40% OFF Namecheap VPS coupon – Cheap VPS hosting July 2017

Namecheap VPS Promo Code

40% OFF Namecheap VPS coupon – Cheap VPS hosting July 2017
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Have you ever try Namecheap VPS hosting? The provider offers 40% OFF all VPS hosting plans for the first invoice. I think it would be great to try this out with the lowest prices. Besides this deal, Namecheap also offers 25% OFF on Dedicated hosting for the first invoice. Especially, the dedicated hosting coupon never shows up before.

As you know, Namecheap is a domain, web hosting, VPS hosting company which provides lowest prices & the stable web hosting.
In this post, I do not go further to another type of coupon codes, I just focusing on Namecheap VPS hosting. And the coupon comes along with it to see another Namecheap coupon code you can read this post right here » Namecheap Coupon Domains, Hosting, VPS

July 2017


Namecheap VPS Hosting Packages

  • VPS Lite – Xen
  • $19.95/mo
  • 512 MB (+512 MB burst)
  • 1 CPU core
  • 15 GB HDD (SAS RAID 10)
  • 100 GB bandwidth
  • Order Now
  • VPS 1 – Xen
  • $29.95/mo
  • 1GB (+1GB burst)
  • 1 CPU core
  • 30 GB HDD (SAS RAID 10)
  • 250 GB bandwidth
  • Order Now
  • VPS 2 – Xen
  • $49.95/mo
  • 2GB (+2GB burst)
  • 2 CPU core
  • 60 GB HDD (SAS RAID 10)
  • 500GB bandwidth
  • Order Now
  • VPS 3 – Xen
  • $69.95/mo
  • 3GB (+3GB burst)
  • 2 CPU core
  • 100 GB HDD (SAS RAID 10)
  • 750GB bandwidth
  • Order Now

Namecheap VPS billing plans

  • 1 month.
  • 3 months.
  • 6 months.
  • 12 months

Namecheap have 4 billing cycle for each of VPS hosting plan, you can pay for every single month or just easy pay for the rest of the year.

Namecheap VPS operating systems

Namecheap provides us a lot of types of the operating systems for our VPS hosting, so we can easy switch up between these systems. As you know Ubuntu is the operation system very light, speed and secure, it’s mostly like by a lot of users and here are all the lists of Namwcheap Operating System:

  • Namecheap Ubuntu 12.04 LAMP 64 Bit
  • Namecheap CentOS 5 LAMP 64 Bit
  • Namecheap CentOS 6 LAMP 64 Bit
  • Namecheap Debian 6 LAMP 64 Bit
  • Namecheap Fedora 17 LAMP 64 Bit

Additional Dedicated IP Address

  • 1 dedicated IP address for FREE 100%
  • $2.00/mo for each new dedicated IP address
  • Can order more than 3 IP address

Namecheap give us two options for dedicated IP address, you can select one or two as you like the way you work with it. For each of new dedicated IP address, you pay more $2/mo and to order more than 3 IP address you must activate you account and orders it later inside.

Extra Bandwidth

  • $10.00/100 GB/mo

You can order more bandwidth for your VPS hosting, for each of 100GB you just only pay $10/mo and this price applied for all of Namecheap VPS plans

$5 OFF Namecheap Ultimate hosting package

This coupon code is valid for both of Ultimate and Business Plans when ordering 12 months +. This deal has never shown up before! Check it out today to see the change of it!

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