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    Stable Host Black Friday 2016 Coupons – Up to 75% Discount Hosting

    Stable Host Black Friday 2016 Coupons – Up to 75% Discount Hosting
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    Stable Host Black Friday Discount, Deals of 2016. On the Black Friday season of this year 2016, Stable Host has offered couples of coupons for customers to purchase new web hosting. Everyone, new customers are going to get a flat discount up to 75% on any web hosting plans include the Platinum plan. That’s a good sign for all people loving the services of Stable Host. Their servers good enough for you to launch your websites, blog or even applications.

    An additional deal has been offered for this day, you’re going to get a 30% bonus to any prepaid funds added to your account between today through 30th-December-2016. You know what! The fantastic thing here both of existing and new customers are welcomed to this deal.

    Add $100 you will get $30 credit then works in total you have $130 in your stable host account for future use on new products or renewal your hosting. They don’t limit the amount added. So do it before 30th of this month!


    Stable Host Coupons Updated June’s 2017

    stablet host

    Stable Host Shared Hosting Coupons

    40% Off all Shared Hosting first order
    40% Off all Shared Hosting first order
    50% Off discount lifetime shared Hosting
    75% Off only one time discount
    *No discount when renewal next years
    75% Off when billing for 3 years + Black friday
    *No discount when renewal next years
    75% Off onetime + Black friday
    *No discount when renewal next years

    Stable Host Reseller Hosting Coupons
    30% Off – Reseller Hosting one time
    30% Off all Reseller Hosting First order

    Stable Host VPS Hosting Coupons
    15% Off – StableHost Virtual Private Servers(VPS) Coupon

    Stable Host offers countless websites for all of the web hosting plans, but with the starter plan, one site with one domain is enough to don’t add more than one. To run many websites with unlimited add-on domains, please consider purchasing the Platinum package. That’s a good move for you if you want to run many websites on it.

    The platinum has enough room to keep your sites running smoothly without any downtime or any other situations. You will get a great support while sticking with this plan.

    They do offer not only excellent uptime works but also a great, robust backup plans. With a powerful software, your entire website will put in the safe circumstance. It makes many copies of your sites and stores it in their servers to make sure you can restore it anytime you would like to recovery. That’s it. Time to work on it!

    To get more information about Stable Host shared hosting, following the link to read it! I have detailed all that you need to know which included network information.

    A neighbor to Stable Host hosting that is Hawkhost also offering some excellent deals on Black Friday Season which discount up to 70% on shared hosting applied for both of new and old customers. Check out HawkHost Black Friday deals.

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    Fastcomet Hosting $2.95/month + Free domain for Life + 35GB SSD Drives + Free Cloudflare CDN + Unlimited databases+Daily backup+ 20% OFF WP-Rocket cache plugin coupon

    Fastcomet Hosting $2.95/month + Free domain for Life + 35GB SSD Drives + Free Cloudflare CDN + Unlimited databases+Daily backup+ 20% OFF WP-Rocket cache plugin coupon
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    Fastcomet Hosting only $2.95/month + Free domain name for whole life + 35GB SSD disk spaces storage + Free CloudFlare CDN + Unlimited databases + Daily backup + Unlimited Bandwidth traffic suitable for affiliate marketers to build the affiliate websites.

    fastcomet ssd cloud hosting

    Fastcomet is a web hosting company has headquartered in the United Sates. They have lots of products like Web Hosting, Shared Hosting Packages, Cloud VPS Hosting, SSD-Based Cloud Servers, Dedicated Servers, WordPress Hosting, Joomla Hosting, SocialEngine Hosting, Ghost Hosting, much more.

    Web Hosting Features

    I will describe each of one feature from Fastcomet hosting. What will we get? What are the advantages this web hosting service offering us?


    A Free domain name for life-time
    We will receive a completely free domain when ordering any of cloud SSD shared hosting packages. Something offers the lifetime; it will live forever, and we will not pay for it again. This the first advantage the giving us.

    Memcached Supported
    Now, Memcached is supported for all Fastcomet’s hosting plans even the cheapest shared hosting plan. I always like which web hosting providers can offer Memcached supports or Varnish cache. so, What are the advantages of Memcached ?

    1. Memcached uses RAM as a place to store the data to reduce the number of times an external data source (database or API) must be read
    2. Memcached helps your sites load balanced and faster

    High CPU & RAM Resources

    • The 1st plan 1GB RAM + 2 CPU Cores
    • The 2sd plan 1.5GB RAM + 3 CPU Cores
    • The 3rd plan 2 GB RAM + 4 CPU Cores

    Large SSD Disk Space storages

    • The 1st plan 35GB
    • The 2sd plan 55 GB
    • The 3rd plan Unlimited SSD Storages

    Many data centers – Singapore, Tokyo

    • Singapore (SNG-SG) Asia – IP Address:
    • Tokyo (TOK-JP) Asia – IP Address:
    • Chicago (CHI-US) USA – IP Address:
    • Dallas (DAL-US) USA – IP Address:
    • Frankfurt (FRA-DE) Europe – IP Address:
    • London (LDN-GB) Europe – IP Address:
    • Amsterdam (AMS-NL) Europe – IP Address:


    40% Off HawkHost web hosting coupon- Singapore Server

    Buy Fastcomet hosting get coupon discount 20% on WP-Rocket cache Plugin cache plugin WordPress is offering us 20% discount when we are ordering any web hosting plans from Fastcomet. Wp-Rocket and Fastcomet are partners. They are working together like a PRO.


    wp-rocket-wordpress cache discount coupon

    I every uses WP-Rocket WordPress plugin for over six months, and I can say it is one of the fastest cache plugins for WordPress I ever see. It helps my website load faster than before and all the scores from GTMetrix, Google Page Speed Insight goes over 85 points. And that site integrated with Wp-Rocket generates for me a lot of sales for affiliate physical products without SEO a lot. Google or other search engines will give A+ for which sites create good users experience. I mean the more website load faster, the more income grows bigger.
    In this article, I just stay focusing on WP-Rocket and Fastcomet cloud hosting. So, I won’t dig deeper to other objects like SEO strategies or something else.

    How to Get the discount
    First of all, you must jump to the Fastcomet website orders any cloud hosting plans then after had finished your order login to CPanel to copy WP-Rocket coupon inside.

    What is going to happen when WP-Rocket Sticking with Fastcomet?

    The WordPress plugin WP-Rocket will make your sites skyrocket when it sticked along with Fastcomet Cloud hosting. Everything would be work double as well. The users come visit your new website will get more good experience and you will get more conversion.

    Google Page speed insights score

    Here is I will make a test at GT- Metrix, Google page speed insights. Let see what’s going to happen?



    This web hosting very reliable and cheap to launch website apps, forum, e-commerce sites, niche sites or much more. Come along with that you can get discount 20% on WP-Rocket WordPress plugin cache. Fastcomet + WP-Rocket = Skyrocket Conversions!