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2018’s December, $199.99 Norton Core Wifi Router + Free US shipping

norton core router wifi

It’s December 2018, There might so many Home-Internet providers in the market right now. The core product of those Home-Internet providers would probably be Wifi router comes along with many product lines differentiated in prices based on how fast you want to get. Their services are all about how to make Wifi router works effectively in households, how to make the connection stable, or how to get people connected to the others on the Internet perfectly.

Norton Core Wifi has actually taken the Home-Internet world to another level. Norton Core Wifi is probably the first Home-Internet provider that could make sure besides high-speed and stable Wifi you would able to use at home, you and your family members would also be able to connect to the Online world without any concerns over Online threats your children and other family members could possibly experience including viruses.

$199.99 Norton Core Wifi Router + Free US shipping – $80 Off

Deal ends  December 30th, 2018 

Priced at $199.99

A Gift: Free SETUP worth value: $69





  • Defends against viruses, spyware, malware, and other online threats.
  •  Firewall protection
  •  Safeguards identity and online transactions
  •  On the go device protection
  • Comprehensive parental controls
  • IoT(Internet of Things) device protection
  • Network-level protection  Mobile-app network control
  • Mobile-app network control


The big question would be “ HOW “ – How could Home Wifi router prevent Online threats and viruses?

Norton Core Wifi router has a special hidden ability to monitor all devices connected to the Wifi to find and eliminate Online threats and viruses that could possibly get to your devices through the Internet.

The interesting thing is that Norton Core Wifi doesn’t just randomly monitor the devices from time to time and the process is not run by the human, but Norton Core Wifi router itself. So you could make sure that even though any devices of yours are still connected to Norton Core Wifi would welcome any Online threats and viruses while you are asleep during the night.Norton core router wifi

If you are a parent or household owner, you would be totally in love with Norton Core Wifi router with following reasons

  1. You could make sure you don’t have to run to IT department store every time any of your devices at home get attacked by viruses. Norton Core Wifi router would help you save a lot of money expected to be spent on the repair or even buying new items.
  2. You could make sure the privacy that is supposed to be yours would always be yours as long as you connect to Norton Core Wifi. As it’s mentioned above that Norton Core wifi router doesn’t just provide the reliable and fast Internet connection, but it also could prevent and eliminate Online threats such as spam sites and inappropriate sites that you wouldn’t your children to visit.
  3. You could also use sub-services coming with Norton Core Wifi to locate your lost or stolen devices.

Till now, you might have another question like “ How can you buy Norton Core Wifi? “ and “ What are the product lines they have to offer? “ Norton Core Wifi has their own website and the good thing about it is that they have own websites in many countries in the world to support your individual needs and answer all questions you have about their products.

Norton Core Wifi has so far launched various product lines in different prices based on features. Here are some main popular products under Norton Core Wifi :

Norton Security Premium

• 1 year for $49.99 and 2 years for $129.99 December 2018

• 25 GB BackUp

• Real-time protection

• 10 devices

Norton Security Deluxe

• 1 year for $39.99 and 2 years for $109.99  December 2018

• Real-time protection

5 devices

Norton Security Standard

• 1 year for $34.99 and 2 years for $89.99  December 2018

• Real-time protection

• 1 PC, 1 Mac, or 1 mobile device

 Norton Antivirus Basic

• $19.99 1 year subscription.  December 2018

• The world’s largest 24×7 threat monitoring networks

• Silent update to make sure you get the latest version


Norton Core Secure Router

• $199.99

• Network administrator for devices in your house

Other than this, Norton Core also provides other supportive product lines to make sure that you would get everything you need to be on the Internet at one stop.

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