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    33% OFF 3 months LiquidWeb Managed WordPress Hosting + HHVM, Memcached, CentOS 7

    33% OFF 3 months LiquidWeb Managed WordPress Hosting + HHVM, Memcached, CentOS 7
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    June 2017 Have you every heard about Liquid web Managed WordPress Hosting comes along with Hip Hop Virtual Machine, Memcached, Google page speed, WP-CLI tool, etc. that would be the best playground for all of our WordPress community. The WordPress hosting is running on centOS seven already integrated with Maria DB(database), Apache, Hip Hop Virtual Machine(HHVM) or PHP to maximize web performances.
    WordPress HHVM Memcached
    Hip Hop Virtual Machine is a virtual machine, developed by a group of genius engineers at Facebook that replaces PHP-FPM as our PHP processor. It’s written in Hack & PHP Language and uses JIT(Just-in-Time) compilation approach to achieve superior performance while maintaining the development flexibility that PHP provides. So what will be our first PHP Processor? And what’s going to happen if in case the HHVM crashed? HHVM will represent as our primary PHP processor and PHP-FPM as a fallback. The system will handle both of HHVM and PHP-FPM whenever HHVM get crashed, PHP-FPM will taking place. The process will be going automatically in the background, so visitors won’t even notice that something went wrong. That way we get all benefits that HHVM brings to us without worry about the bad situation going to happen.
     hip hop virtual machine WordPress hosting

    HHVM is one of the most powerful features that Liquid Web offers to all of WP users.Memcached, a distributed memory object caching system that developed to decrease database load by storing objects in the memory(RAM). To operate a Memcached engine a memory needs at least 1GB or more than that to keep your websites running smoothly. Some of the people said if the memory doesn’t enough for objects cache storage it will make your server slow down! That’s completely right for a lot of small web hosting providers around the internet. With massive system resources, Memcached runs on Liquid Web would be grateful than ever. How about HHVM sticking with Memcached?


    The WP-CLI tool, a command-line interface for WordPress, is one of the best tools that I prefer to working with. It helps me to migrate my WordPress sites from the old host to Managed WordPress Hosting has HHVM with a simple command-line to import database. Besides, it can control everything about WordPress like manages WP core, plugins, media attachments, import content to WordPress, manage the posts, post types, themes and tons of another thing still waiting for you to figure it out if you’re just newbies, beginners. If you’re interesting HHVM, Managed WP hosting or something else like this so you must to check it out because it’s very simple to use, easy to learn. For now, WP-Cli tool has been integrated on Liquid Web WordPress hosting ready in use for all expert WP coders.

    Coupon/Promo Liquidweb Managed WordPress Hosting

    Coming along with the post, I would like to share with you some of the top offers for WordPress hosting at Liquid Web. I know that the discount might be not what you’re looking for, but I still keep it here to help new buyers has a chance to try the optimized WordPress hosting. These deals only work for the first month that means the next months its original cost will come back.

    Coupon June 2017


    $90 Off  liquid-web-logo

    Managed WordPress Hosting

    33% Off  liquid-web-logo

    Managed WordPress Hosting

    ***33% off for the three first months

    33% Off  liquid-web-logo

    Managed WordPress Hosting

    ***33% off for the three first months

    $70 OFF  liquid-web-logo

    Managed WordPress Hosting at Liquid Web

    $75 OFF  liquid-web-logo

    Managed WordPress Hosting at Liquid Web

    $25 Off  liquid-web-logo

    Managed WordPress Hosting

    The managed WordPress hosting at Liquidweb h could host over ten sites, 100GB SSD disk space storages, SSL certificate included and a lot of others feature are waiting for you to figure it out!

    LiquidWeb is a very big provider to deal with, they have a lot of features customers like National Geographic, Tech Smith, Red Bull, FedEx, GM/Chevy Volt, Schlumberger, more… They have a lot of big plans for Managed VPS hosting Memory from 1GB RAM to 512GB RAM; CPU cores from 1 CPU core to 24 CPU Cores; SSD Disk space from 50 GB SSD to 1800 GB SSD Disk Space. If you have a lot of traffic over million visitors, a month Liquid Web is your solution.

