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    Discount 35% Godaddy Domains, Hosting, June 2017

    Discount 35% Godaddy Domains, Hosting, June 2017
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    I have the biggest gifts for all of you in this month June! Some Coupon codes were released in this month reduced up to 35% all new purchases! A lot of people has applied it when placing their orders. So, That why I want to share this secret coupon code as a gift to you. I also tested it first then posting this article. This coupon only works for all new products. It’s mean you can use it for the entire sidewise of Godaddy website. I took a lot of time to find and check out coupon codes which help people can get a more grateful discount by my posts.


    Coupon June 2017
    Godaddy Coupon for New Purchases
    35% Off Godaddy New Purchases
    25% Off Godaddy SSL Certificate
    30% Off Godaddy New Products – New Purchases
    30% Off New Purchases SSL Certificate
    30% Off New Purchases Dedicated IP Address
    30% Off New Purchases 
    June 2017 – Web Hosting Coupon Codes
    50% Off Godaddy shared hosting when ordering more than 36 months
    $1 Godaddy WordPress hosting + a Free domain
    (This deal is only available for the first year)
    $1 Godaddy Linux hosting + a Free domain
    (This deal is applied for the first year) + Free cPanel
    40% Off Godaddy Dedicated IP Address or VPS hosting Packages



    $0.99 COM domain coupon codes!

    How to win Managed WordPress Hosting $1 at

    How to access to Godaddy WordPress Hosting By SSH/SFTP

    Where is the place to insert my coupon codes?

    In some cases, the coupon codes will auto added when you purchasing at Sometimes it does not. That time you need to apply the coupon code by yourself. And the place where you can add any new coupon codes or remove it is right here:
    How powerful about Bluetailcoupon.Net? Let’s me see your comment here! Thank you!

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    June 2017, The All-In-One WordPress Business Bundle Cost only $69 Check it out!

    June 2017, The All-In-One WordPress Business Bundle Cost only $69 Check it out!
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    A limited time offer has been set for The All-In-One WordPress Business Bundle which is available on the Stacksocial market to the end of this month. Looking forward to building a smart, capable, beautiful and efficient WordPress site, then this All-in-one WordPress business bundle is the perfect deal to buy that will help you create and optimize the WordPress website without any hassle. This new e-learning package is sponsored and presented by Andrew Eddy, a graphic designer, entrepreneur, and lead instructor at the Academy X design school that offers valuable components to creating and maintaining effective professional websites with all the right set of tools along with concise technical know-how. This business bundle provides a 1-year of website hosting and also contains courses, dynamic and gorgeous themes, social media plug-ins and an easy frontend builder. One can easily get this business bundle including eight valuable and essential components at just $69 with a significant discount rate of 98%.

    What’s Included in the Bundle?

    Below is the list all that you will get the All-In-One WordPress Business Bundle with a lot of deals, features that the designers stacked it inside. Reveal it to see what it helpful for your business.

    Learn WordPress by Building 2 Responsive websites.

    This course will teach you to make and create an impressive yet very professional website even if you don’t have the required technical know-how. With the help of this fantastic course, you will be able to build your website with several themes available online.

    wordpress bundle- stacksocial

    Check the price

    Key Features

    1. 51 lectures to access and 4 hours of content available 24/7.

    2. Setting up a hosting account.

    3. Learn how to buy a powerful and efficient domain name.

    4. Unlock easy ways to install WordPress.

    5. Utilize plug-ins and widgets.

    6. Add social media aspects to your account.

    7. Live chat availability.

    Premium WordPress themes: Lifetime Membership

    Designing many websites from scratch is a very time-consuming job for most of the web designers. Wherein WordPress offers a rich and interactive platform to create and build websites. This WordPress business bundle offers more than 130 modern and active WordPress themes that ensure high-quality web pages in just a matter of time.

    wordpress business

    Check the price

    Key Features

    1. Over 130 WordPress themes were available to access.

    2. Access more theme templates as the library gets updated over the time.

    3. Easy to setup and browse library WordPress themes.

    4. Lifetime Membership.

    WPTriumph WordPress Themes: Lifetime Access

    WordPress offers Beautiful and Responsive cross-platform themes that would make your website look very professional. If you want to attract more audience to your web pages, then with the help WPTriumph’s extensive library theme collection you can easily customize your website according to your comfort level. So from next time, you don’t have to run through complex codes to customize your site.

    wordpress WPTriumph

    Check the price

    Key Features

    1. Access to a library including 24 WordPress themes and several other WordPress themes added shortly.

    2. A simple implementation using ‘plug & play’ based designs.

    3. Build professional websites with advanced and cross-platform themes.

    4. Lifetime Access.

    WordPress Easy Frontend Builder: Single License

    Today WordPress is not just about a blog posting platform but has also evolved as a powerful and efficient platform to start and manage your websites. With the help of this Frontend builder, you will have total control over your WordPress no matter what kind of WordPress you want to launch, as you don’t have to waste your valuable time writing lines of codes. This Frontend builder will help you design and build WordPress that suits your needs with extensive features just like drag & drop implementation.

    wordpress frontend

    Check the price

    Key Features

    1. Create pages and preview

    2. You can easily apply elements to any themes whether it’s from blog and magazines to social and e-commerce.

    3. Features to insert media sliders, WordPress widgets and HTML to posts.

    4. Options to translate between English, Spanish, German, French and Portuguese from a single platform.

    5. Over 51 content elements like membership plan boxes, animated tabs, Twitter and Facebook live streams containing unlimited skins and layouts.

    6. Reuse your saved designs as templates.

    7Theme: !0 Premium WordPress Themes

    These ten premium WordPress themes can certainly make any client happy. These premium themes can make your straightforward and standard websites look more professional than every time. These WordPress themes are designed and developed in ‘Debug mode’ making it more functional and highly reliable, as they can be used again and again with multiple clients.

    wordpress business theme premium

    Check the price

    Key Features

    1. All themes are in W3C web conformance standards offering you the strength to use with confidence.

    2. Thanks to white labeling, you can use the same WordPress theme for multiple projects.

    3. Use these WordPress themes commercially to attract more clients.

    WordPress Essentials For Business

    This course is for one who wants to grow customer base and also intends to make an online presence. Hiring a web designer can be costly to create a website for you. WordPress is the most recommended platform to build and create your website. No matter what kind of business you are running or of what size, you can create an interactive and rich website for any purpose.

    WordPress Essentials for Business

    Check the price

    Key Features

    1. Understand all the basics of WordPress.

    2. Build your website with WordPress dashboard.

    3. Install themes and customize them according to your needs.

    4. Explore the plug-ins and widget area.

    5. Use hyperlinks, images to make your website look more elegant than every time.

    6. Use permalinks to fine-tune your websites.

    20 WordPress Social Media Marketing Plug-ins

    WordPress offers you the power to optimize your site with theses social media plug-ins. These WordPress plug-ins will help you attract more and more clients and visitors to your site making you become a professional business. These 20 social media plug-ins will make your website turn into the profession from a hobby.

    20 WordPress Social Media Marketing Plug-ins

    Check the price

    Key Features

    1. 20 social media plug-ins to enhance web marketing.

    2. Achieve better leads with WP EZ lead, FB lead capture and much more.

    3. Attract consumers with 3d page builder, WSO graphic editor and much more.

    4. Monitor your web traffic with SEO Stone.

    SSD Page Website Hosting: 1 Year

    A quality WordPress website cannot stand long without a quality web hosting. This WordPress Business Bundle offers you a complete 1-year of fast and powerful SSD hosting making your users happy and also ensures that your website will work continuously at peak capacity without any interruptions.

