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    $10 Credit ServerPilot Coupon, Promo 2017 – WordPress Install Guide

    $10 Credit ServerPilot Coupon, Promo 2017 – WordPress Install Guide
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    I have received $10 credit added to my account ready for use ServerPilot’s service. After I had finished the sign up form step and the offer immediately appear above the pricing plans section.


    ServerPilot is a third party service platform for hosting WordPress or other PHP websites apps helps you set up WodPress hosting super fast. ServerPilot will automatic install all stuffs for you like PHP, MySQL, Nginx, and Apache and they also automic updated all server’s packages. Now Serverpilot available on a lot of VPS providers such as Digital Ocean, Vultr. By this way, you don’t need to take a lot of time for deploying a new server or even install a new application on server.

    ServerPilot have 3 plans for us to pick up to work with the servers. As a beginner you can start up with the first plan to figure out their platform, applications. For further more, you can upgrade to the other plans for more features,more applications, options to work with.

    2016’s – $30 FREE credit Digital Ocean Promo Code

    Free Plan COACH $10/mo BUSINESS $40/mo
    Unlimited Servers
    Unlimited websites
    1 SSH/SFTP user Unlimited SSH/SFTP users Unlimited SSH/SFTP users
    Firewall configuration
    Server security updates
    API access
    Priority Support High Priority support
    Free SSL certificates
    Simple HTTP/2 deployment
    Server health stats
    App resource usage stats
    App request stats
    Slow script notifications
    Login Viewer
    Take a Look
    Take a Look
    Take a Look
    Create an Account at ServerPilot

    Buyer’s Guides How To Install WordPress on DigitalOcean by ServerPilot


    Now I will show you guys how to install WordPress on Digital Ocean Via ServerPilot Platform application. Look at the screenshot series to set up a wordpress website.
    Step 1 – Connect your cloud server or VPS server to ServerPilot by clicking on the button.

    Step 2 – Pick-up your IP address, root password, SFTP Password(SSH Keys) of your server on (Digital Ocean, Vultr,…) fill out here.
    Step 3 – Create a new server on Digital Ocean
    Here is my guide how to create a new server on Digital Ocean. For the other providers you can simply do like these guides like in the screenshots. If you already have a server before without any applications installed you skip over this step!

    Create an Account at DigitalOcean

    create-droplet on digital ocean


    Here is your IP address – Copy it and Paste to ServerPilot
    Here is where you can get the root password to apply at ServerPilot set up Step 2. After click the reset button the root password will dilivered to your email account. Now jump to you mailbox and copy it from there.

    Step 4 – Get SFTP password. Login to DigitalOcean at the dashboard press on the tab security to get SSH keys. SFTP Password is SSH keys on DigitalOcean.
    Step 5 Create a new app on ServerPilot

    Step 6 Install WordPress site

    Did you see? After a simple click the WordPress website is set up done.

    Last step – Park domain to WordPress Site
    At this final step, you must point you domain name to your server by IP address. You can use Namecheap free DNS to do this step for you.
    All done for now! Do you guys have any question? Leave a comment here to let me know your thought!