    If you’re not so sure about this, just make a try for the first month to see how it works. They also have a monthly billing plan, so We are just paying for monthly instead of yearly! The Managed WordPress hosting at Liquidweb based on their Giants servers with high system resources and a lot of data-centers much cheaper than Kinsta hosting based on Google Cloud Platform.

    [bctt tweet=”LiquidWeb Managed WordPress Hosting + HHVM, Memcached, CentOS 7 – x500% faster – check it out”] I’d love to hear from you. Leave me a message in the comment box to let me know all your idea about. Thank you.

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    Only $2.99 HawkHost hosting with Memcached supported and Promo Codes of 2017

    Only $2.99 HawkHost hosting with Memcached supported and Promo Codes of 2017
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    Today, I bring to you a hosting with memcached support, free SSL certificate and the hosting cost is affordable, cheap and good.

    HawkHost is not famous like Siteground, Bluehost, DreamHost but they’re very friendly to all customers who have a small pocket and want a hosting more quality. That is one of the reasons why most of the users choose HawkHost to launch their business on the internet.

    Memcached is one of greatest things make value for your business and improve your website load time. I recommend you a web hosting services have Memcached already inside and working well through 24 hours with no cost – FREE. You may know Memcached only available with VPS services or dedicated server. But here HawkHost has been engaged Memcached for all web hosting packages + No fees. This is a good news for all webmasters, designers who want Memcached side by side with their business.


    Go to HawkHost

    All Coupons HawkHost For Web Hosting

    40% OFF on Shared Web Hosting for the first purchases
    35% OFF on Shared Web Hosting for onetime
    25% OFF on Shared Web Hosting for your whole life
    35% OFF on Shared Web Hosting for the first order
    35% OFF on Shared Web Hosting for the first order

    Hawkhost has many servers locations (Datacenter) to make your website speed up nearby the place you want to launch it. In those locations, I saw the server stay at Los Angeles and Singapore are most selected than the other locations.

    HawkHost server locations and download speed test files

    Server Locations IPV4 Test File 10Mb Test File 100Mb Start a test
    Dallas, Texas 10Mb Test File 100Mb Test File Start Speed Test Here
    Washington, DC 10Mb Test File 100Mb Test File Start Speed Test Here
    Los Angeles, CA 10Mb Test File 100Mb Test File Start Speed Test Here
    Singapore 10Mb Test File 100Mb Test File Start Speed Test Here
    Amsterdam, Netherlands 10Mb Test File 100Mb Test File Start Speed Test Here

    Where is the place to switch server locations when installing?

    You can choose your location when you buying a hosting plan and here the screenshot about that place:

    Choose - hawk-host-location-server
    Choose – hawk-host-location-server

    Which plans is Memcached available for?

    HawkHost engaged Memcached for all of the plans on their sites: Shared Hosting, Semi dedicated, VPS. I can say no exception here.

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    2017’s June» 40% Off HawkHost Shared Hosting Coupon – Unlimited Transfer – Web Hosting Singapore – Memcached supported

    2017’s June» 40% Off HawkHost Shared Hosting Coupon – Unlimited Transfer – Web Hosting Singapore – Memcached supported
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    June 2017 Today, I would like to share with you a coupon code – 40% Off on HawkHost shared hosting. Until now, this coupon is the biggest deal in this June. This coupon code is applied for all of Hawkhost shared hosting plans with one time discount.
    All the other coupon codes for the discount from 50% to 75% had expired for a long time ago. If you seeing anywhere else these codes may be it didn’t work and they just updated the schedule without changing anything. All coupon codes I showing up here have been checked & 100% working. Don’t forget to engage Memcached for you hosting – New Features from Hawkhost hosting.

