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    40% off MediaTemple Self & Managed VPS hosting Coupon 2017

    40% off MediaTemple Self & Managed VPS hosting Coupon 2017
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    June 2017 It has been 20 years since CSS was released. This year’s anniversary marks 20 years of success in producing better web products and changing how we view the web. As a result, major advancements have been made to improve efficiency and reliability of the web as well as the general web user-experience.

    CSS has been undeniably an essential web style language. When you look at how websites used to like before CSS, you will be shocked. To mark this historical event, Media Temple is offering an amazing coupon to its customers.

    Media Temple (mt) Coupon 

    You now have the chance to take your next big step with Virtual Private Server hosting at an amazing 40% off. Customer satisfaction is the top priority of MediaTemple. In line with CSS achievements, web users deserve better performance VPS hosting.

    Beside this coupon code, Media Temple also offers 15% off Grid Elite hosting with coupon code: GOELITE.

    40% Off Managed VPS Hosting Media Temple (mt)
    15% Off Grid Elite Shared Hosting only! Media Temple (mt)



    The following are the VPS hosting packages that are available for you.

    i) Self-Managed VPS (40% Off)

    This package includes professional-level VPS hosting together with total command-line control. This is the best choice for an experienced application developer or server administrator, comfortable with working Linux as well as a command-line interface. Having said that, this is also a great deal if you’re looking to build your system from scratch.

    The high-powered servers enable you to run your choice of Linux operating system on a VPS platform whose efficiency and scalability is commendable.

    DV Developer-level 1 Features

    · 2Gigabytes RAM

    · 20 Gigabytes SSD storage

    · 2Terabytes bandwidth

    · 99.99% assured uptime

    Order this package

    DV Developer-Level 2 Features

    · 4Gigabytes RAM

    · 40Gigabytes SSD storage

    · 3Terabytes Bandwidth

    · 99.99% assured uptime
    Order this package

    ii) MANAGED VPS (40% off)

    This is ideal for agencies, media companies, and other similar organizations searching for a good VPS hosting solution. If you’re among the above categories, with this package, you will be able to administer your environment and before you know it, you will be up and running.

    With double the RAM, you will get an amazing live support, high-level SLA and a good level of professional server management.

    Level one DV Managed Features

    · 2 Gigabytes RAM

    · 30 Gigabytes SSD storage

    · 2Terabytes bandwidth

    · 99.99% uptime
    Order this package

    Level two DV Managed Features

    · 4 Gigabytes RAM

    · 50Gigabytes SSD storage

    · 3Gigabytes bandwidth

    · 99.99% uptime
    Order this package

    How to purchase the new VPS hosting at MediaTemple.

    If you are looking to purchase this product, it is easy. Their live support is reliable and therefore, you will only need to visit their website and engage them through their chat platform.  To ordering a VP[S hosting package, you must select the operating system first then press on Add to cart button such as the guide in the image.

    mediaTemple VPS
    MediatTemple vps


    Put your business name in the section “Domain search” to register a new domain name. You can skip on thí step if you’ve already registered a domain before.

    At this step, you can apply any promo code that you’ve got while searching around to create a little discount. You can pass the coupon code if you don’t care.

    You must create a new account to finishing the order or log into your account if you had one account at MediaTemple.

    Finally, if you are a developer, agency or organization looking for VPS hosting, this is the chance for you. It can’t get better than this.

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    MediaTemple: 2 Months Free Managed WordPress Hosting $15/mo

    MediaTemple: 2 Months Free Managed WordPress Hosting $15/mo
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    May 2017 I got a new coupon code from MediaTemple with two months free on Managed WordPress Hosting when you are ordering any WordPress Hosting Plans with yearly billing plan. It means you got $40 OFF for Personal plan, $120 OFF for studio plan and $480 off for Agency plan. It’s a big discount, isn’t it?

    But It does not stop there either, you can get more discount on WordPress hosting packages! I also have another coupon code can help you get significant of discount.

    ***Hit on this button to get the offer

    WordPress Hosting Features
    WP-CLI command-line tool for WordPress on dashboard
    Git tool
    SSH/sFTP access.

    The WP-CLI can help you do a lot of things for WordPress such as import database, download, install, update or manage WordPress properly.

    The WP-CLI is the powerful tool for WP expert people. It will help you do a lot of WordPress job quickly as it does. This is one of the best features Media Temple gave to us.

    To Know more about WP-CLI jump over to their page here WP-CLI.

    Git tool is also engaged on Mediatemple WordPress hosting to help you have more tool to handle everything on your hosting. The couples Git and WP-CLI tools are one of the most important things came along with every people expert in coding skill & could not be missed. I also like both of these tools because it is helping me to do a lot of things in my works.

    If you’re looking forward a Managed WordPress Hosting can handle high traffic, Media Temple WP hosting is a good fit for you to start.

    If you just want to check out the hosting or looking for Pay-as-Go plan that’s OK. Billing your hosting monthly instead of yearly so that way you don’t need to pay a lot at one time.

    I’m using managed VPS hosting at Cloudways with Pay-as-you plan I don’t have to pay so much money annual. I just pay it at the end of very single month.

