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whois Private registration
whois Private registration

December 2018 You might know! Every time you buy a new domain name at Namecheap, you will get FREE Whois Guard for the first year! But there’s something else you didn’t know. It’s not fully Whois Guard protection for the FREE package. Anyway, Have something better than nothing.

If you would like to apply the Namecheap Whois Guard Protection Pro, I have a special deal for you. It costs only $0.99 a year. It cheaper than some places else with the same options like this.

...The renewal prices next year is $2.88. Namecheap accepts PayPal, Visa, Master Cards, PO Master Card, etc. as a payment method. Not need to verify your orders(get approved right away)

Whois Guard will turn on the defense to protect you from the anonymous. Your secret information is entirely safe behind the seal. The bad guys always attempt to login to your websites by Whois information like an Email address that they found. Then they will use it as a key to log in several times to your sites.

Turn on the shield to protect Whois information is always the right choices in the first place. Don’t let all the buzz things go after you!

Do you have any Domains bought from If you do, I also have a good news for you. Godaddy offers Whois Guard(or Privacy Protection ) for only $2 a year: Check out Godaddy Privacy Coupon.

Some people say: Hide Whois information may get your sites slow Indexing in Google. I think this makes no sense because I have many of domains also turn on Whois Guard option which works very well with Google search engine. It doesn’t affect the ranking, but it might protect you from Google algorithm if you did some black SEO before.

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This coupon code is valid for both of Stellar Business Plan when ordering 12 months +.

15% OFF Namecheap Stellar Plus hosting Plan

This coupon code is valid for both of Stellar Plus Plan when ordering 12 months +.

So! This stuff is all for you! Just enjoy the coupon the provider offers to you. Apply it to get fully Whois Guard Pro for the rest of your domain.

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