    SSD Page Website Hosting: 1-Year

    Check the price

    Key Features

    1. Sites will load up to 300% more faster than sites hosted on HDD with unlimited bandwidth.

    2. Great network availability for high-speed data access to you and your users.

    3. SSD storage space of 10 GB for greater flexibility.

    4. Superb free backups allow you to build and host sites with confidence.

    Creating a business site doesn’t easy at the first steps and the WordPress Themes, the WordPress hosting is one of the most crucial keys that you can not let it pass. So, Take care of your site by putting your website to the right web hosting provider. Some of my suggestions might useful for you:

    1. Godaddy WordPress Hosting or Godaddy Web builder tool.
    2. StableHosst Hosting
    3. Cloudways VPS hosting
    4. Flywheel WordPress Hosting 
    5. DreamHost WordPress Hosting
    6. Liquidweb WordPress Hosting


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    50% Off Godaddy’s WordPress Deluxe, Ultimate and Developer Hosting Coupon June 2017

    50% Off Godaddy’s WordPress Deluxe, Ultimate and Developer Hosting Coupon June 2017
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    New coupon of June 2017. Godaddy has offered a new deal 50% Off for Managed WordPress Hosting. There are three types of WordPress Hosting will be reduced 50% when making a new purchase that is: Deluxe, Ultimate, and Developer packages. This offer is applied for all of the customers when to create a new WordPress Hosting site at

    Wordpress deluxe, ultimate hosting
    Godaddy WordPress Hosting coupon

    FREE gifts included to the package:

    • 1 FREE Standard SSL Certificate(Ultimate and Developer plans only!) – 1st year
    • 1 FREE Office 365 Starter Email(all plans) – 1st year
    • 1 FREE any COM/NET/ORG/CA/CO domain name(all plans and you must billing annual(12,24,36 months)).
    • FREE daily backups & 1-click restore(all plans)
    Coupon June 2017
    50% Off
    Godaddy logo
    WordPress Deluxe,Ultimate & Developer Plans
    *** Billing 12,24,36 months only!


    50% Off
    Godaddy logo
    Linux Deluxe,Ultimate Plans
    *** Billing 12,24,36 months only!



    Godaddy logo
    Linux Economy hosting Plan
    ***Billing 12+ months


    Godaddy logo
    WordPress Hosting Basic Plan
    ***Billing 12+ months


    Free Trial
    Godaddy logo
    Website Builder

    ***Free Trial for the first month.

    Get Deal


    • The deal $12 WordPress Hosting only available for the first 12 months. To get this deal you must apply the coupon code above.
    • The discount works for 12+ months billing plans.
    • You can add custom domain name to your WordPress Hosting in case you do not want to use the free one has offered with the WordPress hosting.

    How to order a WordPress Hosting Package

    Below are the guides making by screenshot images. You need to follow to these images to making an order for Godaddy Managed WordPress Hosting.


    step 1


    Select a WordPress hosting plan. Click Configure to start




    step 2


    step 3

    Choose a domain name for your website business. The domain name must be easy to recognize. This domain name is offered for FREE when billing an annual plan. You can select these extensions: COM/NET/ORG/CA/CO.

    step 4



    step 5

    At this step, you can apply a coupon(promo) code to make a discount. You can pass this step if you don’t care.Hit on proceed to checkout button!


    step 6

    You must login to Godaddy account right here if you’ve already opened it before! if you don’t open any account yet so create a new one by hitting on the line called “Create an account”. Godaddy also allows new customers log in to Godaddy’s account via the Facebook account. Login by Facebook account must be fast and easy than some other ways.

    Godaddy allows all customers pay for their products by PayPal, Visa/Master Cards, American Express( They also accepts prepaid cards)



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    33% OFF 3 months LiquidWeb Managed WordPress Hosting + HHVM, Memcached, CentOS 7

    33% OFF 3 months LiquidWeb Managed WordPress Hosting + HHVM, Memcached, CentOS 7
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    June 2017 Have you every heard about Liquid web Managed WordPress Hosting comes along with Hip Hop Virtual Machine, Memcached, Google page speed, WP-CLI tool, etc. that would be the best playground for all of our WordPress community. The WordPress hosting is running on centOS seven already integrated with Maria DB(database), Apache, Hip Hop Virtual Machine(HHVM) or PHP to maximize web performances.
    WordPress HHVM Memcached
    Hip Hop Virtual Machine is a virtual machine, developed by a group of genius engineers at Facebook that replaces PHP-FPM as our PHP processor. It’s written in Hack & PHP Language and uses JIT(Just-in-Time) compilation approach to achieve superior performance while maintaining the development flexibility that PHP provides. So what will be our first PHP Processor? And what’s going to happen if in case the HHVM crashed? HHVM will represent as our primary PHP processor and PHP-FPM as a fallback. The system will handle both of HHVM and PHP-FPM whenever HHVM get crashed, PHP-FPM will taking place. The process will be going automatically in the background, so visitors won’t even notice that something went wrong. That way we get all benefits that HHVM brings to us without worry about the bad situation going to happen.
     hip hop virtual machine WordPress hosting

    HHVM is one of the most powerful features that Liquid Web offers to all of WP users.Memcached, a distributed memory object caching system that developed to decrease database load by storing objects in the memory(RAM). To operate a Memcached engine a memory needs at least 1GB or more than that to keep your websites running smoothly. Some of the people said if the memory doesn’t enough for objects cache storage it will make your server slow down! That’s completely right for a lot of small web hosting providers around the internet. With massive system resources, Memcached runs on Liquid Web would be grateful than ever. How about HHVM sticking with Memcached?


    The WP-CLI tool, a command-line interface for WordPress, is one of the best tools that I prefer to working with. It helps me to migrate my WordPress sites from the old host to Managed WordPress Hosting has HHVM with a simple command-line to import database. Besides, it can control everything about WordPress like manages WP core, plugins, media attachments, import content to WordPress, manage the posts, post types, themes and tons of another thing still waiting for you to figure it out if you’re just newbies, beginners. If you’re interesting HHVM, Managed WP hosting or something else like this so you must to check it out because it’s very simple to use, easy to learn. For now, WP-Cli tool has been integrated on Liquid Web WordPress hosting ready in use for all expert WP coders.

    Coupon/Promo Liquidweb Managed WordPress Hosting

    Coming along with the post, I would like to share with you some of the top offers for WordPress hosting at Liquid Web. I know that the discount might be not what you’re looking for, but I still keep it here to help new buyers has a chance to try the optimized WordPress hosting. These deals only work for the first month that means the next months its original cost will come back.

    Coupon June 2017


    $90 Off  liquid-web-logo

    Managed WordPress Hosting

    33% Off  liquid-web-logo

    Managed WordPress Hosting

    ***33% off for the three first months

    33% Off  liquid-web-logo

    Managed WordPress Hosting

    ***33% off for the three first months

    $70 OFF  liquid-web-logo

    Managed WordPress Hosting at Liquid Web

    $75 OFF  liquid-web-logo

    Managed WordPress Hosting at Liquid Web

    $25 Off  liquid-web-logo

    Managed WordPress Hosting

    The managed WordPress hosting at Liquidweb h could host over ten sites, 100GB SSD disk space storages, SSL certificate included and a lot of others feature are waiting for you to figure it out!

    LiquidWeb is a very big provider to deal with, they have a lot of features customers like National Geographic, Tech Smith, Red Bull, FedEx, GM/Chevy Volt, Schlumberger, more… They have a lot of big plans for Managed VPS hosting Memory from 1GB RAM to 512GB RAM; CPU cores from 1 CPU core to 24 CPU Cores; SSD Disk space from 50 GB SSD to 1800 GB SSD Disk Space. If you have a lot of traffic over million visitors, a month Liquid Web is your solution.

    If you’re not so sure about this, just make a try for the first month to see how it works. They also have a monthly billing plan, so We are just paying for monthly instead of yearly! The Managed WordPress hosting at Liquidweb based on their Giants servers with high system resources and a lot of data-centers much cheaper than Kinsta hosting based on Google Cloud Platform.

    [bctt tweet=”LiquidWeb Managed WordPress Hosting + HHVM, Memcached, CentOS 7 – x500% faster – check it out”] I’d love to hear from you. Leave me a message in the comment box to let me know all your idea about. Thank you.

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    MediaTemple: 2 Months Free Managed WordPress Hosting $15/mo

    MediaTemple: 2 Months Free Managed WordPress Hosting $15/mo
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    May 2017 I got a new coupon code from MediaTemple with two months free on Managed WordPress Hosting when you are ordering any WordPress Hosting Plans with yearly billing plan. It means you got $40 OFF for Personal plan, $120 OFF for studio plan and $480 off for Agency plan. It’s a big discount, isn’t it?

    But It does not stop there either, you can get more discount on WordPress hosting packages! I also have another coupon code can help you get significant of discount.

    ***Hit on this button to get the offer

    WordPress Hosting Features
    WP-CLI command-line tool for WordPress on dashboard
    Git tool
    SSH/sFTP access.

    The WP-CLI can help you do a lot of things for WordPress such as import database, download, install, update or manage WordPress properly.

    The WP-CLI is the powerful tool for WP expert people. It will help you do a lot of WordPress job quickly as it does. This is one of the best features Media Temple gave to us.

    To Know more about WP-CLI jump over to their page here WP-CLI.

    Git tool is also engaged on Mediatemple WordPress hosting to help you have more tool to handle everything on your hosting. The couples Git and WP-CLI tools are one of the most important things came along with every people expert in coding skill & could not be missed. I also like both of these tools because it is helping me to do a lot of things in my works.