    I also have another good news, Liquidweb has launched the Managed WordPress hosting came up with a lot of features like Hip Hop Virtual Machine, Memcached, Google Pagespeed, WP-CL tool, much more.

    It’s running on CentOS 7 as the primary operating system. The cPanel is available inside and 100% fully managed. The HHVM will help your WordPress sites load faster 3x than before. It’s designed by Hack & Language faster than PHP-FPM normally.

    One of the web hosting providers could provide the HHVM feature for their WordPress hosting packages are Kinsta, Liquidweb, DreamHost, WP Engine, Pagely.

    Liquidweb is using their own servers with superior system resources and large infrastructure. The Liquidweb WordPress hosting is cheaper than Kinsta Managed WordPress Hosting based on Google Cloud Platform.

    Let make a try for Liquidweb managed WordPress Hosting starting at $19 for the first month then renewal at $89/mo can host up to 10 sites. Try it out

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    2017’s Media Temple Review – High Cost For Excellence Hosting!

    2017’s Media Temple Review – High Cost For Excellence Hosting!
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    Media Temple Web Hosting Review – Prices are rather high, but you get excellence for the cost!
    Running a website requires a good web host. Web hosting services can make a massive difference in the reliability and usability of your website. A poor choice in host can leave your website running inefficiently, possibly shutting down without any warning. These problems are avoidable.


    One high quality, reliable option is the Media Temple web hosting services. When you look through the Media Temple reviews 2017 has seen so far; you will notice a few constants. People like the service, the customers appreciate the reliability and dependability, and the websites have a greater chance of success. You have the space, support, and scalability that your website needs.

    • WordPress Hosting

    Media Temple Coupon

    Media Temple offers web hosting for WordPress websites. Anyone with a WordPress designed website can use this as a way to host their website while taking advantage of the quality and uptime of Media Temple. The Media Temple WordPress hosting review gives you insight into what you can gain from this.

    One of the biggest advantages is the optimization. For WordPress users, not every host will work. You want a host designed specifically for your needs. It should work with your website perfectly, allowing you to use WordPress as you plan to use. To add to this, there are also updates to stay current. This is an important aspect of any website, and the regular updates will be crucial to your continued success.

    • Shared Hosting

    optimazie hosting

    Shared hosting is also available. Anyone who plans to share access to their website should use this. The goal here is speed and accessibility, as it should be. You can keep everyone in touch and on the site without dealing with speed bumps, complications, or walls keeping you out of the site. You have everything you need to stay connected. The Media Temple grid review will show you what it can do for you.

    Freelancers, large teams, and any other professionals that need access to the site for multiple people will love the way this host is set up. The way it is structured and built makes it perfect for provide multiple people with access.

    • Higher Level Hosting

    amazon cloud aws media temple

    Both the VPS hosting and the AWS cloud hosting offer services for enterprises, large companies, and other major developers. The VPS hosting focuses on businesses and app developers, whereas AWS cloud hosting is for, of course, businesses using Amazon cloud. Both offer a wide variety of features that will keep you interested and your business as a top competitor. Scalability is available with both, ensuring that your business is always the size it should be.

    Check out VPS Hosting Level 6

    • Features

    All hosting services come with top of the line features that you need for your business. Managing your online information and your website is not a problem. You can keep everything running, you can make changes, and you can handle it all without feeling restricted.

    Part of what you get is complete 24 / 7 support, security, and protection. The goal with Media Temple is to make your website better. They offer their assistance and they keep your website secure to ensure that.

    • Pricing

    Pricing for Media Temple can be high, but it is well worth the services and features that you get. This goes beyond the basic packages or just hosting. You have everything that you need, personalized and optimized for your website. You can build the perfect site with the help of these services, and the cost reflects that. This is why it tends to appeal to professionals and major companies than it does the average website owner or blogger.

    Media Temple has packages available right now. You can benefit from having the quality, features, and scalability on your side, no matter what you do. Prices are rather high, but you get excellence for the cost.

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    40% Off » Media Temple VPS Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Shared Hosting – June 2017

    40% Off » Media Temple VPS Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Shared Hosting – June 2017
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    June 2017 – 40% discount VPS hosting with coupon code: CSSDV40 is the latest coupon for this month. Especially, If you set up a Grid Pro Packages with a price $20/mo = $360/yr. Now with my coupon codes applied you would save $60 on your order for this package. The totally pricing now is $257, so I can say you get to save a lot.

