$2 a year Godaddy Domain Whois Privacy Coupon – February 2018

Godaddy Domain Privacy Coupon


I have discovered some Godaddy coupon codes working really well for domain whois privacy protection. The first coupon code is 50% discount for domain privacy, the 2nd code is only $1 domain privacy, the 3rd code is $2 a year for domain privacy.

One of these codes will help you guys a lot. Anytime, you order a new domain name comes along with domain privacy protection just apply the code to set the price goes down.

A lot of people might don’t know the existing of GoDaddy coupon codes for domain privacy protection because the codes just showed up in few months recently. Just figure out the codes and save your order day!

Take one of these coupon codes to make a discount for Domain privacy at Godaddy.com

$2 a year Godaddy Domain Name Privacy coupon.

– $1 a year Domain Name Privacy coupon.

– 30% Off Godaddy Domain Privacy Protection

– $2.42 New domain name. It’s might work.

– 35% Off New domain register + Privacy domain

– $10 Off Your orders

– Some coupon codes may not work with PayPal
– Some codes don’t available for some countries.
– Godaddy accepts PayPal, Visa, Master Card, PayPal Master Card, PO Master Card, Prepaid credit cards. Feel free to buy the services.


  • Protects you from stalkers and harassers
  • Prevents related domains spam
  • Masks your personal information in the Whois lookup, and None know who you are, where are you come from
  • Deters domain hijackers
  • Set up private emails that can be forward to your account, filtered, blocked
  • Protect you from robots machine or hacker use your personal info for own purpose

All the features above can tell us a lot, so we can see what is different between domain privacy info protected and didn’t. Of course, If you won’t to see any spam in your email box or hack attack, privacy protection always is a solution to save us away from an unwanted situation.

Godaddy has a lot of other coupon code you may want to see:

Buy domain names at Godaddy.com always cheap if we apply the coupon, promo codes at the time we decide to make an order. A lot of people don’t use any coupon codes because they didn’t want or didn’t care about any discount program but some people always would like to buy the products included with the coupon codes. Because apply the coupon codes or didn’t, it always the same. Take it easy and save your order day!

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