythemeshop, Elegant Themes or Themeforest but all of their WordPress themes basically designed for simple, clean and fast. They’ve launched their business in 2009 until now they totally got 68 WordPress themes and 6 plugins. These 6 plugins are 100% free without any fees required. You can download it at any time.
    Theme Junkie

    The most important things for their themes are clean, simple & fast. Once you try Theme Junkie WordPress Theme, you’ll know what I’m saying right now. The themes are very worth value that you pay for it. You only buy it for one time to own the lifetime license and of course the theme updates also works for lifetime. The simple WordPress Templates ready in use for business. Are you ready to grab it?

    +Deals: Theme Junkie Coupon

    The World Magazine Theme, the simple and fresh magazine WordPress theme which is well-organized, designed in simple style. It’s a perfect magazine theme comes up with a lot of best features such as multiple theme styles in differences colors, layout templates, WP shortcode, markup supported, Optimize for SEO. It’s also a responsive WordPress Template fit to all devices screen size like mobile(Android/IOS), laptop, desktop and other devices. I’ve been saw a lot of other websites coupon codes using the World theme on their websites.


    Demo Order Theme

    GoMedia , a premium WordPress theme magazine designed for simple magazine sites, blogging or personal websites. It’s fully responsive with all devices like mobile, laptop, desktop, other devices. The layout shows up with a lot of advantages for blogging or even absence website. The top of page will have a slider left to right and the bottom at the page also still be the same style but you can set up it to another types of contents as you want. And the homepage will separated in many pages comes up in Pagination. There are a lot of more custom widgets you can set up for this theme. I can’t tell you all of the features of this templates but many bloggers around have been sticking with this theme for a long time.


    Demo Order Theme

    SuperNews , A flexible and multipurpose WordPress themes works for WooCommerce, page builder, categories layouts, multiple page layouts, Mega Menu and responsive template. It could working as an E-commercial store or even magazine websites, blogging, personal blog, website and much more. They’ve integrated the page builder tool to have you guys building your websites in easy way. The categories can customize in 4 styles look very cool. And they’ve already built the custom template for the static page with a lot of styles: Full Width layout ; Left Sidebar layout ; Right Sidebar layout ; Sidebar 1 / Content / Sidebar 2 layout ; Content / Sidebar 1 / Sidebar 2 layout ; Content / Sidebar 2 / Sidebar 1 layout. That you see how cool it is. Only One theme but we can use it in different ways.


    Demo Order Theme

    StorePro , A simple and beautiful eCommerce/WooCommerce WordPress template. It’s completely simple, clean and clear shows up with the thin beauty style. WooCommerce sites are mostly welcome! If you’re a fan of WordPress thin style it should be right for you. You can list all your products in easy way by the StorePro WP theme. The layout is designed very perfectly with the feature slider right below the header, the main container 2 columns with sidebar and products listed and the widget positioning at the bottom of page. Thin, simple, and clear are the main features of the StorePro WordPress Template.
    StorePro theme

    Demo Order Theme

    Some of Others Popular Theme Junkie WordPress Templates
    Above I just listing some of the popular Theme Junkie WordPress Templates mostly loved by buyers around the world but there are still more flexible, simple and reponsive WordPress theme still waiting there for you to figure it out. Because they have totally 68 WordPress themes that is the good sight for who really interesting in Theme Junkie.







    Roku – WooCommerce Theme

    + more 68 themes

    Theme Junkie has up to 6 free WordPress Template still waiting for you to download it. It’s 100% free with these 6 themes so you just create a free account to download it. The free account will working for lifetime to access all the free resources like free themes or domains. To access the premium resources, you must to upgrade your account to their premium plans. You only pay for onetime but the things will working for lifetime. That’s it what all about I want to share with you guys for today in this article.
    Would you like to hear more from me? By putting your email address in the section below that will help you guys got a slot to access my new offers after it had realised. Thanks!