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    2017’s June, Godaddy’s Coupon Transfer And Renewal

    2017’s June, Godaddy’s Coupon Transfer And Renewal
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    June 2017. As you can see, my website is all about the coupon and promotional codes. And especially, I have a lot of friends doing the job just like me and they share me a lot of best quality coupon codes, promotional links, offers. So, today I will share back all the quality filtered coupons, promo codes for you to cool off!

    Many new deals have been released in this month by Godaddy. It’s completely new deals, new coupon codes that works for new purchases domains, web hosting such as $0.99 COM domain, $1 Managed WordPress Hosting, 30% off all product, $1 Linux web hosting economy. In this article, I only share with you all coupons for renewal and transfer domains.

    Godaddy transfer, renewal coupon

    You will get all the quality from this article more than you think. There are a lot of tips and tricks to get the big discount at may be you do not know and use yet! So! Take your seat belt and go on your adventure at Bluetailcoupon.Net now!.


    Coupon June 2017
    30% Off
    Godaddy logo
    Godaddy Domain Privacy Protection

    $0.99 COM
    Godaddy logo
    $0.99 .COM domain New order

    (.COM 99cent) Godaddy coupon June 2017 – $1 Hosting For Beginners

    $8.99 COM
    Godaddy logo
    $8.99 COM unlimited amount NEW PURCHASES
    25% Off
    Godaddy logo
    Godaddy SSL Certificate
    Godaddy Coupon New Purchases
    40% Off
    Godaddy logo
    All New Products
    30% Off
    Godaddy logo
    30% OFF All New Products
    35% Off
    Godaddy logo
    35% OFF All New Products
    33% Off
    Godaddy logo
    33% OFF All New Products
    30% Off
    Godaddy logo
    30% OFF All New Products
    Godaddy Hosting $1
    Godaddy logo
    Linux hosting Success
    ***Free domain COM/CA/CO/ORG/NET
    ***Coupon works in the first 12 months
    Godaddy logo
    WordPress hosting Success
    ***Free domain COM/CA/CO/ORG/NET
    ***Coupon works in the first 12 months
    50% Off
    Godaddy logo
    (shared Hosting and WordPress Hosting)

    ***Free domain COM/CA/CO/ORG/NET
    ***A year FREE Standard SSL Certificate(Ultimate and Developer plans only!)
    ***A year FREE Office 365 Starter Email(all plans)
    List services working with New products coupon codes
    • Dedicated IP Hosting
    • SSL Certificated
    • Domains
    • Web Hosting
    • Website builder
    • WordPress Hositng

    How to access to Godaddy WordPress Hosting By SSH/SFTP

    Here is the place to apply coupon codes
    And You can also change your coupon code right here by clicking on remove button and insert another coupon if coupon code not working. Do some tricks right there and you will save a lot!

    If you want to see all the plan for transfer domains just visit:

    And that’s all for you today! Don’t be hesitate to knock on my door if coupons died or need a little help here!

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    40% OFF Godaddy Dedicated IP Coupon Codes 2017

    40% OFF Godaddy Dedicated IP Coupon Codes 2017
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    June 2017, Godaddy offers a lot of coupon codes for Dedicated hosting IP: 40% off new orders or purchases, 36% off new orders, 34% off new orders,33% off new order coupon codes, 30% off new purchases. That are all the deal for Dedicated IP address. With a lot of coupon or promotional codes here on will have you to do that. As you know, I and my friends do this job day to day to make sure you have the fresh coupon and promo codes. My work every day doing a search – selected – tested all the coupon codes to make sure it working and later updated or publish some new articles. We also share all the best coupon codes together between me and my friends. If you have some secret codes may be you can share it with me to finish my job here!


    In this section, I will show up all coupon codes 40% Off for new purchases or orders. If any codes were not working, just select another code and apply it on at promotional code section.

    Coupon June 2017
    40% OFF Dedicated IP New Purchases
    40% OFF New Products – Godaddy Dedicated IP GoDaddy Coupon
    33% OFF All New Purchases For Dedicated IP Address GoDaddy Coupon
    35% OFF New Purchases – Dedicated IP GoDaddy Coupon
    30% OFF Dedicated IP Address New Purchases
    30% OFF All New Purchases Dedicated IP Address GoDaddy Coupon
    30% OFF New Products – Dedicated IP GoDaddy Coupon
    30% OFF New Purchases – Dedicated IP GoDaddy Coupon

    How to activate Godaddy Promotional code!



