“J U L Y 4th “, 20% OFF 4 months Cloudways Coupon Code

Cloudways coupon

cw coupon

November 2018 J U L Y 4th event, You’re going to get 20% off applies to your account when opening a new account and deploy new VPS hosting on Cloudways. This deal was the biggest deal of the year. Want to migrate your website to Cloudways. Let’s do it today!



Apply this coupon code when opening a new account

Apply this coupon code when opening a new account

Apply this coupon code when opening a new account


Apply this coupon code when opening a new account

Cloudways coupon for November 2018
The promo code will help you make an exclusive discount up to 20% off when using VPS hosting at Cloudways. Where can I apply my promo code? You can use your promo code for the first time sign up a new account at Cloudways. You’ve passed this step; you cannot apply the coupon code again.

You know! Building a website on VPS hosting isn’t easy at all! At least, with people who have a little knowledge about VPS at the beginning. And the self-managed VPS hosting sometimes can make you get upset. At least, you must know some command lines to control your VPS: Apache, Nginx, MySQL, Memcached, Backup VPS, etc. And a lot of other things you could face at if you don’t prepare for it.

There is always a way for newbies, WP beginners to touch your hands on VPS without any command lines to control your VPS. Cloudways applications will help you to do that job. They’ll help you have a VPS hosting with full functions: —Nginx server, Apache, MySQL database, Memcached engine, Varnish caching, New Relic, Redis software. Your applications will auto-backup at hourly to keep your data safe in 24/7.

clouways coupon hosting

You know! My site is running on Cloudways fully managed VPS hosting for a couple of months. So, you can test my website as a demo version for you guys before to buy a new VPS at Cloudways.

How about Cloudways supports
From the first time, I bought VPS hosting at Cloudways until now I’ve been asking for the Cloudways’ support teams so many times by live chat or support tickets. They’d never made me doubt. Something like pointing the domain name to the host, SMTP transactions email, the problem with login or anything else just asking them for help and everything will go to the right track.

WordPress Setup Guide
To migrate your site from others hosting to Cloudways or install the new WordPress site from scratch read this article – My thoughts on Cloudways VPS hosting. This post will guide you all the things you’re still curious about.

***Cloudways accept PAYPAL, Visa, Master Card, American Express, Prepaid credit card, PayPal Master Card, PO Master Card

DigitalOcean Offer: $30 Free credit for creating new droplets – try it out (working for a whole year)
Vultr gift card: Double credit funding to Vultr new account + $20 credit (up to a year of expiration)

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