    Coupon June 2017
    40% OFF HawkHost Shared Hosting
    40% Off  Hawk Host Coupon First Purcharse  Shared Hosting

    25% Off Hawk Host Coupon Lifetime discount Shared Hosting

    35% Off Hawk Host Coupon First Purcharse  Shared Hosting

    35% Off  Hawk Host Coupon First Purcharse  Shared Hosting

    30% OFF HawkHost Semi-Dedicated Servers
    30% Off Hawk Host Coupon First Purcharse Semi Dedicated

    25% OFF Hawk Host Coupon Recurring lifetime Semi Dedicated

    30% OFF HawkHost VPS
    30% Off Hawk Host Coupon First Purcharse VPS Hosting

    30% OFF HawkHost Reseller
    30% Off Hawk Host Coupon Recurring lifetime Reseller Hosting

    30% Off  Hawk Host Coupon Recurring lifetime Reseller Hosting

    30% Off  Hawk Host Coupon Recurring lifetime Reseller Hosting

    Buyer’s Guides

    At the first time, you might do not know how to buying a shared hosting package at Hawkhost. Here is my series of screenshots guide how to do exactly step by step for the new guy. If you are an existing customer, you can pass this guide. The first thing to do, select the hosting and choose your domain name and click the check button. If you already had the domain name, paste it into the input field switch to option 2 I will use my existing domain and update my nameservers

    How many years do you want the domain name live? Here I will set 1 year and renewal when it’s expired. You can set it to 2 years or more than that, and it belongs to your business. After that click on Continue button.
    Hawkhost had 5 Server Locations and spreading around the world. At this step, you can switch to any locations for the fastest load of web site nearby your place where you wish to launch your business.



    Don’t forget apply your discount code right here look like in the sreenshot. If you passed this step, you can not get any discount. Copy the coupon code from this page,,and paste into the input feild and click Validate Code.
    Look at the right side, now you can see the price go off. Click on Continue to finish your order.


    + Some coupon codes only work on New orders, New Purchases, New invoice
    + Select exactly Server Locations to get website fastest speed load.
    + Memcached Now ready on HawkHost
    + You can buy at HawkHost by Visa/Master Card, PayPal account and more.
    + Apply the coupon code to get a discount

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    My thoughts on Cloudways Managed VPS Hosting – WordPress Setup Guide

    My thoughts on Cloudways Managed VPS Hosting – WordPress Setup Guide
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    I’ve moved my website to Cloudways for a couple of months before. I see a look of things about Cloudways VPS hosting wants to share with you guys, newbies, WP beginners who didn’t know anything about VPS hosting but want to use VPS hosting as an expert in this field.

    You know! I’m also a newbie for a couple of years ago. So, I can feel exactly how difficult to use a VPS hosting without basic knowledge if you’ve not learned at school, training academy or online courses. In this article I’ll make it clear how to do this – hosted a website with VPS hosting without any necessary skill.

    My website had hosted on BlueHost shared hosting for over five months before I moved to Cloudways! Before that, I heard a lot of things about VPS hosting with low-end users, good performance, fast responsive, handle a lot of traffic, pay as you go and a lot kind of things like that! My curious was pushing me to take a big challenge to using the VPS hosting without VPS basic knowledge. I’ve hosted my websites on self-managed VPS hosting like Vultr, DigitalOcean and fully managed VPS hosting on Cloudways to see what is going to happen. That’s the reason why I’ve moved a lot of my sites to VPS hosting to step on it, to learn more and more about it, to did what I didn’t know before!

    Cloudways is a third party VPS hosting services partner with a lot of VPS hosting companies trusted on the internet like DigitalOcean, Vultr, Amazon cloud drive storage and Google Cloud platform. Cloudways is a solution for all of the customers who is prefer to use the VPS hosting services from most famous VPS hosting Digital Ocean, Vultr, Amazon cloud drive and Google cloud platform with small knowledge in hands. They give us an interface very simple inside just a click, and everything will go to the right place.

    The billing plans at Cloudways is also Pay-as-you-Go as same as DigitalOcean or Vultr VPS. It means you don’t need to paying for a rest of year like VPS hosting. How far you VPS go and how much you’ll charge for it. You can look at pricing plans for each of VPS hosting to start your VPS. Cloudways will make an invoice at the last day of each month. They’ll send you an email to notify your invoice before they were billing for it. The billing process would go auto if you’re funding still has enough to pay or you can pay for it via PayPal/Credit Cards. Cloudways accept all types of credit cards. So, You don’t need to worry about if your credit card is a prepaid card.

