40% Off Godaddy Promo Codes June 2017 – $1 WordPress Hosting

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40% Off Godaddy Promo Codes June 2017 – $1 WordPress Hosting
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June 2017 This probably the only chance to get 40% Off on new purchases by applying Godaddy Promo codes. I would like to share with you guys in this post the deals to save your order day. I had written a lot of other posts about Godaddy coupon, promo codes before also on this web page but I didn’t share a lot of coupon, promo codes on particular articles.

So, I decided to create a new post to assemble all the coupon codes into one place here on this article.

Coupon June 2017

What kinds of Godaddy Promotional codes you want to find? Putting exactly the keywords to the filter search section here. Ex: .COM,.NET,.ORG, WordPress, Hosting, …

Godaddy Coupon for New Purchases
40% discount
33% discount CJCFW33 CJCFW33
30% discount cjcrmn30a cjcrmn30a
cjcoff30r cjcoff30r
cjcfwoff30 cjcfwoff30
cjc2off30 cjc2off30 cjc30c cjc30c
  • $1 Hosting Coupon
CJCWPH1 CJCWPH1 $12 Godaddy WordPress Hosting works for 12 months(include free domain) June
CJCWSB16 CJCWSB16 $1 Drag & Drop Website builder(include free domain)
CJC1HOS5 CJC1HOS5 $1 Godaddy Linux Hosting Economy (include free domain)works for 12 months
CJCRMN35 CJCRMN35 35% Off Godaddy Reseller Hosting Plans
cjc50hst cjc50hst 50% Off Godaddy Deluxe and Ultimate Linux Hosting Plans(***not applied for economy)
  • SSL Certificate Coupon
CJCRMN35 CJCRMN35 35% Off Godaddy SSL certificate, Dedicated IP address, managed VPS Linux,Window June
CJCSSL1T CJCSSL1T $52.49 Godaddy SSL certificate 12 months (***anual price: $69.99)
cjcfwoff30 cjcfwoff30 25% Off Standard SSL certificate
cjc25ssl cjc25ssl 25% Off Godaddy SSL certificate
  • Godaddy Domain Coupon
CJCRMN35 CJCRMN35 35% Off Godaddy .COM/NET/ORG/CO/IO Domain Names(***Only for new purchases) June
gofkvt04 gofkvt04 $8.99 Godaddy .COM Domain (***Unlimited domains amount of registration for old and new account)
CJCR699B CJCR699B $2.25 .COM domain Name(***Working well for new and old users – Discount one time only 1 domain per user )
cjc899new cjc899new
$8.89 .COM domain Name(***Registered 5 domain names or more)
te99cominp te99cominp $1.99 .COM
CJCRMN9C CJCRMN9C $9.99 .COM for unlimited domain orders(Bulk Registration)
cjcfw33 cjcfw33 33% Off new TLDs: ninja, .club, .review, .reviews, .tips, .today, .guru, .web, .shop,.XYZ, .Tech,etc
CJCRMN35 CJCRMN35 35% Off new TLDs: review, reviews, guru, tips, .today, etc
  • $0.99 COM – 99cent
TDEFR99 TDEFR99 $0.81 Godaddy .COM Domain (***limit country for this coupon – try it) June
CJC99ZCOM1 CJC99ZCOM1 $0.99 Godaddy .COM Domain (***Big saving)
CJC99GZCOM CJC99GZCOM $0.99 Godaddy .COM Domain (***Big saving)
CJC1COMUK CJC1COMUK $0.99 Godaddy .COM Domain
CJCRMN99U CJCRMN99U $0.99 Godaddy .COM Domain
KRISTY149 KRISTY149 goflin35 goflin35
  • GD Domain Coupons
cjcrmn3cp cjcrmn3cp $1 Godaddy Domain privacy Protection(***WhoIs Lookup protection) June
CJCR699B CJCR699B $2.25 .COM Transfer to Godaddy(***Working so well)
Order now Order now $8.89 .COM domain Name
$7.99 ORG $7.99 ORG $7.99 .ORG domain New Register(***1st year offer)
BB50RD5 BB50RD5 50% Off Domain Whois Lookup privacy
Cjcrmn2cp Cjcrmn2cp $2 Godaddy Domain privacy (***WhoIs Lookup protection)
CJCRMN35 CJCRMN35 35% Off Godaddy .NET Domain Names(***Only for new purchases)
tde99couk tde99couk $0.99 Godaddy .CO.UK domain (***first year)
te99cominp   te99cominp   $1.5 Godaddy .COM Domain (***Godaddy india only)
TDE99UK TDE99UK $0.99 .UK domain Name(***first year)
Take it Take it $0.99 .CLUB domain Name
  • GD Domain Coupons
$7.99 ORG $7.99 ORG $7.99 ORG domain New Register(***1st year offer) June
Take it Take it $0.99 .XYZ domain Name(***check out abc.xyz. This domain name might has ad included)
CJCCLUB CJCCLUB $14.99 .CLUB domain Name(***2 years subscription)
Take it Take it $7.99/yrGodaddy .BIZ domain Name
$7.99 ORG $7.99 ORG $7.99 .ORG domain New Register(***1st year offer)
Take it Take it $3.99 .ASIA domain Name
Take it Take it $1 .US domain Name at Godaddy.com
CJCFW999CO CJCFW999CO $9.99 a year .CO domain Name
Take it Take it $3.99 Godaddy .EU domain Name
cjc1199me cjc1199me $9.99 a year .ME domain Name(***1st Year Registration)
Take it Take it $2.99 Godaddy .INFO domain Name(***1st year)
  • GD Domain Coupons
Order now Order now $6.99 Godaddy .MOBI domain Name June
Order now Order now $4.99 Godaddy .ONLINE domain Name
gofdede01 gofdede01 $0.99 Godaddy .DE domain coupon
Order now Order now $9.99 Godaddy .WORK domain Name
Order now Order now $1.99 Godaddy .TECH domain Name
IAPCL1 IAPCL1 $9.99 a year .ME domain Name(***1st Year Registration)
goodin14a goodin14a $2.99 a year .IN domain Name(***India domain)
  • Other Godaddy Discount Codes
cjcrmn35 cjcrmn35 35% Off Godaddy Code Signing Certificate June
cjcrmn35 cjcrmn35 35% Off Godaddy Premium DNS
auction12 auction12 50% Off Godaddy Auctions Membership
cjcdefdlc7 cjcdefdlc7 30% Off Godaddy auction renewal
CJCRMN35 CJCRMN35 35% Off Godaddy Auctions Membership
cjcrmn35 cjcrmn35 35% Off Godaddy GoDaddy Online Bookkeeping