    Media Temple VPS Hosting Coupon

    40% Off Managed VPS Hosting media-temple-logo-small
    15% Off Grid Elite Shared Hosting only! media-temple-logo-small
    33% Off Managed WordPress Hosting media-temple-logo-small

    Deal ends in June 30th, 2017

    Hit any green button here and then it will lead you to the sale page. You don’t need to apply any coupon code. Because the promotional links itself will set the discount for you while you’re ordering.

    mediaTemple VPS
    MediatTemple vps


    After applied coupon codes for Shared Hosting:

    coupon vps
    coupon vps
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    15% Off Media Temple New Elite Grid Hosting Plan, June 2017

    15% Off Media Temple New Elite Grid Hosting Plan, June 2017
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    Today Media Temple is a reputed organization which is based in Los-Angeles offers premium cloud and web hosting solutions. Recently they have announced that they have successfully added a new grid to their managed shared hosting solutions. The new grid Elite plan comes with the company’s motto ‘always up, always easy, always fast, and always human’. Grid Elite fulfills the needs of high traffic, data intensive site and app owners making it pretty easy for the customers to manage their rapid growth.

    media temple elite grid hosting

    Starting in the year 1998, Media Temple has supported web designers, app publishers, developers, enterprises, and digital agencies to focus more on their growth of the business while they would tale care of their customers hosting needs. More than 125,000 users in 100 different countries are currently using the services of web and cloud hosting provided by Media Temple powering more than millions of websites. Their quality service and unbeatable technology have enhanced them deliver the premium solutions along with their world-class 24/7 customer service support.




    15% Off Media Temple Grid Elite Plan.
    Promo: GOELITE


    ***The promo code above works for the new Elite Grid hosting plan only! The other types of grid hosting plans are not valid with this deal.


    Media Temple Grid Elite Plan Features

    1. Grid Elite offers great performance and high scalability making it very reliable. Grid Elite offers huge resources for users database so that you never run out of the RAM making sure that you have enough storage and reduces the risk of traffic blocking the passage. Grid Elite also offers quality customizable options.

    2. Grid Elite comes with an enhanced security and speed which includes web application firewall, malware detection and removal for up to 5 sites. Grid Elite provides Global CDN which gives you more power to load your websites much faster than ever before.

    3. Grid Elite is a powerful tool for e-commerce sites. Grid Elite offers 250GB of SSD storage capacity with a scalable 5TB bandwidth making a room of 500 sites at just a price of $60 for every month.

    4, Dedicated Database Container offers 4GB disk space with a manageable 128MB of RAM making it accessible to 10 users at a time and more than 60 connections.

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    2017’s – 30% Off Media Temple WordPress Hosting Plans with Promo Code

    2017’s – 30% Off Media Temple WordPress Hosting Plans with Promo Code
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    June 2017 I have a new promotional discount from Media Temple. At the first 3 months, you just cost $12.9/mo for any hosting plans(shared hosting or grid hosting and Managed WordPress Hosting).

    Media Temple Promotional Link

    ***This discount term works in the first 3 months

    June 1st, 2017

    Hit any green button here and then it will lead you to the sale page. You don’t need to apply any coupon code. Because the promotional links itself will set the discount for you while you’re ordering.

    $120 Off Managed WordPress studio at Media Temple. I got this offer too late but there is still time for you to discount at Media Temple. The studio plan has a lot of best features to deal with for a professional plan because it’s suitable reach up to 2 million visitors a month and hosted 10 websites, 2 Google Apps for Work user accounts, malware detection & removal for 5 Site.

    There are 2 more cool things: 1 free domain name included for 1st year and 1 SSL certificate for free 2 months. You can also add more resource: 1 million visitors, 50GB SSD storage, five additional sites totally $30/mo.

    That’s all show the differnt between billing with coupon code appliled and no coupon code at the 1st image. See, You can save up to $120 on your order for wordpress studio.

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    $12.9/mo Media Temple WordPress and Grid Hosting Plan first 3 Months

    $12.9/mo Media Temple WordPress and Grid Hosting Plan first 3 Months
    5 (100%) 1 vote

    June 2017 Media Temple offers all of new customers a deal: 33% Off all WordPress and Grid Hosting Plans in the first 3 months. That means a Media Temple hosting right now just start at $13/mo.

    Media Temple Coupon
    • $12.9/mo Managed WordPress Hosting and Shared Hosting Personal Plan in the first 3 months(before $20).

    • $20/mo Shared Hosting PRO Plan in the first 3 months( before $30)

    • $40/mo Managed WordPress Hosting Studio Plan in the first 3 months(before $60).

    Moving forward with the promotional link above to grab the deal 33% off WordPress hosting and Shared hosting plans in 3 months.

    Media Temple hosting has some of the great tools that people would like to stick with such as WP-CLI tool, Git tool, etc for coding expert. Wp-CLI tool helps to control all WordPress cores by command-line.

    What can you do with WP-CLI? Firstly, you can migrate your WordPress from old hosting to Media Temple by a single command-line(import database). Secondly, you control your WP-cron events and schedules by WP-CLI tool. Thirdly, you can control all media attachments on your site. There are still dozens of things you can do with WP-CLI tool even you’re not a coding expert. Find out more WP-CLI here.

    Git tool is one of the essentially tool, the greatest weapon that the developers will never say no to it. Because it controls everything from small to large projects in efficiency way. If you’re already known it, this is a good place for you! Both of Grid hosting plans and Managed WordPress hosting plans are already engaged this from the inside.

    SSH/sFTP access
    is available for all hosting plans so you can get the credential credit on the dashboard.

    Media Temple hosting is a solid-ground for expert people like bloggers, designers, developers, agencies build their online businesses.

    As always, you would like to listen from all of you! Leave a comment below to let me know your points.