    If you’re looking forward a Managed WordPress Hosting can handle high traffic, Media Temple WP hosting is a good fit for you to start.

    If you just want to check out the hosting or looking for Pay-as-Go plan that’s OK. Billing your hosting monthly instead of yearly so that way you don’t need to pay a lot at one time.

    I’m using managed VPS hosting at Cloudways with Pay-as-you plan I don’t have to pay so much money annual. I just pay it at the end of very single month.

    I also have another good news, Liquidweb has launched the Managed WordPress hosting came up with a lot of features like Hip Hop Virtual Machine, Memcached, Google Pagespeed, WP-CL tool, much more.

    It’s running on CentOS 7 as the primary operating system. The cPanel is available inside and 100% fully managed. The HHVM will help your WordPress sites load faster 3x than before. It’s designed by Hack & Language faster than PHP-FPM normally.

    One of the web hosting providers could provide the HHVM feature for their WordPress hosting packages are Kinsta, Liquidweb, DreamHost, WP Engine, Pagely.

    Liquidweb is using their own servers with superior system resources and large infrastructure. The Liquidweb WordPress hosting is cheaper than Kinsta Managed WordPress Hosting based on Google Cloud Platform.

    Let make a try for Liquidweb managed WordPress Hosting starting at $19 for the first month then renewal at $89/mo can host up to 10 sites. Try it out

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    2017’s June- 40% off Godaddy SSL Certificate Coupon

    2017’s June- 40% off Godaddy SSL Certificate Coupon
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    Latest promo code June 2017, Godaddy had released a coupon discount 40% on web hosting, website builder, SSL certificate, Managed WordPress Hosting and still more. This coupon does not work for domains and renewal.
    + 50% Off on web hosting Deluxe& Ultimate.
    + $12 Godaddy website builder.
    + $1 per month WordPress Hosting small package.
    + 35% Off SSL Certificate.
    + 35% Off Godaddy Email Marketing.

    ***In a new update of Google Chrome browser, all unencrypted websites will be displayed as text “Not secured” at the left side of URL address bar.

    ***Google had officially announced the priority for higher website ranking in the search results for websites that have SSL certificates installed. Google’s criteria are to give users the safest website while SSL satisfies the above criteria.

    What will make customers trust when the first time they visit your website?

    SSL Certificates help you build customer credibility on your websites. It’s not only increases the reliability of customers for your website but also helps to protect the personal information of customers is safer during the use of the Website. That provides a strong belief before they decide to buy something from your site.


    40% OFF GoDaddy Coupon SSL Certificate New Purchases

    $52.49  GoDaddy Coupon Godaddy SSL certificate 12 months (***anual price: $69.99)

    30% OFF GoDaddy Coupon SSL Certificate – New Products

    30% OFF  GoDaddy Coupon  Any Products New Purchases

    33% OFF GoDaddy Coupon  Any Products New Purchases

    30% OFF GoDaddy Coupon  Any Products New Purchases

    30% OFF GoDaddy Coupon

    Godaddy offers a coupon 40% Off all new Purchases
    Review of Speed Godaddy WordPress Hosting – June 2017
    Coupon Transfer And Renewal Godaddy, June 2017
    $1 wordpress Hosting to deal with affiliate websites
    $0.99 COM Godaddy coupon – updated June 2017

    To go to the correct page of Godaddy selling SSL Certificate, you need to follow the instructions im the images below:

    There! You can see the price of SSL Certificate just $34.99 – 50% off. The manual price is $66.99 for one website.


    Ok! That’s all for today!

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    2017’s Wow! $1 WordPress Hosting for WP Beginner Godaddy

    2017’s Wow! $1 WordPress Hosting for WP Beginner Godaddy
    4.5 (89%) 20 votes

    June 2017 As you can see if you start blogging the first thing you need to do is to own a website with your domain name and the web hosting where the information will be stored like photos, videos and all the information of your site. It will contain your entire website, affect the success and failure of your work.

    As a blogger, I’m always looking for a place that provided the best web hosting services, gives me a sense of satisfaction when using it. Here I would like to introduce to you a WordPress hosting package at Godaddy services can meet the needs of your actual usage

    free com godaddy

    Godaddy is now offering a “WordPress hosting packages” cost only $1 a month and this promotion package will work lasted throughout the first 12 months of use. It not only stop there but you will also receive a free domain name Enclosed with this promotion package

    $1 WordPress Hosting + FREE Domain Included
    $1 WordPress * FREE domain included
    (for the 1st year).

    Godaddy Coupon
    $1 Economy Hosting FREE domain included
    ( for the 1st year).

    Godaddy Coupon

    gdaddy maaged wordpress

    Uses for The Needs

    • Use it to build a Amazon Niche site.
    • Friendly with WP Beginners
    • Use it for Product Launch
    • Build an E-commerce site
    • Use it for Drop Shipping
    • Build a blog to deal with Google Adsense
    • A place for Freelancers to build a project.
    • Suitable for Bloggers do blogging
    Just a simple click you have a complete website without facing to something like pointing the domain to host as before! Now, no more. Even you are a male or female, old or young, there is no distance. You can do like a PRO at the first steps. The WordPress install packages will go all the rest for you until the install proceed completed.

    Besides the advantage of the installation step that it offers to us, there are other things great comes along with the WordPress hosting. That’s WordPress Themes, dozens of them now for FREE with the package you ordered. Many styles to pick up including E-commerce stores, blogging or other purposes.

    Hit on this button to see the coupon code then uses it to set the billing cost down to $1 a month. The WordPress Hosting $1 is available for basic plan in the first 12 months. That means you have totally 365 days to use the WordPress hosting optimized for only $12.

    WordPress Hosting Feautures

    Before ordering any web hosting service, all we need to do that is check out web hosting features to make the right decision. This thing I also do every time I want a new hosting for my business. I knew to find a WordPress hosting which is right to sticking along with didn’t easy. So here is the list of Godaddy WordPress hosting packages to help you see it clear.

    • $1/mo wordpress hosting
    • 10GB SSD Storges
    • Hosted 1 website/blog
    • Suitable for 25,000 monthly visitors
    • SFTP access available
    • Free domain included with annual plan
    • Check it out
    • $4.49/mo WordPress Hosting Deluxe
    • Hosted 1 website/blog
    • 15GB SSD Storges
    • suitable for 100,000 monthly visitors
    • SSH/SFTP access
      access available
    • One-click staging site
    • Search engine optimization plugin
    • Free domain included with annual plan
    • Check it out
    • $7.99/mo WordPress Hosting Ultimate
    • Hosted 2 website/blog
    • 30GB SSD Storges
    • suitable for 400,000 monthly visitors
    • SSH/SFTP access
      access available
    • One-click staging site
    • Search engine optimization for both two sites
    • Free domain included with annual plan
    • 1 year free ssl certificate
    • Free Malware scan and removal
    • Check it out
    • $13.99/mo WordPress Hosting Developer
    • Hosted 5 website/blog
    • 50GB SSD Storges
    • suitable for 800,000 monthly visitors
    • SSH/SFTP access
      access available
    • One-click staging site
    • Search engine optimization for both two sites
    • Free domain included with annual plan
    • 1 year free ssl certificate
    • Check it out


    A Free Domain Name for Buyer

    Godaddy offers a free domain name (.COM/.NET/.ORG) comes along with every WordPress Hosting package. You’ve been saved $11.92 for a domain name. You can set any name for your business on this free domain. You can also point another domain to the WordPress hosting inside Godaddy’s dashboard.

    Free live chat support

    For a long time ago, contacts with Godaddy’s live chat support team could have a little hard. As of now, Everything has been changed; Godaddy has turned on this function for all of the customers around the globe in business time. Anytime, you get in trouble get in touch with the Godaddy support team to get some help. As I saw Godaddy live chat button is also turning on inside your WordPress dashboard. So you can contact with them in many ways.

    Other Web Hosting Coupons

    Coupon, the buyer’s secret weapon, is always a cool stuff that the providers offers it in a secret way. So to getting a good deal, we must keep searching it around. I know it will waste your time so this zone displaying some relative Godaddy Coupon codes might right for you. Take your time to check it out! It will help you setting your billing cost down a bit.

    WordPress Hosting & Buyer’s Guides

    Here are the buyer’s guides for all newbies at the first time using Godaddy WordPress Hosting. All the screenshots made by me and I’ve added the step-by-step guide to get the deal.