    Why a Dedicated Ip Adress is important for your business?

    Own Dedicated Ip Address will help your business grow up faster and friendly with search engines or ISPs. Your website will get high traffic and safety for all of the users. If your business very big and need more transfer and own IP address is the best solution. There are a lot of different between own IP and shared IP address services. If you use the same IP with shared hosting services, maybe can get some troubles with search engines or ISPs when sending an email. That domain or IP already on the blacklist and your business will be down when sharing with the others. In most cases, That will be ok. But If you have a big thinking, it’s not a good choice for you!
    So, Own Dedicated IP address is the way to grow!

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    Big Discount From Godaddy For Christmas 2016

    Big Discount From Godaddy For Christmas 2016
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    40% OFF Christmas holidays 2016. To welcome the Christmas holidays of this year, Godaddy offers a lot of discount packages for all customers when buying on A lot of new coupon codes was launched by Godaddy for this holiday. The coupons “$0.99 COM domain”, 50% OFF new hosting plans,”$1 Managed WordPress hosting” are still working very well. I also found a lot of new coupon codes to get a big discount at Godaddy.Com. In this article, you will see all of the coupon types to get off. All value of the coupons has been tested successfully.

    As you know, I have a lot of friends do the same business just like me. They were very kindness when sharing a lot of quality coupons for me to finish this article. If you have any other quality coupon codes and you don’t see it on this post, you can give me those coupons. I will show it up on this website for another guy can be used it, too!


    All Coupon Codes For New Products
    Coupon Name Godaddy Coupon Code
    35% OFF All New Products GoDaddy Coupon

    30% OFF All New Products GoDaddy Coupon

    33% OFF New Purchase – this coupon is expired GoDaddy Coupon

    30% OFF New Products- success GoDaddy Coupon

    $2.99 ORG, $4.99 SHOP, $0.99 BIZ on Christmas 2016 GoDaddy Coupon

    On this Christmas 2016, Godaddy sells ORG domain for only $2.99 for the first year. The offer does not only go up with ORG domain, but some other domains also sell off on this holiday season such as BIZ $0.99 and SHOP $4.99. The couple still gets an offer $0.99 for the first year as ORG.

    $0.99 COM domain coupon codes!
    All coupon codes for new products just work for new account registration at So, you can not use these coupons above for old account.

    I give you two coupon codes to renewal at These coupons are working very well right now. They can help you save a lot with domains or hosting renewal. Coupon codes for old account very rarely to find on other websites coupon and maybe it doesn’t work anymore!

    All Coupon Codes For Web Hosting
    Coupon Name Godaddy Coupon Code
    $1 Managed WordPress Hosting GoDaddy Coupon

    $1 Linux Web Hosting GoDaddy Coupon

    Related: How to win Managed WordPress Hosting $1 at

    Related: How to access to Godaddy WordPress Hosting By SSH/SFTP
    Here is the proof Successful for $1 Managed WordPress Hosting

    All Coupon Codes For Reseller Plan
    Coupon Name Godaddy Coupon Code
    35% OFF Basic Reseller Plan – Success GoDaddy Coupon

    33% OFF Reseller Plan – Success GoDaddy Coupon

    Here is the proof successful with coupon codes for Reseller Hosting:

    Ok! That’s all for now! Let’s select which is the best to you and do your business. Good luck.!

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    How to use Your Smart Phone to log in to WordPress Dashboard!

    How to use Your Smart Phone to log in to WordPress Dashboard!
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    Do you ever use a smart phone like a key to get in your house? Or use it to turn on some electronic devices like eletric light, fan, window, etc. You can do everything with your phone. But in this article, I don’t guide you how to use your smart phone to do some physical things like I said above. I’ll show you how to use it like a KEY to log in to your WordPress dashboard without using user name and password!