    The Cloudways’ cPanel is very simple to put your hands on it. It just buttons already for click anytime. You don’t need to touch any codes to use the VPS.

    All-in-One: Nghinx+ Memcached +Varnish Cache + Apache + MySQL
    cloudways layers cache

    Nghinx – Memcached – Varnish Cache – Apache – MySQL will be auto-installed when you setting up the new VPS came along with the applications. The tools will skyrocket your website load time, keep balancing every time the visitors visiting your blog. The varnish cache doesn’t affect to your site when new posts are released. If you didn’t like varnish cache, ok! just turn it off. You can turn ON/OFF the varnish caching easily at any time on Cloudways’s dashboard. Cloudways also auto-install W3 total cache WordPress plugin for you when you installing your WordPress sites. To flush varnish cache, you have 2 ways: on the cloudways server dashboard and inside WordPress dashboard by W3 Total cache WP plugin.

    How to start?
    To orders a VPS package at Cloudways, the first step you must do that is open your new account on Cloudways like this:
    Once! You’ve finished do the live chat with Cloudways supports team to activate your account. This step just took a few minutes to complete! When your account already done the sign up step. Now we colud start to install a VPS hosting.

    Deploy a VPS hosting:
    Did you know any one of these VPS hosting: DigitalOcean, Vultr, Amazon Cloud Drive or Google cloud platform? If so! Everything would be nice if you’ve been trusted one of these services. Now! Let’s do it!

    Login to your cloudways dashboard clicking on Application console to open a new VPS hosting. Select on of these VPS hosting providers which you prefer to host your websites on it.

    cloudways install

    Cloudways has 3 types of WordPress hosting already for installing such as WordPress Woo-commerce, WordPress Multi-site, WordPress normal. Choose what kind of WordPress that right to you!

    cloudways install

    *Point domain to Cloudways

    Your Cloudways applications have links look like this: You just need to create a CNAME record a point it to your Cloudways links look like the link I was showed up. Just it! If you’re open more than one application on same VPS server, you must create the CNAME record like the first one you did.

    If in some cases, you didn’t know how to point your domain names to cloudways or you don’t know what it does! It’s simple! Do a live chat supports on the comer right-hand side of Cloudways’s website and asking for them to migrate your site from old hosting to Cloudways! The migration process is 100% free! There was a WordPress plugin tool to move your entire site to Cloudways! My website is also using this tool one time before to move my site from BlueHost to Cloudways. You can get the Cloudways WordPress Plugin here to move your website.

    Migration Process
    Login to your Cloudways account and copy your WordPress information you were installed paste it into the Cloudways plugin to start the migration process. It would look like this:

    cloudways wordpress install

    cloudways wordpress

    cloudways migrate

    Get all information to prepaid for migration process!
    – Email: your email address.
    – Destination Site URL look like this:
    – Application folder like this: yeuxtfgrshhjfgd.
    – SFTP Server Address (of the destination server): 123.456.789.001. This is IP address of your server.
    – SFTP pass: 123456. Copy in Master Credential password.
    The migration process just takes a couple of minutes, and you don’t need to take a long time to wait. Don’t forget to keep your browser doesn’t refresh during the time moving your website!

    Ok! Maybe it’s done right now! If something went wrong, do live chat with support team right away! They’re rolling all the days in 24/7. I’ve contacted them so many times before. So! You don’t need to worry at this point!

    Here is the chart monitoring my server inside application console.
    cloudways monitoring

    Here is the place to control whole server: Nghinx, Memcached, Varnish Cache, MySQL, Apache, New Relic, Redis
    Cloudways nghinx memcached apache varnish

    Auto Backup Hourly / Restore
    Cloudways will auto backup entirely your WordPress applications and available to restore at any time. The system will create a backup for your apps in hourly isn’t daily like shared hosting. If you lose your data for some of the reason you can do recovery it to get your website back on.

    backup cloudways

    I can set up your frequency of backups: 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours or more. My blog here has been backed up at every 3 hours. You don’t need to buy another VPS backup plans like self-managed VPS to backup your server. This thing at Cloudways will save you a lot of money and time or backup and recovery.

    cloudways restore recovery backup.

    cloudways backup restore

    Someday before I was made a mistake via SFPT login all entire Wp-admin folder had deleted. So, I log into Cloudways to recover my website to get it back on the rail. My site is going live again like nothing happened before. At this point, I like it! I don’t need to take a lot of time to backup my site like before! Everything just auto! Your site is safe at all the time!