    Now select your domain name:

    At right this step, you must apply the coupon codes to get a discount $12/year for WordPress Hosting.
    The cost won’t auto going down so you must to apply it in manual way. You’d see a place to paste the coupon code at the right corner side says “Have a promotional code?”


    process-payment godaddy


    + $12/yr for the first year registration.
    + Coupon codes only work for the new user or new purchases.
    + You can change the domain name for WordPress hosting.
    + You can delete & re-install your site anytime.
    + Need some help – click on Live chat button ready inside.
    + Godaddy accepts all payment methods Visa/Master Card, Paypal account & no need to verify
    + All information in billing order must be matched to information of Visa Card holder or Paypal information user account
    + Change Robots.txt default after finished install WordPress.
    + Don’t forget to Flush Cache after changing something on your site.
    + You can not install the other cache plugin – only Godaddy’ cache system.
    + The backup always Free and on User’s dashboard.

    To figure out how to start with a new WordPress hosting, just read this post – How to Win Managed WordPress Hosting $1 at I said all the things in that post so jump to it and see how.

    Hope you guys will suceed in your businesses! Would you like to follow my blog to get more and more deals like this? Simply! Putting your email address into the below section then I’ll notice you evrytime it upcoming. Thank you!

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    2017’s Media Temple Review – High Cost For Excellence Hosting!

    2017’s Media Temple Review – High Cost For Excellence Hosting!
    5 (100%) 1 vote

    Media Temple Web Hosting Review – Prices are rather high, but you get excellence for the cost!
    Running a website requires a good web host. Web hosting services can make a massive difference in the reliability and usability of your website. A poor choice in host can leave your website running inefficiently, possibly shutting down without any warning. These problems are avoidable.


    One high quality, reliable option is the Media Temple web hosting services. When you look through the Media Temple reviews 2017 has seen so far; you will notice a few constants. People like the service, the customers appreciate the reliability and dependability, and the websites have a greater chance of success. You have the space, support, and scalability that your website needs.

    • WordPress Hosting

    Media Temple Coupon

    Media Temple offers web hosting for WordPress websites. Anyone with a WordPress designed website can use this as a way to host their website while taking advantage of the quality and uptime of Media Temple. The Media Temple WordPress hosting review gives you insight into what you can gain from this.

    One of the biggest advantages is the optimization. For WordPress users, not every host will work. You want a host designed specifically for your needs. It should work with your website perfectly, allowing you to use WordPress as you plan to use. To add to this, there are also updates to stay current. This is an important aspect of any website, and the regular updates will be crucial to your continued success.

    • Shared Hosting

    optimazie hosting

    Shared hosting is also available. Anyone who plans to share access to their website should use this. The goal here is speed and accessibility, as it should be. You can keep everyone in touch and on the site without dealing with speed bumps, complications, or walls keeping you out of the site. You have everything you need to stay connected. The Media Temple grid review will show you what it can do for you.

    Freelancers, large teams, and any other professionals that need access to the site for multiple people will love the way this host is set up. The way it is structured and built makes it perfect for provide multiple people with access.

    • Higher Level Hosting

    amazon cloud aws media temple

    Both the VPS hosting and the AWS cloud hosting offer services for enterprises, large companies, and other major developers. The VPS hosting focuses on businesses and app developers, whereas AWS cloud hosting is for, of course, businesses using Amazon cloud. Both offer a wide variety of features that will keep you interested and your business as a top competitor. Scalability is available with both, ensuring that your business is always the size it should be.

    Check out VPS Hosting Level 6

    • Features

    All hosting services come with top of the line features that you need for your business. Managing your online information and your website is not a problem. You can keep everything running, you can make changes, and you can handle it all without feeling restricted.

    Part of what you get is complete 24 / 7 support, security, and protection. The goal with Media Temple is to make your website better. They offer their assistance and they keep your website secure to ensure that.

    • Pricing

    Pricing for Media Temple can be high, but it is well worth the services and features that you get. This goes beyond the basic packages or just hosting. You have everything that you need, personalized and optimized for your website. You can build the perfect site with the help of these services, and the cost reflects that. This is why it tends to appeal to professionals and major companies than it does the average website owner or blogger.

    Media Temple has packages available right now. You can benefit from having the quality, features, and scalability on your side, no matter what you do. Prices are rather high, but you get excellence for the cost.

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    40% Off » Media Temple VPS Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Shared Hosting – June 2017

    40% Off » Media Temple VPS Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Shared Hosting – June 2017
    5 (100%) 2 votes

    June 2017 – 40% discount VPS hosting with coupon code: CSSDV40 is the latest coupon for this month. Especially, If you set up a Grid Pro Packages with a price $20/mo = $360/yr. Now with my coupon codes applied you would save $60 on your order for this package. The totally pricing now is $257, so I can say you get to save a lot.

    Media Temple VPS Hosting Coupon

    40% Off Managed VPS Hosting media-temple-logo-small
    15% Off Grid Elite Shared Hosting only! media-temple-logo-small
    33% Off Managed WordPress Hosting media-temple-logo-small

    Deal ends in June 30th, 2017

    Hit any green button here and then it will lead you to the sale page. You don’t need to apply any coupon code. Because the promotional links itself will set the discount for you while you’re ordering.

    mediaTemple VPS
    MediatTemple vps


    After applied coupon codes for Shared Hosting:

    coupon vps
    coupon vps
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    2017’s – 30% Off Media Temple WordPress Hosting Plans with Promo Code

    2017’s – 30% Off Media Temple WordPress Hosting Plans with Promo Code
    5 (100%) 1 vote

    June 2017 I have a new promotional discount from Media Temple. At the first 3 months, you just cost $12.9/mo for any hosting plans(shared hosting or grid hosting and Managed WordPress Hosting).

    Media Temple Promotional Link

    ***This discount term works in the first 3 months

    June 1st, 2017

    Hit any green button here and then it will lead you to the sale page. You don’t need to apply any coupon code. Because the promotional links itself will set the discount for you while you’re ordering.

    $120 Off Managed WordPress studio at Media Temple. I got this offer too late but there is still time for you to discount at Media Temple. The studio plan has a lot of best features to deal with for a professional plan because it’s suitable reach up to 2 million visitors a month and hosted 10 websites, 2 Google Apps for Work user accounts, malware detection & removal for 5 Site.

    There are 2 more cool things: 1 free domain name included for 1st year and 1 SSL certificate for free 2 months. You can also add more resource: 1 million visitors, 50GB SSD storage, five additional sites totally $30/mo.

    That’s all show the differnt between billing with coupon code appliled and no coupon code at the 1st image. See, You can save up to $120 on your order for wordpress studio.

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    2017’s June, Coupon $1/mo WordPress Hosting for Affiliate Marketers

    2017’s June, Coupon $1/mo WordPress Hosting for Affiliate Marketers
    4.5 (90%) 8 votes

    June 2017 Have you ever thought that you would start your online business with only $ 1 in your hand? Do you believe you can do it? To launch the first simple steps for your online business, you need to create a simple website. And WordPres is the easiest platform that can help us to do that! People love WordPress. And another thing to launch a website to make it live on the internet that is a hosting. A Hosting & WordPress come toghether is a WordPress Hosting. And this post built to guild you how to grab a reasonable WordPress hosting to launch you first website with some easy steps.

    If there was a thing in your might told you, bought a cheap Managed WordPress Hosting. Sure! This is a big occasion for you to do your own business. Of course, this small WordPress hosting very cool because you just paid totally $12 for a whole year. And your website can get fully 25,000 visitors for a month. Besides, Godaddy also gives you one more free COM domain for the first year. And here are all coupons for you:

    ***A WordPress Hosting just $1 a month and it offers a Free domain name included

    godaddy wordpress $1

    Hit this button to reveal the coupon code inside then paste it into a field called “promotional code” to make a discount when billing your WordPress hosting on This offers works for all new customers in the first 12 months.

    How to access to Godaddy WordPress Hosting By SSH/SFTP
    Review of Speed Godaddy WordPress Hosting
    How to get Fast index for Godaddy Hosting WordPress Sites – Tips SEO

    In this tutorial, I will do a step-by-step guide to help you win a best Managed WordPress Hosting $1 on Firstly, you just click on the button to claim your coupon code to set your WordPress hosting package cost down to $12/year. Without the code and my secret promotional link, the price still $3.99/month and look not cool at all.

    free com godaddy

    After at Godaddy’s website click on the Configure button at the first price tab.


    Then you will see the field search a new domain name. This means you can find your free domain and add it to your cart. If you not sure about what the name you will be used, all you need to do right now just go to google and type in these words “Domain Name suggestion tool or Domain Name Generator” and keep going on at this step.

    search domain Godaddy


    You see the price now go off and only $12 for a whole year with a free domain COM, NET, ORG, CO.


