$39 Adguard Premium Key Lifetime Subscription Deal for 2018

$39 Adguard Premium Key Lifetime Subscription Deal for 2018
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The only chance to own Adguard Premium Lifetime subscription. One time for all! You might not get the deal from elsewhere because the provider only offers it in a secret marketplace. It’s Stacksocial market, the coolest place to buy any digital product fast and easy. $39 only Adguard Premium up to 4 devices – Check it Out!

Android platform is the revolution of smartphone & smart devices which help people stay close together. It brought us a lot of advantages for entertainment, communicating, Social Networking, much more.

On the other hand, It also a gold mine for the advertiser to archive by advertising on Smart devices. It’s annoying users every day!

Sometimes, I’ve been frustrated with this stuff while using the Android app.
Today, No more! There’s a way to stop this for all. Adguard application will help you do that.

Child restrictions, keep your kids out of unwanted situations
Adguard is a kid-friendly Android app, protections your children out of inappropriate content. More than Android app, it works on all browsers, PC desktop, and other devices.



Adguard key Features:

  • Blocks all types of ads including video, flash, and other unconventional ads
  • Restricts websites w/ inappropriate content for children (Windows users only)
  • Knows which sites can be trusted (uses Web of Trust data)
  • Blocks ads before pages load into your browser
  • Protects from phishing and malware websites
  • Speeds up website loading times & saves bandwidth

adguard premium key


  • It’s January 2018- You have 19 days left before the expiration.
  • License deadline: redeem your code immediately after receiving this deal
  • Updates: included
  • Devices: includes use on 2 Android devices + 2 computers (4 total)
  • License length: lifetime subscription.


  • Android 4.0.3 and up
  • Windows
  • Available for Mac OS X 10.7 and up, x64 but (not compatible w/ iOS devices)

10% OFF  January 2018 Adguard Premium Lifetime Subscription

Let take the advantage of this deal brought to you & keep the annoying ads out of your way, protect your children away to unwanted situations.

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    • Hello, Bob! The License term of this deal is available for 2 Android devices + 2 computers (4 total)

  1. Hello, Eric! You can run Adguard on two Android devices & 2 computers at the same times. If it runs out of slot, you must upgrade it or remove the using device inside the Adguard option interface.

  2. It says that adguard can be used on 2 Android devices and 2 computers. Does this mean simultaneously? What if over the course of 5 years I upgrade my phone 3 times. Does that mean I have ran out of my ability to put adguard on my third device?

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