    You know what! There is a FREE WordPress plugin called Clef Two-Factor Authentication can help you to do that. Now, You don’t take time to login to your WordPress dashboard.



    This plugin will provide you a shortcut to accessing your WordPress site from any computer you’re working on without apply username and password.

    Anytime you would like to use your WordPress site just open your Clef app on your smartphone and put your phone in front of the computer screen. It will give you an authority to access your site.

    clef-wordpress-screen-pc login two steps

    How Does it Work?

    STEP 1: Install Clef WordPress Plugin to your WordPress sites.

    STEP 2: Install Clef App to your smart phone devices. Now the provider supports in both of iOS and Android platform. So just install it from Apple store or Google Play then rolling in to your WordPress an ease.

    – Clef iOS app: Download
    – Clef Google Play app: Download

    STEP 3: Set Up password 4 number to log in clef on your smart phone. It just protect clef app on your phone from people around.

    STEP 4: Configuring Clef inside WordPress dashboard!

    set up clef wordpress

    Now it all done! When log in you will see your wplogin page look like this:


    Put your phone over your screen works then it will automatically log you in to WordPress.

    Clef plugin has totally over 800.000+ people installed it. That is simple & safety solution to access your site. It will log out when your working session is expired. You can set the time to expire the log in session on your phone. Clef app will ask you for set up the time when you open it on your phone.

    This plugin absolutely FREE for everyone! Besides, they also offers a paid version for big agencies, high traffic sites, big companies. to know more just visit

    That’s it. I really love this app at the first time I’ve been installed it. I’m still using it on some of my blogs. I’m not see any issues for a long time.

    I would like to see your feedback about this post! Leave a comment here.

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    2017’s June- $30 FREE credit Digital Ocean Promo Code

    2017’s June- $30 FREE credit Digital Ocean Promo Code
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    June 2017, Digital Ocean offers a new promo code $30 FREE credit for all of the users opens a new account on Digital Ocean. And also, in July Codeanywhere has been become a partnership with Digital Ocean. Codeanywhere is an application that allows all users can assess Digital Ocean or Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google Drive And edit code HTML, CSS, Javascript from any devices. Codeanywhere is already now on Google Play, Chrome extension store, App Store – iTunes. So, you can use Codeanywhere to control all your scripts on Digital Ocean from anywhere you go.

    Digital Ocean also gives FREE $25 credit for all Codeanywhere’s users creates a new Free account on both of sites.


    Working well June 10th, 2017

    How to get $30 FREE credit on Digital Ocean

    Open New account Codeanywhere & Get Promo Code

    1.You must sign up a free Codeanywhere account
    2. Click on Digital Ocean Tab at the bottom
    3. Connect Digital Ocean with Codeanywhere – connection Wizard.
    4. File -> New Connection -> Digital Ocean -> Connect Your DigitalOcean Account
    5. Get promotional code CODEANYWHERE-123456 inside the tab to get the promo code and receive $30 FREE on Digital Ocean.
    Start My Free Codeanywhere Account codeanywhere-digital-ocean

    Copy Promo code here and later paste to section promo on Digital Ocean

    Open new account on Digital Ocean

    To get this deal, you must open a new account and add at least $5 by Visa/Master card or Paypal. After completed payment process, now you can apply the promo code you copied from Codeanywhere.
    1. Open a new account
    2. Add at least $5 by Paypal or Visa Card.
    3. Paste promo code copied on Codeanywhere
    And here is the proof 100% satisfied with promo code:

    Start My First Droplet on Digitalocean


    Others Digital Ocean Coupon or Promo Codes

    $10 FREE credit DigitalOcean VPS
    $10 Credit For New Accounts
    $10 Credit For New Accounts
    $10 Credit For New Accounts
    $10 Credit For New Accounts
    $10 Credit For New Accounts
    $10 FREE credit DigitalOcean VPS
    $10 Credit For New Accounts
    $10 Credit For New Accounts
    $10 Credit For New Accounts
    • $10 FREE credit for new accounts only. It does NOT apply for old accounts.
    • If you want to use DigitalOcean VPS for FREE or at least costs it down. That’s fine! You can do it by sharing your Digital Ocean referral link on your sites. Every time, a new client click o your link & open a new account + Deploy a VPS, you can earn up to $25 credit applied to your account. It’s ready for use in the future.
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    $10 Credit ServerPilot Coupon, Promo 2017 – WordPress Install Guide

    $10 Credit ServerPilot Coupon, Promo 2017 – WordPress Install Guide
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    I have received $10 credit added to my account ready for use ServerPilot’s service. After I had finished the sign up form step and the offer immediately appear above the pricing plans section.