    And this is the place to type in the coupon code at So, if the coupon not works, you just type in another coupon and everything going to be OK.


    If you already have an existing account before, remember don’t use it again here. Don’t do the crazy thing! Because Godaddy will change the price up if they know you were the old customer bought on their site. Right now, you must use another email address and click on the New Customer button. Off course, you can use again your PayPal account or Visa card. They don’t mention about that.


    All coupon codes can help you
    Coupon Name Godaddy Coupon Code
    $1 Managed WordPress Hosting GoDaddy Coupon

    $1 Linux Web Hosting GoDaddy Coupon

    Typing all your information to all of the fields. There is one thing you need to remember, the billing information in your PayPal account or Visa card (Bank) must be matched with billing information you was typing in the fields.

    Add new information for new customer

    A FREE Domain + $1 a month WordPress Hosting package

    After finished the payment process, you can go to your dashboard inside. Click on your username tab at corner and later click on Manage Your Hosting.

    Manged Godaddy Hosting
    Manged Godaddy Hosting

    Here is the control dashboard on Godaddy. At here, you can back up all your files, database and you can also get FTP/SSH information to remote your host from the computer. There are some tools to do this job: Filezilla FTP login, WinSCP tool, Dreamweaver CS5, CyberDuck, Publisher 2007, NVU,… I highly recommend you use WinSCP tool. This tool works very fast and safety at all the time. I do not like Filezilla tool much because it always lost connection to the host. WinSCP tool has two ways of accessing to the host: FTP access port 21 and SFTP and SSH port 22. In this case, you must log in at port 22 SFTP login.

    FTP or SSH access Godaddy
    FTP or SSH access Godaddy

    On the other day, you are trying to change something in function.php File and oh! My god! The page now gets an error with the white page and some junky text. This is the bad day than ever! What do I do now? OK! This is a very easy problem. You do not need to contact with Godaddy to get help. You can solve this problem on your own. Now, login to and get your SSH and SFTP information to log in with WinSCP tool or another SFTP tool.
    And here you just type in like in the image and after login successful, you just go to folder WP content>Themes>function.php. Open file function.php up and remove exactly the code you was put in that before and click save. Ok!The problem will go away!


    And here is the place to make the backup for your WordPress hosting website. Choose one of these options and click Restore

    Godaddy Back up File and database
    Godaddy Back up File and database
    Godaddy Back up File and database 2
    Godaddy Back up File and database


    All coupon codes can help you
    Coupon Name Godaddy Coupon Code
    $1 Managed WordPress Hosting GoDaddy Coupon

    $1 Linux Web Hosting GoDaddy Coupon

    This is a screenshot inside your website WordPress look like. Do you see on the top bar the text FLUSH CACHE?Do flush cache will help you clear all the cache of your website. The function already exists by Godaddy. You cannot deactivate it, but it will help your website speed. In some cases, you are designing a new theme, or you are changing CSS for your theme. You must flush cache before your own style design can show up on site.

    Flush Cache WordPress
    Flush Cache WordPress

    If you get some troubles, you must click right Godaddy tab at the left. This board designed by Godaddy and you can get your answers in here.


    If you want to be in touched with the real person, you can make a live chat right inside your website like in the image.

    Godaddy Live Chat Support
    Godaddy Live Chat Support

    Some of the best function of Godaddy Managed WordPress Hosting is limit login access. In Limit Login Attempts tab, you will see all of IPs was tried to log in your website. They are want to hack your site or put some malware, malicious in. Take it easy; you don’t need to be scared because Godaddy has been locked those IPs for you. Your website saves in 24/7. If you want more security, maybe you can install some plugin WordPress like iThemes, WP spam shield, VaultPress,…


    OK! That’s all. What do you think, right now? Make some comments below to let me know your idea. Thank you!

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    $12.9/mo Media Temple WordPress and Grid Hosting Plan first 3 Months

    $12.9/mo Media Temple WordPress and Grid Hosting Plan first 3 Months
    5 (100%) 1 vote

    June 2017 Media Temple offers all of new customers a deal: 33% Off all WordPress and Grid Hosting Plans in the first 3 months. That means a Media Temple hosting right now just start at $13/mo.

    Media Temple Coupon
    • $12.9/mo Managed WordPress Hosting and Shared Hosting Personal Plan in the first 3 months(before $20).

    • $20/mo Shared Hosting PRO Plan in the first 3 months( before $30)

    • $40/mo Managed WordPress Hosting Studio Plan in the first 3 months(before $60).

    Moving forward with the promotional link above to grab the deal 33% off WordPress hosting and Shared hosting plans in 3 months.

    Media Temple hosting has some of the great tools that people would like to stick with such as WP-CLI tool, Git tool, etc for coding expert. Wp-CLI tool helps to control all WordPress cores by command-line.

    What can you do with WP-CLI? Firstly, you can migrate your WordPress from old hosting to Media Temple by a single command-line(import database). Secondly, you control your WP-cron events and schedules by WP-CLI tool. Thirdly, you can control all media attachments on your site. There are still dozens of things you can do with WP-CLI tool even you’re not a coding expert. Find out more WP-CLI here.

    Git tool is one of the essentially tool, the greatest weapon that the developers will never say no to it. Because it controls everything from small to large projects in efficiency way. If you’re already known it, this is a good place for you! Both of Grid hosting plans and Managed WordPress hosting plans are already engaged this from the inside.

    SSH/sFTP access
    is available for all hosting plans so you can get the credential credit on the dashboard.

    Media Temple hosting is a solid-ground for expert people like bloggers, designers, developers, agencies build their online businesses.

    As always, you would like to listen from all of you! Leave a comment below to let me know your points.

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    Why DreamHost WordPress Hosting?

    Why DreamHost WordPress Hosting?
    5 (100%) 1 vote

    Searching for a perfect WordPress hosting can be a difficult process as one needs a solution that will enhance reliability, cheaper, and increase content exposure. There are many companies providing hosting services in the market, but a competitive one is a sure way of increasing content reach.

    dreamhost logo

    Searching for a good WordPress hosting company requires examining the performance and price. The challenge is wading through the packages offered and their features can be tricky.

    This blog offers insights on Dreamhost, which is among the best hosting companies in the market. Dreamhost offers a competitive and unmatched prices for hosting and managing sites.

    The advantages of Dreamhost features include easy installation, automated backups, and updates, friendly support, no limitations on bandwidth.

    Importantly, the services offered as unmatched and prices are affordable for new users and established businesses.

    The shared hosting is suitable for users with low traffic in their sites, those that are new and have a limited budget. It is an easy one-click installation of WordPress with the ability to support multiple domains and sites. The package offers a guarantee of cash back to users for up to three months.


    DreamPress 2

    Another package is the DreamPress, which is fully managed to give users a chance to concentrate on creating content. The package is faster and prefigured to operate, as well as, able to handle traffic spikes with no limitation to bandwidth caps.

    The Dreamhost provide users with security features and disallows plugins that increase security threats. For starters, one can select the cheapest plan, which is shared hosting and upgrade when needed.

    When looking for WordPress hosting company, on needs to underscore features such as support, security, speed, full feature set, and friendly hosting for WordPress, as well as, value for money and pricing strategy.

    It can be noted that WordPress is an application is resource-heavy; thus, one needs to approach Dreamhost who have the top-notch hardware.

    In addition, Dreamhost WordPress hosting provides users with an excellent and friendly support. They have knowledgeable, understanding, and accessible support at any time of the day or night. They have security systems that guarantee secure information storage to deter attacks.

    The Dreamhost have an affordable pricing model that offer users with value for their money. Having a super-fast, awesome site, and super-secure server can be good, but spending more than what you get is irrational.

    In addition, Dreamhost hosting service provides email forwarding and accounts, server access, and tools for admin.

    They also provide effective and friendly WordPress hosting. They provide high speed since the company understands that users can be impatient and when left not optimized can be disastrous. Dreamhost WordPress hosting is an established company that understands challenges faced by WordPress website users; thus, developed strategies in enhancing user satisfaction and experience.

    In summary, Dreamhost offers best hosting solutions for users since it is affordable, have friendly support, high speed, and understands security needs of its clients. Also, the company has easy upgrades and updates of data, as well as, low server maintenance need as they have resources to meet needs of clients.

