Where is the Place to apply New Coupon Codes at Godaddy.com in 2017

Where is the Place to apply New Coupon Codes at Godaddy.com in 2017
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Godaddy has been changed the place to apply the new coupon codes on their’s website. This new change helps us save a lot of time when purchasing on Godaddy.com.

Here is a screenshot of the old place before:



At this step you must insert your promotional codes right their to get a discount. Click on the ADD button and type in your code. So what do we have here? 40% off on this order when buying a new product. This is a screenshot 100% successful with a promo or coupon code – 40% Off for all new products on Godaddy.com.

Alert New Coupon: $2.5/mo Vultr 512MB VPS hosting - 15 Locations
Vultr logo VPS cloud
$2.5/mo VPS $2.5/mo VPS

Alert New Coupon: 50% Off Godaddy Hosting Deluxe and Ultimate- New Deal
Godaddy logo
-1 FREE any COM/NET/ORG domain name(all plans and you must billing annual(12,24,36 months)).
-This coupon applied for WordPress Hosting and shared hosting Deluxe, Ultimate
Coupon Code: cjc50hst Coupon Code: cjc50hst

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