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2018’s July, All-in-one Avast password manager lifetime subscription

avast password manager

Avast brings you a software that will keep your accounts super secure without you having to remember the passwords yourself. The Avast password manager is a new product by the cyber-security company AVAST, and it is free for lifetime. With the application, it will store all your online account into one place and keep those accounts in safe.

The Avast password manager gives users more features such as access on all devices, save & auto-fill passwords, password generator, Secure notes, share passwords & notes. The most excellent thing is the Avast Password manager is available for all devices. On Android devices, you can install Avast password manager in Google play and it compatible with all of your devices. On PC or laptop, you must have the Avast software installed first then activate the Avast password manager extension from Google Chrome web store. Every time you log into any website Avast password will remind you to save it to its password manager. Now you don’t need to take the time to fill a login form on any website anymore, Avast password Manager will do the rest for you.

Download Avast Password manager:

Free Lifetime Avast Password Manager- Download

  1. Free lifetime access for its users.
    Unlike other Password managers online which ask for subscription money, AVAST offers free lifetime access to its users.
  2. Random Password Generator
    The application will generate a random AVAST password which will be impossible to hack. For all your social media accounts, banking accounts and others, AVAST passwords will be used.
  3. Store your login details in one secure place.
    You can save you randomly generated AVAST password along with personal and payment details in one secure place and not have remembered them from time to time. Unlike passwords that are stored in browsers, AVAST provides 5 vault protection system to the stored information. All you will have to recall is the master password for the AVAST Password Manager itself.
  4. Synchronize Passwords along your devices.
    Make sure your PC, tablets, and phones are all secure without any effort. You can restore all your notes, password any time when you reset your devices. Note: You must have a device already installed Avast software for security restore of your password.
  5. Auto-fill password when you log into any web page. For now, you don’t have to talk time to remember what your password it is or worry about banned account because you trying to log in with a wrong password.

avast password manager


Get your free lifetime access now and secure all your logins, personal and payment

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