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    25% Off Get Flywheel WordPress Hosting BlackFriday 2016 Coupon

    25% Off Get Flywheel WordPress Hosting BlackFriday 2016 Coupon
    5 (100%) 1 vote

    The biggest discount I’ve ever seen in a few couples of months back get until now! This month Get Flywheel offers a flat discount – 25% OFF WordPress hosting plans for new customers. This deal is an effort to help people have more chances to try WordPress optimizing platform for performance and scalability. I don’t know how long it’s going to work out. But I’m always sure one thing that it will over soon! By applying this coupon code, it will help you save a bunch of money while making a try on this platform.

    Get Flywheel is a WordPress hosting Platform which highly recommended to WordPress community by WordPress.Org. You can check it here:

    This playground built for all high-performance web sites which a lot of visitors visiting per day. It provides a reliable environment with Scalable system resources to keep your site always get going on the trail.

    All the WordPress hosting packages here are not cheap for WP Beginners. It just for people doing serious business. Keep in mind you’re taking care your business by giving more valuable to the audiences. Try out Flywheel WordPress hosting.

    Key Features:

    • Free demo sites to see how it going.
    • Impressive uptime & performance.
    • Scalable RAM to keep your sites being well.
    • Nginx alternative for Apache
    • SSL add-ons available
    • Full-time backup & easy to restore.
    • A Strongly designed interface

    Dreamhost, one of web hosting recommended by WordPress.Org, offers a Manged WordPress Hosting package costs only $16.95. It has all the weapon for WordPress Warriors to do the business like HHVM, Varnish, Memcached, and OPcache. Check it Out- DreamPress 2.

    dreamhost-dreampress 2 WordPress

    Sticking around with Get Flywheel you may have more chance to get bunch of FREE WordPress theme, ebooks, tips and guides.

    It’s so. I would like to hear more from you. By putting your #comment here is the way to help my blog improve! Thanks all!

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    DreamPress 2 a Solution For High performance Traffic Web Sites

    DreamPress 2 a Solution For High performance Traffic Web Sites
    5 (100%) 1 vote

    DreamHost offers a Managed WordPress Hosting with a combo Varnish, Memcached, and OPcache comes along with every WordPress Hosting Plan. It’s called DreamPress2, the evolution of managed WordPress hosting that brings customers the fantastic experience once you’ve been working on it.

    The provider had launched the DreamPress 2 project for over a year. Now, it’s available for sale to all of the customers over the countries.

    In the last year DreamPress 2 costs up to $20 a month, but for now, DreamHost offers it only $16.95/mo if you would like to bill it for the rest of a year! Besides, you can bill month-by-month, it just costs $19.95/mo

    DreamHost WordPress Features

    The most valuable the provider added for DreamPress 2 that is Varnish, Memcached, and OPcache cache engine. Those are one of the best things which are the developers would like to work on it. It will make any website running on it operates in smoothly.

    My website here also has Varnish, Memcached, and OPcache caches are running inside, but it doesn’t have HHVM feature. I’m hosting my site on Cloudways, one of third-party Managed VPS Hosting which is using Vultr, DigitalOcean, Amazon Cloud to deploy the websites.

    The second valuable thing is DreamPress 2 operating on Dual VPS Servers + HiP-HOP-VIRTUAL-MACHINE integrated with the latest version.( In this article, I won’t talk about what is HHVM but in another article Liquid Web Managed WordPress Hosting, I’ve been talking a little about it.)

    DreamPress 2 is entirely differentiated afar with DreamHost shared hosting regular plans. It provides a reliable environment for High-Traffic Websites solidly standing on it

    Private IP address for every Managed WordPress hosting plan. The IP address is unique to identify your site on the internet. Coming along with this that is an SSL-Certification – Let’s Encrypt works for Free if you would like to enable it on your site.

    Auto-scaling RAM also offered as a feature of DreamPress 2. It will dynamically auto-scales its resources to keep your sites never facing with overload situation.

    WP-CLI tool, an essential tool for all WordPress Expert that nobody says no once knowing it. It’s also inside DreamPress 2. This tool will save us a lot of time to dealing with the WP core or anything else in WordPress.

    That’s it. That’s my points. Do you ever use DreamPress 2? Let’s people know your experiences when working on it! #Leave your comment here.

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    Install HHVM Stack by Easy Engine script on Ubuntu

    Install HHVM Stack by Easy Engine script on Ubuntu
    5 (100%) 1 vote

    Easy Engine is a script to install HHVM(Hip Hop Virtual Machine) stack on VPS hosting. It’s an effective way to try out HHVM works environment in just a few steps of the installation process. I’ve tried it for the first time so I can say it’s incredibly great! It’s faster than I thought.

    My site BluetailCoupon is running on PHP-FPM environment! And another site is working on HHVM. I see that the other website with HHVM works faster than my site you’re visiting here. It just in the testing time! If it shows the best results, I will apply it for the rest of my projects left.


    Easy Engine Key Features:
    – Auto installs Nginx newest version.
    – Install HHVM in a few easy steps.
    – Supports Memcached, Opcache
    – Supports WP-CLI tool
    – Auto config Nginx for WordPress Multisite.
    – Install WordPress by single command line.
    – Auto Config PHP-FPM for Nginx.
    – Install NGINX, PHP, MySQL, Postfix
    – W3Total Cache, WP Super Cache & Nginx’s FastCGI Cache.

    To get started, make sure you prepared these things:
    – Putty or other SFTP tools.
    – VPS cloud hosting at least 1GB RAM(memory) Using Ubuntu 12,14 or 16/ Debian 7 +. Operation 64 Bits recommended.
    – Nginx doesn’t support .htaccess.
    – Pointing your domain name to your IP address.
    Let’s get started.

    Install Python Properties

    sudo apt-get install python-software-properties

    Install easyengine

     wget -qO ee && sudo bash ee

    Install HHVM stack

    ee stack install

    Or You can custom any part of installation stack by the other following code. But I truly recommend you only use: ee stack install to make things simple

    ee stack install --nginx --php --mysql --postfix --wpcli --phpmyadmin --utils --admin 

    Add domain & Install WordPress

    ee site create --wp


    ee site create --w3tc


    ee site create --wpfc


    ee site create --wpsc


    ee site create --wpredis

    What are those stuff?
    –wp : Install a single WordPress.
    –w3tc; Install WordPress + W3 total Cache.
    –wpfc: Install WordPress with Nginx + FastCGI Cache.
    –wpsc: Install WordPress + WP super cache.
    –wpredis: Install WordPress + Redis Cache.

    Define WordPress administrator password and email

    ee site create --pass=yourpassword

    If you forget setting your WordPress account at this step, easy engine will auto generate it for you. You can change it later inside WP dashboard.

    Install WordPress with a single command line
    Picking up which options that right for you and mixing to a combo like this:

    ee site create --wpfc --w3tc --pass=yourpassword

    If you do wrong nothing gonna happen. Just try to mix it to another way.

    Install WordPress Multisites

    – (subdirectory)

    ee site create --wpsubdir

    – (subdomain)

    ee site create --wpsubdom


    ee site create --wpsubdom --w3tc


    ee site create --wpsubdom --wpsc 

    Delete a Website
    If you’re boring with your website and You want to delete it. Okay! You can do it by following code:

    ee site delete

    Enable SSL using Let’s Encrypt

    ee site update --letsencrypt

    This SSL certificate is totally free. you can run this command line after finishing install WordPress.
    As the default after 90 days Let’s Encrypt license will be expired but easy engine will auto renew it by Linux cron job. Auto-renew 30 days before it getting expired or simply manual renew by this command line to renew it:

    ee site update --letsencrypt=renew

    Turn OFF let’s Encrypt on Easy Engine by this code:

    ee site update --letsencrypt=off

    Update EasyEngine
    Everytime a new version been released, you can update it by this simple code:

    ee update

    You can update something that you forget to install before, you can update it later. Here some examples for you:

    ee site update --pass=yourpassword

    # This code will help you to update your new password to WordPress site.

     ee site update --wp --w3tc 

    #This code will install a new plugin W3 Total cache to WordPress site tht you forgotten to install before.

    How to Slove Error Establishing a Database Connection
    To solve this problem you have to restart Nginx Stack. Otherwise, you You can restart only MysQl server.

     ee stack restart 

    Just it. Now your site back online. It really easy isn’t it?
    How to access phpMyAdmin

    As default easyEngine will auto setup port 22222 to your admin area.

    https://IP:22222//db/pma/. This is the link for phpMyadmin.

    How to get password and username to get in phpMyAdmin?
    Open WordPress wp-config.php in this part /var/www/ and copy database username and database password. It’s the key to get in.

    Now you can login to your phpMyAdmin area easily.

    Where is my WordPress folder installed?