    The cronjob is also available on Cloudays; You can add custom cronjob very easy with just a click! You don’t need to do hard like in self-managed VPS hosting!

    Cloudays addons / SMTP email
    To sending email, you must add an addon SMTP inside Cloudways dashboard. After that, you must open an account for SMTP email server to config email sending. My blog is using Sendgrid for SMTP mail server. They also support email marketing and transaction emails in both ways. If you don’t like SendGrid you can try these SMTP services: Mandrill, Gmail(free), Google mail business, Namecheap email business, Postmarkapp, Mailgun, SendinBlue, ElasticEmail, SparkPost, MailJet, Pepihost, SendPulse, Maildocker, Amazon SES.



    Config your server like in this image!

    Free SSL Certificate / Let’s Encrypt
    Now Let’s Encrypt on Cloudways is available in use for all of the customers. The Let’s Encrypt project will support all people around the globe has a chance to touch SSL certificate to make the internet safer for all clients. You know! The certificate will expire in 3 months and after that, you must do manual renew. But this is not going to happen at Cloudways. The server will do that thing for you: auto-renewed SSL certificate.

    That’s what I want to share with you guys who have small or middle knowledge on VPS hosting with command lines. If you do some of the small website projects, self-managed VPS hosting would be okay. But something went bigger, and you cannot handle it. So, we need to move to fully managed VPS hosting! That’s all my thoughts!

    PayMent Method
    Cloudways accept PayPal, Visa, Master Card, American Express, Prepaid credit cards, PayPal Master Card, Payoneer Master Card. As you know, Digital Ocean only accepts PayPal, credit cards but not available for prepaid credit card, virtual credit card or even Payoneer Master card. Payoneer is a kind of prepaid credit card, so DigitalOcean does not accept it. You know! Payoneer brings to all of the customers around the world have a chance to own a US Bank account to receive income by ACH direct deposit from US companies and SEPA direct deposit from Europe. At Cloudways, It’s 100% accepted as the normal credit card, and you can create a VPS on DigitalOcean easily at any time.

    Would you like to follow my blog to figure out the new things? Stay at your mailbox and I’ll send all the things to you by putting your email address into the section below. Thank you!

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    Free I/O Speed Boost 10MB/sec Semi-dedicated at Hawkhost – Increased IO Performance – News February 2016

    Free I/O Speed Boost 10MB/sec Semi-dedicated at Hawkhost – Increased IO Performance – News February 2016
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    Hawkhost, a web hosting provider has been announced a good news Free upgrade I/O Performance on every Semi-dedicated Plan – I/O speed boost for Free. Now your semi-dedicated has a limit of 10Mb/b which means your I/O never running into a limitation.
    Improving I/O performance can minimize I/O devices and actual CPU time.

    To get all coupon codes for Semi-dedicated at HawkHost read this post: 30% Off Semi-Dedicated with Hawk Host Coupon and here are all coupon codes for shared hosting: 40% OFF Shared Hosting at Hawkhost- Unlimited Transfer – 5 Server Locations – Memcached supported

    Best Server Locations

    Many users from Hawkhost have been selected two of server locations: Singapore and Los Angeles for the speed boost. They have 5 data centers: Los Angeles, Washington DC, Florida CA, Dallas – Texas, Amsterdam – Netherlands. You can switch to any server as you like.


    Cheap Semi-dedicated

    The semi-dedicated Plan at Hawkhost is cheaper than another place and very reliable for everyone has a small pocket. The first plan starts at price:$15.99 for Nestling and $30/mo for Talon. I also have a lot of coupon codes for a discount from 30% to 40% for first purchases from HawkHost. To get all coupon codes updated right here: all Hawkhost semi-dedicated coupon codes.


    Memcached now available on all HawkHost’s web hosting plans. This is one of great feautures was upgraded by HawkHost.