Every single month, we had received some coupon codes via our email sent by Godaddy to help us get a discount. But some promotional codes we might can’t get it by email. So, Websites coupon, promo code born to share that promo codes helps you guys save your purchases.

My Business did the research for promo codes, test it to make sure it still works well and share it back to readers. That’s all I did.

Godaddy has a lot of cool discount terms you might know or don’t. Whatever, I will share all the best I knew.

If you would like to work with a WordPress Hosting we have a deal $1 Godaddy WordPress Hosting for marketers, bloggers, sellers e-commerce sites

We also can get other deal 50% Off for Godaddy Linux Hosting Ultimate & Deluxe (except economy plan) but don’t worry if you would like to work with Economy Linux Package it just $1 a month and you can get the deal by a promo code on the table.

And if you prefer to do your business by a drag-drop website builder we have a deal $12 a year. And much-much more deals still waiting for you take it in this article.

In this article, I didn’t show up the promo codes $0.99.COM to get that deal you can jump to that post to get the offers. Some of the promotional codes might work for you.


  • Renewal coupon codes may be not for long.
  • Coupon codes for new purchases only work for new orders not work for renewal or other discount terms
  • Godaddy accept PAYPAL, VISA, MASTER CARD
  • Billing information must be matched with Visa or PayPal account
  • Some coupon codes for domains mmight not works for some countries – check other codes right work you
  • Coupon codes are not applied for ICANN fees
  • Some codes not accept PayPal payment method

40% Off Godaddy coupon New Purchases


Godaddy is a domain, hosting company has over 16 years of experiment in their business. Until now, Godaddy had managed over 60 million domain names with more 13 million customers around the globe. Godaddy has become the world’s largest ICANN accredited registrar.

So, Now you could know how big they are. They’re very friendly for all kind of customers, by the way, the sharing promotional codes, discount program month to month.

I like some of these type of their’s products: cheap domain names, Linux hosting economy $1/mo(***works for 12 months), WordPress Hosting, much more. So, Which kinds of products would you like to do your business at Godaddy.com? Tell me all your thought and I’ll response to you!

Putting your comment to comment section on this post to let me know the codes worked well or went wrong. Thank you!

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Alert New Coupon: 50% Off Godaddy Hosting Deluxe and Ultimate- New Deal
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-1 FREE any COM/NET/ORG domain name(all plans and you must billing annual(12,24,36 months)).
-This coupon applied for WordPress Hosting and shared hosting Deluxe, Ultimate
Coupon Code: cjc50hst Coupon Code: cjc50hst

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