    You can find entirely your WordPress files in this path:

    Uninstall easyengine

    Remove all packages:

     ee stack remove --all

    ## Purge Web Packages:

     ee stack purge


     ee stack purge --web

    To get more command to remove a specific package read more: EasyEngine Remove Commands

    Okay! I just helps you guys to right here! All the others you can read more in this document: EasyEngine Commands

    Liquid Web offers a Managed WordPress Hosting with HHVM(Hip Hop Virtual Machine). You don’t need to do any code because you just install it by a simple click on Liquid Web dash-board. Check out Liquid Web WordPress Hosting.

    Stay close to Liquid Web is DreamPress 2(Dreamhost WP hosting), a Managed WordPress Hosting with HHVM (reliable prices) for beginners. Check out DreamPress 2

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    $30 OFF Greengeeks WordPress Hostingto Jump-Start Online Business

    $30 OFF Greengeeks WordPress Hostingto Jump-Start Online Business
    5 (100%) 6 votes

    Do you really want to Jump-start your online businesses? And what is the point at the fist step? To startup your online businesses the first thing we should do that is finding a premium hosting comes up with high priority support and mostly secure. Because we take a look of time, cash and hard work or even we work through days or night to finish our job.

    green hosting

    So, what’s going to happens if in some cases the hosting providers not secure enough? We’re already know that! GreenGeeks web hosting is mostly chosen by a lot of customers in the US and around the world for high priority support and highly secure.
    So, Who are GreenGeeks’s customers? I’m following a lot of forums and fan pages, SPI communities on the internet. So, I can told you who’re exactly their customers.
    – Affiliate marketers.
    – Entrepreneur.
    * Writers.
    – Logo designers.
    – Vendors.
    – much more.

    Today I’m going to help you to make a discount – $30 Off on GreenGeeks wordPress hosting with some of my coupon codes showed up on the post page offered by Greengeeks web hosting. The pricing plan of WordPress hosting at Greengeeks also like the same price with all other shared hosting plans listed up on their sale page with the minimum price is $3.96 a month.

    30% OFF WordPress Hosting

    $20 OFF WordPress Hosting

    Here are some others coupon codes still working very well help you make a discount on your orders for WordPress Hosting or Shared Hosting.

    – 30% OFF Shared & WordPress Hosting Plan

    $30 OFF Shared & WordPress Hosting Plan

    What’s going to happens when we applying coupon code?
    EcoSite Starter 3 Years $4.95/mo EcoSite Starter 3 Years $4.12/mo
    EcoSite Starter 2 Years $6.95/mo EcoSite Starter 2 Years $5.70/mo
    EcoSite Starter Yearly $7.95/mo EcoSite Starter Yearly $5.45/mo
    EcoSite Starter Monthly $9.95/mo EcoSite Starter Monthly $9.95/mo

    Did you see the different now? The costs gonna change a lot after applying a coupon code $30 Off on WordPress Hosting. You know! Sometimes, I bought a hosting without apply any coupon codes because We’re already known what we’re looking for! I show up the coupon codes here to help you some people not enough the funding source to start their first business! May be sometimes The websites promo codes have some annoying but okay it’s not deal! Just focusing on what’s your’re finding and identity what is the best that fit for you!

    Ok! Here is the place to use your coupon code to make discount and don’t forget to choose the data centers to target your GEO audiences.

    WordPress Hosting Features

    • FREE Blazing Fast Enterpise SSD RAID-10 Storage.
    • Free tech support transfer website from old hosting to GreenGreeks
    • FREE 1-Click WordPress Install
    • Unlimited Web Space & Data Transfer
    • Free Daily Backups entire site.
    • CDN & Multiple Data Centers make your website load faster and faster

    If You had a website hosted from another hosting before and you though it doesn’t secure enough and you want to transfer your old website to Greengeeks but you don’t know how! Ok! That’s just fine! Anytime I really want to move my website from this host to another host, I’ll contact to the tech supports to require some helps. At GreenGeeks, It’s very easy! They’ll do all the rest for you without loss any file or data.

    GreenGeeks Data Centers

    Here a little information about Greengeeks’s data-centers I saw on their website, you can get some these IP address to make a ping test or traceroute about their server. I saw the server Chicago is the best to hosted websites. They have total 4 data-centers three are already works now and another one is coming in the future time.

    • Chicago, US – IP:
    • Phoenix, US – IP:
    • Toronto, CA:
    • Amsterdam, NL – coming soon

    Who are GreenGeeks inspire for?

    • Entrepreneurs
    • Coaches
    • Bloggers
    • Ebook Writers
    • Affiliate Maketers

    A lot of people love GreenGeeks, they are saying so much on communities group about this web hosting company. They really want to host their sites on this web hosting provider for good supports, secure hosting protect their business, cheap and reliable hosting, fast WordPress websites. Greengeeks is one of the best choices within one of the top best web hosting providers such as: SiteGround, Inmotion Hosting. These three services mostly like by US people and also lots of other customers around the world. They don’t have a lot of discount program like the other web hosting companies because they are focusing to give more valuable to customer more than just advertising or promotional without offers any true value.

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    Fly June! Get Flywheel 3 months Free Trial

    Fly June! Get Flywheel 3 months Free Trial
    5 (100%) 1 vote

    Hello, September! Today I’ve received a new coupon code from Getting Flywheel ready for use in this July. It has been a long time, about a couple of months I didn’t see Get Flywheel sending new letters or coupon codes. Now I’m really happy to see it back again. This is a specific time to launch any business because this is summer time, one of the coolest season of the year.

    Get Flywheel

    Get Flywheel is a simple Managed WordPress Hosting and management platform to launch a website or blog. Everything gets easy, simple and light speed like the air! Get Flywheel is one of managed WordPress Hosting platforms that I like to work with. It could handle the high volume of traffic or heavily websites. They built it for everyone have creative thoughts.

    CDN. Since 2013 Get Flywheel had activated the new add-on CDN which stands for Content Delivery Network to help your sites or all the files of itself loaded faster to all of the customers visiting it. It’ll collect all of the servers nearby the customers’ living places and send the data through that server to setting the high gateway for speeding up the site download time. To activate the CDN add-on, you must order an additional CDN package $10/mo.

    SSL. You could be also active the SSL Add-on on Getting Flywheel when buying the WordPress Hosting package or activate it later inside the dashboard.

    Free Migration Process. Get Flywheel support team will help you move the entire website from old hosting to their WordPress hosting. You don’t need to pay more any other fees for this because it’s completely free.

    Liquidweb Managed WordPress Hosting . with HHVM, Memcached, Google PagaSpeed, WP-CLI tool.

    MediaTemple WordPress Hosting with WP-CLI tool , Git Tool for high volume traffic.

    My site now hosted on Cloudways VPS hosting with Memcached, Redis cache, free SSL certificate, you might like to read it.

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    60% Off SiteGround WordPress Hosting Crafted With Care

    60% Off SiteGround WordPress Hosting Crafted With Care
    5 (100%) 1 vote

    Today I very happy to share with you a best hosting service for WordPress is SiteGround WordPress Hosting. They are one of the top services expected by most of the people.


    I’m a member of a facebook group SPI community managed by Pat Flynn. I followed the posted by all members on this forum day by days and there are a lot of questions they discuss – which web hosting providers is the best or should I choose this services. I saw many people would like to host their websites at SiteGround, Inmotion Hosting. Why people love SiteGround? The first things the tech support very friendly, they care about your websites, business. Even though you want to transfer your website from old hosting to their hosting, they will set up free for you at all the time. The second is their servers very fast which 3 data centers and also give free CDN network to speed up your site. They switch between 34 locations all around the world with their’s CDN Network systems. They also support auto backup daily, auto-update WordPress Core, plugins, Server Level Protection, more. Here are the lists of features:


    • Free domain for Lifetime
    • 1 year free SSL certificate
    • Free templates
    • Free installation from their’s support team
    • Free transfer from old hosting to new hosting
    • Anwser any questions about WordPress


    • 1-Click to install your website.
    • 3 levels of caching for an ultra-fast site.
    • Auto updates WordPress Software.


    • They would like to anwser all your question about WordPress
    • Quick response Livechat support, ticket, Phone call.
    • 24/7 by your side. anytime need a little helps

    Super fast website

    • WP Supercahe – Nginx available for Grow Big & Go Geek plans
    • 3 Data centers and 34 CDN network locations to boost your website traffic faster
    • All software optimized for speed


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    2017’s June- 99% off Interserver WordPress Hosting Coupon Code

    2017’s June- 99% off Interserver WordPress Hosting Coupon Code
    4.6 (92.5%) 8 votes

    I would like to show you a Managed WordPress Hosting start at $8/mo with Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Storage, Unlimited Websites, Unlimited Email and a one-click to install features. And this price for every single month, but you can get discount more billing at 6 months for only $7.6, yearly for $7.2, 2 years for $6.8 = $163.20 totally, $6.4 for 3 years plan = $234.4. This is the best deal for the big planning.