    ServerPilot is a third party service platform for hosting WordPress or other PHP websites apps helps you set up WodPress hosting super fast. ServerPilot will automatic install all stuffs for you like PHP, MySQL, Nginx, and Apache and they also automic updated all server’s packages. Now Serverpilot available on a lot of VPS providers such as Digital Ocean, Vultr. By this way, you don’t need to take a lot of time for deploying a new server or even install a new application on server.

    ServerPilot have 3 plans for us to pick up to work with the servers. As a beginner you can start up with the first plan to figure out their platform, applications. For further more, you can upgrade to the other plans for more features,more applications, options to work with.

    2016’s – $30 FREE credit Digital Ocean Promo Code

    Free Plan COACH $10/mo BUSINESS $40/mo
    Unlimited Servers
    Unlimited websites
    1 SSH/SFTP user Unlimited SSH/SFTP users Unlimited SSH/SFTP users
    Firewall configuration
    Server security updates
    API access
    Priority Support High Priority support
    Free SSL certificates
    Simple HTTP/2 deployment
    Server health stats
    App resource usage stats
    App request stats
    Slow script notifications
    Login Viewer
    Take a Look
    Take a Look
    Take a Look
    Create an Account at ServerPilot

    Buyer’s Guides How To Install WordPress on DigitalOcean by ServerPilot


    Now I will show you guys how to install WordPress on Digital Ocean Via ServerPilot Platform application. Look at the screenshot series to set up a wordpress website.
    Step 1 – Connect your cloud server or VPS server to ServerPilot by clicking on the button.

    Step 2 – Pick-up your IP address, root password, SFTP Password(SSH Keys) of your server on (Digital Ocean, Vultr,…) fill out here.
    Step 3 – Create a new server on Digital Ocean
    Here is my guide how to create a new server on Digital Ocean. For the other providers you can simply do like these guides like in the screenshots. If you already have a server before without any applications installed you skip over this step!

    Create an Account at DigitalOcean

    create-droplet on digital ocean


    Here is your IP address – Copy it and Paste to ServerPilot
    Here is where you can get the root password to apply at ServerPilot set up Step 2. After click the reset button the root password will dilivered to your email account. Now jump to you mailbox and copy it from there.

    Step 4 – Get SFTP password. Login to DigitalOcean at the dashboard press on the tab security to get SSH keys. SFTP Password is SSH keys on DigitalOcean.
    Step 5 Create a new app on ServerPilot

    Step 6 Install WordPress site

    Did you see? After a simple click the WordPress website is set up done.

    Last step – Park domain to WordPress Site
    At this final step, you must point you domain name to your server by IP address. You can use Namecheap free DNS to do this step for you.
    All done for now! Do you guys have any question? Leave a comment here to let me know your thought!

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    How to get Fast index for Godaddy Hosting WordPress Sites – Tips SEO

    How to get Fast index for Godaddy Hosting WordPress Sites – Tips SEO
    5 (100%) 6 votes

    My friends have a lot of websites building with Godaddy Managed WordPress Hosting and I have a lot of chances to do with the hosting. They also ask me getting some help for setting the websites on the rail. And they do not a web designer and they don’t have a lot of expirement with SEO. That’s reason why I help them. About Godaddy WordPress hosting, there is no problem with the hosting but after buying proccess finish, you must change robots.txt default right away to get fast index in search engine. As default file robots.txt inside wordpress Hosting just have two or there lines set. And here is my setting for Robots.txt file:
    Godaddy Managed WordPress Hosting $12 a year for WP Beginner
    How to access to Godaddy WordPress Hosting By SSH/SFTP
    Only $14.95 DreamPress 2 – Managed WordPress Hosting suitable for 2 millions monthly visitors

    godaddy-bulk domain’s Robots.txt

    User-agent: *
    Disallow: /wp-admin/
    [one_sixth_last] Disallow: /wp-includes/
    Disallow: /wp-content/plugins/
    Disallow: /wp-content/cache/
    Disallow: /wp-content/themes/
    Disallow: /wp-snapshots/
    Disallow: /cgi-bin/
    Disallow: /comments/feed/
    Disallow: /trackback/
    Disallow: /xmlrpc.php