    • Unlimited website transfer and there is no limitation of traffic from this plan
    • Unlimited website storage. You can store how many spacing as you like, it’s on your own.
    • Unlimited Email Address and spaces.
    • 1 click-to-install.
    • Weekly backups.
    • Unlimited FTP Accounts.
    • SSD Caching Servers for speed performance.
    • Raid-10 Storage.
    • Free CloudFlare CDN for the account.
    • 10GB Cisco Network.
    • Billing plans – $8 for a month, $7.6/mo for 6 months, $7.2/mo for the yearly plan, $6.8/mo for 2-years plan, $6.4/mo for 3-year plans.
    • Order Now

    Email Features

    • Available for iPhone, BlackBerry.
    • Unlimited email account & address.
    • webmail access
    • Support for Android, Mobile phone, window phones, more.
    • SSL Encryption
    • Outgoing SMTP

    $1.9 Domain Name hosted

    Included with the WordPress package is the domain name now for only $1.9/year. Which is the WordPress price for $8/mo you can host 1 domain or parked domain. To get more domain hosted just upgrade the plan.


    -File Managers is available.
    – Backup available.
    – Cron job ready.
    – Visitor Statistics.


    • PHP7 Launched.
    • Unlimited MYSQL database.
    • phpMyAdmin available.
    • Fast CGI.
    • Ruby/Python/Perl 5.1


    • Daily virus scanner and hacked auto clean up.
    • Atomic Mod Security.
    • Protect your files and website safe 24/7.

    Free Credit

    • $100 Free Google credit for the US.
    • 20% off Template Monster for everyone no exclusive.

    Paste Coupon

    Don’t forget paste the coupon code in here to get a discount.


    There are a lot of good reviews from all the customers for Interserver services:
    + Facebook 125 reviews 4.3 of five stars. Good.
    + Whoishostingthis 89 reviews 4.8 of five stars. Good.
    + 62 reviews 9.4 of 10 stars.
    InterServer has more than 16 years experiment as a web hosting provider.They launched their services from 1999 until now.

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    How to get Fast index for Godaddy Hosting WordPress Sites – Tips SEO

    How to get Fast index for Godaddy Hosting WordPress Sites – Tips SEO
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    My friends have a lot of websites building with Godaddy Managed WordPress Hosting and I have a lot of chances to do with the hosting. They also ask me getting some help for setting the websites on the rail. And they do not a web designer and they don’t have a lot of expirement with SEO. That’s reason why I help them. About Godaddy WordPress hosting, there is no problem with the hosting but after buying proccess finish, you must change robots.txt default right away to get fast index in search engine. As default file robots.txt inside wordpress Hosting just have two or there lines set. And here is my setting for Robots.txt file:
    Godaddy Managed WordPress Hosting $12 a year for WP Beginner
    How to access to Godaddy WordPress Hosting By SSH/SFTP
    Only $14.95 DreamPress 2 – Managed WordPress Hosting suitable for 2 millions monthly visitors

    godaddy-bulk domain’s Robots.txt

    User-agent: *
    Disallow: /wp-admin/
    [one_sixth_last] Disallow: /wp-includes/
    Disallow: /wp-content/plugins/
    Disallow: /wp-content/cache/
    Disallow: /wp-content/themes/
    Disallow: /wp-snapshots/
    Disallow: /cgi-bin/
    Disallow: /comments/feed/
    Disallow: /trackback/
    Disallow: /xmlrpc.php

    User-agent: NinjaBot
    Allow: /

    User-agent: Mediapartners-Google*
    Allow: /

    User-agent: Googlebot-Image
    Allow: /wp-content/uploads/

    User-agent: Adsbot-Google
    Allow: /

    User-agent: Googlebot-Mobile
    Allow: /


    Change Robots.txt in WordPress by Plugin Yoast SEO

    As you know Yoast SEO – WordPress Seo Plugin by Yoast – is a plugin WordPress help to improve your site’s SEO. I will choose this plugin to change the robots.txt file of my website. And here is the guide to help you do that:

    Click on File Editor of Yoast SEO plugin to change Robots.txt option:

    Put all your options for robots.txt in this section and click on save to changes Robots.txt


    Flush Cache Godaddy WordPress Site to submit new Robots.txt success

    After save to changes robots.txt, you have yo clear all your website cache control by Godaddy’s system cache to apply your Robots.txt setting. Click on Flush Cache to clear all caches your website. Don’t forget do this after you changed some options or style in your WordPress website. Now, all done.

    Flush Cache WordPress
    Flush Cache WordPress

    Fast Index for WordPress sites by tool Fetch as Gooogle bot

    Type in keywword “Fetch as Google bot” on google search and you will see that tool which is help your wordpress sites index faster. After few minutes submition, your sites will be show up on google. This tool is inside google webmaster Dashboard.

    Select your sites property has been submitted in Google Webmaster tool. If you don’t, select option 2 Add New Property and put your website link in there.

    At this step, put your links site to that bõ and click on the FETCH button. Just copy every single link to put in there. If you want to index entire your website links, so do not put in anything in the blank field and click on FETCH

    Select a option and click on GO button. The first option will submit & index only that single link to google. The second option will submit & index entirte links anchor to that link you has been submitted.
    OK! Now your links has been indexed on Google search. Go to google search and check your results. 😀 😮

    Screenshot tool used in this article

    I have been used Skitch tool for window desktop or window 8 apps Evernote. You may also find this tool by searching on google. Enjoy it!

    skitch-evernote screenshot
    skitch-evernote screenshot
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    Review of Speed Godaddy WordPress Hosting – June 2017

    Review of Speed Godaddy WordPress Hosting – June 2017
    5 (100%) 2 votes

    test-speed-goodaddyIn this article, I will make the comparison of Godaddy Managed WordPress Hosting and a normal WordPress Hosting. And I will do a testing of speed between my website Bluetailcoupon.Net and another website built with managed WordPress Hosting Powered by As you know, my website here is hosting at BlueHost with shared hosting package. I was used 2 plugins to speed up my website from over 3 seconds time load down to ~ 2s-2.5s. It’s WP-Optimize by X traffic and WP Fastest Cache. There are many other plugins to speed your WordPress site: WP Rocker, W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache, WordFence. With these plugins, your websites will load very speed and the page load time will slow down to ~ 2s – 2.5s.
    Now, I will make my comparison between and another website powered by Godaddy WordPress Hosting:

    [box type=”info”]

    Bluetailcoupon.Net built with BlueHost Shared Hosting unlimited.
    VS built with Godaddy Managed WordPress Hosting
    [/box] How to Win Managed WordPress Hosting $1 at
    How to access to Godaddy WordPress Hosting By SSH/SFTP
    Coupon Transfer And Renewal Godaddy
    $0.99 COM Godaddy coupon

    I was run the test of website at GTMetrix and I get this result at the first and second times as the same. This website does not use any cache plugin and it only use the system cache built by Godaddy.
    You can see the Pagespeed showed up A score is 92% and the Yslow score is 76%. The import thing is the load time speed just 1.6s. I have tested it in 2 times.


    Here is the screenshot of my website speed test at GTMetrix tested from server region: Vancouver, Canada:
    . So, my website has Pagespeed score is 93% and the Yslow score is 78%. The load page speed here is 2.1 seconds and slow than the other website only 1.6 seconds.



    This is a screenshot of website at Pingdom tested from Dallas, Texas, USA


    This is a screenshot my website at Pingdom tested from Dallas, Texas, USA

    pindom bluetail coupon


    This is a screenshot of website at Dotcom-monitor from many locations


    This is a screenshot of my website at Dotcom-monitor from many locations


    After the comparison at 3 websites about performance optimization and speed: GTMetrix, Pingdom, Dotcom-Monitor, you can see all the page speed load of Godaddy Managed WordPress hosting very grateful. It may be better than shared hosting at many points.

    How does it look inside Godaddy WordPress Managed Dashboard?

    Flush Cache WordPress
    Flush Cache WordPress
    The arrow point to Flush Cache, that place will clear all cache of your website.

    Godaddy Live Chat Support
    Godaddy Live Chat Support
    That place will help you make a live chat with Godaddy’s support team.


    That place is all about FAQ and support to help you solve your problem.

    Ok! That’s all for today! Do you have any question? Please! Comment and I will help you!