    User-agent: NinjaBot
    Allow: /

    User-agent: Mediapartners-Google*
    Allow: /

    User-agent: Googlebot-Image
    Allow: /wp-content/uploads/

    User-agent: Adsbot-Google
    Allow: /

    User-agent: Googlebot-Mobile
    Allow: /


    Change Robots.txt in WordPress by Plugin Yoast SEO

    As you know Yoast SEO – WordPress Seo Plugin by Yoast – is a plugin WordPress help to improve your site’s SEO. I will choose this plugin to change the robots.txt file of my website. And here is the guide to help you do that:

    Click on File Editor of Yoast SEO plugin to change Robots.txt option:

    Put all your options for robots.txt in this section and click on save to changes Robots.txt


    Flush Cache Godaddy WordPress Site to submit new Robots.txt success

    After save to changes robots.txt, you have yo clear all your website cache control by Godaddy’s system cache to apply your Robots.txt setting. Click on Flush Cache to clear all caches your website. Don’t forget do this after you changed some options or style in your WordPress website. Now, all done.

    Flush Cache WordPress
    Flush Cache WordPress

    Fast Index for WordPress sites by tool Fetch as Gooogle bot

    Type in keywword “Fetch as Google bot” on google search and you will see that tool which is help your wordpress sites index faster. After few minutes submition, your sites will be show up on google. This tool is inside google webmaster Dashboard.

    Select your sites property has been submitted in Google Webmaster tool. If you don’t, select option 2 Add New Property and put your website link in there.

    At this step, put your links site to that bõ and click on the FETCH button. Just copy every single link to put in there. If you want to index entire your website links, so do not put in anything in the blank field and click on FETCH

    Select a option and click on GO button. The first option will submit & index only that single link to google. The second option will submit & index entirte links anchor to that link you has been submitted.
    OK! Now your links has been indexed on Google search. Go to google search and check your results. 😀 😮

    Screenshot tool used in this article

    I have been used Skitch tool for window desktop or window 8 apps Evernote. You may also find this tool by searching on google. Enjoy it!

    skitch-evernote screenshot
    skitch-evernote screenshot
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    How to access to Godaddy WordPress Hosting By SSH/SFTP

    How to access to Godaddy WordPress Hosting By SSH/SFTP
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    Are you need to login to Godaddy Managed Hosting right now by tools? This article will help you to what you want and you have full control with WordPress Hosting at Sometimes, you want to change some codes in your website or upload some plugins and you can not do it at WP dashboard. Ok! Here is the solution to do everything quickly and easily! There are a lot of tools out there on the internet can help you to access to your hosting such as FileZilla, WinSCP. But here, I just select 1 tool to do my business. That’s WinSCP tool, the best tool that support access to hosting fastest and safe. WinSCP has many options to choice such as FPT login, SFTP login, SCP, WebDav, SSH-RSA secret file login. I like this tool than ever because it never lost connection to the host and it auto reconnect to host immediately! And here are all the steps:

    How to Win Managed WordPress Hosting $1 at

    1.Login to Godaddy and get your information to log in by WinSCP tool.

    Manged Godaddy Hosting
    Manged Godaddy Hosting


    2.Click on SSH & SFTP tab and copy all info here.

    FTP or SSH access Godaddy
    FTP or SSH access Godaddy
    3.Use all information above to log in with WinSCP tool like this!

    And after 1 second, you will go to right this place. Now! You can do your own business here!

    Ok! All stuff is done here! You just do exactly what I did and you have full permission access your web hosting or WordPress hosting.
    Where to get WinSCP tool?
    You can find this tool by searching on Google search and download the portable version to work quickly!
    That’s all for today! Any questions? Please! comment and I will help you right away!